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Ancient Wood Preserving Technique For Log Cabin

  • Am 4 Sep 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Shou-sugi-ban Yakisugi is an old traditional Japanese technique for preserving wood, by burning it with fire. Because I only want to use nature's resources, and do everything myself, this was naturally a good technique for my log cabin. Tar, Turpentine and Linseed oil was mixed and used as a finishing treatment on the wood. These are all natural resources that I wanted to create myself but unfortunately couldn't this time. I will do a video on how to make this yourself in the future.
    My new puppy is called "Barr" (meaning spruce needle in Swedish). He is a Vorsteh, German Shorthaired Pointer. He is now my companion and you will get to follow his journey in all future videos.
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  • Rock of ages USA
    Rock of ages USA Vor year +535

    Never seen nothing like this young man before,, he has worked his guts out on this build using nothing but old technology.. It’s been a long journey but I still enjoy watching 🤙

  • jay tay
    jay tay  +24

    I'm a grandma in New Zealand and your video journey reminds me of my youth, living off-grid at 11,000 ft elevation in Colorado and sailing with two others, 17,000 nautical miles from NZ to Seattle on the Pacific Ocean. These adventures taught me to be self-reliant in an age before GPS and computers, which is what I most admire about you, and no needless distracting chatter.

  • lieuwina lee
    lieuwina lee Vor year +166

    I appreciate all the work you put into filming, editing, and posting. Barr looks like such a nice playful companion and is into everything at the moment like pups do. It was very interesting seeing you use the Japanese technique. I thought once the wood was burnt and brushed off that was enough protection from the elements, was surprised when you started to paint the wood with the Linseed Oil, Turpentine and Tar concoction. I guess one is never to old to learn. You are coming on along beautifully with your build. I am sure you must be very proud with what you have built and achieved and I have never seen a person of your age build something like this on his own and all by hand. I enjoy watching your achievements and your videos very much. Till the next time. Greetings from the UK.


    Man, your tenacity is astounding. I've followed all the way through this build, and you stay with it rain, snow or sun. That wood preserving technique is a very good one, and it has quite a handsome look, too. That would make a fantastic floor, with a clear finish on it, and it keeps the insects out something beautiful. Looking forward to the next installment!

  • A. D.
    A. D. Vor year +459

    This wood preserving technique is quite labour intensiveđź‘Ťyou're a hard working guyđź‘Źkeep up the good work đź’Ş

  • Biggles McGillicuddy
    Biggles McGillicuddy Vor year +21

    I grew up in a pioneer town in northern British Columbia in the 1960s. I see so many techniques used by the old timers in your videos. My wife's family came from Sweden and her great grandfather built several log structures, one of which is still standing. I see similar detail in his work.

  • David Ravenscroft

    My god!..the work ethic and determination this young man has!!

  • TEKRific
    TEKRific Vor year +21

    I love that you show your mistakes and how you overcome them and make adjustments along the way. Keep it up Erik! This log cabin of yours is going to be a work of art, of craftmanship and sheer bloody-minded tenacity of will. Tack för dina videos, den inspiration de ger och för lektionen i att leva livet fullt ut, på ditt sätt!

  • Thomas Curry
    Thomas Curry Vor year +18

    It's really coming together beautifully. I'm a carpenter of 15 years in this modern Era of building and I admire your work and the time you must have invested into your log cabin.

  • Dean Beauvais
    Dean Beauvais Vor year +1

    Hi Erik, I don't know who taught you all you know but they should be extremely proud of you and your work. Personally I don't think I would have the dedication it takes to build a cabin like you are building. I certainly don't think I would have the attention to detail. What a HUGE !! sense of accomplishment this would be for anyone. For you at your age and without a single power tool is astounding. Absolutely remarkable !! Greetings from Canada.

  • Torquer
    Torquer Vor year +56

    It would be very interesting and satisfying, if at the end of this project, you made some videos explaining, how you learned all this and points of interest along the way. Really nice work. I admire you.

  • TCRL Runner 1

    This brings me back to all the outdoor adventures i had as a boy, up to when i left the army, i was brought up watching grizzly adams in a log cabin and always wondered what it was like to build your own sanctuary in with the wild, but in 2021 watching a young man achieve this is just outstanding. One day at a time fella and keep up the amazing footage and work. Ive just spent hours watching your build and loved every minute.

  • Annette van Vuuren
    Annette van Vuuren Vor year +7

    Tusen takk Erik at du filmet alt du har gjord/gjør. Lærer utrolig mye av deg og hvem vet vil jeg en gang i fremtiden lage meg et lite blokk-badehus på småbruket her. Du inspirerer!

  • Jodi C
    Jodi C Vor year +161

    It’s rare to see young men who are as hard working as you. My husband and I enjoy watching your videos and your work ethic so much! Your cabin is beautiful and I’ve always loved that style! If I were younger, building my own home is something I would have loved to do! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with everyone.

  • Wudda
    Wudda Vor year +3

    Subscribed because I know how frustrating that kind of work is. So many little things can go wrong and sometimes you just want to break things. I'm only just finished re-roofing my parents shed and I thought THAT was difficult. You're doing a great job dude. Keep that same determination and hard work going. It will be so rewarding in the end.

  • Desert "Dan" Blacksmith

    I feel the same way after preserving my projects around here on the farm....it gets real sootie! ..as my mom would always say "did you wash behind your ears?"...you are an inspiration! Very good work and a master craftsman! Pets for Barr....good boy....my dog Sammy is here by my side also!

  • J Reverie

    How flippin cool! I live a polar opposite life to you and have been inspired to get out more into nature by your videos!

  • Albert Timmer
    Albert Timmer Vor year +23

    Beautiful to see this cabin is growing under your hands, a long time off hard labour is coming step by step closer to be complete. Love the way you are working with what is in my opinion the best material to work with, your feeling with this wood is amazing, you picking the best threes to make a wonderfull cabin like this. And a lovely the suprise at the end, what a sweet little puppy is keeping you compagnie !!! Cant wait for the next episode, untill the best greets from a greet fan from the Netherlands !

  • Anjigami
    Anjigami Vor year +7

    So pumped to see the new videos coming out with Barr in them! Keep it up Erik, you're doing an amazing job and your videos are so much fun to watch! Keep em coming!

  • Mirco Tinacci

    Erik! Du är en förebild för all mänsklighet...att leva ett med naturen, att bygga som du gör utan tekniska hjälpmedel. Blir så imponerad så att jag har svårt att finna ord. Med allt elände som händer i världen så lever i fred med dig själv. Du måste ha mycket stolta föräldrar. All lycka till dig.