Action Bronson Teaches You Slang | Vanity Fair

  • Am 5 Mär 2019 veröffentlicht
  • On this episode of “Slang School,” best-selling author, rapper, cook, and TV star Action Bronson defines some personal slang. Bronson is currently on the White Bronco Tour to support the recent release of the album of the same name.
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    Action Bronson Teaches You Slang | Vanity Fair
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  • assis alex
    assis alex Vor 12 Tage

    get him to smoke with snoop, whiz khalifa and redman! and then interview them all

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Vor 17 Tage

    final fantasy 7 :'DDD

  • The Whizkid
    The Whizkid Vor 26 Tage

    yep, while junk food drags bodies of millions into heavy dept... germans. the ones, who efficiently schmear their bread...

  • EasyLife
    EasyLife Vor 29 Tage

    Hahah i know there are ppl reading this that did that last thing in tough times

  • LowKeyEasy
    LowKeyEasy Vor Monat

    I want all the cheese on my bagel.

  • iwannaseeit1979
    iwannaseeit1979 Vor Monat

    "corn on this side, rice on the flip're gonna flip for the crisp of Crispex"

  • Bati Khan
    Bati Khan Vor Monat +1

    Watching this high - this guy is the one who talks all the time in a puff puff pass round and this guy needs a lot of time to pass the joint.

  • trey bilbo
    trey bilbo Vor Monat +2

    that jacket looks so comfortable

  • Darkest Dream
    Darkest Dream Vor Monat +1

    Please do Someone teaches Filipino slangs

  • kfc667
    kfc667 Vor Monat

    Dayamm,m, Action Bronson got big! He's always been overweight but now it's ridiculous, I'm actually concerned now

  • McKeever Barrow
    McKeever Barrow Vor Monat

    "Got upstairs and fixed 11 bowls of Crispix"

  • Samuel Sullivan
    Samuel Sullivan Vor Monat +2

    "Then it's gone like the wind cuz your demolished" 💀💀💀💀

  • Colleen Brennan
    Colleen Brennan Vor Monat +1

    I love him! I've watched him on different shows and he's so well informed and worldly. He oozes confidence and knowledge. Could watch this guy for hours.

    ORLANDOZAY • Vor Monat

    Schmacked means drunk not stoned

  • ILEET11
    ILEET11 Vor Monat

    we need that Toronto 6buzz version of this

  • MRTN13
    MRTN13 Vor Monat

    I love this dude so much... but I'm worried about his short obese lifespan

  • A Kid Called Sarah
    A Kid Called Sarah Vor Monat +1

    String cheese situation.

  • Youric Hunt
    Youric Hunt Vor Monat +1

    this man is built like a refrigerator
    like a 1950s style fridge

  • my name is chef
    my name is chef Vor Monat +3

    This is the most new york thing I've watched

  • Zepha
    Zepha Vor Monat

    smear right?

  • Kamil Henri Music
    Kamil Henri Music Vor Monat +3

    90% of this mans slang has to do with whacky tobacky
    10% is food
    100% is pure ACTION

  • CRVO
    CRVO Vor Monat

    Action should sacrifice his body to feed the poor

  • GAR V
    GAR V Vor Monat +2

    I used to call the jar of roaches, the reservoir... lmfaoo
    Roll a resinator out the reservoir bruhhhh

  • KodiRich
    KodiRich Vor Monat

    beaters=reggie on the westcoast

    • KodiRich
      KodiRich Vor Monat

      Bammer=reggie/beaters in the south

  • Omarr Taylor
    Omarr Taylor Vor Monat

    His beard is back

  • Lil View
    Lil View Vor Monat

    Did he get SMP done? Looks like it.

  • Ben M
    Ben M Vor Monat

    Playing chicago, we call playing baseball for some reason where I live

    G-MONEY 12 STACKS Vor Monat

    playing chicago is known as “baseballing” in my area

  • Cameron Tweedy
    Cameron Tweedy Vor Monat


  • Daniel dan
    Daniel dan Vor Monat

    he looks like a big ragnar

  • Awwboo
    Awwboo Vor Monat

    The resinator might be called a granddaddy for the blunt smokers (im in cail)

    • E Sod
      E Sod Vor Monat

      Generation blunt in Colorado

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones Vor Monat +1

    How do you smoke weed in Japan?? That shot will get you 20 years...

  • bhi shi
    bhi shi Vor Monat

    he can only teach us how to eat donuts

  • Lenka Tonkatsu
    Lenka Tonkatsu Vor Monat

    how high were you Action lol

  • ray cisneroz
    ray cisneroz Vor Monat

    Shmacked originated in the Bay Area my guy

  • ChefBoi MacOg
    ChefBoi MacOg Vor Monat

    We call Chicago, baseball. Idk why

  • Tooppert
    Tooppert Vor Monat +3

    In the grand-duchy of luxembourg we say schmier (pronounced schmear) when we talk about a slice of bread topped with sth. and tons of luxembourgish people emmigrated to the U.S. duting the 19th century. That might be a good explanation too.
    It doesn't necessarily have to be yiddish if there is a sh-soujd in the word...

  • Bryant Smith
    Bryant Smith Vor Monat

    Cream cheese epidemic is real.

  • James
    James Vor Monat +14

    He really grew his beard back overnight huh

  • Stephan Reichelt
    Stephan Reichelt Vor Monat

    the Italian is a translation; not necessarily slang.

  • Mani Nash
    Mani Nash Vor Monat +1

    His beard is making a return

  • OGsid
    OGsid Vor Monat +10

    Action gotta be the only person on the planet to smoke good in Japan.

    • ユーネポ / Yuunepo
      ユーネポ / Yuunepo Vor Monat

      If they caught you with weed in Japan, it's jail for life

    • Mikey Wallen
      Mikey Wallen Vor Monat +3

      +headonthehustle I've heard it is but also it's like super illegal there

    • headonthehustle
      headonthehustle Vor Monat

      OGsid Is the weed this bad in Japan? :(

  • Rich R
    Rich R Vor Monat

    we call that "The Godfather"

  • Leo M
    Leo M Vor Monat

    That Polly-O is fuckin seriousssss

  • ZnCu Entertainment
    ZnCu Entertainment Vor Monat

    Is that Don Cheadle? No, it's me ho.

  • StRk
    StRk Vor Monat

    Beat reminds me of the "rainmaker"

  • coldguyRONE420 Oh, okay

    Shout out Cloud Strife

  • Chuck Sawdy
    Chuck Sawdy Vor Monat +2

    I had a highdea yesterday after about blunt #3:
    We take all the garbage on earth, stuff it in some rockets and launch them into the sun. Boom.

  • mored arev haritourian

    2:09 BAAARS

  • Alex Kite
    Alex Kite Vor Monat

    3dp is the best smoking game

  • Josh walker
    Josh walker Vor Monat +13

    Down south “playing Chicago” is called playing baseball

    • Mikey Wallen
      Mikey Wallen Vor Monat

      In the midwest it's called popcorn

    • Der Typ
      Der Typ Vor Monat

      Each one teach one

    • Andrés Rodríguez
      Andrés Rodríguez Vor Monat

      In my country we call it americano

    • Zach Chirch
      Zach Chirch Vor Monat +1

      I live 35 minutes out the Chi and we call it baseball here too

  • Kristy Thomas
    Kristy Thomas Vor Monat

    2:12 That's baseball

  • FuzzyDancingBear
    FuzzyDancingBear Vor Monat

    Anything works!!!

  • Yajo 89
    Yajo 89 Vor Monat

    I thought shmaer was Dutch

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett Vor Monat

    Joay Diaz version please

  • silly pebbles
    silly pebbles Vor Monat +3

    I'm halo 2 right now after that blunt

  • filoflin
    filoflin Vor Monat +6

    hope he handles the gout with the same finesse as the ipad

  • Bald Uzi Vert
    Bald Uzi Vert Vor Monat +2

    I love AB voice. I can listen to him talk about nothing for hours.

  • Coo-JBravo
    Coo-JBravo Vor Monat +1

    Crispix is not bad

  • Wayne Hunt
    Wayne Hunt Vor Monat

    The sludgeee

  • rick sanchez
    rick sanchez Vor Monat

    IMO Action is the Anti-Trump, the polar opposite, except he actually speaks better than Trump ;)

  • Stephan Reichelt
    Stephan Reichelt Vor Monat


  • #number&a40oz
    #number&a40oz Vor Monat

    I learned I'm saving my roaches #resinator

  • Molo Skate
    Molo Skate Vor Monat

    Ralphie May if he rapped

  • Jonathan Carrasquillo
    Jonathan Carrasquillo Vor Monat +4

    In Chicago we call it playing baseball and find it funny af they call if Chicago

  • Loops and Bars
    Loops and Bars Vor Monat +1

    Me and my people call the clip blunt a Frankenstein, because we putting a bunch of dead blunts together to bring a new one alive lol 😂🤣 idk about no resonator never heard that in nyc.

    • buschwabandit
      buschwabandit Vor Monat +1

      Loops and Bars i’ve always said the “frankenstein” i’ve never heard resonator. i live in NJ

  • RedStorm
    RedStorm Vor Monat

    Is that a stain?

  • mighty migs
    mighty migs Vor Monat +1

    Action is such a meme and he has no idea

  • kanha narla
    kanha narla Vor Monat +1

    He smoked weed in Japan !!!

  • shizbang
    shizbang Vor Monat +1

    FF7 is the dopest weed, I can get with that action boss.

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez Vor Monat

    type of dude to have shmears in his chones

  • ilike chicken
    ilike chicken Vor Monat

    White DJ Khalid


    Ghost face says hi you fat fake clown

    • Brian Stone
      Brian Stone Vor Monat

      VICTORION GREYJOY take it easy that's old news they rap different just have similar voices

  • Daniel Carranza Pintor


  • Daniel Carranza Pintor

    Key: Dope. Math.

  • Daniel Carranza Pintor

    The word survive.

  • TheDrFunkenstein
    TheDrFunkenstein Vor Monat +54

    Legend says Action Bronson is still continually expanding throughout space and time

  • SuperDungeonBoy
    SuperDungeonBoy Vor Monat

    ( a quick Rap , Please add to it .) Action is da Beast of da East He smokes a pound at lest eattin' Baklava dancin' on mushrooms like ha ha Fuc-U-all haters thump down every comment I produce if you ride with me you need to hold down when we in pursuit .....

  • melekey
    melekey Vor Monat +2

    Queens got the worst swag 😂

  • Isaac Lopez
    Isaac Lopez Vor Monat +1

    This man is honestly the best 💥

  • Erdschmelze
    Erdschmelze Vor Monat

    vanity be payin good eh?

  • Tarence Carter
    Tarence Carter Vor Monat +10

    Yo Action!!! Diabetes is coming for your foot!

  • Chris Ingram
    Chris Ingram Vor Monat

    Polly o is gross

  • Wylde Bore
    Wylde Bore Vor Monat

    Everything means getting or being blazed lol

  • Brodie McGrath
    Brodie McGrath Vor Monat +139

    Hope his weight doesn’t affect his health too much, need him around for as long as possible.

      FREDDY ALMAZAN Vor Monat

      M mmm yeah but it’s his life I mean no one can’t change him unless he does it himself

    • Jorge Peña
      Jorge Peña Vor Monat +1

      Guissippie // lil sip Wait so action was born 350+ pounds LMAO

    • M mmm
      M mmm Vor Monat

      +Guissippie // lil sip
      That doesn't make it less unhealthy. This *is* something to worry about.

      FREDDY ALMAZAN Vor Monat +3

      All I believe in is food and myself-action bronson

    • Kyle Billeaudeaux
      Kyle Billeaudeaux Vor Monat +1

      He fluctuates

  • Francis Rosario
    Francis Rosario Vor Monat

    I call playing chicago one hit chicago

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf Vor Monat


    • Billy Hoyle
      Billy Hoyle Vor Monat +1

      Night Wolf lol it’s all love. Enjoy the journey of getting into him. Well Done with Statik is my favorite project and he was on some J-Love mixtapes and The Outdoorsmen projects prior. Mayhem Lauren is another to check out too.

    • Night Wolf
      Night Wolf Vor Monat

      Billy Hoyle 😂 My bad. I just learned of him.

    • Billy Hoyle
      Billy Hoyle Vor Monat +2

      Night Wolf you’re about 7 years late on this one

  • JBV
    JBV Vor Monat +6

    "String cheese situations"

  • Matt Man
    Matt Man Vor Monat

    What’s the song I. The back??

  • Mathew Andrist
    Mathew Andrist Vor Monat +1

    Japan got that gas?

  • john k
    john k Vor Monat +1

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that he's a square?

    • aziz alali
      aziz alali Vor Monat

      Why should you not ignore it?

  • montaukett82
    montaukett82 Vor Monat

    Yo where the f@#$ is f@ck that’s delicious!

  • wqww wqewqe
    wqww wqewqe Vor Monat +4

    He looks like a obese racknar lotbrok could watch content with him all day too

    • Gecovin
      Gecovin Vor Monat

      I'm glad im not the only one who thinks he looks like thick Ragnar

  • SammyTV
    SammyTV Vor Monat +6

    Bronson is getting super big.....I mean physically

  • Anaklusmos Greek
    Anaklusmos Greek Vor Monat

    Final Fantasy 7!!!!!!!!

  • Abel Villarreal
    Abel Villarreal Vor Monat +1

    "Playing Chicago" we call it mexican sweat in south TX

  • Chizzy The Beast
    Chizzy The Beast Vor Monat +3

    i am experiencing cloud strife

  • Jack H
    Jack H Vor Monat +3

    Schmear is slang for smear. Add a ch slang

  • Dab Savage
    Dab Savage Vor Monat +1

    string cheese situations

  • Layth Eldaher
    Layth Eldaher Vor Monat

    That carhartt is hard