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Tua Tagovailoa Stretchered Off After SEVERE Head Injury - Doctor Explains

  • Am 28 Sep 2022 veröffentlicht
  • An absolutely terrible sight as Tua hit his head for the second week in a row this NFL season and was stretchered off the field.
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  • Brian Sutterer MD
    Brian Sutterer MD  Vor Monat +280

    I touched on this in my video earlier this week calling out this situation.
    This should lead to a protocol change. The current protocol requires that if a player stumbles after a head impact, the medical staff must determine if it’s orthopedic (spine/joints/etc) related or neurologic. If they feel it’s orthopedic, then the player can pass the protocol if they test ok otherwise.
    In this case the big question is how in the world they decided his stumbling on Sunday was from his back (when we saw the head impact and shaking).
    The current wording in that exception leaves too much wiggle room for situations like this and now should absolutely be updated

    • Box 187
      Box 187 Vor Monat

      This case has been posting me off man that’s a tap IVE SEEN LITERAL BABIES HIT THERE HEADS HARDER when I was a baby I got hit by a car and it all went to my head and was fine maybe some tears escaping and dripping down but I ain’t make no goofy cry noises or nun this is a minor ass hot I could get my fucking head slammed into concrete at half this kids age and your telling me he’s career ended from something that happens to 6 year olds in a wrestling match everyday this is a joke smh so is football

    • Who Ever
      Who Ever Vor Monat

      Certainly the protocols should be updated but we didn't all study our asses off to let some protocols make the important judgments that only a human can make. When an EMT, or even an completely untrained member of the public, can see that there's been a brain injury, saying that the protocols technically allow for them to have sent him back into the game seems more like an excuse to me and therein lies the risk of protocols over practice, at least in my opinion.

    • Glenn L
      Glenn L Vor Monat

      I believe it’s up to the player, coach and doctors to determine his apparent injury. Being carted off the field always looks real bad, but was it really? Doesn’t look that way.
      There’s just way too many people involved who shouldn’t be. These upset fans are hypocrites if they don’t go after UFC and Boxing too or any contact sport for that matter!

    • Mark Japan
      Mark Japan Vor Monat

      2 weeks off no matter what

    • Jared Stasch
      Jared Stasch Vor Monat

      @Nath John Findings This cohort study found no association between flying and worsened recovery or symptoms after concussion. Meaning These findings may provide reassurance to athletic trainers, clinicians, patients, and coaches on the safety of air travel for collegiate athletes and military cadets after concussion.

  • Ariel Richmond
    Ariel Richmond Vor Monat +3210

    I can't believe he was playing after last week.... I really hope he is ok.

    • Glenn L
      Glenn L Vor Monat

      @Beamer Boy I don’t understand how people can watch a supposed injury on TV then make a comment like this without any medical knowledge or examination of Tua.
      Apparently it looks like his MRI scan was clean and he has no concussion after all.

    • D M
      D M Vor Monat

      you think tua didn't want to play or didn't want to go back out there? some of this is on him

    • BSDShoes
      BSDShoes Vor Monat

      @Ryan Besco > yeah I’m only a neurologist, what do I know.
      No, it's not a siezure, if you're a neuro then you'd know about second impact syndrome.

    • Perry
      Perry Vor Monat

      @Ramon Garcia yea they don't care fuck the nfl

    • John wallace
      John wallace Vor Monat

      @Michael B nope never said that but you keep making that up if it helps you sleep better :)

  • Smashing reality
    Smashing reality Vor Monat +435

    Being someone who had this happen to them their senior year of high school, I think the outrage is completely warranted. When it happened to me, everyone thought I was going to die, and I probably should have. One of my assistant coaches was also an anesthesiologist, repeatedly told me how extremely lucky I was to be alive. Also the day after i was knocked out, I passed my concussion protocol with flying colors. My Head CT and MRI was also negative. Needless to say even though I passed, I had to take a lot of time off and I really wasn't ever the same since. I had short term memory loss for a few weeks and have struggled with long term memory ever since. Depression, anxiety, trouble concentrating, sleep issues, and even PTSD plagued me for years after it happened. Not to mention, I became very isolated, my high school friends never looked at me the same and some even would get mad with me for making such a "stupid decision"(As I tried to rush myself back from a previous concussion). Many slowly started distancing themselves if not completely cutting me off. Three years after the event and I am doing well, but still struggle to do very simple things. I hope if there was any type of misconduct that it gets handled well for Tua, he had a million times more potential than me and I would hate to see someone that talented tread the path that I did.

    • Tyler Brooks
      Tyler Brooks Vor Monat

      I still take medicine every day for seizures because of it

    • Tyler Brooks
      Tyler Brooks Vor Monat

      In right there with you brother.

    • Kevin Williams
      Kevin Williams Vor Monat

      I'm incredibly sorry to hear that you've been through what you described. You didn't deserve to go through that and the repercussions of it, both physical and mental, and reading some of your responses, you seem to have such a loving and caring disposition, and show incredible strength. Truly glad to hear you are doing well, man.
      I'm also very sorry to hear you're struggling with depression; I had struggled with pretty severe depression and social anxiety for a LOT of my life. Probably from the ages of 16-30 or so (now 32), only getting medically diagnosed when I was 26. Just know that every day you're here with us is a massive victory, and that however cliche it sounds, you're here for a purpose. You may not have come across that purpose YET, but you will, and when you do, the struggle will have been worth it. Stay strong.

    • Daniel Caetta
      Daniel Caetta Vor Monat

      @Smashing reality s

    • G tiello
      G tiello Vor Monat

      @mastixencounter this guy probably holds a door open for someone and then walks around for a week feeling like a hero

  • 98erics
    98erics Vor Monat +192

    I've survived both a traumatic brain injury and brain cancer. I saw the "back" injury last week and knew exactly what happened. I fell off of my skateboard in 2006 and my head did the same thing. I got up and tried to walk it off but my body wasn't having it. The doctors saved my life by recognizing the severity of the injury and had me in surgery within an hour. Granted mine was a bit more severe but the fact that the nfl did not recognize the painfully obvious brain trauma in that first tackle is enraging. I really hope Tua is alright. God is good.

    • MA
      MA Vor Monat

      I’m not sure it’s that they didn’t recognize it… they had enough information to do the humane thing but missed the opportunity for that at Tuas expense. Sorry that happened to you,but glad you had great doctors and people to support you 🙏🏽

    • NYSportsFan
      NYSportsFan Vor Monat

      You weren’t wearing a helmet?

    • The Censored Muscle
      The Censored Muscle Vor Monat

      God is good all the time. Glad you got the surgery in time though.

    • Jared Clokey
      Jared Clokey Vor Monat

      God is so good! An God bless Tua and all of you reading this and the world as we know it.

    • Perry
      Perry Vor Monat

      @The Frase are you fucking kidding me

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich Vor Monat +54

    The way his fingers were all spread out looked crazy, hope he gets well soon, god bless him

    • J T
      J T Vor Monat

      Yeah that was his brain being injured. No one really cares. Sad honestly. He be back out there.

    • D Mac
      D Mac Vor Monat +1


    • lekbrim
      lekbrim Vor Monat


  • Daniel Harding
    Daniel Harding Vor Monat +43

    my wife came in and asked me what I was watching, and while I was recapping it for her I started to cry. I had no idea where those feelings came from, I've never been a Tua fan or dolphins fan. I just feel so sorry for him and his family. I'll be praying for you Tua

    • Max Jerome
      Max Jerome Vor Monat

      You're a good man Daniel. Hope Tua gets the recovery and help he needs.

    • Box 187
      Box 187 Vor Monat

      And before y’all hop on my shaft I know I’m right your talking to the kid who played running back and linebacker with sprained shoulder and a concussion from baseball the year prior was playing catch outfield had to talk to coach teamate three a heater popped me in the button vision went black for a moment stayed standing played thru the game got picked up from school the next day puking if I can play HB and LB with all those and still do INCREDIBLE as a 13 -14 year old boy why can’t this million get over a minor baby hit looks like homie tackling him set him down nice and foo still got injured smh

    • Box 187
      Box 187 Vor Monat

      He’s weak why feel bad for tua dude ? He’s a weak little boy shouldn’t play football I’m a mere child and will promise on my mothers grave I’ll never be nearly weak as that man and he should be ashamed of himself for disrespecting the game of football with his weak little boy self.

    • NYSportsFan
      NYSportsFan Vor Monat +1

      You’re a good man that’s all.

    • slida emif
      slida emif Vor Monat +1

      I feel sad for Tua, he has gone through so much. And the media doesn't help with all the negative talk. I hope he gets well very soon. Such a good guy.

  • R3kt3e scurblerd
    R3kt3e scurblerd Vor Monat +4502

    Doc, you are always on top of this stuff as fast as it happens. The sports world is lucky to have you.

    • PLT1400
      PLT1400 Vor Monat

      How do u know he’s a real doctor ??? This guys uses injury for views.

    • m google user
      m google user Vor Monat

      ​​@Ben Kelman dont watch the video then

    • laracaille
      laracaille Vor Monat

      Yeah that's called grifting

    • splitman1116
      splitman1116 Vor Monat

      Not that hard to be on top of this. Watch the game and then make a video. Pretty stream lined. But, the sad part is how he and everyone in the world now think to head straight to social media to give their stupid ass opinions. As for the Dr, excellent video.

    • Ambitious Vevo
      Ambitious Vevo Vor Monat

      Just release my first song 💥
      Tell me what you think about it 🔥💯

  • Chris Turner
    Chris Turner Vor Monat +180

    As a paramedic, as soon as I saw that posturing it’s pretty apparent that’s a level 1 trauma activation. It’s very possible we saw the last game of his career. It’s sad

    • Mike Jacobs
      Mike Jacobs Vor Monat

      I think this very well could be his last game he will ever play in the NFL

    • Husha563
      Husha563 Vor Monat

      @bLaCjAcK Daniels Yeah I bet they think they're real warriors when they start developing parkisons or end up on life support. There's a reason UFC stars retire early and they know how bad it can get when you push your body.

    • Kiingdom Jay
      Kiingdom Jay Vor Monat +9

      @bLaCjAcK Daniels what’s more important, being looked at as warrior by the same fans who will turn their back on you after a bad game, or retiring at 24 with a couple hundred million and a chance to live a normal life 🤔

    • David Warren
      David Warren Vor Monat

      ​@bLaCjAcK Daniels Ronnie Coleman had the same mentality....He is a cripple now

    • Sports2Hedz
      Sports2Hedz Vor Monat +2

      It was preventable...that's what's sad.

  • MilkManSmitty
    MilkManSmitty Vor Monat +34

    Personally, I love when you get emotional on these videos. It shows you’re not just doing it for the money. It shows you have genuine care about these athletes careers and lives and want to inform us about these dangers, so that we’re all educated about these things. I love it man.

    • conrad
      conrad Vor Monat +2

      Get a hold of yourself, Smitty.

  • C. Jones
    C. Jones Vor Monat +39

    Tua has had some SERIOUS injuries even since college.... This game is unforgiving man. Prayers up for him.

    • John Doe
      John Doe Vor Monat

      @zijuiy wttuy "It is sad to see something like this happen and I hope he takes whatever time is needed to heal."
      yea, like the rest of his life....
      as a dolphins fan since 1970 that's hard to say, but this "game" isn't worth anyone's life... he's 24 for pete's sake....

  • Dane Boyer
    Dane Boyer Vor Monat +28

    Dude this is just so sad to see such a nice person get hurt this badly it’s just sad man. Prayers up 🙏🙏

  • MA
    MA Vor Monat +2198

    The Dolphins are legitimately risking this man’s career, health and life right now. The whole medical staff needs full accountability and review because that was noooo back injury 4 days ago… now this. 🙏🏽 Tua

    • Erik Robles
      Erik Robles Vor Monat

      @Angry Vet if U say so keyboard warrior

    • Angry Vet
      Angry Vet Vor Monat

      @Erik Robles hahaha, well I hope you find the courage to come out of the closet soon. Sounds like you have some suppressed feelings.

    • Erik Robles
      Erik Robles Vor Monat

      @Angry Vet love how you change the subject after I have proven my point but just like the NFL you sir can go fuck yourself or what ever you are never know now a days as being a shit packing faget is a more common then I care to admit

    • Angry Vet
      Angry Vet Vor Monat

      @Erik Robles ever occur to you that this is more on Tua than anyone else? He's a grown ass man. If he wasn't right, he should've said something, they can't make him play. But no, people like you only blame the NFL. If it's such a shitty organization, stop watching.

    • Erik Robles
      Erik Robles Vor Monat

      @Angry Vet they may want you to think that and u obviously are fooled but management owners will always put themselves and the business before you or any other employee if you can’t or refuse to see that your just fooling yourself and need to open your eyes nothing wrong with it you would do the same thing if it was your business or if you had to ancwer directly to a business owner

  • boli milda
    boli milda Vor Monat

    Thanks for posting this Doc. Love the combo of your medical knowledge, wisdom, and heartfelt concern.

  • eigow ou
    eigow ou Vor Monat

    Thanks for posting this Doc. Love the combo of your medical knowledge, wisdom, and heartfelt concern.

  • Face in the crowd
    Face in the crowd Vor Monat +10

    I'm so glad I found your channel. I was worried after Tua's hit during the Bills game, and then this one with the posturing was even more scary. Thank you for explaining things in a way that makes sense rather than sensationalizing what happened.

  • D D
    D D Vor Monat +1

    Thanks Doc. Super clear and well presented. Question, were they wrong to put him on a flight the next morning given risk of haemorrhaging?

  • Tru Dat
    Tru Dat Vor Monat +479

    I still can’t believe that the medical staff cleared him to play last week after the hit and then allowed him to play this week. I’m in shock.

    • Maggie
      Maggie Vor Monat

      Unfortunately, that’s the norm for the NFL. The doctors who check the athletes are pressured by the league to keep players on the field. It’s about money, not health.

    • FF_Hawkeye
      FF_Hawkeye Vor Monat +1

      thats why miami under investigation 😊

    • SharkBait SH4RKB417
      SharkBait SH4RKB417 Vor Monat

      @Sarah Rogers just an L anyway

    • Sarah Rogers
      Sarah Rogers Vor Monat

      I think they had to let him play on Thursday. Otherwise they would have been admitting, in the midst of an ongoing investigation, that they screwed up on Sunday.

    • SharkBait SH4RKB417
      SharkBait SH4RKB417 Vor Monat +1

      @RedMo46 yeah

  • David Bourque
    David Bourque Vor Monat

    Doc, your explanations are so clear. Concussions still seem to be one of the most misunderstood injuries. The second trauma so so after the first one is grave. The effects are cumulative.
    Sidney Crosby had a similar thing and the second whack on his head was relatively mild, arguably even a hockey play, and he was out for a year. We should not see Tua until at least next season to ensure his recovery. I speak from experience - I had a major concussion that took me years to get over and forced an early retirement due to my loss of executive function.
    Read the great post by 'smashing reality' below.

  • Cam Kupka
    Cam Kupka Vor Monat +13

    What I like most about this is how you talk about your personal and emotional frustration. It shows you truly care about the health and well being of others and don’t look at Tua as just some patient or a number.

    • ϻᴀ×ⱱⲕ₄
      ϻᴀ×ⱱⲕ₄ Vor Monat +2

      Yea understandably, head and neck injury’s always make me the most mad

  • John Weinfield
    John Weinfield Vor Monat

    Thanks for posting this Doc. Love the combo of your medical knowledge, wisdom, and heartfelt concern.

  • BigTuna9
    BigTuna9 Vor Monat +1

    Im with you and I hope the NFL does a thorough investigation into what went on from last week to last night. He should not of been playing and it was abundantly clear in the Buffalo game. To add something outside of this scenario... the rule change to not hit the QB as hard or land on them was always a worse move imo and hopefully they will take a look at it. Guys will wrap up and use all their momentum to throw them down to wherever they can , another player, a knee, a helmet, obviously the ground. Doubt anything will change, but its food for thought

  • bigkat650
    bigkat650 Vor Monat +394

    He was concussed last week, and this is a second concussion in 4 days. Handled terribly by the dolphins. Incredibly unfortunate, and my thoughts are with Tua. Get healthy brother.

    • Circenn
      Circenn Vor Monat

      @Connor Fernandes if that was your take on my comment, you need to brush up on your reading comprehension issue. I'll say it slower for you. Before I do, let me add, the independent neurologist that looked at Tua on Monday, got fired as a specialist today. 👏
      No. Matter. What. Your. Job. Is. You. Are. Allowed. To. Look. After. Your. Own. Safety.

    • Connor Fernandes
      Connor Fernandes Vor Monat

      @Circenn Don't pretend like being an NFL player is like any other job. The doctors are there to make the final decision. Being QB1, how does it look when you voluntarily sit out after a "doctor" says you're cleared?

    • Circenn
      Circenn Vor Monat

      @Connor Fernandes dumb take "it is not the players job..." so if you or I do our jobs we just gonna be as unsafe as we can? Doctors can diagnose, but they can't speak in exact terms. It is up to us to look out for our own safety 100%, it is no different with football players. Their contacts do NOT say a player cannot look out for their own health since they have a medical staff.

    • Circenn
      Circenn Vor Monat

      @Swed lmao! The irony in your statement is lost on you I see. Try to do better than giving some random unknown name like it's you. I'm just going to ignore your benign comments.

    • Swed
      Swed Vor Monat

      @Circenn we on the same app, pro hooper sir. search the name Terrence Roderick. there's levels to everything, no where near Tua but if you understood what it takes to make it to turn pro in sports, your words would be entirely different. there's more to life than playing devil's advocate on youtube videos. you know that much I hope

  • Lisa M. Willson
    Lisa M. Willson Vor Monat +2

    Doc, you are always on top of this stuff as fast as it happens. The sports world is lucky to have you.

  • Kedo
    Kedo Vor Monat +1

    Tua has been through so much already. Including his College days the fact this man has fractured his hip and then had 2 concussions in the span of 4 days and on top of THAT had a back injury. Absolutely devastating and brings a new appreciation for these players who put their bodies on the line for our entertainment.

  • Maurice S
    Maurice S Vor Monat +1

    Watching last week's hit and seeing how Tua was responding after the hit I can tell you he was completely unconscious. I suffered one when I was much younger and I'll tell you I was completely out cold . Constant fading to black every few seconds but whatever reason my body and brain kept telling me to get up/try getting up , causing the stumbling and falling down . Now what's concerning is.. the fact that happened to me as a kid in recreational sports , and my coaches/parents/doctors withheld me from any physical contact/activities for 6 weeks.. this is pretty alarming that the Dolphins allowed this man go out there 5 days later in one of the most physically demanding sports .. it's just astonishing. I feel really bad right now for Tua. The side effects he's going to have for life after this isn't at all worth it. I really hope he recovers


    Doc, you are always on top of this stuff as fast as it happens. The sports world is lucky to have you.

  • Lugo Family
    Lugo Family Vor Monat +509

    I feel sad for Tua, he has gone through so much. And the media doesn't help with all the negative talk. I hope he gets well very soon. Such a good guy.

    • Ambitious Vevo
      Ambitious Vevo Vor Monat

      Just release my first song 💥
      Tell me what you think about it 🔥🌪️

    • 𝓜𝓼. 𝓟𝓾𝓭𝓭𝓲𝓷' π
      𝓜𝓼. 𝓟𝓾𝓭𝓭𝓲𝓷' π Vor Monat

      @Ryan spambot shit

    • Al Brown
      Al Brown Vor Monat

      @SkiBikeRunAK 😌 what was God's message to Tua when he got slammed to the ground playing a game,a dangerous game? I could say this or say that,but if I were to be honest I'd have to say I'm not sure he wasn't saying anything in that moment,beyond being with him in that moment as well as us in all moments.

    • SkiBikeRunAK
      SkiBikeRunAK Vor Monat

      @Al Brown Yeah- I'm sure god was with him when he slammed him to the ground, too. What was god trying to say then? Anticipate your answer.

    • Fisher Foster
      Fisher Foster Vor Monat +2

      @Buddy Guy get a life

  • 💝𝐍𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐟𝐮𝐜* 𝐦E 𝐜𝐡𝐞С𝐤 -ɪᴛ in profile 💝

    Doc, you are always on top of this stuff as fast as it happens. The sports world is lucky to have you.

  • Bryant Partazana
    Bryant Partazana Vor Monat

    You’re the best doc, thank you for everything you do bringing awareness to the sports world as a whole

  • SL1CK
    SL1CK Vor Monat +2

    Congrats on getting #1 on Trending Doc. Love the breakdowns and information you provide us.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Vor Monat

    This reminds me of the Crosby situation some years ago in the NHL. He got two back to back concussions/neck injury and ended up sitting out for over a season due to persistent symptoms. Not sure if that came down to league protocols or Sid protecting himself. Either way, it's a stark contrast to how the NFL/NFLPA deals with head injuries. Maybe this will be a turning point. Guess we will find out next time the Dolphins play.

  • Saibapunk
    Saibapunk Vor Monat +634

    The Dolphins medical staff need to be held accountable for jeopardizing this young man’s health like this. No way in hell he should’ve been playing when he clearly suffered a severe concussion the previous game. This is the epitome of medical nonfeasance. Well wishes to Tua for a speedy recovery though I feel he’s not going to be playing for quite some time

    • The Play by Play with Matt Severino
      The Play by Play with Matt Severino Vor Monat

      @Nick Kerr the grown adult who doesn’t have an md in neurology? The same grown adult that’s on a contract year?

    • Nick Kerr
      Nick Kerr Vor Monat

      Maybe the grown adult is responsible for his own choices?

    • DneilB007
      DneilB007 Vor Monat

      @Ally Cat Treasures It should never be on the player to say whether or not they are fine. If they are concussed, there’s a strong chance that their executive function is not working. A far better option is to ask them the same question 2 or 3 times, with a different question between them. You can fake that you’re okay to go, but you can’t fake not transferring data from short-term to long-term memory.

    • Mike
      Mike Vor Monat

      @Jonesey how can a concussed person make a decision 😂

    • The Play by Play with Matt Severino
      The Play by Play with Matt Severino Vor Monat

      @Saibapunk I don’t understand how people can believe it was a coincidence that everyone thought he had a concussion last week, and this happened this week.

  • JohnJacob JingleHeimer-Schmidt

    Thank you for the insight. It's always helpful hearing from experts in their field. Keep up the great work, and hope this video trending at 1 helps educate more people on the needs for even more protection for athletes healthcare.

  • SneakyBadness
    SneakyBadness Vor Monat

    I have two friends with tbi's and the latest one I was able to be with him in the hospital right after. This is where I learned about "storming". Head injuries are really disturbing to me now. The most frustrating thing is that every tbi is different. There's no way to know exactly how much he's going to be able to recover. Got him and his family in my thoughts and prayers .

  • Jeremy Belko
    Jeremy Belko Vor Monat

    Your videos are really helpful to me as a high school and youth sports official. The NFHS has done a lot in educating coaches and officials in what to look for a potential concussion, but I feel they could always do more. I am not sure if you have put out a video aimed at officials but if not, that might be a good idea, especially for the high contact sports like football and hockey for example. What should we be looking for in athletes that would suggest a potential for a TBI? A lot of time it’s up to us to protect athletes from themselves and their coaches (although thankfully the latter has become far less common in recent years)

  • Matt VS
    Matt VS Vor Monat +1

    Hope Tua is ok, and I'm glad to hear good reports about his condition. Second Impact Syndrome occurs when you still have symptoms from the first concussion and come back too early, right? Is there any indication that Tua still had symptoms from what appeared to be a concussion last week?

  • Andre Hamilton
    Andre Hamilton Vor Monat +534

    I’m praying that this injury does not result in permanent damage. But after last week, I’m really worried!

    • SpeckleKen
      SpeckleKen Vor Monat

      @Uncommon Sense
      _”sometimes it is your choice”_ - yeah, not according to the Bible which says God denies us all free will, but who bothers with what it says in the Bible, amiright :-)
      I have no problem to leave you in your chosen state of denial, but it would be polite if you would stop pretending others are “triggered by praying”, “upset over thoughtful prayers” etc. if you cannot defend your own position. (I read something somewhere about “false witness” once; wish I could remember where.)
      Goodbye. But after this exchange, do please remember that Jesus said in the Gospels that you (you individually, mlcunn02) could pray for anything and it would happen. If you don’t believe Him you might like to reflect on what that means.

    • stewiegriffinfan18
      stewiegriffinfan18 Vor Monat

      @Uncommon Sense I have done full contact martial arts where hits to the head are given double the points of hits to the body. Try again. I haven't had any significant injury beyond a broken elbow, but I maintain the fact that we should not feel sorry for somebody with a 30 million guaranteed contract. He's fine

    • stewiegriffinfan18
      stewiegriffinfan18 Vor Monat

      @footba11fan41ife Ok

    • SpeckleKen
      SpeckleKen Vor Monat

      @Uncommon Sense
      _"SpeckleKen You’re right, I should have prayed for the winning lottery ticket and Dak’s accuracy, maybe the salary cap as well."_
      Why didn’t you? I mean, I’d perhaps have ended childhood starvation or heart disease, but I guess you’ll go with the things which are what are important to you.
      Jesus says over and over again it would come true. You do believe Jesus, don’t you?

    • SpeckleKen
      SpeckleKen Vor Monat

      @Uncommon Sense
      Oh I, for one, am not triggered by praying, but I do have a problem with willful ignorance.
      New Testament Jesus says whatever you pray for will come true. Was he telling the truth? Then why did you not prevent this injury? (Not a rhetorical question - I would like to know, please.)

  • Jacob Tai
    Jacob Tai Vor Monat +2

    Hey Brian I have a question. So is he like asleep so he can’t see anything or feel anything, or is he awake but like kind of paralyzed so he really move? Thank you so much for these videos!!!

  • John Allen
    John Allen Vor Monat

    Definitely one of the scariest on field reactions to a hit I've ever seen in my 15 years watching football, there's something about this that felt like a Theisman moment. I gotta feel like there's gonna be a push for rubber chips under the turf going forward, it feels like a way to keep players safer and increase the flashy athleticism of the league overall.

  • Lauren Caulton
    Lauren Caulton Vor Monat +3

    Thank you for this specific information. These head injuries are terrifying. The NFL has fooled us again with their "concussion protocol."

  • BornAgain Sheep
    BornAgain Sheep Vor Monat

    I was watching on tv live when it happened and I had to stop watching the game. It’s so disturbing to see this kind of injury happen. I’m praying for Tua and I really hope he stays out for a while to allow a proper recovery for his own safety🙏
    Hey Doc, I know you can’t diagnose a person based on a random question but if you vomit after slipping and hitting the side of your head, is it possible that you’ve sustained a concussion?

  • Solace
    Solace Vor Monat +615

    This man has overcome some crazy injuries.. like serious gruesome injuries. I hope he recovers and is okay.

    • ItsMeTrev541
      ItsMeTrev541 Vor Monat

      @Jackson Demetrich Depends how you look at it. Neuroplasticity heals by making new connections but it’s not like it was.

    • Jackson Demetrich
      Jackson Demetrich Vor Monat

      @ItsMeTrev541 brain damage does heal….

    • Gregg Chaffin
      Gregg Chaffin Vor Monat +1

      @Solace totally. He’s a good player and a better person. It sucks to see situations like this.

    • Solace
      Solace Vor Monat

      @Gregg Chaffin Sprained patella, fractured pelvis, dislocated hip, fractured ribs, and ankles to name a few more.. You’re right about the brain damage. It is way worse, I was just saying he’s a tough dude and if anyone can beat the odds it would be him

    • Ambitious Vevo
      Ambitious Vevo Vor Monat

      Just release my first song 💥
      Tell me what you think about it 🔥💯

  • Richard Cruz
    Richard Cruz Vor Monat

    Been waiting to hear your response about this incident, love the explanation. Truly heart breaking

  • Jiano Joel
    Jiano Joel Vor Monat +4

    My wife and I are Tua fans first before being dolphin fans, we didn’t care if Teddy would have won the game or not .. Tua is an amazing man who leads his life the right way and to see him go through this is just heart breaking, I told my wife it was to soon to have him play again but that I trusted the staff to make that judgment .. and look .. ughh the sport itself has a bad taste in my mouth for sure at this time

  • Bostonice
    Bostonice Vor Monat +1

    This reminds me of the hit on Nathan Horton , Boston Bruin forward, at the start of game 3 in 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. After his head hit the ice his arms stayed up in the air like they were still holding the stick. They slowly came down nuts how you knew something was seriously wrong. They referred to that as postering as well. He was done for the series but luckily they won the cup and he was able to celebrate with the team.

  • Glitch
    Glitch Vor Monat +1

    This is seriously crazy. I hope he gets better. Your videos always help people feel more comfort.

  • Billsfan2012
    Billsfan2012 Vor Monat +854

    As a Bills fan, I'm worried for Tua. I so much wanted Tua to be alright. He is an excellent example of a human and especially a role model. Prayers for Tua and his family. I thought about Tua when he was injured when the Bills and Dolphins played last Sunday. Thought it was weird that he was back on the field so quickly. Get well Tua.

    • mastixencounter
      mastixencounter Vor Monat

      @chekyerego 🤦‍♂

    • chekyerego
      chekyerego Vor Monat

      @mastixencounter does your boss force you to do things? No, you do what you're told because you're being paid.

    • mastixencounter
      mastixencounter Vor Monat

      @chekyerego Again, you can't force another human being to do something. This isn't slavery anymore

    • chekyerego
      chekyerego Vor Monat

      @mastixencounter not when millions of dollars are at stake. The franchise depends on these decisions.

    • mastixencounter
      mastixencounter Vor Monat

      Your first sentence was completely unnecessary

  • superricky13
    superricky13 Vor Monat +4

    How you don't look out for the long-term health of a qb on a rookie contract is beyond me! That back brace didn't allow him to move at all it seemed which just made it more horrible.

  • NigelBullocks
    NigelBullocks Vor Monat +1

    Aloha Doc, appreciate your expertise on this topic. In your opinion, how long would you recommend Tua sit out after what appeared to be two consecutive concussions within a week? Also, what is your opinion on him flying back w the team just a few hours later? Thank you 🙏

  • Betong
    Betong Vor Monat

    Nice to see your take on this! Medical advice from professionals is key for the public health

  • Yallknowtk
    Yallknowtk Vor Monat +2

    You’re the first person I thought of when I saw the Tua hit. Your break downs are always on point.

  • j a
    j a Vor Monat +260

    I got a concussion, then a month later when I was cleared to play and got another worse one. Then a year later i was completely knocked out and forgot the layout of the only house I had ever lived in. It took 3 years before I felt like I recovered. Seeing this terrified me both for Tua and his future.

    • Muay Thai Lion
      Muay Thai Lion Vor Monat

      @Andrew Brundin so truuu I’m Luke rock hold jr

    • here is the full clip
      here is the full clip Vor Monat +1

      Here is the trending clip recommended :

    • Nancy
      Nancy Vor Monat

      @Muay Thai Lion Most people don't know you don't have to lose consciousness to have a concussion. Vomiting after a head blow is a sure sign you've got a concussion.

    • N1_CK
      N1_CK Vor Monat +15

      @LegendaryLikeSPHINX no, he’s just speaking abt the reality of head injuries and how serious it can be

    • Andrew Brundin
      Andrew Brundin Vor Monat +1

      Glass chin

  • R.G.S!
    R.G.S! Vor Monat +10

    I appreciate you cover these injuries because they are life changing and highlighted the struggle for us athletes

  • slida emif
    slida emif Vor Monat

    This is seriously crazy. I hope he gets better. Your videos always help people feel more comfort.

  • Keeping it real
    Keeping it real Vor Monat +3

    Been with you awhile, super happy you got to the 1# spot in trending! Well deserved doc!

    • slida emif
      slida emif Vor Monat

      itself has a bad taste in my mouth for sure at this time

  • Jules Kessler
    Jules Kessler Vor Monat +2

    We are so grateful to you, your bravery to speak up about the hard topics nobody else seems to have the guts to talk about is finally being rewarded #1 on trending!!!!!

  • ChevyStraightPipe
    ChevyStraightPipe Vor Monat +379

    I'm shocked that Tua was cleared for this game. Even if it was a "back" injury, 4 days seems really short recovery time for someone who was stumbling when getting up. I'm glad you made a quick video on this.

    • Deebrickashaw Last
      Deebrickashaw Last Vor Monat

      @Party Pandamonium I am not advocating for anything, just trying to point out, that I think people in general are being willfully ignorant as to how much head trauma happens in football at all levels. I have no investment in how football is regulated, I just think the extent to which players are subjected to these injurues is still massively overlooked. When you consider kids are also in this group, it is worth being honest with ourselves about the consequences of playing football.

    • FutbolSkillz12
      FutbolSkillz12 Vor Monat

      @Deebrickashaw Last interesting, still know that there’s not 6 concussions every play or these dudes would
      be dead, it’d be like if boxers got concussed every punch. i’m also against youth contact football

    • FutbolSkillz12
      FutbolSkillz12 Vor Monat

      @Captain Nutsack maybe so but dozens of concussions is a stretch or they would all be getting second impact syndrome and cte would be much more common.

    • FutbolSkillz12
      FutbolSkillz12 Vor Monat

      @David - that makes sense tho it’s harder to hide it when ur playing a professional sport

    • Deebrickashaw Last
      Deebrickashaw Last Vor Monat

      @FutbolSkillz12 I do, I played Highschool football while concused many times. What the public doesn't realize, you run plays over and over in practice, it becomes engrained in what I would guess is a more rudimentary part of the brain, the same place where tying your shoes and pulling your pants down to piss resides. In other words, you can play Football, Box, fight in MMA while completly concussed and out of your mind ( probably the same gene that allows blackout drunks to keep walking around) I had one of my best games as a running back in HS when I recieved a massive concussion in the first quarter; for the rest of the game it was like I was on acid, I saw flashes of color and basically fireworks visually, whenever I took a decent hit or turned my head to fast, but I knew where to go every play just on instinct. If you asked me what 2+2 was, I probably couldn't answer. The amount of training these athletes put in, is to the point that they're bodies can go on on auto pilot and still perform at peak level. The same thing Navy Seals and special ops military train for.
      As crazy as it might sound, there are some humans, that under the right circumstsnces (war or a football game etc) operate better in that state, because most of your normal faculties are disabled, like fear or self preservation.

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith Vor Monat

    I can see a genuine concern, that's the same look my doctor had on his face when he promised me that my knee surgery would go according to plan. For that reason I'm subscribed to your channel. I love your commentary and the way you break things down.

  • Josh Holbrook
    Josh Holbrook Vor Monat +1

    Great break down doc !! I personally feel like Tua shouldn't have been out on that field so early he should have sat out even if it was a "back" issue which we all can agree it didnt look like one esp the way he grabbed for his head an tried to shake the stars away ive been there I know that feeling an i dont believe it was a back injury with the first hit !!! I hope an pray Tua is going to be ok!

  • MrYawwwn
    MrYawwwn Vor Monat

    Man I hope he recovers…. The dolphins need to give him time. This is pathetic on their end. Risking a young dudes future like that is ridiculous.

  • You Not Relevant
    You Not Relevant Vor Monat

    As a fellow athlete that suffered from a concussion injury, this really frustrates me. I hope for the best for Tua!

  • Daniel Tercero
    Daniel Tercero Vor Monat +456

    Dr, thank you for the quick and ready response to Tua's injury. The moment this happened I was hoping you were going to have a prognosis soon. Thank you once again for the relief you bring to sport fans around the world.

    • Open Waters
      Open Waters Vor Monat

      @Seymore Smithh it's not about his expertise, it's the morbid fascination people have with needing to know the worst thing possible right away.
      Plenty of other doctors post online about injuries, accidents, etc. Just never within an hour of the event like he has a habit of doing.
      I've watched plenty of other takes on bad injuries by other doctors and medical professionals here on DEclips. They provide excellent information about possible sustained injury as well as timeline for recovery. Long after the initial incident though. Not exploiting the immediacy of the concern over an injured start player.
      It's perverse really. He's profiting of the immediacy of the event. He knows there are a lot of people out there who have no patience and feed an unhealthy insecurity of needing to know right now.
      I find this practice of exploiting both the injury and the subset of the public with no self control to be very unprofessional.
      As I will restate again, this is no different really than if he were standing next to a wreck on the freeway telling everyone who goes by what he thinks the injuries are of the occupants of the vehicles involved.
      It's morbid and perverse.

    • Open Waters
      Open Waters Vor Monat

      @my music didn't say he doesn't provide accurate information.
      He's likely spot on, that's not the issue.
      Like I said, when I first saw his videos I thought he seemed genuinely concerned and provided accurate info.
      The problem is that he has made a game of this. Within hours usually, he has a medical take on a horrible injury, just when people would be frantically looking for any scrap of information to feed their unhealthy, morbid need to know insecurity.
      He profits the most at the time of the injury. Like a guy shouting to passing cars the status of the injured in a car pile up on the freeway.
      My opinion of him has changed only because of that. Not disputing his knowledge or expertise.

    • my music
      my music Vor Monat

      @Open Waters how about if he just genuinely wants to educate or inform the public? You say this guy is an "ambulance" chaser, maybe he is or maybe he isn't but he did provide very useful information particularly the reason tua's hands and fingers were positioned the way they were.

    • Seymore Smithh
      Seymore Smithh Vor Monat

      @Open Waters - does it matter if he’s doing these videos for the clicks or not? There’s clearly enough interest. Most DEclipsrs do it for money. If money wasn’t there we would not see even a tenth of the content. Of course it’s speculation. But it comes from experience and education. He’s just giving us his professional perspective of what he sees on video. I personally wouldn’t have known what the hand stiffness meant in terms of brain injury so I learned something.

    • Adrian Gutierrez
      Adrian Gutierrez Vor Monat +1

      @here is the full clip no ones gonna click your scam link bro. Go play in traffic

  • Ronald Pass
    Ronald Pass Vor Monat

    Watching what happened in this football game as a nurse that worked in rehabilitation with traumatic brain injuries I was very concerned. My experience shows me that the first 48 hours are the most crucial to see how severe the injury was. After this time watching him for the next 4 to 6 weeks would be necessary. Any sign of further loss of function or change in memory, to me would to me would initiate a no play protocol. Even though this is not stated in the NFL procedure my nursing and the medical judgment must be done quickly with tight restrictions. I think letting him having total contact in a game with less than four weeks would be dangerous. My first concern would be for his safety.

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    As a Bills fan, I'm worried for Tua. I so much wanted Tua to be alright. He is an excellent example of a human and especially a role model. Prayers for Tua and his family. I thought about Tua when he was injured when the Bills and Dolphins played last Sunday. Thought it was weird that he was back on the field so quickly. Get well Tua.

  • Sylvia Fitzgerald
    Sylvia Fitzgerald Vor Monat +3

    My son is 15. He’s a quarterback. This is heartbreaking. I’m a worried Mom.💔 Hope Tua is ok and gets the care and rest he needs.

    • Joren Reyes
      Joren Reyes Vor Monat

      Put him in lacrosse if he wants to play a physical sport that’s not gonna jeopardize his brain health

  • meko stevens
    meko stevens Vor Monat +1

    Love the content as always, always so informative

  • Daryl Johnson
    Daryl Johnson Vor Monat

    I'm a youth hockey coach with no medical training and I still knew, instantly, that the week 3 hit was a concussion. You could Google a list of concussion symptoms, look at the film, and say with certainty that Tua had a concussion after that hit. Anyone with medical training that said he passed a concussion protocol was lying their a$s off and they should be fired for allowing him back on the field. That could have been fatal last night, it's absurd that they let him play five days after a hit like that. Fire everyone involved in that decision.

  • D Childress
    D Childress Vor Monat +2

    The fall and posturing looked almost exactly like Donald Parham's injury. Hopefully he will be ok

  • Chris Tesch
    Chris Tesch Vor Monat +2

    I hope he's OK :( I like Tua even though I don't support the Dolphins. Also hope he takes as much time away as needed. Football is certainly NOT more important than his quality of life after Football.

  • The Willis Show
    The Willis Show Vor Monat

    Great video! The Player’s Association really needs to look into this. No way Tua should have been on the field 4 days later after the first injury. The way he landed on the second one I thought the man had permanent damage. It’s a testament to his tenacity he was able to leave the hospital mere hours after that. But this guy needs recovery time. He should not play for several weeks, minimum.

  • Dakota storms
    Dakota storms Vor Monat +285

    Exactly what I was looking for. A doctors insight on this awful injury. Prayers for tua

    • Kevin Athans
      Kevin Athans Vor Monat

      @istompkidsforfun 11 You tell me. You think turf needs to be banned?

    • OceansideBoy760
      OceansideBoy760 Vor Monat


    • Teyae T
      Teyae T Vor Monat

      🙏🙏Blessings forever
      GOD loves y'all too forever tell everyone you know and don't know. Jesus loves y'all too forever. Teach everyone how to see and enjoy their blessings too foreverq

    • istompkidsforfun 11
      istompkidsforfun 11 Vor Monat

      @Kevin Athans what’s the difference

    • Kevin Athans
      Kevin Athans Vor Monat

      @Luis López I don't think turf is the issue.

  • supremelink
    supremelink Vor Monat +3

    He really is a great guy. I hope he doesn't have any long term damage. More concerned about his health then his football career.

  • Reggie Fuentes
    Reggie Fuentes Vor Monat

    My son had a severe concussion playing in a HS hockey game. 2 days later he had what seemed like a seizure episode. The doctors put him on concussion protocol. His first game back seemed very normal no big hits given or taken. A couple of days later he had another episode. After that we cut him off completely from competitive hockey .Definitely not worth the risk.He was bummed out because it was his senior year and wasn't able to finish the season. Very scary situation. Prayers for Tua and a speedy recovery 1🙏

  • Joe Kurtz
    Joe Kurtz Vor Monat +1

    After my dad's 2nd stroke, the Doc explained his posturing movements, unfortunately it was terminal, but seeing this, Tua needs immediate care. Thnx Doc to explain this symptom of a much bigger problem.

  • Eleanor Nelson
    Eleanor Nelson Vor Monat

    OMG! I had a moderate concussion 3 years ago and I remember vaguely doing that! I really hope he gets excellent therapy!

    HIT*STICK*STEPPER Vor Monat +484

    The fact that Tua just had a concussion 4 days ago and now this 2nd head injury during this game made it really that much more severe than normal...he may never fully recover from this head injury... prayers up for TUA🙏🏽

    • Frybread King
      Frybread King Vor Monat

      @Brad Divens Yep

    • Beren Brechtel
      Beren Brechtel Vor Monat

      @Makai Maukaprayers for tua,, I'm curious about this comment can you tell me more. (My opinion on this)you can't really judge an intent to harm tackle. Unless it's crazy blatant. I look back earlier in this game and see a low hit called on the bengals for a 15yard penalty. When watching the replay closely we can see the defender trting to tackle Tue and losing his footing causing Tue to be hit low. (Total accident) then we get to the play with this serious injury and I can't say that it was anything more than an aggressive tackle. 340lb has some weight behind his tackles and he's paid to tackle qbs. Then lets put ourselves in the defenders position when it happens. He's thinking I have contract bonuses I can hit for x amount of sacks (this is the mindset for alot of players) so when it happens he's just thinking get him to the ground as fast as possible. You know what I mean here right? Like what bonuse does he get to hold the quarterback upright anylonger than nessesary when every game a qb gets 1 away last second. I'm just seeing if there's a Solution to this obviously we can't make American Football 2 hand touch or flag football. There's other leagues for that. My opinion is as sad as this is I don't think it can be avoided it comes with the sport

    • Brad Divens
      Brad Divens Vor Monat +1

      @Frybread King Like when Shazier's career ended.

    • Brad Divens
      Brad Divens Vor Monat

      @Joe Mama Yeah yeah. Just don't worry about CTE. CTE is not an NFL problem, and retired players definitely DON'T have a higher prevalence of CTE and brain damage. Nothing to see here, folks....

    • Brad Divens
      Brad Divens Vor Monat

      @Jon Spengler Maybe that too, but he reached up towards his head and even shook his head noticeably after his fall this past Sunday.

  • Kerry Howard
    Kerry Howard Vor Monat +1

    Hey Doc, I just wanted to say I think it's awesome that you are I'm assuming working on such head injuries in football. Thank u bro!

  • Victoria 💋𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛

    my wife came in and asked me what I was watching, and while I was recapping it for her I started to cry. I had no idea where those feelings came from, I've never been a Tua fan or dolphins fan. I just feel so sorry for him and his family. I'll be praying for you Tua

  • PixelStacker
    PixelStacker Vor Monat

    This man has overcome some crazy injuries.. like serious gruesome injuries. I hope he recovers and is okay. aye

  • Steve H.
    Steve H. Vor Monat

    This is scary stuff and I hope it leads to more changes. I only played football through HS, but I had 3-5 concussions over that 5-6 years (i'm assuming, 20+ years ago we weren't as careful and thorough as we are now...I definitely feel the effects at times just not being able to get words out that I know I want to say and just my long term memory. People telling me stories of things that sound like a great time that I have zero recollection of. If I had a son, he would not be encouraged to play football...

  • 7th AngelAD
    7th AngelAD Vor Monat +105

    I’ve followed Tua since he played at Alabama and love the guy as a competitor. I cannot believe the Dolphins tried to pass last week’s injury as a back injury. Everyone could see the results of a concussion after Tua tried to stand and walk.
    Shame on you, Dolphins and the entire NFL. Tua has a promising career ahead of him and deserves better. I hope he packs a bag and heads anywhere else. I’m praying for his continued recovery.

    • Zira Tival
      Zira Tival Vor Monat

      @ArekkusuLupus if theybwere overwritten, NDAs be damned they'd leak it anonymously. Did it happen prior? Did it happen now?
      If the internet is right and this is s second impact because they misdiagnosed the first then we shouldve heard about it by leak, full stop.

      MANN’SCHANNEL Vor Monat +1

      Straight facts!!!

    • ArekkusuLupus
      ArekkusuLupus Vor Monat +1

      @Zira Tival if they can be over written by team doctors then it’s not on the unaffiliated doctors like you say

    • Leo Sky
      Leo Sky Vor Monat +1

      Tua chose the dolphins

    • Zira Tival
      Zira Tival Vor Monat +7

      Dont just blame the teams, there are unaffiliated, and I repeat that UNAFILLIATED DOCTORS also there to give input. They can be overwritten by the team doctors but the u afilliated people are just as guilty

  • Dark Sharxx
    Dark Sharxx Vor Monat +1

    Prayers to Tua 🙏🏿

  • Bryant Soto
    Bryant Soto Vor Monat

    Doc, we can tell how frustrated you are and I really appreciate you trying to be cool headed as possible in order to analyze the play and injury.

  • billyelliot78
    billyelliot78 Vor Monat

    amazing how quickly Doc became the go to source after crazy sports injuries. Speaks volumes about his content.

  • Andrew
    Andrew Vor Monat +1

    I'm neither American (I'm from Australia) not a gridiron fan but somehow this came up as a suggestion. I found this video extremely informative and interesting. The discussion of signs of concussion had me thinking of a recent rugby league game here where after a huge hit the player as he was being taken off the field began extremely agitated and almost aggressive. I don't think many watching the game realised this too can be a sign of head injury itself. Keep up the good discussion.

  • L.A. Boi
    L.A. Boi Vor Monat +353

    Just the fact that they let him go back out there just 4 days after the first head injury is shocking. Sure he cleared protocol, but the logical thinking would be to not risk something like this happening again right away. Hopefully he's okay. 🙏

    • DaBaers
      DaBaers Vor Monat

      @mox19380 Like I said, I think he had a concussion and shouldn't have been back. However, Im sticking with my thought process and also agreeing with AJ Hawk / Pat Mcafee and believing the NFL's doctors and third party doctors that he went thru protocol and passed.

    • Katherine Berger
      Katherine Berger Vor Monat

      @Is That You Gordon?! Pushing through adversity is what EVERY athlete does, from park pickleballer to professional football player.

    • Katherine Berger
      Katherine Berger Vor Monat

      He didn't clear protocol - they didn't put him IN protocol in the first place because he was like "Oh, I'm ok."
      NARRATOR: He was not, in fact, ok.

    • Knockout Artist #stoppage
      Knockout Artist #stoppage Vor Monat

      @itomba yea you went from pivoting to just trying to insult..you lost

    • itomba
      itomba Vor Monat

      @Knockout Artist #stoppage Seek help for you CTE my friend.

  • Esh BBX
    Esh BBX Vor Monat +7

    What fascinates me on both the Bills case and the Bengals case is how Tua in the first case completely let's himself fall flat on his back which at the LEAST is gonna knock the wind out of you, and how in the second case he understandably thought about tossing it for an incompletion AS he was being taken down... you can see the arm motion mid-sack, but again neglected to mitigate anything about the fall itself with his own body movement. Really hope he can realize that himself too and cover himself up more to prevent damage next time.

    • Alexander Sefo
      Alexander Sefo Vor Monat

      He still have the back injury that's why it came from his back to where he hurt his head he shouldn't play until his back i fully recovered when you fall back with your back locked or painful your body automatically stiff because you're falling and then landed on his head

  • Tony Minchew
    Tony Minchew Vor Monat

    Informative, empathetic, knowledgeable, and helpful.
    Thank you.

  • Izzy May IS ready
    Izzy May IS ready  Vor Monat

    The way his fingers were all spread out looked crazy, hope he gets well soon, god bless him

  • Izzy May IS ready
    Izzy May IS ready  Vor Monat

    The way his fingers were all spread out looked crazy, hope he gets well soon, god bless him

  • Rusty Cook
    Rusty Cook Vor Monat +393

    I’m a Dolphin fan and as happy as I was to see him come back last week, I was worried. I was worried the first big hit he took would be something like this. Get well Tua. We need you, but not at risk to your own health.

    • Rusty Cook
      Rusty Cook Vor Monat

      @Cheezburgercatzfl not what I said. I said as a fan I was happy he was back in the game. As a fan. I also said I was worried. Because I was worried what happened, would happen. Yes as a fan I want our best players in the field. But I also knew he didn’t need to be on the field. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. At the very least he should have sat out the second half against Buffalo if not the game against Cincy.

    • Lord Michael
      Lord Michael Vor Monat

      @thespaceram2 go watch the play again. At no point was he grabbed by his neck. DLineman had him at his hips the whole time. If you need they even slow it down. There’s no reason to penalize someone doing a routine tackle. It was just momentum that brought him down hard.

    • carlitos ortiz
      carlitos ortiz Vor Monat

      @Adventures with Holly all these beta casuals commenting.

    • carlitos ortiz
      carlitos ortiz Vor Monat

      @Mastashake they lied? Like who's they? Got a first and last name to go with you're acusations...Tua is a grown AZZ man and he is the one who tells the doctor how EXACTLY he feels...he's no idiot, he knows what's up....it on HIM!!!

    • carlitos ortiz
      carlitos ortiz Vor Monat

      @HAWAWAH might be a blessing in disguise...you don't know how these dudes live their lives when their 40,50, 60 yrs old ....in constant pain.

  • Louie Marinda Jr.
    Louie Marinda Jr. Vor Monat +2

    Very Disturbing. Prayers to Tua 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Werewolves of Sanger
    Werewolves of Sanger Vor Monat +3

    This is extremely disturbing after what happened to him last Sunday. Praying for Tua.

  • Daniel Grimaldo
    Daniel Grimaldo Vor Monat

    Gut wrenching to see Tua posture like this. As a former combat medic and nurse, it’s pretty self evident that a TBI occurred. If there’s any “reason” the medical and coaching staff for him played the injuries down, it may be because it wasn’t a typical gruesome hit where bodies collide or helmets crash. It was Tua falling back unprotected. I don’t think they were as emotionally invested in the hits as they should have been.
    I hope that anyone near and dear to him can open his eyes to see that his body doesn’t need any more abuse, especially his head.
    I took an IED in Afghanistan in 2013 and the TBI was both immediately clear, and also had delayed symptoms. I failed the field tbi test multiple times before finally being cleared 4 days later to resume missions. I understand the hunger of wanting to go to combat for yourself and your team, but when it’s years down the road and the migraines, nausea, vision problems, hearing problems, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness kick in, its too late to change anything. God speed to Tua for a recovery.

  • ReadIcculus93
    ReadIcculus93 Vor Monat

    I played football for many years, Offensive Line primarily, and I never undertsood the amount of force we were under every play until I was in a car accident. The hits I took on a play-by-play basis in football were just as impactful, if not worse, than the car accident ive been in. I was in 1 car accident, but I played thousands of full contact snaps between games and practices.

  • Jordan Rittenhouse
    Jordan Rittenhouse Vor Monat

    Has to be one of the scariest moments to happen on the field. It gave me chills

  • MD
    MD Vor Monat +2

    Great video man. I can only imagine his response to the first concussion was that I'm fine, and they didn't push him to play. Athlete safety starts with personal responsibility.

  • AannW Rootbeer
    AannW Rootbeer Vor Monat

    I have had my fair share of head injuries and concussions. Everytime I go to the doctor for hitting my head, even if my CT is normal, they treat my head injury as it is a concussion and I go on the concussion protocol. I just can't understand how the Dolphins staff allowed him to play last night after his injury last week. 🤦‍♀️

  • joe bing
    joe bing Vor Monat +1

    Doc, I rocked my head at an ice rink and my arms did the same thing. It took over a month to get fully back to normal. At least I felt normal but I don’t think I was fully normal. The Doc’s allowing him to play I think is insane. After what happened the week before when he couldn’t really get up without falling. I hope this kid recovers but I wouldn’t allow him to play for at least a month. I’m 42 so I don’t heal like he does but he still needs some time to recover before playing again.

  • Boss Killa
    Boss Killa Vor Monat +196

    Tua has been through so much already. Including his College days the fact this man has fractured his hip and then had 2 concussions in the span of 4 days and on top of THAT had a back injury. Absolutely devastating and brings a new appreciation for these players who put their bodies on the line for our entertainment.

    • ASJ 22
      ASJ 22 Vor Monat

      Not only that but when he broke his hip he broke his nose and was concussed on the same play

    • Ambitious Vevo
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      Just release my first song 💥
      Tell me what you think about it 🔥💯

    • R 2 H
      R 2 H Vor Monat

      Here is the trending clip recommended :

    • Darrel Taylor
      Darrel Taylor Vor Monat +2

      Exactly why the NCAA should have been paying these athletes

    • Gabe Smith
      Gabe Smith Vor Monat +4

      I feel like the back injury was just a cover to try to explain the stumbling since they let him come back to play. Not to put on a tin foil hat but I wouldn't be surprised if that's bs.