No More Lies

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  • Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673
    Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
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  • James Charles
    James Charles  Vor 29 Tage +186856

    1) Yes, this response is "planned". I said in the first few minutes of the video that I had an outline of points I needed to hit and I practiced my speaking too. Not trying to hide anything, just had a lot of things to get into one video.
    2) I started taking screenshots of everything when I was in Australia, but I missed a few, and had take a few when I was back in LA. The time zones are 17 hours apart and I tried to make sure I noted every time there was a change but it looks like I missed a timestamp note in the convo with Sam. None of these screenshots are edited. Why would I risk editing a screenshot when the other party could come forward and prove me wrong? All screenshots are in chronological order.
    3) I blink a lot always. This video is no different.
    4) This video is not monetized, in fact, it actually got copyright claimed. Some people are seeing an ad for some reason, I'm sorry I'm really not sure why.
    I appreciate the comments but I don't need #TeamJames. I want to heal and move on from this situation, and I want everyone else involved to be able to do the same. The internet has seen enough negativity over the past few weeks, let's all be respectful please.

  • Andrew Roberts
    Andrew Roberts Vor Tag

    hello, how are you ? i have to change my picture.

  • Lyric Williams
    Lyric Williams Vor Tag

    Y'all needs stop hating y'all can't criticize LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 people LET THEM LIVE THIER LIVES😫😤😡🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈!!

  • Amira Marquis
    Amira Marquis Vor Tag

    Imagine if we cared this much for what’s happening in the world then as much as we do for the internet.....
    2.Globe Warming
    4.Cutting trees
    5. Plastic in ocean
    I mean serious stop worrying about the internet and start doing stuff that will actually make a difference.

  • Gabriel Valdez
    Gabriel Valdez Vor Tag

    Are u coming back sis we miss you

  • Cyarrah
    Cyarrah Vor Tag

    please can someone write a short summary of why people are saying uno reverse card?? i dont wanna spend 44 or whatever minutes watching this

  • Рита Мит
    Рита Мит Vor Tag

    Самые никчёмные 40 минут в моей жизни...😐

  • Salem TheDireShipper

    And the fact they pulled out when it was announced you were gonna sing(*shivers*) the national anthem....gurl that ain’t the whole tea

  • Shelly Pyle
    Shelly Pyle Vor Tag

    James plzzz post I can’t get through another 4 weeks without you your soo funny even my grandma thinks your funny plzzz post plzzz😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Salem TheDireShipper

    If the Greyson twins were the first to defend you how come they STILL don’t follow you on Instagram

  • Gabriella Alvarez

    James why did you stop posting I want to watch more plzzz post

  • Kayelah Campbell

    Im Srry but this is there business there should not be any death threats that I saw to either one of them on Insta😬😬😞

  • Haida Laas
    Haida Laas Vor Tag

    I love ur makeup James charles, ur my fav!!!!!

  • Zëd Supremë Ømni Gød øf Thë MînoVërse

    Was i asleep for to long

    I have no idea what happended

  • Animalgaming 200

    You stuck

  • Tiffy Life
    Tiffy Life Vor Tag


  • Johann Manela
    Johann Manela Vor Tag +1

    How come we pay more attention to drama than our world issues?

  • DjDeadBox /AmzingCuber

    plz see this plz new vidddssssss plzzzzz i miss your vids😭

  • Ian Cordoba
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  • Kelly Granich
    Kelly Granich Vor Tag

    I find this video embarrassing for you JC if you think this video shows that you have 100% proved what people said about you is false, cause this video don’t prove sh*t, oh and by the way this is the video you should have deleted!

  • FastMonkey - Music & Gaming

    Snap Sis


    I completely understand James. Thank you for explaining this. I’m am now on ur side.

  • USA 321
    USA 321 Vor Tag +3

    Just felt like leaving a dislike.

  • Jisper Rodriguez


  • Jisper Rodriguez


  • dayna barnes
    dayna barnes Vor Tag

    i miss you so much! but take all the time you need :)

  • Briana Hernandez

    When are you posting

  • Chara The gacha child

    James: *i’m gonna do what you call a pro gamer move*

  • Rafa Prata
    Rafa Prata Vor Tag

    Cade os BR fluente vendo o final chapter da big treta gringa?

  • Mason Munro
    Mason Munro Vor Tag +1

    hi James charges

  • Mason Munro
    Mason Munro Vor Tag +1

    your a girl

  • Mason Munro
    Mason Munro Vor Tag +1

    you suck

  • Aishah Ahmed
    Aishah Ahmed Vor Tag

    This guy is an evil genius, finds a way to make himself vulnerable and then everybody licking his ass again. Don't fall for him 🙄

  • Addiawsomeness🐱

    Idc I still don’t like him :) Bye sister

  • Jimin지 민 Kitty
    Jimin지 민 Kitty Vor Tag +1

    I didnt team up with anyone but half of me is teaming up with James so i feel ok👌

  • Susan’s Aesthetic

    😍 love youuuuuuu sisterrrrrrr

  • MaxtheMaster7707
    MaxtheMaster7707 Vor Tag +1

    James Charles the female version of Frankinie from Henry Danger

  • Fornarnia
    Fornarnia Vor Tag

    I love you so much james I am a real sister and I would never leave you and those other haters can go frick themselfs

  • Jane Arroyo
    Jane Arroyo Vor Tag +1

    Lets have a moment of silence for James' career

  • everyday melvin Vertogen

    I love your ass

  • GameHoopper
    GameHoopper Vor Tag +6

    She protecc
    She attacc
    She took his carrer
    But most importantly


  • Owl's Mood
    Owl's Mood Vor Tag


  • TheLifeof Ariana

    Been on James Charles side the whole time been with him thru Everything and the beginning

  • Zack Walton
    Zack Walton Vor Tag

    Yes, lets just move past it all, it would definitely work out nicely for a certain person or two. Minimal backlash and hushing up is always great for bottom line, especially if YoUR a CelEbriTY

    Stfu, your still a piece of shit

  • Paige Cheney
    Paige Cheney Vor Tag +3

    JAMES COME BACK!!!! We miss you sooooooooo much! 🥰😍😘Hope you are doing well!

  • Vivian Gama
    Vivian Gama Vor Tag

    What you doing for Father’s Day?

  • Cali
    Cali Vor Tag

    That video he first mentioned was deleted and what happened he disappeared no one in 4 weeks on youtube

  • YoungBluzzz
    YoungBluzzz Vor Tag

    Have you ever smashed a fine girl with big booty like Alexis Texas...?

  • Candela grossi
    Candela grossi Vor Tag +1

    James Charles: *uno reverse card*

  • YoungBluzzz
    YoungBluzzz Vor Tag

    James do you like females?

  • Abubakar Abdi
    Abubakar Abdi Vor Tag +1

    i hate you james charles

  • soraya And lasiyah
    soraya And lasiyah Vor Tag +1

    I think I’m the only fan that actually has stayed with you the whole entire time


    James you need to upload sister

  • eleni evymacx
    eleni evymacx Vor Tag +1

    You make me feel so uncomfortable... You speak sooooo fast. I can't look you're videos because of it, it's so annoying.

  • Alyssa Spence
    Alyssa Spence Vor Tag

    Do more videos plzzzz😭💙

  • XD-J0C JC
    XD-J0C JC Vor Tag

    Honestly my girlfriend made me watch this video

  • Male genital health videos channel - over18 only!

    That was the greatest plot twist in DEclips history. James had the real evidence as well. I love how he proved he was innocent, but stayed so polite through it all, and never lowered himself to the level of his attackers.

  • TazorFist
    TazorFist Vor Tag


  • Felicia
    Felicia Vor Tag

    Hey James, I hope you’re doing okay. Hope you post soon and are able to get your groove back. Me and you are the same age and Ik that you’re going through a lot of changes right now. Everyone forgot your still young. It’s a tough time rn and I get that. Hope you’re doing well!

  • GachaCapricorn 22

    Are you gonna make more videos after this

  • Spaceward Pick
    Spaceward Pick Vor Tag +2

    James Charles needs to quit DEclips. Like if you agree.

  • T Rex
    T Rex Vor Tag +1

    Post a new vid pls

  • Channia Shelley
    Channia Shelley Vor Tag

    James I'm with you all the way!

  • Darkness YT
    Darkness YT Vor Tag +3

    James Charles Cursed You Like To Undo The Curse

  • Wren Davis
    Wren Davis Vor Tag

    He sounds so thirsty, it's making me thirsty! 🤣🤔

  • Angel Luna
    Angel Luna Vor Tag +3

    you will always be loved thanks for always making my day i truly believe 100% on you
    don’t feel sad or depressed because some people actually really care about you and wouldn’t like seeing you like this

  • GracieDay Dickerson

    Where os he

  • YT Gangg
    YT Gangg Vor Tag

    How dare you be rude to Reuben De Maid!! Idk hoe ppl agree with you

  • Official Cardi B

    James I am a fan of your video and your channel I trust what you say and not haters.I LOVE JAMES CHARLES

  • Laura A
    Laura A Vor Tag

    When are you gonna post another video???

  • Jayde Skye
    Jayde Skye Vor Tag

    Umm I heard Grayson fucked you once..WOW

  • Richard Soong
    Richard Soong Vor Tag

    Bro! he looks funny!

  • Male genital health videos channel - over18 only!

    Can we just focus on bigger problems? Like how the rainforest is being cut down and the antarctic is melting because of global warming...

  • Fio
    Fio Vor Tag

    como se que sabes español ,jamess eres una persona super fuerte siendo tann joven,te admiro.

  • Lorenzo Delacruz

    I said to my friend do you swear on your yt channel that she won’t take my bike she took my bike

  • ss.sniperdog golden

    Whenever you say hi sisters you're assuming that everybody who watches the channel is a girl

  • ss.sniperdog golden

    I did not watch the entire video

  • AmVWat
    AmVWat Vor Tag +3

    This is the first video I'm watching on the drama👀........
    And I'm GLADD it's the first one

  • Jose Toscano
    Jose Toscano Vor Tag

    Will he still make videos?

  • happy Sparkle Wolf


  • Mark Liston
    Mark Liston Vor Tag

    Where are you? I miss your videos.. start filming contents please...

  • Twila Jones
    Twila Jones Vor Tag

    Id like to see how much it cost to inflate his numbers every month now

  • Ally Finnegan
    Ally Finnegan Vor Tag

    Just bc he made a mistake that dose not mean everyone needs to hate him you have to forgive Stay strong ❤️ ❤️

  • Anna McCollam
    Anna McCollam Vor Tag

    I love you babes

  • Yosselin Quesada

    I speak spanish, I don't understand nothing...☹️ Verga

  • Plutopaws øwø
    Plutopaws øwø Vor Tag

    I stand by you sister!

  • MinkyiDoes Gacha

    Why am I watching this 4 weeks after this was uploaded???

  • Ella Wilson
    Ella Wilson Vor Tag

    Could u start posting again I'm supporting u plz post again plz

  • Nahuel Gamboa Oficial

    U r the best 😊💐💐💐love u

  • Elina리사
    Elina리사 Vor Tag

    I like the makeup more the vid😂

  • Pandas Are rawsome
    Pandas Are rawsome Vor Tag +1

    I had the greatest idea that just came out of my brain🧠that is basically the size of a walnut🌰. In some or most of your vids you talk about how some beauty products💄that you use in your past had not worked for you😭. Well for your next vid you should do a full face of beauty products that don’t work for you. Thanks. Make sure your unleash your inner artist 👑🧚🏻‍♀️💄💋

  • Holly Smith
    Holly Smith Vor Tag +3

    I never doubted you James you will always win the battle

  • ok then
    ok then Vor Tag +1

    100% respect gained back. :)

  • Josh Playz
    Josh Playz Vor Tag

    Where u at the blues parade

  • Mystic Mist
    Mystic Mist Vor Tag

    I am honestly really proud of you, I hated everyone talking shit about you to me. I knew you weren’t what they said you were. Stay strong, and know those who are loyal, ove you.

  • JPace
    JPace Vor Tag +1

    Screw James

  • Samanta Espinoza

    I love you

  • SonnyBoi 52
    SonnyBoi 52 Vor Tag

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