Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Territory Battles Trailer

  • Am 29 Aug 2017 veröffentlicht
  • The new Territory Battles feature in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes delivers dynamic challenges and rewards for your entire guild.
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  • Uriel Victoriano Acosta

    Vengó del futuro en 2019 meten las bt de géonosis y es muy difícil

  • Evoultion GG Vegito
    Evoultion GG Vegito Vor year +1

    They should've add this game mode in Force arena too this is just my opinion

  • dark templar
    dark templar Vor year +1

    fxxk you ea!! you're kill the dead space I like the Issac but you kill than!!! fxxk ea!! fuck you!!! ㅠㅠ

  • Batman
    Batman Vor year +1


  • Xen yt
    Xen yt Vor year

    Will you make a new mobile star wars game or star wars Galaxy of heroes 2 please?

  • Lisa Koop
    Lisa Koop Vor year

    it would definetly make more sense graphic wise if that was a mobile game

  • Gurglyturtle
    Gurglyturtle Vor 2 years +1

    People hate this solely because it isn't Battlefront 2. Morons.

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones Vor 2 years

    Fuck y'all for what you did to visceral, nobody can enjoy Star Wars anymore cause you greedy fucks and Disney. The fact that you used swtor as a bargaining chip to leech rights from Disney and then let it rot after shows how much you don't care about the brand

  • Jacob Broughton
    Jacob Broughton Vor 2 years

    More content than Battlefront..

  • AdiGames
    AdiGames Vor 2 years

    check my channel for gamez, tnx, sorry wrong place but you gotta get noticed :)

  • Zombefyer 2.0
    Zombefyer 2.0 Vor 2 years

    Here are some more maps that should be for Territory Battles:
    1. Geonosis
    2. Umbara
    3. Kashyyyk
    4. Onderon
    5. Endor

  • DickWarfare2021
    DickWarfare2021 Vor 2 years

    Wtf is this shit

  • David Hadkd
    David Hadkd Vor 2 years

    The top 100 in arena is almost all light side. The current meta is cancer we need more dark side reworks

  • H J
    H J Vor 2 years

    Will there be flame troopers in battlefront 2

  • H J
    H J Vor 2 years

    Please make a order 66 game mode in star wars battlefront2

  • IdarbsGaming
    IdarbsGaming Vor 2 years


  • Boozlityar
    Boozlityar Vor 2 years

    Why does everyone look like their on playstation 1 wtf

  • Soldier_66
    Soldier_66 Vor 2 years

    What's a P2w game? (I'm slow don't judge me)

  • j_NaS_ty
    j_NaS_ty Vor 2 years

    Your ea servers aren't working

  • j_NaS_ty
    j_NaS_ty Vor 2 years

    Your EA Servers aren't working

  • j_NaS_ty
    j_NaS_ty Vor 2 years

    Your EA Servers aren't working

  • Jacob Zacherl
    Jacob Zacherl Vor 2 years

    why are you servers not working

  • RedSeaGames
    RedSeaGames Vor 2 years

    Servers are whack rn

    RBSV GAMING Vor 2 years

    Bring the servers

    RBSV GAMING Vor 2 years

    #servers are down

  • NazonRev
    NazonRev Vor 2 years


    RBSV GAMING Vor 2 years


  • Hurricane Long
    Hurricane Long Vor 2 years

    JOIN Skyriver guild and together we shall Master the Galaxy

  • Olliver Aira
    Olliver Aira Vor 2 years +1

    Star trek music...

  • Shocktrooper1366
    Shocktrooper1366 Vor 2 years +1

    now with nintendo ds graphics xD

  • H J
    H J Vor 2 years

    Please add a order 66 battle or something for order 66

  • H J
    H J Vor 2 years

    For star wars battlefront 2 will there be first order flamethrower stormtroopers

  • Destory
    Destory Vor 2 years +1

    Everyone spawm Separatist Rework

  • Ikanite
    Ikanite Vor 2 years

    Yes! It's amazing! But, why 7 star hoth rebel soldier. Why?

  • Zachary Enberg
    Zachary Enberg Vor 2 years

    If anyone is looking for a guild Chaotic Empire is open to all. Noobs or pros! Looking to fill out the ranks, about 30 people now

  • Luke O'Connor
    Luke O'Connor Vor 2 years

    I thought this was a Star Wars battlefront 2 trailer I'm disappointed

  • Adhauz
    Adhauz Vor 2 years

    And still i cannot transfer my iphone account to android account... that is just bad... spent an entire year and more on the game and now i can't play it... i need some solution please

  • TheFauxGhost
    TheFauxGhost Vor 2 years

    Fuck this game.

  • Conrad Burdette
    Conrad Burdette Vor 2 years

    How come you don't have an original trilogy Chewbacca, I've been asking for this for a while, can you guys please make it happen. It would be awesome if he had a special correlation with Han Solo. Please EA, please.

  • Jay R
    Jay R Vor 2 years

    What happened its delayed again come on.

  • rebecca middlehurst
    rebecca middlehurst Vor 2 years

    When is this update released

  • Mr Friendly
    Mr Friendly Vor 2 years

    Did they add Padme yet?

  • Noah Henriksen
    Noah Henriksen Vor 2 years

    Is this a good game?

    • JumpingJoey
      JumpingJoey Vor 2 years

      Noah Henriksen Yes if you have the time

  • Beef Fishstick
    Beef Fishstick Vor 2 years

    0:12 Gotta love the line up, all OT, TFA, RO, and Rebels characters and not a single prequel character in sight. Like they didn't even exist. I know it's nitpicky but it's little shit like that that bothers me. A great number of fans actually do like them and they are movies.
    EDIT: Ok yes there are 3 prequel ships but those are ships, different

    • Beef Fishstick
      Beef Fishstick Vor 2 years

      JumpingJoey Did you see Lando at the battle of Hoth? Any Rebels character? K2SO? Jyn? It's the line-up I'm talking about they have literally everything but prequel characters

    • JumpingJoey
      JumpingJoey Vor 2 years

      Beef Fishstick that was for repersentation, also did you see Yoda in the battle of hoth? No? Ok then why would they repersentation him there anyways

    • Beef Fishstick
      Beef Fishstick Vor 2 years

      I'm honestly fine with sequel characters as long as we dont get the gay ass Rebels characters before actual important movie characters. I personally didn't like TFA but they should still show off all trilogies no matter what, they are the movies, the main show.

    • JP 17
      JP 17 Vor 2 years

      Beef Fishstick and they put sequel characters on it,you get how dumb is it?

    YASSINE WARS Vor 2 years +1

    ho putain je bave devant c grave trop super

  • Anrighe
    Anrighe Vor 2 years


  • CrispyMuffin
    CrispyMuffin Vor 2 years +1

    i almost fainted when i got a notification. i thought it was a Battlefront 2 reveal or something :(

  • Chewwalker Skybacca
    Chewwalker Skybacca Vor 2 years

    the models look like dark forces 2

  • devastler
    devastler Vor 2 years +2

    some people might think this game is crap, but trust me, its not, its a really fun an amazing game that u can get addicted to...

  • LePèreMécanique
    LePèreMécanique Vor 2 years +5

    The only thing I got to say is that we need more powerful Dark side characters.

  • Walter White
    Walter White Vor 2 years

    Screw this! We want ship boarding!!!!

  • CoolStoryBroTech
    CoolStoryBroTech Vor 2 years

    Just make star wars battlefront on mobile and tablets like the old ones I am sure that they can run on mobile and tablets by now

  • Pale Moogle
    Pale Moogle Vor 2 years

    I Find your micro transactions disturbing. .. But its free yeah ;p

  • zhawmedia
    zhawmedia Vor 2 years +1


  • Moonman
    Moonman Vor 2 years +1

    Gotta love the people that are mad that this isn't a trailer for a generic shooter.

  • Ceiis
    Ceiis Vor 2 years

    Where's KOTOR III?

  • Icon Panik
    Icon Panik Vor 2 years


  • Relate Your Relics
    Relate Your Relics Vor 2 years

    Please make a Star Wars clash of clans and clash royale

  • Jongo Phett
    Jongo Phett Vor 2 years +182

    Territory Battles? So Yoda can defend dagobah and say What Are Ya Doin I MY SWAMP?!!

    • Lisa Koop
      Lisa Koop Vor year

      you have a point

    • Lisa Koop
      Lisa Koop Vor year

      hay jongo phett u r so funny and i already subbed to you for your battlefront funny moments

    • H J
      H J Vor 2 years

      I watch your videos bro

    • TAlila
      TAlila Vor 2 years


    • RattyScorpion
      RattyScorpion Vor 2 years

      Hey, it's you. I subbed a while back. Nice comment. XD

  • Cain Lau
    Cain Lau Vor 2 years

    Bloody Hell, just re-master empire at war please.