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Fear the Furry

  • Am 21 Nov 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Albert Hutchins
    Andrew Palmer
    Adam Knopow
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    Tom Hinchliffe & Don Greger
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  • Flashgitz
    Flashgitz  Vor 4 Tage +4383

    Go to our 2nd channel to see all the secret stuff you missed in this cartoon hehehe! declips.net/video/AFOfdJ3y9bM/video.html

  • SuperWiiBros08
    SuperWiiBros08 Vor 4 Tage +18483

    love how each new episode of the Furry Crusades keeps getting more and more serious while still having a small comedic tone

    • amogus
      amogus Vor 20 Stunden

      And where did u see the "small comedic tone"?

    • Thomas Harris
      Thomas Harris Vor 21 Stunde

      I’m with you in this purging

    • Alberto Carrilho
      Alberto Carrilho Vor Tag

      Comedic tone on this one went right through my head... XD

    • SleepingValley
      SleepingValley Vor Tag

      @Mehar Like the space marine immediately pulling out his knife the second he hears uwu come out of a brother mouth that was hilarious.

    • DragonNestKing
      DragonNestKing Vor Tag

      The war is becoming more serious, we must gather, brothers and sisters, against the horde.

  • Imaginatively Unimaginative
    Imaginatively Unimaginative Vor 21 Stunde +30

    I love how this started as a simple joke but now there's lore and a full blown story developing that is increasingly fitting into the war-hammer universe

    • juukame
      juukame Vor 16 Stunden +1

      You can tell that it's getting serious since they have to have a disclaimer saying it's not endorsed by GW lol!

    • Motionless6449
      Motionless6449 Vor 18 Stunden +1

      If it isn't the legend himself, Zillion Ross. I love your content :)

  • BearMeatTaco
    BearMeatTaco Vor Tag +374

    Not gonna lie, this is on par with Astartes. The vibes, the atmosphere, THE SOUNDS. Everything

    • Serron Serron
      Serron Serron Vor 2 Stunden


    • Frans beno
      Frans beno Vor 13 Stunden

      Yeah it is

    • dan campbell
      dan campbell Vor 15 Stunden

      @Михаил Курбатов clearly you've never seen Hellsreach 😅

    • StormKnight
      StormKnight Vor 16 Stunden

      @Chirako how did they edit it ?

    • Earthmetal
      Earthmetal Vor 19 Stunden +3

      @Михаил Курбатов its still not on the same level of astartes, regardless of whether or not its the "only other 40k fan content" this doesn't automatically make it of the same level of 40k as astartes

  • DC Tunnell
    DC Tunnell Vor Tag +269

    Ok..this is evolving from a funny animation to a dark and incredibly disturbing story. I am so invested in this.

  • Keilink
    Keilink Vor Tag +44

    It always baffles me how this went from a funny little episode to such levels of quality and story telling.
    Fantastic work guys :o

  • Kur0Gaming
    Kur0Gaming Vor 4 Tage +3141

    If this was an actual series on TV with one new episode every week I’d definitely watch it! 😂😂😂

    • AutismoGamer
      AutismoGamer Vor 4 Tage

      @Саша Черняк cringe

    • Саша Черняк
      Саша Черняк Vor 4 Tage

      Watch EFAP. It's a weekly podcast led by MauLer (gas masked long man) and Rags (furry doggo).

    • derp herp
      derp herp Vor 4 Tage +1

      Warhammer Plus is what you want, and its pretty good honestly, the latter episodes of Hammer and Bolter especially

    • Kur0Gaming
      Kur0Gaming Vor 4 Tage

      @AutismoGamer oh gawd can you imagine that? 😂😂😂

    • AutismoGamer
      AutismoGamer Vor 4 Tage

      @ApexPredator it can be a top down 8bit shooter or a doom/Wolfenstein mod.

  • Grendel Risen
    Grendel Risen Vor Tag +88

    First of all, this was absolutely just above all a god Tier post. Only you guys could take a parody of something so ridiculous and legit blend it into the Warhammer universe in such a way it could become serious lore. The way you built the suspense in this video was absolutely amazing! I would kill to be able to have an entire full length series dedicated to this! Absolutely amazing job you guys! Loved it! Beware the seductive cry of the newest god of Chaos --- Furricus. Let loose the Adeptus Astartes to cleanse this unholy taint!

    • Emperor Skywalker
      Emperor Skywalker Vor 53 Minuten

      @Grendel Risen yeah that could work

    • Trench Rat
      Trench Rat Vor 57 Minuten +1

      Bah... the Adeptus Astartes have failed in their duty to protect humanity from the taint of chaos and furry. Not since the Horus Heresy have they been so tempted by its call.
      Let the Hammer of the Emperor fall upon the enemies of Man. Let their Basilisks bring down the very skies on their heads, and may their lasguns render each of these abominations to cinders.

    • Ilya Rysenkov
      Ilya Rysenkov Vor 4 Stunden +1

      Furricus? Slaanesh, I believe.

    • Grendel Risen
      Grendel Risen Vor 12 Stunden +1

      @Emperor Skywalker I actually think that would be an excellent solution to the problem. Daemon Prince would fit just right into the "gray" area of lore.

    • Emperor Skywalker
      Emperor Skywalker Vor 14 Stunden +1

      @Grendel Risen maybe a minor chaos god or daemon prince of slaanesh thats dedicated to furrys?

  • Yeest
    Yeest Vor Tag +20

    Complete tangent, but it's still wild how much of an impact Astartes left on the community. It's impossible not to find any fan made or official content that isn't somehow influenced in some way by what those 5 videos accomplished.

    • HexMech
      HexMech Vor 8 Stunden

      Astartes boiled the water and made a splash that seared in what a space marine should be. It’s just that good.

    • Text On Telegra♏👉@Official_Flashgitz
      Text On Telegra♏👉@Official_Flashgitz Vor Tag

      You're among my shortlisted winners.
      ☝Text me on the above telegram name🎉🎉

  • Masterchief
    Masterchief Vor Tag +98

    the animation is so good and getting popular enough to warrant the obligatory "remember lads, if this video get copyrighted and taken down by games workship, it's officially canon" comment.

  • tyler tanner
    tyler tanner Vor 2 Tage +63

    I adore how every episode you make gets a more serious and grimdark tone and aesthetic while continuing the goofy furry shenanigans

  • Oat lord
    Oat lord Vor 4 Tage +4830

    You guys realize you're officially producing the best 40k animated content right now, right?

    • Jig
      Jig Vor 9 Minuten


    • Synergy
      Synergy Vor 3 Stunden

      bro they know full well if they take it down it’s canon

    • Oat lord
      Oat lord Vor 9 Stunden

      @Penguinee thanks. I had forgotten how much I miss his 40k stuff as well. Man, we would have all kinds of stuff now if GW hadn't misstepped.

    • Penguinee
      Penguinee Vor 9 Stunden

      I’m sad that sodaz was forced to stop making 40k content

    • ASNS117Zero
      ASNS117Zero Vor Tag

      @StaringGasMask I'm with you in that regard, but I dunno if we were actually all that close to the end. I guess you could have made an ENDING from where they were at, but I never got the impression TTS was anywhere close to ending. Not with the stuff with the orcs and necrons that got lightly touched on in the middle, and the way the plot was opening up with Corax, Vulcan, Magnus, Kitten, and Fyodor-Emperor all doing different things at once.
      If anything, it was broadening out.

  • TheAmazingIncredibleSpiderHulk

    This was so badass I almost forgot the ridiculousness of it all.

  • Nick
    Nick Vor Tag +14

    The entire intro gave me serious Deathwing Vibes.
    From the empty hallways that were once filled with Righteous men and Marines before to the empty rooms where Adeptus Mechanicus did their work.

  • Peter Bowser
    Peter Bowser Vor Tag +8

    Dude… this has “Astartes” vibes and I love it, and the writing in the last video was superb! Keep em’ coming!

  • Roriloty
    Roriloty Vor Tag +4

    never knew this series gonna go this far after all these years!, well done guys.

  • Cameron Facer
    Cameron Facer Vor 4 Tage +3665

    This series has officially become art. Keep up the great work Space Marines!

    • TheDornKnockKeebler
      TheDornKnockKeebler Vor 2 Tage

      @Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry don't call me a slow folk

    • TheDornKnockKeebler
      TheDornKnockKeebler Vor 2 Tage

      @Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry still wasn't saying that

    • Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry
      Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry Vor 2 Tage

      @TheDornKnockKeebler Okay, this time a real slow for the slow folks.
      This series is not supposed to be a representation, if it was, it'd be spewing bullshit like "Kill all furries" and "Furries are hellspawns who should be put down." etc. But it doesn't. Not to mention, alot of furries are big fans of the Warhammer 40k games and Flashgitz's skits. This series so far is basically based on a dumb, silly joke about how a large number of furries are sexually active and are interested in adult content that being called "Yiff". But as it was gaining traction, it became more and more a little serious, almost being like a new enemy the Templar's are facing, which many by now speculate could be product of Chaos or Slaneesh.
      What you said wasn't stating a fact, but simply saying how this video "represents" furries in a bad way, but IT DOESN'T. AT ALL.

    • TheDornKnockKeebler
      TheDornKnockKeebler Vor 2 Tage

      @Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry I was just stating a fact

    • TheDornKnockKeebler
      TheDornKnockKeebler Vor 2 Tage

      @Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry I wasn't denying that

  • AV1DD
    AV1DD Vor Tag +15

    holy shit this was truly a step up in your animation level. Long time fan of your work and this is the best yet.
    I am astounded by the transitions, atmosphere and storytelling.
    also love the Astartes references.
    Amazing work.
    The Emperor Protects.

  • Sly Fawkes
    Sly Fawkes Vor Tag +13

    A superlative animation as always, it's good to see a fellow battle brother preserving the records of the Furry Crusades. High Marshall Helbrecht would be proud.
    You should look into the history of the Horse Heresy, and it's legions of loyal acolytes, the Bronies.

    • Sly Fawkes
      Sly Fawkes Vor 6 Stunden

      Oh, but I believe it does.
      But you are notacleverman, and I am a Sly Fawkes. What do you presume to teach me?

    • Iamnotacleverman
      Iamnotacleverman Vor 8 Stunden

      I don't think Superlative means what you think it means...

    • Text On Telegra♏👉@Official_Flashgitz
      Text On Telegra♏👉@Official_Flashgitz Vor Tag

      You're among my shortlisted winners.
      ☝Text me on the above telegram name🎉

  • Wayuls
    Wayuls Vor 17 Stunden +3

    Gents, the cinematography on this is just beyond! You continue to better your skills and story telling with every animation, but this was something else! I hope you work towards making an official short movie or an outright full animated movie! Keep up the good work! Cariad fawr o Gymru - Much love from Cymru [Wales] x

  • iliketrains0pwned
    iliketrains0pwned Vor 17 Stunden +3

    Holy shit, that was amazing! You guys are doing a fantastic job with this series; and I always look forward to watching new episodes whenever they come out. They're the perfect mix between terrifying and hilarious; and that Templar saying "UwU" was icing on the cake! Even being a furry myself, I had a great time. Keep it going!

  • DunamisD
    DunamisD Vor 4 Tage +1802

    This has gone from being something just goofy to genuinely horrifying, and cool in an intense lovecraftian sort of way

    • Taan
      Taan Vor 3 Tage +7

      @Master Shellv basically beastmen, but sparkly and even more disgusting

    • Yes Man
      Yes Man Vor 4 Tage +2

      Meatcanyon / Papa Meat connection

    • servomoore
      servomoore Vor 4 Tage

      It's not Lovecraftian. Lovecraft was scared shitless by Spaniards. Furries would have killed him on the spot.

      GARBAGE FIRE Vor 4 Tage +3

      Never Google furry porn, you'll be lost forever...

    • Mark Auditor
      Mark Auditor Vor 4 Tage +2

      @Master Shellv furries are just daemons of slaanesh

  • ChrisTheFurry
    ChrisTheFurry Vor Tag +4

    I'm just going to say holy S*** well done this doesn't feel like a comedy but has a horror experience or short horror's film well done.

  • polonsus
    polonsus Vor 12 Stunden +3

    This has so much potential to be a part of Warhammer 40k. I wouldn't be surprised if they're already setting up RPGs with campaigns ranging from the loyal Black Templars on their impossible crusade against the Furry infection.

  • Muhammed Ebrahim Moodley

    I like the dead space reference at 2:55 where the necromorph was banging his head against the wall. Very subtle but nicely done.

  • Mega Brawndo
    Mega Brawndo Vor 21 Stunde +1

    Incredible story telling with no words (minus the sound “oooOOOo”!). This is a well done production in all aspects.

  • Darryl Ferguson
    Darryl Ferguson Vor 3 Tage +3161

    It's amazing how Flashgitz were able to take a concept this comedic, and gradually turn it into a compelling narrative with a serious and terrifying atmosphere.

    • Gotrek and Slixem
      Gotrek and Slixem Vor 2 Tage

      @♡Milk I ask nothing less of you. It will make the exterminatus so much more efficient.

    • Connor Livesay
      Connor Livesay Vor 2 Tage +1

      @♡Milk some, some are assholes, some aree geuinly fun to hangout with

    • Chromica Pop
      Chromica Pop Vor 2 Tage

      Im getting serious animation school dropout energy from this but the talent says CHECKMATE WORLD I OWNED THAT

    • Tom G
      Tom G Vor 2 Tage +3

      The current state of mankind is in serious peril and is quite terrifying my brother. We must stand against the furry menace if humanity is to have any hope of survival.

    • ♡Milk
      ♡Milk Vor 2 Tage +2

      @Gotrek and Slixem I'M DYING ON THIS HILL

  • Lorand D.
    Lorand D. Vor Tag +3

    U guys have the potential to make a serious warhammer 40k series that would blow the internet, me and many more would pay to see that

  • Martin
    Martin Vor 23 Stunden +2

    Better content than the actual warhammer 40k stuff at the moment. Well done guys! Thank you so much for this!

  • Sinister3vil
    Sinister3vil Vor Tag

    This was amazing. Art, direction, animation, sound design, everything was top notch. If GW didn't have their collective heads up their asses, they'd dump a load of cash on you and let you go crazy.

  • Kashmir
    Kashmir Vor Tag +2

    This is a really solid animation. I absolutely love Warhammer 40k, and damn these dudes did a fine job with this. Bravo! I say. Bravo!

  • MeatCanyon
    MeatCanyon Vor 4 Tage +21127

    well done boys, only gets better.

    • z guy official
      z guy official Vor 4 Stunden

      I love your parody

    • Inf1nat3 Gam3r
      Inf1nat3 Gam3r Vor 13 Stunden


    • Frost and Fire
      Frost and Fire Vor 18 Stunden

      @Jared H Meatcanyon is already hight at all time 😂

    • Rayane Os
      Rayane Os Vor 20 Stunden

      Furrcon: attack the furr suits marauders

    • TK-1239
      TK-1239 Vor 22 Stunden


  • Super Star
    Super Star Vor Tag +3

    I have no words for how good this video is! I hate how its so good and how dark this is! Can’t wait to see the next episode! This one takes such a dark turn from all the past videos

  • Adam Drutzi
    Adam Drutzi Vor 5 Stunden +1

    Good job, honestly this series is one of the best animated 40k content currently. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Jey
    Jey Vor Tag +2

    I love how powerful you've made us furries. Telling our true story thankyou

    • JadeRabbit Futurist
      JadeRabbit Futurist Vor Tag

      It's true. Ever since the advent of Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Disney and even World of Warcraft... we've become unstoppable and our numbers are ever growing. And even in the end, humanity will never understand what hit it before it was far too late!
      Hated but endlessly powerful, I'll take those odds!

  • Thirdy Aresta
    Thirdy Aresta Vor 14 Stunden +1

    damn, this furry series HAS to be made longer, that transformed furry guy looked great

  • Stonie Da Bear
    Stonie Da Bear Vor 4 Tage +4213

    No matter how much of a parody this series is, the unwavering march to complete the mission or die by a Black Templar is so in character and well represented

    • Harley Austin
      Harley Austin Vor 4 Stunden

      As a wise Templar Chaplain once said "I have dug my grave in this place, and I will either triumph or I will die!, No pity! No remorse! No fear!"

    • Chris D
      Chris D Vor 2 Tage

      That and the way the furries are portrayed too, except for the first episode, it's get the vibe right along with some of weird and less-than-NSFW stuff people explore in some furry art. There's a good bit of stuff in here that's very much stuff you'd only know if you get deep enough into the furry lore. It's not like the cursed anti-furry hate train that didn't get past knowing that most furries don't cosplay. Like they've... gone *in* for this.

    • Thomas Robert
      Thomas Robert Vor 3 Tage

      @Checkmark oh wow an ip grabber

    • Саша Черняк
      Саша Черняк Vor 4 Tage +1

      Did anyone else thought at first that this was a meme about Mauler and Rags from EFAP?

    • MelodusDethicus
      MelodusDethicus Vor 4 Tage +10

      @Jiree Pugh Just another bot. Report their ass.

  • Winternet
    Winternet Vor Tag +3

    This has a very “Astartes” feel to it. It’s amazing

  • 3vrLol
    3vrLol Vor 20 Stunden +2

    Dude, this is reaching Astartes levels of quality and storytelling

  • Robert Ortiz-Wilson

    This is very cinematic! The design, the aesthetics, the shot angles, music, sound design, so good.

  • Tyler Uzi
    Tyler Uzi Vor 11 Stunden

    It’s funny how we’ve all become invested into a story that originally was just a joke/parody; but now we’re all legitimately intrigued and want to see how this story and war unfolds and where it’s going.
    All the furry jokes aside, this is actually a great animation and story! Even though like I said it was goofy and silly and funny at first; it becoming more toned down and serious but still somehow managing to have the funny parody humor sprinkled in. Genius.

  • William Reish
    William Reish Vor 3 Tage +2936

    i love how this series went from "funny astartes kill furry for our amusement" to an actually scary fan creation that perfectly captures the grimdark tone of 40k.

    • Braids Cabal
      Braids Cabal Vor Tag +3

      @Evylin groomer

    • Esoteric Anonism
      Esoteric Anonism Vor Tag +4

      @Tigrerojo I bet you complain about the "toxic" Star Wars fans to your wife's son.

    • Schinak
      Schinak Vor Tag +5

      @Tigrerojo Usually the one calling others incels is the real incel.

    • andrew woodhead
      andrew woodhead Vor Tag

      @Tigrerojo Yeah , because I am triggered. I'm sick to the back teeth with hearing from toxic Star Wars fans and sad little online bullies and trolls.
      Warhammer is aimed at Children. Fair number of adults but the core demographic is children. The longer they keep the tide of woke nonsense and toxicity that overwhelmed Star Wars back , the better.

    • Tigrerojo
      Tigrerojo Vor Tag

      @scythn yep, it's the trigger word that makes every single 4chan cunt screech like a bitch, as you so generously demonstrated ;)

  • EliteFataja
    EliteFataja Vor Tag +11

    Never expected that DEclipsrs like flashgitz can make a universally laughable group of people into scary villains

    • Jean Louis Hardy • Consulting • ENG2
      Jean Louis Hardy • Consulting • ENG2  Vor Tag

      I feel like this is the 40k version of furries where the other videos were the furry version of 40k.. this captures the gruesome life of a Astarti space marine. Fighting things

  • tom shep
    tom shep Vor Tag

    Lets just appreciate how much 40k grimdark-ness they really put into is. The small neat details of the accurate world building was really good too. Flash gitz know their stuff when it comes to 40k. Well done!

  • Palendrome69
    Palendrome69 Vor Tag +2

    I love how this is Astartes inspired short captures 40k utterly, that brother could have so easily been a wolfen, ggs you two, very well done.

  • War Bot 3000
    War Bot 3000 Vor Tag +2

    This was awesome! Hope you guys can power on with this without getting into trouble.

  • Brian
    Brian Vor 4 Tage +2886

    Even after being corrupted by the furry disease, the Templar remained loyal to the God Emperor. A simple but powerful detail that's true to the Warhammer 40k Lore.

  • TaysTyy_CrusT
    TaysTyy_CrusT Vor Tag +7

    I love how us as furries and gamers can both enjoy this series

  • Prussian_Enjoyer
    Prussian_Enjoyer Vor Tag +3

    The series has returned. Truly a blessing

  • OrphanPuncher
    OrphanPuncher Vor Tag +1

    Please make more. This is probably the most gripping animation Ive seen on this platform. Im so intrigued to see more. We need a full series

  • Big Z
    Big Z Vor 8 Stunden +1

    Honestly you need to be making serious full-length 40k animations.
    This is head and shoulders above 99% of the shit that is on Warhammer+, and on par with the Blood Angels/Astartes series.

  • AceOfSpadesGuy
    AceOfSpadesGuy Vor 4 Tage +893

    This is absolutely incredible. Not a single line of dialogue in the entire thing but you’re still hooked immediately.

    • Tristan Beer
      Tristan Beer Vor 3 Tage

      ​@Craig Fedynich and it perfectly conveyed the horrific truth, that Astartes can be infected.

    • Brojo
      Brojo Vor 4 Tage

      What, when

    • Ozzy
      Ozzy Vor 4 Tage

      @Fast Eddy kill the furry

    • Fast Eddy
      Fast Eddy Vor 4 Tage +2


    • Adrian Naranjo
      Adrian Naranjo Vor 4 Tage +27

      The Space Marine said "uwu"

  • AngryZombiez
    AngryZombiez Vor Tag +4

    That was incredibly in line with the 40k feeling. Surprisingly immersive this time. Fantastic work guys

  • Geassguy360
    Geassguy360 Vor Tag +1

    Honestly, this could work as a legit story divorced from the modern concept of furries. This could easily be explained as some sort of beastman chaos entity wandered over from WH Fantasy.

  • ThatGuy Sneg
    ThatGuy Sneg Vor 20 Stunden

    Its insane that this started out as a joke and now has been becoming more and more interesting and badass the longer it has gone on

  • Skreft Lamont
    Skreft Lamont Vor Tag +2

    You guys just better and better. I’m loving these. :)

  • The Nostalgic Texan
    The Nostalgic Texan Vor 4 Tage +782

    The fact that this has gone from "there's not enough loop-de-loops in the galaxy to escape the GLORY of our crusade" to pure on Lovecraftian levels of horror is amazing.

    • GrandmasterDevo
      GrandmasterDevo Vor 4 Tage +1

      Seeing that weird, fleshy corruption gave me serious Dead Space vibes.

    • Carlos Cruz
      Carlos Cruz Vor 4 Tage +1

      Nah, that's Tuesday for a space marine

    • kharnes
      kharnes Vor 4 Tage +28

      Don't forget. We will SPATER and we will NEUTER until there is nothing left.

  • Phantomshotgun
    Phantomshotgun Vor Tag

    really takes the meaning "furries are everywhere" to a whole new meaning XD i love it

  • Reneator
    Reneator Vor 2 Tage

    Holy shit, that had so much "astartes" feeling in it. That was great! keep it up!
    It feels like its a continuation of the idea/feeling/atmosphere but in 2D. Well done!

    HeHasNoPANTS! WarOnPANTS Vor 20 Stunden

    Definitely the best cartoon you guys have ever made. Can't wait for more of this or more jokes both are awesome!!

  • Nicolas M.
    Nicolas M. Vor Tag

    The best part by far is how despite being a silly joke about furries, the video is still legitimately one of the most true to 40k shit you could ever imagine.
    It's just amazing, great job.

  • White loaf Bread
    White loaf Bread Vor 4 Tage +1639

    It's kind of surprising and kind of terrifying how many furries actually love Flashgitz

    • Dead Meme
      Dead Meme Vor Tag

      I already knew Flashgitz during the console wars.
      I guess I don't really.

    • Somedudeonaiphone Chilling
      Somedudeonaiphone Chilling Vor 2 Tage

      @Bowwak I did not say that if a person would to want to be an animal they become one, I stated that they would act and get treated like one. Spear thrown, landed in the throat, on my campfire. And that’s it, wait that’s murder. You get what I mean

    • Bowwak
      Bowwak Vor 2 Tage +1

      @Somedudeonaiphone Chilling with your logic if a man says he's a woman then he automatically becomes one. This is stupid and unhealthy not to mention delusional. If someone claims this is not a joke or gag then definitely needs a medical checkup. But furries who don't tend to glorify their suits and use it less seriously are more similar to cosplayers than mental health patients no matter how edgy they will behave.

    • Forest Something
      Forest Something Vor 2 Tage

      @Somedudeonaiphone ChillingMy god doesn’t exist. And if he did, he would frown upon our entire existence as a whole.

    • Tigrerojo
      Tigrerojo Vor 2 Tage

      @Flashgitz wanting to kill furries is always hilarious! Specially when it ends up with stuff like the Midwest FurFest Chlorine Gas attack. Bet the guy that did that loved your videos too! :D

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    Надеюсь к darktide выпустят такое dlc)
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    Jordan Dean Vor Tag +1

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  • The Doctor Mayhem Fun Time Show

    The most hilarious part of it all is that this is supposed to be a parody, but actually manages to capture the sheer horror that Space Marines have to face regularly.

    • wolf paw
      wolf paw Vor 2 Tage

      @Mandalore the Reclaimer UwU we can not be stop by anything by anyone ~X3 the worlds of this galaxy will become one with us just like many other galaxy’s before it ~X3

    • schmeat gaming
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      @wolf paw nyo! nyever! The Teddy beaw wegion stands with the Impewium of Mankind! We will nyot wet our bwothers in arms capityuwate widawt a faiw fight! We will make suwe that The Impewiums chiwdwen will nyever be thweatened by the hewetics!

    • Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry
      Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry Vor 3 Tage

      @dr nobody If I ever had to be under command of somebody named like that I'm fucking fragging them and gladly joined the marines.
      And also, on our behalf, I'm so sorry for the bullshit the worse of us do.

    • Flathead Gg244
      Flathead Gg244 Vor 3 Tage +1

      @dr nobody well no, first slaanesh never kills it's enemies unless they have no other choice, they will literally tear you a new hole and continue doing unspeakable things to you until there's nothing left but your screaming soul trapped in their warlord's favorite anime pillow.
      Also that name most definately sounds like it would belong to a slaaneshy champion zero doubts about that.

    • dr nobody
      dr nobody Vor 3 Tage

      @gmac Wizard no this is worse than slaanesh

  • C. Rebel
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  • Right Clicker
    Right Clicker Vor 21 Stunde

    This had a lot of shots reminiscent of 'Astartes.' I loved the juxtaposition of super intense with fighting furries.

  • Flavor Flavius
    Flavor Flavius Vor 4 Tage +956

    This is unironically becoming some of the best animated 40k content to date.
    Watching it out of context, you could just assume the templars were fighting warp abominations.

    • Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry
      Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry Vor 3 Tage +1

      Yeah. I have no understanding of Warhammer 40k lore or whatever but this shit is so cool I want to see more. This was great storytelling and I can't wait for more

    • Flavor Flavius
      Flavor Flavius Vor 3 Tage

      @John Bean Yeah this could definitely be taken as just a new form of perversion via slaanesh. I guess chaos can take ANY form, after all.

    • Neon Ninja 14
      Neon Ninja 14 Vor 4 Tage

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    • Bruhtholemew
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      They are turning feral.

    • Fenris Elecit
      Fenris Elecit Vor 4 Tage

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    Honestly this is some premium animation y’all usually do funny shit but y’all can set a mood and this was some of the best 40k fan content I’ve seen keep it up

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    Wtf, why was this so good. I didn't even realise this was supposed to be making fun of furries

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    • Tonba
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    SH4WNATR0N Vor Tag +3

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    • SH4WNATR0N
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      That's definitely not a scam and I am totally going to do that

    • Text On Telegra♏👉@Official_Flashgitz
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      You're among my shortlisted winners.
      ☝Text me on the above telegram name🎉

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  • Can Be One
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    Taking inspiration from the Astartes project, in regard to cinematography, pacing and sound design. You have the heart to continue your art, where as the Astartes creator was too weak.

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    Also, the flamer execution was chilling and badass.

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    It is an impressive achievement that this parody has genuinely become so badass and worthy of our investment. Seriously with all the blips of foreboding imagery, no dialogue, fucked up reveals, and amazing pacing, this is easily my favorite short of the bunch so far

  • ParmShellwood  [Jhonas Cruz Reyes]

    Wow, this has escalated very quickly, from being a humorous parody to an EPIC ANIMATION about Warhammer and his Crusaders...I liked the change in tone...When is the full movie, you say? XD

  • Bigbaddaboom
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    Bruh, I love how this has gone from shits and gigs furry warhammer to an actual plot line. I fuckin love you guys

  • Quinton Steele
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    This video is just like for self-reminder to most anti-furry who justified about hating furry without valid reasons and end up being one of them. "Know the enemy and know yourself in a hundred battles you will never be in peril"

  • Der Skalde
    Der Skalde Vor 3 Stunden

    I had this thought when I recently rewatched these, after knowing a lot more about 40k, that with the colour scheme and portrayal of them in these clips, Furries are either a new form of Slaaneshi daemon, or a new plague created by Nurgle in colaboration with Slaanesh.

  • Anthony...
    Anthony... Vor 4 Tage +1138

    Even after succumbing to the disease.....
    He still held on till the end. May his knowledge be passed on so others do not meet the fate he did....

    • Yesimbored
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    • russetwolf13
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    This has got to be one of the best series on all of youtube!

  • Thorns
    Thorns Vor Tag

    Holy shit the artistry in this was fucking incredible guys. The scene of the apothecary quick cutting to the beautifully rendered stone statue, the wide shot of the black templars hold. Incredible stuff

  • BeautyMask616
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    Holy shit, this is genuinely a master piece. Can't wait to see more.

  • Marc Crener
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    ... Deceit...
    ... Rage.
    Great video guys, that was both disturbing and fascinating ^^

  • BuzzLightYearPFP
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    i love how the series is becoming more serious and dark, it almost feels like something that could exist in actual WH40k
    edit: they're basically like a combination of genestealers, daemons, and beastmen.

    • Ritterk.703_
      Ritterk.703_ Vor Tag

      @Presented by Conor McTapper's Proper CatPiss
      Man, The Inquisition is gonna have a field day if they get involved. Mostlly the Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus...

    • Scooter Grant
      Scooter Grant Vor Tag +1

      @Ritterk.703_ That's such a cool idea!!! To be frank, given this series is not following one group but rather different operations then we can fairly assume that this is quite the empire. Wether or not these are separated by decades I do not know. But it would be interesting to think that they are so large in number and have just been found by the Knights Templar. But yes that's a cool point indeed!

    • Ritterk.703_
      Ritterk.703_ Vor Tag

      ​@Scooter Grant Oh yeah, that's cool too, but that begs the question: How common is in-fighting between furry sub-factions?
      Are their relations like Ork Klans where a war between them is just a regular Tuesday?
      Or do the main furry factions see these guys as traitors or lunatics? (kinda like the Tau and the Farsight Enclaves)

    • Scooter Grant
      Scooter Grant Vor Tag +1

      @Ritterk.703_ That's a very cool analysis. But I love the theory that these are different sub groups of furry. Some are the more usual type and these we saw today are the more religious and vile type that see things from a puristic side almost acting as a mirror to the Black Templars.

    • Ritterk.703_
      Ritterk.703_ Vor Tag

      Another guy in another comment said that the Furries are evolving.
      In the first video they were dying in droves.
      Then in the sonic video they had psykers and... "goo" guns.
      Then in the coliseum and first contact videos they had tamed xenos and abominations.
      Now they have melee focused bruisers, lasguns, warp-flamers and mind-controlling parasites.
      Now I'm wondering about how other 40K factions would get involved with this mess...

  • eMBO
    eMBO Vor 18 Stunden +1

    We were supposed to be given a parody, but instead we got God tier animation with sick lore.

  • MysteriousJess
    MysteriousJess Vor Tag

    how did this series go from a joke to something that builds genuine suspense with a dark/ serious tone

  • care bear
    care bear Vor Tag +2

    Just throwing this out there furries aren't even bad just a creative hobby or outlet from reality, but I've watched ur animations and I do say they get better and better keep it up although I hope ur only doing this as a joke bc furs don't actually act like that

    • JadeRabbit Futurist
      JadeRabbit Futurist Vor 23 Stunden

      Even though Tom and Don said they were disturbed by furries and the potential zoophile link they 'suspect', I think Tom and Don have a little furry inside them when you consider how much detail they put into their furries and how they actually make the female furries attractive.
      Artists who actually hate furries always draw them in a grotesque manner.

  • yedier hidalgo espinoza

    damn that gave me goosebumps at what point did they get so serious and cool

  • Shaggy Gotta Sneeze
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    Jesus Christ that was genuinely good horror, I absolutely love when you guys do this kind of thing

    • xXRazzRXx
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    • I Love T
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    • Edward Richtofen
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      you: (Making fun of bots)

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    Looks like slaanesh and nergal teamed up and has been very busy with their new furry virus lol or is this the birth of a new chaos god?
    Can't wait for the next episode love the videos so far and curious to see what comes next. Keep up the great work!

  • CT-7259
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  • Denis Kvashnin
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    Holy shit this is so well made! Despite it being a parody, the vibe is 100% accurate