Star Wars Battlefront - Free Game Updates

  • Am 12 Mär 2016 veröffentlicht
  • Since launch, the Force™ has been strong with Star Wars™ Battlefront™. Players have celebrated Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ by exploring the all-new planet and game mode with the Battle of Jakku. Single and multiplayer have both been updated to include new missions, maps and hero outfits.

    Star Wars Battlefront is an ever changing universe that rewards daily exploration, so take a look at the full list of free updates to the game.
    Learn More:
    Star Wars™ Battlefront™ is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.
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  • TheCoolGuy Awesome
    TheCoolGuy Awesome Vor 11 Monate +1


  • TheCoolGuy Awesome
    TheCoolGuy Awesome Vor 11 Monate +1


  • TheCoolGuy Awesome
    TheCoolGuy Awesome Vor 11 Monate +1


  • TheCoolGuy Awesome
    TheCoolGuy Awesome Vor 11 Monate +1


  • 세일러94
    세일러94 Vor year

    I'm here waiting for Obiwan for Battlefront 2....

  • Pit 919
    Pit 919 Vor year

    Holy...a free Update???

  • Thatgamer pro97
    Thatgamer pro97 Vor year +2

    0:23 basically EA saying play are game again

  • Aarón Cardoso
    Aarón Cardoso Vor year

    We have acomplished nothing buddy, as the statement says "the ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date". They didn't remove the sistem from the game, they will just wait for you to buy the game and, think about it, they say this and now all gamers will buy it thinking they have removed this or that it will only have cosmetic changes WHICH HAS NOT BEEN STATED BY EA, once you buy the game, they could care less about their promise, you have already spend 60 bucks to buy their game (or your local country currency). THIS IS NOT A WIN, NOR EA SAYING SORRY, this is just a way they can ensure you will buy the game day one and keep sales asured. Don't buy the game, grow some balls, if we as users continue to keel allowing this kind of practices by large companies they will keep doing them, GIVE THEM THE FEEDBACK THEY REALLY NEED, NOT WITH COMMENTS, BUT WITH YOUR WALLET. GAMES HAVE MICROTRANSACTIOS BECOUSE YOU BUY THEM (cosmetic changes only is up to, given the fact it does not affect gameplay, and many games that immplement this method are free to play), and if you stop buying this kind of games we will stop seeing such greedy practices

  • Nickolas Jackson
    Nickolas Jackson Vor 2 years

    Ya know. In retrospect, DICE should've known their game was lackluster and boring when they had to make a marketing ad to get players back into the game less than 4 months after its release

  • Miłosz
    Miłosz Vor 2 years


  • That Toxic Guy
    That Toxic Guy Vor 2 years

    3 free maps (they are the same)
    2 cop op mission (I prefer 4)

  • Noob Saibot
    Noob Saibot Vor 2 years

    Another fancy trailer, but you want something more.

  • TheLastBabyMan
    TheLastBabyMan Vor 2 years

    When is Singleplayer campaign?

  • tyran4567
    tyran4567 Vor 2 years

    I think they should have added a new free hutt contract every other month or so

  • Mikhail Scalf
    Mikhail Scalf Vor 2 years

    And you are correct

  • Luke Rupprcht
    Luke Rupprcht Vor 2 years

    Those maps are really good, some of the best in the game in my opinion!

  • Luke Rupprecht
    Luke Rupprecht Vor 2 years

    Thanks for the free maps they are really well made!!!

  • Bruno Wiesinger
    Bruno Wiesinger Vor 2 years

    coming soon hutt contracts that will turn. out to only have rewards from dlc

  • SWBF News
    SWBF News Vor 2 years

    Love the free stuff thanks dice!!!

  • Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas Vor 2 years

    Largely desk skirt xobnzg reporting transmission learn electronic signal

  • Daniel
    Daniel Vor 3 years


    • Alan
      Alan Vor 2 years

      daniel lawl what

  • googel fuud
    googel fuud Vor 3 years

    Shit Game is this . The Update this bullshit . The trait cards are all Shit . Escape trait is down , 5% Level 1 fuck up dice and ea. I will my Monat back you Suckers

  • C-town
    C-town Vor 3 years

    How about tatooine and bespin outfits?

  • andpool
    andpool Vor 3 years

    What are the 2 free coop missions?

  • The random Cow
    The random Cow Vor 3 years

    0:26 I had the bundle

  • indeed
    indeed Vor 3 years

    if you had of said "and now with bots" then you would have had more people buying it

  • Riratos
    Riratos Vor 3 years

    I don't believe EA would give anything away free? Oh Nvm the maps are just Endor but on fire and Hoth at night...

  • PePE
    PePE Vor 3 years

    If u want battlefield for free on ps4 I'm looking for batman my kik: princenavarre my psn lil_tyla_wyla_

  • New Zealand
    New Zealand Vor 3 years

    less people playing it now? took me 20mins to find a game then gave up,battlefield4 was in seconds

    FUSION FORTE Vor 3 years

    at 0:19 Whats Ryan Reynolds doing in Battlefront?! He should be in Deadpool!

  • VK Modding
    VK Modding Vor 3 years

    requires money

  • Funkadelic Railroad
    Funkadelic Railroad Vor 3 years

    ooooohhhhhh so your unlocking more content that's ALREADY ON THE FUCKIN DISC?!!!!!

    • Jbulette
      Jbulette Vor 3 years

      New content is transferred online, just like a windows update for your pc

    • Funkadelic Railroad
      Funkadelic Railroad Vor 3 years

      Regardless it's a bullshit tactic and I see your defending it....

    • Alan
      Alan Vor 3 years

      no, they made after launch dipshit

  • TOP - TOD
    TOP - TOD Vor 3 years

    Hey guys :D. If you just want to check out some game-play footage with NO COMMENTARY, I've uploaded a couple of games on my new channel.
    Take care :)

  • SavageGamerCA
    SavageGamerCA Vor 3 years

    It says, "Get Back" like they knew we left.

  • Bruce Spitfire
    Bruce Spitfire Vor 3 years


  • Joey Roche
    Joey Roche Vor 3 years

    I realized at 0:19 the guy is on the map Palace Garage

  • Ricky D
    Ricky D Vor 3 years

    Black people exist?!

  • Riccardo Benedetto
    Riccardo Benedetto Vor 3 years

    tank You

  • Mohammed Osman
    Mohammed Osman Vor 3 years

    I hope EA will bring Vader's TIE Advanced x1 in Fighter Squadrons

  • Matahari
    Matahari Vor 3 years

    free game updates? rly? like anyone would play if they weren't. ....

  • Brendemos
    Brendemos Vor 3 years

    campaign + clone wars = great star wars game. this is actual shit compared to battlefront 1 and 2 :/

  • JJAC Gamon
    JJAC Gamon Vor 3 years +1

    I can't wait for bespin

  • Unwiselitle Mac
    Unwiselitle Mac Vor 3 years

    We need more heroes like Yoda and Ben kenobi not nein nunb or greedo! Seriously this game needs more Jedi and siths I'm sick of these heroes with dumb blasters -.-.. Overall fun game

    • Unwiselitle Mac
      Unwiselitle Mac Vor 3 years

      +Karth J true but there's Ben kenobi and yoda 😅

    • The Bigger Fish
      The Bigger Fish Vor 3 years +1

      Wrong era for that. This is the period where most of the force wielders are extinct. There's a reason Luke is referred to as the Last of The Jedi.

  • Jack Chamberlain
    Jack Chamberlain Vor 3 years

    shut up you haters get a grip its just a game

  • Star The Cat
    Star The Cat Vor 3 years

    when did this come out because I have the game

  • Jacob Davison
    Jacob Davison Vor 3 years

    Fuck you, EA, fuck you. This piece of shit game was so goddamn awful I want to fucking chuck my laptop out of a window. This game has no campaign, no clone wars, and only one force awakens map that you can only play by paying! Think of the first two Battlefronts. The first one came out two years after Attack of The Clones and was perfect. It had all the maps and was great and a fun campaign and HAD CLONE WARS. Battlefront 2 came out 6 months after Revenge of The Sith in 2005 and HAD CLONE WARS, A CAMPAIGN AND DEPTH. This is just another piece of shit EA has developed. You have taken a great almost perfect series and took a giant dump on it. I don't care if you don't like the prequels, ITS CONTENT, SO USE IT. I also shouldn't have to pay $110 dollars for a incomplete game.

    • Jacob Davison
      Jacob Davison Vor 3 years

      +Jacob Davison Also, Battlefront isn't a first person shooter asswipes, its a third person shooter fuckholes. It isn't like COD where you quickscope and use LMG's, its FUCKING STAR WARS. I don't care if you can change it out of FPS, it still is designed like COD with Star Wars skins.

  • Whitish Sine8
    Whitish Sine8 Vor 3 years

    Who was the dumbass that had the idea of removing the stormtroopers´ helmets????

  • Erick Escudero
    Erick Escudero Vor 3 years

    I just hate it that the only map I can play on walker assault is twilight on hoth

  • MyOneStump My Mans Cave

    Hi all does anybody know how I can download or how to get onto the free trial of the outer rim

  • Ghost45881
    Ghost45881 Vor 3 years +1

    Give me more customization and I'll think about it

    • Alan
      Alan Vor 3 years

      they did, bespin wing guards, shock trooper, and weequay

  • ArcticWolfGaming
    ArcticWolfGaming Vor 3 years +1

    PLZ ADD CLONE WARS CONTENT!!! ANIKAN,OBI-WAN, ETA 2's as a vehicle pickup, new blasters, power-ups, and separatist content PLZ!!!

  • JafethYT
    JafethYT Vor 3 years


  • americaball is for awesome ones Flesh

    Yes coop alives yeeeeeeees

  • Aiglos
    Aiglos Vor 3 years

    Frustrating and not fun. Hit detection in this game is shit.

  • mAsTaDeUcE
    mAsTaDeUcE Vor 3 years

    I'd love to get back to the battle but please fix the glitch that's back after the update please!? I have proof of it on my channel

  • ChangeHisMind
    ChangeHisMind Vor 3 years

    keeps getting better

  • Vylkeer
    Vylkeer Vor 3 years +1

    Not gonna buy the Season Pass until every free content has been added. And if they're satisfying enough, I won't get the Season Pass at all. We already paid 60 for a game which was supposed to be complete from the first place and didn't even feature a singleplayer campaign so why should we pay an extra 50 to get all of the leftover contents? At least we shall enjoy most if not all the multiplayer-related contents free of charge.

  • Cullen
    Cullen Vor 3 years

    Star Wars fans loves this but not battlefront fans

  • starflame34
    starflame34 Vor 3 years

    So they brought the value of this game from what should be F2P to at least $15. Great, keep this up and by the time it actually reaches the value that EA sold it for, Battlefront "EA" 2 will be out.

  • Rhig Ganomie
    Rhig Ganomie Vor 3 years

    Just want to remind everyone.. Star Wars IS ABOUT THE STORY.. What makes star wars great IS THE AMAZING STORIES.... You guys enjoy the repetitive play lists and maps. Lego Star Wars has more content than this game. EA fucks games up. PEACE