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    Wish Simon the owner talked more in the videos

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    This was one was great. Love your video games as well.

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    I loved it Amazing video

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    LOVE him !!!

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    Another great Simon's Cat episode! U have cat personality down to an art. Awesome job as always. Thanks for uploading!

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    Yes! We see this nearly every day with our lovable furballs

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    And my dog cat and other cat all drink at different parts of the bowl. My cat Pumpkin drinks at the far side, my dog Bernie at the middle, and my brothers cat at the closest side.

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    And my brothers cat thinks he’s a dog and eats the dog food and drinks the dogs water and tries to follow the dog outside

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    My cat loves it when I throw a ball so he can skid on the floor and run into things, sometimes knocking them over.

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    My cat isn't allowed outside anymore because he's very territorial and aggressive so he'd always get into fights with other outside or stray cats in the area. But he's a terrible fighter so he'd always come back home with nasty cuts on his face and it got us worried he'd one day get too injured to be able to come home. Nowadays the closest he can get to fighting is screaming and hissing as loud as he can at any cat that tries to come near our house at night. But usually he just chirps at the birds lol

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    Do jazz trilogy 2/3

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    0:38 XD

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    Omg 😂😂😂❤️❤️

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    That was laugh out loud funny. I can just imagine one of mine running with a rake. If he could actually pick it up, he would. Another great one Simon.

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    0:39 mtutjfudmfjrjfkjrk.......jrirjrurnhdjdidis

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    Alpha-cat, eah.

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    Jazz looks very shaggy :) Nice one. I am wondering how Simon's kitten feels about the newcomer.

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    Mine stays inside, but he seems to be the border patrol on who comes in though. If he doesn't get to sniff them(his form of greeting by the way), they don't come in.

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    This is so cattyyyy !!!!! Will love more from Jazz 😍

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    Simon's cat is savage!!

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    If Jazz is anything like the cats who have wandered into my cat's domain, he will become Simon's Cat's brother in furry arms in time.

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    Обожаю вас!!💋💋💜

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    The ending *almost* had it. Cute, but a real territorial issue is evil. *(Looks at my arms...)* Muscles born from scrubbing up sprayed areas around the house. -__-

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    Love the kitty's voice it's so cute

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    😹😻😽🐈 Pussycats & Kitties!

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    Every time i see Simons cat than i looking to my cat Maja and she is 100% like this cat xD crazy and funny to look her

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    Lov'in it!

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  • charlie chimichangazz

    That's shockingly funny in the end.
    Made my day :-)

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    with your workers

  • Natalie's world
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    i love simons cat please make more it keeps me attached with my cat try making a real life version too

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    What do they do with tree?? My cat also do this. But I don't know why??

  • Gustavo Bonanni
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    505 comments! What else can be said? My cat is just like JAZZ. There's another cat in our apartment building, and as long as he stays on his floor, everything's OK. But dare he put a single paw on our floor, and there's a war! The funny thing is that my cat (a female Tortoiseshell), feels with all the right of stepping down any floor of the building, as if it were all her territory. She may even run into the neighbor's cat and nothing happens: he is on HIS floor. The fight starts whenever the other cat steps into our floor. It's so weird!

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    This cat is now human lol
    Loved it

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    I wish that is how really the cats fight for real

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    I love the Simon’s Cat or Kitten pooping face lol so funny

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    Borderlines more like borderLANDS lol (sorry borderlands game bad pun joke)


    When Jazz meowed he sounds like Edward G Robinson as his Little Caesar character.

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    Kkkkk, it's like my Cats XD

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    Absolutely laugh out loud splendid!

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    my cat named vito-he was very thin and short haired- once had a quarrel with a bigger(and fat) persian (long haired) cat from next door. they were sitting on our roof - which we could see from the kitchen window - and stared at eachother. at first they were just sitting and miaowing and it seemed like the big neighbourcat thought he was in the better position, cause, you know, he was bigger. but then suddenly, vito got on his backpaws and boxed - left,right,left like a real human boxer - in the big cats face! XD haha, that looked sooo funny!
    The big cat was so surprised that he immediately left the roof and never tried to fight our boxer-vito ever again :)
    we called him "vito the prince" before (cause he used to eat with his paws) and after the fight we called him "vito the boxer-prince". rest in peace vito, we all - especially our dog tinto - miss you a lot

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    Hey Simon, I got one of those tomcats (mostly blackish, shredded ears, biiig green soul piercing eyes, always a bit scruffy looking) could you make clip about that type of cat?

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    Lol the cat pooped on Jazz’s side

  • James Hendrickson
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    I had a cat named Buck wheat, who was very talented he would climb up the ladder into the attic at my house, and would climb out through a ventilation eve, go outside and wreak havoc In my neighborhood. After a few hours of that he would come home come back in through the attic and would sit at the top of the attic ladder crying until one of us came out there climbed up the ladder picked him out of the attic and carried him down. This is the kind of stuff I could imagine your cat pulling on you

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    Haa haa!! Great!!

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    Lol 😂😂 I love this. The doodoo part 😂

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    I love how simon's cat takes a crap at the end. XD

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    I love you😻😻😻😻

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    Poor tree

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  • Dan L
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    My cat prefers to use the sofa as a scratching post instead of the one 20cms away! Grrrr

  • Debra Kessing
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    Jazz is exactly as annoying as he is in the game ! When he moans and kicks his dish I become determined not to feed him hehe

  • Ruben Amante
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    My cat Ming Ming died a stray car came in my house and I fed it everyday but I didn't know that my cat was pregnant!!! We called her tagaw or (salty) cuz she is a very salty cat

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    Neighbor's cat i guess? I must have somehow missed whatever films Jazz was in. Pretty funny.

  • Tristan Nguyen
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    That was seriously a LOL 2.37 mins that just had an ending that couldn't have been more perfect. Welcome Jazz, I hope you don't end after the trilogy .

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    I love you Simon kat

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    You make my Day better

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    I love simon cat 😚😚😚😚

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    I love Simon's cat

  • sonia colletto
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    Thanks are brilliant!
    Me and my ragdoll cat Marco enjoy your video very much xx

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    Still watch Simons cat it’s so cute and funny

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe


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    Simon's Cat gets a rake lol

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    No one upstages Simon.❤️❤️❤️

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    Love Jazz! My two cats pull this routine fighting over my husband's lap.

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    I have 3 cat one is black and fat and lazy the other 2 they fight a lot

  • BluefoxxyNautral84
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    They're too chubby to fight😂😂😂

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    ❤️simon’s cat

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    Love this videos!

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    Jazz it's like my cat jajajajajaja I love it!

  • The Cake is a Liar!
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    Yup that Simon cat is me. I have an obnoxious neighbour and he's going down

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    Se mamo pinche gato roñoso XD

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    One time my cat jumped in the trash can / garbage can

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  • joe slob
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    Jazz was hit by a car but was faking so simon would give treats and simon's cat don't get any.
    What is Simon's cats name anyway? Good contest Q

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    Que dó

  • Misa Misa
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    The cat actually won for a change XD

  • Rachel Aranda
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    Jazz and Simom's cat are so cute and funny together. Reminds me of some family members I have.

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    😂😂😂😂😂😁 Hahaha. I love that twist at the end. Perfect.

  • Sandra Nelson
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    I think Simon's cat needs some Jazz in his life. Just to keep things interesting. As long as Jazz keeps his paws off of the garden gnome...

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    HAHAHHAHAH! Nice video!

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    0:54 Real cat ASMR

    • Jackson Reviews Animation
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      Lucca Studios Would you want to see animations about a dog that lives n space? My channel makes 3d animated videos about that. Please check it out. Thanks.

  • Suzan L Hyndman
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    I am a special education high school teacher from Massachusetts. I have successfully used Hugh (Simon;s Cat) videos as an ELA activator for Expressive it!

    • Jackson Reviews Animation
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      Suzan L Hyndman everything I do is g rated because I am also in education.

    • Suzan L Hyndman
      Suzan L Hyndman Vor 3 Tage

      Yes please, Thanks Suz although must be rated G as it is for students

    • Jackson Reviews Animation
      Jackson Reviews Animation Vor 3 Tage

      Suzan L Hyndman That's great. Would you also see if you like the 3D animated videos I make on my channel about a dog that lives in space? Thanks.

  • paul m
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    Brilliant another real life tale of our pets. We have two cats one white the other tabby, the tabby 'with passion' detests our little white cat, both are female the have their own favourite spots to eat sleep etc. The bed is the battle zone both vie for the best position to sleep with the humans perched on the edge.

    • Jackson Reviews Animation
      Jackson Reviews Animation Vor 3 Tage

      paul m That's really cool. Do you think you could also take a look at my 3D animated videos on my channel about a space dog? Thanks.

  • Isabella McCoy
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    That explains my fat cat Max and the battle agenst the bigger fluffy cat. They must have been whaching Simon's cat.

  • Sr Lango GP
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    Algum português !

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    This is so funny

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    Cat-tastic! You really know all about cats, Simon! 😁🐱

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    awww so cute
    simon's cat was like : take that loser 😊😁😉
    yessss he won 😻