JohnnyBoi_i vs JSTN | Rocket League 1v1

  • Am 24 Feb 2018 veröffentlicht
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  • MN. Enterprise
    MN. Enterprise Vor 24 Tage

    Can you play w me?

  • 29ch
    29ch Vor 6 Monate

    That Johnny guy isn’t that good, he should be a caster instead

  • Luka Kaps
    Luka Kaps Vor 8 Monate

    @JohnnyBoi_i pls do a rematch with the dominus main jstn from season 7

  • Spectrefixas
    Spectrefixas Vor 8 Monate

    Sorry Johny but you dont have a chance

  • Zach
    Zach Vor 9 Monate

    If Jstn rages at 1s then there truly is no hope for any of us.

    • Who’s got the first question?
      Who’s got the first question? Vor 8 Monate

      Littlegerben nah jstn is not a 1s player. 1s is all about outthinking your opponent in split second scenarios. Which doesn’t require mechanics besides dribbling. I’m a champ in 1s but diamond in 2s and 3s

  • Han Shot First
    Han Shot First Vor 10 Monate

    So u invite jstn to play on stream but not me. Lol k.

  • Puatermi
    Puatermi Vor year

    Jhonny i like ure vids but ure really bad

  • Joao Henrique Fonseca Da Rosa

    Squish vs the best player in Brazil, Firewall154

  • Joaquin Abesamis
    Joaquin Abesamis Vor year

    How did I only see this now

  • JustBedz
    JustBedz Vor year

    the amount of sucking his balls because he's good in this video is so high

  • Reece Hunt
    Reece Hunt Vor year


  • Bamby 181
    Bamby 181 Vor year +1

    Jstn vs Squishy plz

  • Tyler Roberts
    Tyler Roberts Vor year

    Johnny has no reason to make fun of anyone else now

  • Shadow
    Shadow Vor year

    Props to Johnny for taking it like a man

  • chase biesenbach
    chase biesenbach Vor year

    Laggy lol nah u getting rekt but it's okay

  • KomedieQc
    KomedieQc Vor year

    JohnnyBoi_i have the same lvl than Jonsandman lol

  • maxx reichel
    maxx reichel Vor year

    Now we know who got carried to GC

  • Derek Howle
    Derek Howle Vor year

    Just take the L

  • Kurtis Chenoweth
    Kurtis Chenoweth Vor year

    johnny got fucked so hard, this vid would be banned by pornhub

  • RektzeR
    RektzeR Vor year

    Jstn vs Squishy- ceiling shots/air dribble/normal 1s. Pick one johnny :)

    SUSPENSE Vor year

    Justin is siiiick. So fun to watch. But tbh squishy would win between them. He’s too strategic and has mastered the physics of the game. I’m sure they’ve played before.. But squishy is tryna let his boy get his shine without comparisons for now

  • Zander Hatton
    Zander Hatton Vor year

    What is jstns camera settings and keybinds?

  • Bung Bung
    Bung Bung Vor year +2

    We want to see Scrub vs JSTN

    • Yanni70
      Yanni70 Vor 8 Monate

      or Fairy Peak vs Jstn


    How can I be featured in a video? I'd love to 1v1 someone that you've featured before already, like JSTN. I've played against him in 2v2s before and have gotten several nice goals on him. Most of them are in my Rocket League montage videos.

  • Simar
    Simar Vor year

    Hello jonni_boi is the best

  • Lucas Jowanowitch

    Stop complaining about your ping welcome to non lan servers

  • Biggen
    Biggen Vor year

    "How has he kept that up? I just sat on it." - JohnnyBoi

    DJ HACKER Vor year

    666th like

  • Brandon Falk
    Brandon Falk Vor year

    why did johnny play like a gold 1 here

  • christabel tjong
    christabel tjong Vor year

    did johnny win?

  • OpsadaHeroj
    OpsadaHeroj Vor year +4

    Epic flick was at 20:00 for rewatching/trying to learn purposes

  • Nathan Hart
    Nathan Hart Vor year

    I love your vids keep it

  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas Vor year

    Your opponent should have to commentate to an equal number of viewers. And not half ass it.

  • OpsadaHeroj
    OpsadaHeroj Vor year

    You should cast a match of yourself to tell yourself what you did wrong xD

  • Orange RL
    Orange RL Vor year

    johnny you are just out of practice. flicks and bounce dribbling way off ( 24:48 ya bean)

  • Dante Coates
    Dante Coates Vor year

    I did actually learn that after flick thing and I did it consistently about 5 times, then the next time I played I used it once in a real match. I've stopped practising it now though.

  • Comic Sans
    Comic Sans Vor year

    Jonny vs NeatMike

  • Kristopher Fox
    Kristopher Fox Vor year


  • Matt Park
    Matt Park Vor year

    Shut the fuck up with an excuse every time smh, any diamond can beat you

  • Noah Duque
    Noah Duque Vor year +2

    What A Save! 18:50

  • theBROWNbanditP
    theBROWNbanditP Vor year

    I don't watch every one of Johnny's videos, but I watch every one where he plays. Love watching him play, I don't know why.

  • Emil Refsgaard
    Emil Refsgaard Vor year +5

    I’m proud of you Johnny you’re actually really good

  • Tehcookie vanilla

    Even on EU servers if Jstn had lost, his carrier would've actually been over lol

  • Birkir Steinarsson
    Birkir Steinarsson Vor year +23

    Not a fan of how you didnt replay the first game.. spoiled the entire series for me ffs

  • FunkieRockie
    FunkieRockie Vor year


  • Deoxis
    Deoxis Vor year

    Im always so frustrated if someone is so hard better then me and reks me. How r u so cool johnny?

      FAULT LINE Vor year

      Because he could give a crap about winning or losing this.

  • Mr wLy_4
    Mr wLy_4 Vor year

    Good luck next time johnny 😄

  • Badr Salim
    Badr Salim Vor year +6

    I just want to see Kux or squishy on johnny's stream! Is that too much to ask? :(

  • MomoV
    MomoV Vor year

    I feel like JSTN would get outsmarted against other 1s mains hes certainly a gc/c3 and very quick and consistent but hes so fast that he might sometimes become predictable and too fast for a proper controlled play which is usually what people do in 1s

    • MomoV
      MomoV Vor year +1

      Kieran Purss Deevo has some sort of dribble that no one could defend, hence why he was so good at 1s. JSTN doesnt. I want to see him play against high lvl players and see what he does. He can still do good tho, I didnt expect deevo to do good either

    • Kieran Purss
      Kieran Purss Vor year +3

      MomoV He’s like deevo except he doesn’t bean as hard

  • Frenchie Hahn
    Frenchie Hahn Vor year +2

    So goddamn good

  • Dylan ROTMG
    Dylan ROTMG Vor year

    johnny you should bounce dribble

  • NexenTriz
    NexenTriz Vor year +7

    We want:
    JSTN vs Squishy
    kuxir97 vs Squishy
    kuxir97 vs Fairy Peak

    • Grégory
      Grégory Vor year

      And squishy vs feary peak!

  • Tyrannism
    Tyrannism Vor year +7

    Not surprised considering its GC vs plat

    • Tyrannism
      Tyrannism Vor year

      tehClaw Keep telling yourself that

    • tehClew
      tehClew Vor year

      Tyrannism no you werent

    • Tyrannism
      Tyrannism Vor year

      tehClew Yes I was, look it up. Also look at Johnny overextending on poorly executed attack, slow reaction time, and choosing the less effective route back to net. He never had a chance to begin with. I haven't been playing much this season, and looking at the way the champ 1-2 players today play, it's generally much more uncontrolled aggression, whereas Johnny just lacks the mechanical skill (flicking, dribbling, power shooting) to do this with success.

    • ChrisCrossPlaysMC
      ChrisCrossPlaysMC Vor year

      tehClew glad someone agrees

    • tehClew
      tehClew Vor year +1

      Tyrannism no you werent. Im c2-3 in 2s and 3s and johnny plays the game incredibly smart. Good positioning and good decision making. Just is completely outclassed by Justin. Justin would beat a plat 20+ easy as hell.

  • fredk
    fredk Vor year +2

    Can we get more of florus on the stream?

  • Barbara And Sebastian
    Barbara And Sebastian Vor year +15

    Johnnyboi_i vs CampingRusher?

    • Brandon Falk
      Brandon Falk Vor year +1

      Barbara And Sebastian lol i remember when rusher played minecraft hahaha

    • Pana btw
      Pana btw Vor year

      Mateusz Maciejak lol

    • Mateusz Maciejak
      Mateusz Maciejak Vor year +5

      Camping Rusher is a dead prerecorded channel :D

    • Pana btw
      Pana btw Vor year

      Thecampingrusher would get rekt

  • max rogozienski
    max rogozienski Vor year +1

    What’s bigger the score line or Johnny’s nose?

  • Alarche
    Alarche Vor year

    Congratz on 130K Johnny!

  • Skilzz2_ Destroy
    Skilzz2_ Destroy Vor year +17

    I want JSTN vs Squishy unlimited air dribble would be insane

    • Bbouy
      Bbouy Vor year

      it was on their streams

    • Bbouy
      Bbouy Vor year

      they did JSTN vs Squishy default amount of boost air dribbles only, JSTN won

  • Peteza34
    Peteza34 Vor year

    Is this like that Playing with Potatoes series that Gibbs does?

  • Tomasz Pyszczek
    Tomasz Pyszczek Vor year

    was closer than I thought lul