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How To PERFECTLY Split a Log Lengthwise Only Hand Tools | 6.0 |-One Man Traditional Log Cabin series

  • Am 1 Sep 2019 veröffentlicht
  • I just graduated from high school and want a big challenge in life. I decided that I alone with only hand tools and raw power was going to build my own off grid log cabin by hand in the Swedish forest.
    In this episode I am splitting a log lengthwise which I need at the bottom for the type of notches (saddle notches) I am using for my log cabin.
    Next episode show how I build the first rounds of logs in the log cabin build.
    If you wish to follow me on this journey, from forest to off grid log cabin, then click the link to subscribe: declips.net/user/ErikGrankvi...
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  • Roger Chapanis
    Roger Chapanis Vor 2 years +16

    Hi Erik, I enjoyed watching you make a spoon; it looked great when it was finished! How is your cabin coming along? As your cabin walls get higher, how are you going to lift logs into place? Will you use a manual chain hoist in conjunction with an A-frame? Or, will you create and use a sophisticated lifting apparatus like the one developed by Nik Rijavec? (see his DEclips channel). I admire your craftsmanship and wish you the very best. :-)

    • RUJ PTN
      RUJ PTN Vor 5 Monate

      @Erik Grankvist to

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +15

      Thanks for your comment. The cabin is getting higher every other day, working hard on it daily. On the seventh row right now and need 10. How I am lifting the logs into place all by hand, will be shown in episode 15, little bit more than a week from now. You will have to wait and see 👍

  • Dennis O'Brien
    Dennis O'Brien Vor 2 years +14

    Step one: Make sure you have a suitable log with straight grain and no significant knots. Step two: Layout carefully. Step three: Use lots of wedges and proceed with caution. I make it sound simple, although it's not easy to accomplish. Good job!

  • Randy Ray Jr.
    Randy Ray Jr. Vor year +6

    I’m so glad I found this channel. Love building cabins. Looking to build my 4th for myself and my sons on some new property in NW Michigan. You’re inspiring to watch mate. 🙏

  • Casey Murphree
    Casey Murphree Vor year +25

    Thanks - - keep doing what you are doing - - - and thanks for letting us watch and follow your progress. I hope your parents are PROUD.

  • Shad Herbert
    Shad Herbert Vor 2 years +12

    Keep it up! Way to go using hand tools. I wish I could have the time to do this. Makes me happy to see someone doing it.

  • Ed Diepstra
    Ed Diepstra Vor year +6

    Erik, I really like the fact that you do all this most traditionally as it was done in ancient times.
    An ordinary ax, an ordinary bow saw, an ordinary tree saw .... you name it. 👍👌
    I'm also a member of other outdoor builders but they also use hand tools but those of the 21st century ...
    I don't think that fits!
    I think if you do this do it as original as possible.
    But yes I have now seen all your videos and all a thumbs-up and I find them the most beautiful of all and also the most reliable!
    What muscles you will have built up in this period ... 💪 😉😄
    You and AdvokoMAKES are the best on YT !!!!
    Both of you are doing your best not to engage in history falsification.

  • G Bruce
    G Bruce Vor 3 years +4

    I only just discovered your channel and I have watched all the vids on your playlist, so now I am caught up. I am liking what I am seeing and I look forward to seeing your new posts as you progress. I admire your determination. You are obviously skilled and it is a pleasure
    to watch you put it all to work.

  • Arielle-Viking Venturer N Victuals

    A really great video, I watched your whole cabin build playlist with interest and look forward to your next uploads. 👍

  • GreenRena
    GreenRena Vor year +2

    Given that you say'd that was the first log, may I ask how long it took you as a beginner to finish it?
    I need 6 slats for my garden shed and with the wood price rigth now, my uncles forest is looking quite good!

  • Peter Ellis
    Peter Ellis Vor 2 years +23

    Ambitious project ;) Nice work splitting the log. A couple of suggestions, if I may? Make yourself a log hammer for driving those wooden gluts. It will be much more efficient than the sledge you used here. Even with hand tools, it won't take long to make one ;) When you are hewing for the final surface, you want to work the axe cross grain as much as possible. It reduces the chance of the axe biting into end grain and tearing out fibers that you wanted to cut. Some of your hewing does this pretty well, but other times you're swinging straight into the end grain. It may feel like that gets you more progress faster, because you can knock off some pretty big chips that way sometimes, but it's always at the risk of tearing right past your line and into wood you planned on keeping. Keep up the good work!

    • tanksouth
      tanksouth Vor year +5

      On my first house…
      (It was for myself.)
      An experienced builder, after looking over my drawings, told me I was being too ambitious. He said for your first project you should do something simpler. I was determined and pressed on. It wasn’t easy. I knew I had taken on too much also. But with God’s help I got it done.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +20

      I am very grateful for your tips Peter. This was my first time doing this, so it is very helpful for me to get this kind of response from how I work. 👍

  • Jeff Meyer
    Jeff Meyer Vor year +6

    Wow, I wonder if Erik knew at this point that he has much work ahead of him? Providential decision I'd say, as there would be a pandemic coming our way in just several months and this would be the perfect project, if one were needing to avoid crowds.

  • Tom Buskey
    Tom Buskey Vor 2 years +4

    It's so satisfying when you hear the log start to split! I've tried the chain saw & splitting on red oak. Splitting is faster and riven wood is stronger.

  • Erika Alexandre
    Erika Alexandre Vor year +1

    Lindo trabalho com as mãos e as ferramentas certa , Erik parabéns linda floresta

  • Benjamin Widener
    Benjamin Widener Vor 2 years +6

    I remember the first time I split a log,I was so proud of myself,cherish these moments.🙂 Keep up the great work!

  • Roger Chapanis
    Roger Chapanis Vor 2 years +10

    Erik, I notice that you make pegs for holding logs together with a hatchet or small axe. Have you considered using a shavehorse for rounding and shaping pegs. It wouldn't take long to create the shavehorse, and once you have it creating the pegs would be a lot easier. :-)

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +9

      Yes I have considered it. Because it would be much safer and faster to use. But If I were to make one i would do it all with hand tools from own tree, so don't know if it is worth the time right now. Want to get the roof on as fast as possible.

  • Dougs Code
    Dougs Code Vor 2 years +12

    Amazing work for someone just out of high school. Wow! Very motivating. Thank you.

  • Guillem Planas
    Guillem Planas Vor 3 years +2

    Erik! this is a great and very beautiful project!! I hope to see the next video soon :D sure you will win lots of followers with this log cabin serie; very interesting chanel, congratulations!

  • curiousgeorge555
    curiousgeorge555 Vor 9 Monate +1

    Leaving all of the wood chips between the log while chopping with the axe is a great way to go. That way if you miss, your axe is likely hit wood rather than gravel.

  • MidnightAmratha
    MidnightAmratha Vor 2 years +5

    The club will last a little bit longer if you use the endgrain as a striking force, also willow withers around the center will hold it together a bit longer.

  • Tracy Kaeding
    Tracy Kaeding Vor 2 years +4

    Hi from Australia,, well done young man,, I think you are incredible, can you tell me how long it takes to split 1 log, a lot of work but satisfying to hear the wood splitting

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +3

      It took about one day's work, but I did it really slowly as it was my first time and I needed it to be perfect. Thank you.

  • Erika Alexandre
    Erika Alexandre Vor year +1

    está série mim salvou do tédio da pandemia 🇧🇷 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘

  • Prichard
    Prichard Vor year +1

    Splitting logs is my favorite part of felling trees, but I could never manage straight splits, thanks!

  • Jappel
    Jappel Vor 2 years +6

    Great work, hope you keep it simple like this. This is the first video that I watch. Already subscribed.

  • Lucian Armstrong
    Lucian Armstrong Vor 10 Monate +1

    Awesome video. Thank you for posting. An awesome byproduct of the process is a ton of kindling.

  • Evil dead
    Evil dead Vor year +6

    I had some anxiety and after watching this I calmed right down. Something about woodworking. 👍

  • Salo Kin
    Salo Kin Vor 2 years +2

    I learned a lot from watching how you do this, very interesting and helpful. Excellent job, good luck with the rest of the cabin.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      Thank you, I am very glad that you found my work helpful. That is my main goal on this channel, to inspire! :)

  • Anthony Glee
    Anthony Glee Vor year +2

    2021, I’d do anything to hang out with Erik building cabins. He’s a fine man.

  • Ramona Ray Aka Meng
    Ramona Ray Aka Meng Vor 8 Monate +2

    I love working like this because it's meditative. In the picture on the left is a wall i made of with bottles and discarded old windows and adobe.

  • Hockey Dad
    Hockey Dad Vor 2 years +2

    Great job on the build, and your videos, I enjoy them very much. Do you have plans for more?

    • Hockey Dad
      Hockey Dad Vor 2 years +2

      @Erik Grankvist great news. Young people could learn a thing or two about work ethic from you.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      There is going to be a video out soon, when I am working in the forest this

  • Sue Smith
    Sue Smith Vor 3 years +8

    Beautiful hand work. I read in the comments of your previous video that you had no experience. I was rather shocked. I would have never guessed. This is so impressive.

    • Finnish Playground
      Finnish Playground Vor 3 years +4

      @Erik Grankvist Not very far from here then, beautiful area! Keep on working hard :)

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 3 years +4

      @Finnish Playground I am building this log cabin in Sweden (Västmanlands län) in our own forest were there are lots of straight and big spruce trees. Because I am doing everything by hand I can only fell the trees that I can manage to lift myself.
      Beautiful work there on your channel with the dovetail joints.

    • Finnish Playground
      Finnish Playground Vor 3 years +3

      Congratulations man, great work! I'm also doing my first cabin and I think it's mostly about starting to do things. Mistakes will be done but then hopefully you learn about them. Where are you building this cabin?

    • Rowan Fernsler
      Rowan Fernsler Vor 3 years +6

      Erik Grankvist wow! You have no experience? I can’t wait to see what you do in a few years

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 3 years +7

      Thanks a Lot Sue. Yes everything I do is for the first time, so I have to rely on what my Grandfather tells me and what I read. And it's really satisfying when it works so perfectly.

  • beepIL
    beepIL Vor 2 years +7

    Hi Erik, Just want you to know that i am twice your age and absolutely adore you, big fan here
    I envy you being able to do such a thing at your age, good on you man

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +4

      Thank you very much. Your comment means a lot. 👍🙂

  • normanshadow1
    normanshadow1 Vor 2 years +1

    Beautiful work!

  • jthepickle7
    jthepickle7 Vor 2 years +3

    I think you made the two halves straighter than the original tree!

  • Tony R
    Tony R Vor 2 years +7

    That's what I call real hand done, human power!

  • Misty Mountain Project
    Misty Mountain Project Vor 2 years +6

    I almost bought one of those GB broad axes but I thought it seemed too light and too small. I'm thinking by the footage here that I was correct. It seems to struggle a little, like you have to give it a lot of force vs letting the weight of it work for you. That's just my humble thoughts on it. But it was a beautiful tool and well balanced and very sharp in the store.
    Nice work young man. You're on the right path in life.

  • Der Getti
    Der Getti Vor 2 years +8

    no matter how many wedges or axes are holding the tree apart... DO NOT HOLD YOUR HANDS INBETWEEN THE UNSPLITTED LOG.

  • Richard G.
    Richard G. Vor 2 years +2

    Good work man, you do a great job

  • SuperElectricpatrick
    SuperElectricpatrick Vor 2 years +8

    Fantastic job!!!!
    A little advice from a old man.
    Lift you work up to a comfortable working height. Your back and knees will thank you for it.
    Keep up the good work!!!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      Thank you. Yes that is true, will think about that next time.

  • brother love
    brother love Vor 2 years +2

    I am curious as to how long this ended up taking to complete the splitting process?

    • maxdecphoenix
      maxdecphoenix Vor 2 years +1

      couple minutes. probably longer due to messing with his cameras and being a bit overly cautious. I've seen Swedish Amish guys hew 20' long 6*6 in about 15minutes. People think the 'hard' part is the splitting. It's not. The real hard part and patience is finding suitable logs. The mastery is knowing which log is going to take 2mins to split and which one is going to take 30minutes because of internal limbs changing grain.

  • duane adams
    duane adams Vor 2 years +2

    It looked like you laid a piece of bark down on top of the foundation stone before you put the half log in place. What was the purpose of doing that? Was it bark or some kind of metal? Thanks in advance of your answer.

    • duane adams
      duane adams Vor 2 years +1

      @Allen Tyler Thank You. Yeah, I guess that would made sense to do that. Anyway, thanks again for the reply.

    • Allen Tyler
      Allen Tyler Vor 2 years +2

      The bark acts as a barrier between wood and concrete i believe, something to do wirh moisture transfer.

  • casterman2
    casterman2 Vor 2 years +4

    Getting all the tools in place to do this very same thing!

  • Greg Richards
    Greg Richards Vor 2 years +32

    Great to see a young man with such an affinity for hard work. Outstanding

    • Mike Bigyard
      Mike Bigyard Vor 2 years +2

      Agreed. I myself like to work hard but seems I’m a small breed lol. Good job man

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +2

      Thank you Greg, very appreciative!

  • Sardonyx Her
    Sardonyx Her Vor 2 years +3

    Yep. Yes you are a machine my friend. I will definitely subscribe to your channel. Awesome.👌👌👌

  • Gary Pickering
    Gary Pickering Vor year +1

    Could hear the log ring as it was beginning the splitting process. 👍

  • Bane
    Bane Vor year +4

    I appreciate the skill, patience and craftsmanship but I gotta say, after that first log, I would have to rent some saws or something.

  • Annette Millette
    Annette Millette Vor 2 years +4

    hello Erik, you certainly bring something new to the blackboard, enough to learn

  • Keegan Burnette
    Keegan Burnette Vor 2 years +25

    I'm late to comment but you did a great job since it's your first time and I/we have faith in you completing this cabin. Wish I could join you but I'm still in highschool and it's your journey gl.

  • Mr.McGoover
    Mr.McGoover Vor 2 years +12

    And to think that this is how vikings made boards for there long boats... Halving then quartering ect... Until they got a 16th wedged rail that they then hewed with a broad axe into planking. So much work!

    • Randy Ward
      Randy Ward Vor year +1

      People in the past were incredibly strong, from a life of hard physical labor.

    • ArcheoFutura _
      ArcheoFutura _ Vor 2 years +3

      Mr.McGoover yeah it’s a lot of work but they knew that it made a stronger, more flexible plank. You don’t need to steam bend with axe hewn planks, just a little bit of heat. Axe hewn planks are also cut along the grain, which eliminates a lot of weak spots that you’d normally get with sawn planks

  • Albert Albert
    Albert Albert Vor 2 years +12

    No talking. Just communication through action.

  • Paul Moody
    Paul Moody Vor 2 years +6

    Every young man should learn these type of skills. Very character building I say.

  • Bunny
    Bunny Vor 5 Monate

    This is the most relaxing content I’ve seen on DEclips

  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington Vor year +3

    You’re an inspiration man.

  • Eagle Clan
    Eagle Clan Vor year +5

    So the birch bark prevents moisture and/or rot on the sill end?

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor year +8

      It stops the capillary forced water from traveling up into the wood from the corners.

  • Blasphemion
    Blasphemion Vor 9 Monate +2

    Looks better then what I would do with heavy machinery .

  • Jim F
    Jim F Vor 9 Monate

    If your going to do a lot of that, you could profit from a proper hewing axe, with one flat side. I mean you do a fine job as is, but it’d be easier and quicker.
    Also your mallet would last longer if you cut the top off and put the handle in perpendicular to the grain. That way you would be hitting the end grain, but it’s more work, so maybe it’s not worth it for you

  • Crystal Farmer
    Crystal Farmer Vor 9 Monate +1

    Please tell me about your axes. We are loving your videos! We learn from watching you, but the question that keeps coming up is what kind of axes are you using 🤔

  • olivier kamp
    olivier kamp Vor 2 years +1

    Je serais curieux de voir la même avec un chêne solognot ! 😋

  • Wyrd Wildman
    Wyrd Wildman Vor 3 years +18

    It is good to see this great European tradition being kept alive.

    • Rasmus Adolfsson
      Rasmus Adolfsson Vor 10 Monate +1

      @Léon Tonton what?

    • Léon Tonton
      Léon Tonton Vor 2 years

      @Benaiah Ahmadinejad yes but, having sex with animals is not very entertaining for most people.

  • Linda Petersen
    Linda Petersen Vor year +1

    Erik your making a D log in logging terms it is great this way !!!

  • Morrow Sind
    Morrow Sind Vor 24 Tage

    I need to get some of those splitting wedges. I have a 3 foot log of spalted maple. And, my ax swing is no where close to accurate. I don't want to ruin it. I'd like to try and get as many spoons out of it as possible.

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson Vor year +1

    Erik, what kind and brand of hatchet do you use? Specifically, the one with the very long rounded blade. You use it like a knife or even a chisel sometimes. I would sure like to know. Thanks.

    • Daniel Jackson
      Daniel Jackson Vor year +1

      @Petter ! I went to their website. I am pretty sure you are exactly right Thanks Petter. Looks like a GRÄNSFORS BROAD AXE, MODEL 1900

    • Petter !
      Petter ! Vor year +1

      I think it is a Gränsfors bruks Axe brand.

  • Sambsa Selkku
    Sambsa Selkku Vor year

    How long do you let logs to dry, befor you start building?

  • D.W. Stratton
    D.W. Stratton Vor year +3

    Nothing like a good wood mallet. That CLONK is such a good sound.

  • NTD
    NTD Vor 2 years +2

    Hi Eric,Jenny Lee here with NTD Television. Our team was very impressed by your video and our editors would like to showcase it by uploading and crediting you on some of our social media pages and websites so that our fans can see it. We are one of the world's fastest growing media companies with over 100 million fans and 1 billion monthly video views across all of our social properties. Our motto is truth, hope, and humanity. Can I send you more information in my next message / email?
    Thank you!

  • Leanda Lynch
    Leanda Lynch Vor year +2

    love videos happy new year waiting for next one

  • HeavyChains
    HeavyChains Vor 2 years +4

    It’s cool that he made a hammer out of straight wood he’s a really hard worker

    • HarkályJónás -
      HarkályJónás - Vor 2 years

      it is a pine tree, one of the softest trees, very easy to shape. and he did not use an ordinary hammer because it did not have such a striking surface.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      Thank you.

  • Benjamin Blair
    Benjamin Blair Vor year

    You should get an adze. A hand adze and foot adze. They help a lot when flattening boards. Though they suck to use

  • Peter Buknicz
    Peter Buknicz Vor year +1

    Great job!

  • McRocket
    McRocket Vor 2 years +9

    You seem to be a VERY patient man.
    A virtue that I do not possess.

    • Rowan Fernsler
      Rowan Fernsler Vor 2 years +5

      You sound so much like me that it scares me

  • Ken Marapese
    Ken Marapese Vor 2 years +4

    Nice way to work, it's all about the journey.

  • SwedMiro SwedMiro
    SwedMiro SwedMiro Vor 2 years +6

    Had to speak out on an axe matter. While you can use the axe as a wedge like this they are really not built for it. In the end you will open up the axe "eye" by using it as a hammer/sledge/wedge. The only kind of axe that can take that kind of "abuse" is a sledge axe. Considering the quality of axe you use here is quite high you might want to get some cheaper axes to use for this method. Don't get me wrong, it is perhaps the best way of doing it to get precision opening cuts on a log but as I said, the axes will in the end be damaged by it.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +4

      O I thought the Husqvarna sledge axes could take that metal sledge hammer. The Gränsfors bruks felling axe is only used for guiding the cut with lighter hitting from a wooden mallet, but I guess it would be better to use a cheaper axe there.
      Thanks for your feedback 👍

  • Roger Chapanis
    Roger Chapanis Vor 2 years +3

    What kind of an axe do you use for the splitting?

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +2

      I would only use (wooden) wedges but did not make enough, so I also drived in Husqvarna Splitting Axe. Otherwise I used Gränsfors bruks Axe to make the starting cut. I used Gränsfors bruks broad axe model 1900 to clean the surface.

  • Larry Epling
    Larry Epling Vor 9 Monate +1

    Just found your site, you may have already gave info on brands, size and makes of tools, would appreciate knowing what they are. If you direct me it would be great, thank you

  • larsson920
    larsson920 Vor 2 years +2

    Vad är det för såg du använder? Imponerad av jobbet du lägger ner 👍🏻

  • Rad Eno
    Rad Eno Vor 2 years +3

    Man / axe / forrest / wild / wood / silence / peace / freshair / hardwork / satisfaction 👏

  • Clancy
    Clancy Vor 2 years +3

    "La gente ya no es paciente"
    Yo: callate la boca y mira esta pieza de arte

  • Khaled Adams
    Khaled Adams Vor 3 years

    Should these be split green or seasoned first?

  • Sheree Champoux
    Sheree Champoux Vor year

    A Job Well done!

  • see mak
    see mak Vor 3 years +2

    멋진 집이 완성되길 바랍니다.

  • tlg özr
    tlg özr Vor 2 years +7

    Great job young man! Greetings from Turkey 🇹🇷

    • tlg özr
      tlg özr Vor 2 years +1

      @REPLANÇA El yordamıyla uzun kütüğü nasıl ortadan ikiye böldüğünü gösteriyor.

      REPLANÇA Vor 2 years +1

      Adam nr yapiyor müdür brn birşey anlamadim

  • Sylvain ARGAILLOT
    Sylvain ARGAILLOT Vor 2 years +4

    Take care of your back if you want to be able to continue this :/ keep your back flat, not round.

  • Sam Kurtz
    Sam Kurtz Vor 2 years +5

    Good shit man. Something I have always wanted to try. Lovely to see fellow young craftsmen!

  • Art Of Gaming
    Art Of Gaming Vor 2 years +3

    Great work

  • David Hirotsu
    David Hirotsu Vor 23 Tage

    @erikgrankvist are you using a double or single bevel broadaxe for hewing?

  • MauriatOttolink
    MauriatOttolink Vor year

    I tried ti view in sequence but not easy. Latest I viewed is the roof insulation. Is there more or is the series not yet complete?

    *ЛЕСНОЙ ДВ* Vor 2 years +2

    Very good video 👍👍👍

  • S
    S Vor 3 years +29

    You should go check out T and A out doors he built a beautiful long hut all with hand tools. Your work is very similar to his. Great job man.

    • J Stevo
      J Stevo Vor 2 years

      @S source for techniques

    • S
      S Vor 2 years +1

      J F yes and no. The responsible guys like myself use the dead trees for these bush builds. But if I’m going to build a true timber log cabin I would use live pine and try old world drying/hardening techniques to make the wood last a crazy long time.

    • Rowan Fernsler
      Rowan Fernsler Vor 2 years

      J F I’m trying to understand you, are you talking about the trees dropping like flies?

  • Assa Rykmentti
    Assa Rykmentti Vor year

    Tack Erik! Great movie. Greetings from Finland

  • Anđeo Života
    Anđeo Života Vor 2 years +2

    Bravo Erik 👏

  • Alma Berggren
    Alma Berggren Vor year

    det bästa jag har sätt på länge du är så inspirerande

  • U. U.
    U. U. Vor year +1

    can you tell us the prduct name of your wood tools (axe, saw and so on)?

  • ahti29
    ahti29 Vor 2 years +1

    Alright boys,thats a wrap,now roll out the Woodmizer.

  • at.kafasi.212
    at.kafasi.212 Vor year

    I was getting Arnaldo Costa vibes at the start, didn't end up as epic but great work.

  • Rick Schuman
    Rick Schuman Vor 2 years

    "How To PERFECTLY Split a Log Lengthwise"- start with the right log.

  • 신거북
    신거북 Vor 2 years +4

    You are really cooool, bro!!! amazing works!! young handsome guy with old-timers skill!!

  • Cameron F
    Cameron F Vor 2 years +8

    You think you need to do all this? When you’ve got a Nordic-made axe, all you’ve gotta do is hold it up to the sky while standing in front of the tree, yell a praise to Odín, and watch the log split itself into the shapes you need.

    • Nomadic Tsmsyen
      Nomadic Tsmsyen Vor year +1

      I want this axe you speak of 😍

    • Cameron F
      Cameron F Vor 2 years +4

      Erik Grankvist Hope it works out, it’s something of beauty to see 👍🏼 great work man!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +8

      Hahah. Never thought of this, I will try it next time ;)

  • Cabin in the woods

    Eric where did you get these skills at a young age

  • ethan ledford
    ethan ledford Vor year

    When I was a kid we used to build fences like this

  • Jacob DiPietro
    Jacob DiPietro Vor 2 years +1

    What axes are you using in this video?

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      Mostly Gränsfors bruks axes. You can find them on there website. 👍

  • Matthew W
    Matthew W Vor 2 years +1

    With all the time invested in splitting the process, driving wedges, then to smooth out The long beam, One would think it would be easier just to hand saw

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      Funny I was actually thinking about that today, how one would do it alone.