What happened to BENNY HILL

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  • Benny Hill was a prominent figure in British culture for nearly four decades. His show proved to be one of the great success stories of television comedy and was among the most-watched programs in the world.


  • Dawn Darby
    Dawn Darby Vor 15 Stunden

    I remember watching The Benny Hill Show with my dad when I was a child (yes, I'm THAT old 😂)

  • deepsea444
    deepsea444 Vor Tag

    Thank you for a very informative and heartfelt tribute to a much loved comic. I grew watching him weekly making my dad laugh and as a result I now mimic some of his visual gags on stage. Thanks Benny I'm still laughing

  • Honeysuckle Blossom
    Honeysuckle Blossom Vor 2 Tage

    His show was way, way past being politically correct 😂 there’d be a lot of snowflakes running for their blankie & safe place 😂 He used to boil an egg for breakfast, then used the water to shave with. I can’t imagine when a shell cracked & there were bits of egg in it! Yuck
    Ps...that’s a house he lived in, not an apartment

  • Edward Hester
    Edward Hester Vor 3 Tage

    Poor guy...

  • surendra surana
    surendra surana Vor 4 Tage

    In my opinion he ranks there up at the top alongwith the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy & Abbott and Costello.

  • Kevin Dinham
    Kevin Dinham Vor 7 Tage

    A true genius killed by itv. Itv have a lot to be thankful for benny but treated him like dirt

  • bubba lanham
    bubba lanham Vor 7 Tage +1

    i soo tootally agree he should have a star on the HollyWood Walk of Fame he was a laugh riot

  • DarthProducer
    DarthProducer Vor 7 Tage

    I often laughed so hard, I'd be crying......he is missed......

  • Ivo Andrijasevic
    Ivo Andrijasevic Vor 7 Tage

    Rip Benny ,love and respect from Croatia

  • vlad drac
    vlad drac Vor 7 Tage

    Benny was the best

  • Father Lokk
    Father Lokk Vor 8 Tage

    His Comedy Was So Risky And Funny...Sooooo Many Nights I Was Yelled At To Go To Sleep From Sneaking To Stay Awake To Watch Him...Rest Well Ben...You Will Always Be Remembered As A Comedic Legend...In My Eyes Anyway 👍💯

  • ricksduman
    ricksduman Vor 10 Tage

    - RIP Bennie, you brought so many laughs.

  • Sergio Spada
    Sergio Spada Vor 10 Tage

    love him

    MAX BASEM Vor 10 Tage

    made a smile when i was upset .. real hidden jem

  • Christian e.g.
    Christian e.g. Vor 11 Tage

    just think how "offended" the humorless "woke culture" would be at his show today

    WESTOFEDEN71 Vor 11 Tage

    Thank you Benny for the gift of laughter
    Something money cannot buy

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson Vor 12 Tage


  • tubester4567
    tubester4567 Vor 13 Tage

    The crazy feminists demonized this man and destroyed his career, He never took advantage of women or used a casting couch but they destroyed him anyway.

  • pennise
    pennise Vor 14 Tage

    Benny Hill was a comedic genius. He brought laughter to many people.

  • Lanibal Hecter
    Lanibal Hecter Vor 14 Tage

    broke open his coffin? was that in the news? was anyone caught for it. How very very sad. praying your in the afterlife old boy truly.

  • Fortysomething BadGirls

    I loved his shows. If the women had an issue with his work they wouldn't have acted with him!!!

  • Clem Mahabir
    Clem Mahabir Vor 16 Tage

    He was genuine!!
    Real sad ending to his life and death.

  • nikos23a
    nikos23a Vor 16 Tage +1

    Benny Hill WAS and STILL is my best comedian!!

  • Spacey Tracey
    Spacey Tracey Vor 17 Tage

    Was he Jewish?

  • SLS Outdoors TV
    SLS Outdoors TV Vor 17 Tage

    My friends and I would play the "Benny Hill" wars, if you got caught not paying attention to who was around you, you'd get a hard slap to the back of the neck or the forehead. We would walk around school holding the back of our neck and our forehead to stave off an attack. Benny Hill, a true comedic genius!

  • Dessa Love
    Dessa Love Vor 17 Tage +1

    Ohh, my God I wondered what happened to him , he was one of the funniest man my mother and I use to watch his show all the times wow this video brought back memories 😂😂

  • Saigon
    Saigon Vor 17 Tage

    Love you Benny Hill , rest on peace ⚘🌷❤

  • Adrian Fullerton
    Adrian Fullerton Vor 17 Tage

    Benny Hill
    Favourite comedian entertainer of all time

  • Debra Liess
    Debra Liess Vor 18 Tage

    He was such a funny guy. Loved watching him.

  • E M
    E M Vor 18 Tage

    Like most children of the 80s, I blame my parents for me being the way I am.
    My dad introduced me to Benny Hill and Monty Python in the 70s and 80s in America.
    As I grew older, I got into the Young Ones, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Blackadder....and so many more to this day. Loved your Inbetweeners.
    The (r)evolution never stops. RIP Dad. RIP Benny Hill.

  • Tom Ortale
    Tom Ortale Vor 18 Tage


  • in the night
    in the night Vor 19 Tage

    Benny hill 🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

  • Stephen Velez
    Stephen Velez Vor 19 Tage +2

    I found Benny funnier than even Carol Burnett.

  • kikong80
    kikong80 Vor 19 Tage

    Where is the Benny hill running song :( ???

  • zzzombie888
    zzzombie888 Vor 19 Tage

    Many of us 70s kid Americans got our first tastes of British humor from Benny Hill. I watched his show everyday then in the early 80s I got introduced to Monty Python and I thank Benny Hill for introducing me to British Comedy.

  • possesst
    possesst Vor 20 Tage +2

    6:25 That last line put a tear in my eye. This montage was really well done.

    • Alpha 11
      Alpha 11  Vor 18 Tage +1

      Thank you for the nice comment.

  • Sirivanh Dogood
    Sirivanh Dogood Vor 20 Tage

    Thank you for sharing.
    Check out Symtom of Earth Angel

  • Steve Owens
    Steve Owens Vor 20 Tage

    Cuzz had a heart attack

  • HLulea
    HLulea Vor 20 Tage

    I liked Benny Hill, he always made me laugh. Mr. Bean reminds me of him. They both are funny in their own way.

  • B Ray
    B Ray Vor 20 Tage +1

    Benny Hill, made me laugh very hard and still does. Just absolutely loved his comedy and moreover the Benny Hill Show.... "Legendary"

  • Richard Coffel
    Richard Coffel Vor 20 Tage

    Sounds like a broken heart
    How sad.

  • Great King Rat
    Great King Rat Vor 20 Tage

    What happened to Benny Hill?!! London Weekend Television shat on him, after the millions he brought in for them... that's what happened.

  • Phillip MJ Bacon
    Phillip MJ Bacon Vor 20 Tage

    Seems he really was a sweetheart...

  • MetalRocksMe \m/
    MetalRocksMe \m/ Vor 21 Tag

    ITV did benny hill dirty. 😡

  • bcabmac
    bcabmac Vor 21 Tag

    Benny was the thing that kept me sane when so much misery invaded my life. I love him like a friend from afar. Miss ya Benny.!

  • Hector Gonzalez
    Hector Gonzalez Vor 21 Tag

    I loved this guy,his shows,GREAT MAN

  • Kaulumāhiehie Amaral


  • Mickey Costley
    Mickey Costley Vor 21 Tag

    Thanks for the memories, Benny Hill. R.I.P.

  • Björn Óðinn Sigurðsson

    I used to love his show as a kid. So sad he had no family and was alone at the end 😢

  • James Carter
    James Carter Vor 21 Tag

    Garter belts.was So nice .. I love women... Beautiful Creatures for sure...

  • James Carter
    James Carter Vor 21 Tag

    Thank God for Benny Hill... Thank you sir for being there brother... Thank you....

  • Stefan Cocciolone
    Stefan Cocciolone Vor 21 Tag

    Looks like he ate Jimmy & Brad, & How else we do it ?

  • Rapheal Francis
    Rapheal Francis Vor 21 Tag


  • Arash j
    Arash j Vor 21 Tag

    Best regards to him, Nice and good man. May God bless him. ❤️❤️🙏

  • Mark El
    Mark El Vor 22 Tage

    Rejected by the two women to whom he proposed. Rejected by the networks that profited from him & in the end, his grave defiled by greedy bastards.
    That’s pretty f...ed up.

  • lady painter
    lady painter Vor 22 Tage

    Wow " he was tight " but i think his Richness was in love and fun 😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😀 R.I.P Mr HILL

  • denis omahoney
    denis omahoney Vor 22 Tage

    What a very sad ending to a lovely man I loved his shows a child RIP Benny gone but not forgotten.

  • Casey Plooy
    Casey Plooy Vor 22 Tage +1

    Comedic Legend!!!

  • Sargon’s Black Grandfather

    He made the world laugh and smile but died alone surrounded by money. So sad.

  • Ron Stewart
    Ron Stewart Vor 22 Tage

    Benny was the best made my youth fun