We've Played Pokémon Sword & Shield on Nintendo Switch - Are They Any Good?

  • Am 17 Okt 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Pokémon Sword and Shield are the first mainline Pokémon games to arrive in HD, but how do they hold up after 90 minutes of play?
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  • Bruh
    Bruh Vor 7 Tage

    This didn't age well. You said it wouldn't be hand holdy

  • Anthony Ó Súileabháin

    Why has this dick got so many views for sitting on stinking far arse, just talking jibberish ?

  • Μłκε ŠøLø
    Μłκε ŠøLø Vor 12 Tage

    This guy has huge tits.

  • Cade Johnson
    Cade Johnson Vor 19 Tage

    I get a bit bummed when I click a Nintendo life video and it isn’t Alex hosting. I wish he had his own channel

  • Pokémon Shield is OP
    Pokémon Shield is OP Vor 22 Tage

    I’m getting a Nintendo switch lite on December 31st! I’m so excited since the only reason I’m buying it is to get Pokémon shield! I don’t know which starter to pick, but I liked groomed evolution but I don’t like that he has a extra item (the drum) I don’t know it just pisses me off. I’m so excited! I want to play so bad

  • Minh Ngoc Tran
    Minh Ngoc Tran Vor 24 Tage

    ark mobile looks better lul

  • JABD Racing
    JABD Racing Vor 25 Tage

    I love how you talked about dynamaxing. The Mega evolutions were a really cool “gimmick” and added a very exclusive and worked towards layer. Z moves were just unnecessary to me and dynamax other then the raid battle is almost a waste of resources. Cannot wait to try the game for myself though.

    MR ENVY Vor 26 Tage

    Love this game so much.

  • Cody Koh
    Cody Koh Vor 26 Tage

    I tried to nickname my darklike Foxlike pokemon FUGLY (bec its ugly) but the game doesnt want to accept it.

  • Sirius Wolfstein
    Sirius Wolfstein Vor 26 Tage

    Plays for 90 minutes and spends seven minutes talking about how the tutorial is skippable. That says a lot.

  • xBrandon 24
    xBrandon 24 Vor 28 Tage

    Nintendo's most likely gonna have to step in for the next game or it will look like a Wii game next.

  • Graham D
    Graham D Vor 28 Tage

    How delusional are you? If you are good at lying to yourself, this is cool, but this is not what the fans deserve.
    I liked the last game on the switch. It had charm. This looks rushed. No idea how quality control let this through Nintendo. If you compare it to Fire Emblem , it seems as if the developers either don't have pride or think we're stupid. And they have my money. Don't be stupid, too.

  • David Williams Life
    David Williams Life Vor 29 Tage

    I’m a bit confused that people want major changes to Pokémon NOW, when the series has always been about tradition. As far as I can tell, the haters are just butthurt that they can’t collect all 9,976,000 Pokémon and the graphics aren’t up to par, and yet they haven’t actually played the game and take leakers at face value.

  • A.L. Aldous
    A.L. Aldous Vor 29 Tage

    Great goggily goodness you’re cute.

  • Freakin'Usernames
    Freakin'Usernames Vor 29 Tage

    The fact that Monster Hunter can reinvent itself leagues better than Pokemon really fucking puts the nail in the coffin for this game for me.

  • Stona Raptor
    Stona Raptor Vor 29 Tage +1


  • carlos filippi
    carlos filippi Vor Monat

    Please answer. Will you be able to walk around Galar with your friends?

  • Danny C
    Danny C Vor Monat

    All game company reviews are biased. they get paid to do this.

  • Bendo The ink demon

    Uhh grookey

  • Jlopez240 Gaming
    Jlopez240 Gaming Vor Monat

    I was really hoping for a breathe of the wild type upgrade for Pokémon and so far the game looks really disappointing and it hurts

  • Ewout Offereins
    Ewout Offereins Vor Monat +1

    More shrubbery i guess the knights of nee will love that 😝

  • Тиara Бубоvskи


  • Alejandro Condoriano

    I've been playing Pokemon since it first came out on Game boy. As long as as graphics don't go backwards, who gives a fuck? 900p, 1080p, HD! As long as it ain't 8-bit and flat, 2d shifting monsters, Who gives a fuck?! The fuck are y'all complaining about?
    The game looks amazing! It's not 2d or 2.5d anymore, so let's enjoy the first open world style Pokemon game!

  • zoozbuh
    zoozbuh Vor Monat

    LOL he can’t be honest about this game.

  • Memesupreme
    Memesupreme Vor Monat

    So is this geared more towards the casual player? Or can og player still expect the same technicalities of the old style? I didnt like lets go eevee it felt too geared towards noobs.

  • イデーン
    イデーン Vor Monat

    The Pokemon company is the biggest worldwide franchise. They have no excuse for half hearted games at this point.

  • Jdbye
    Jdbye Vor Monat

    There were far better looking and running games on the 3DS than anything Game Freak made. They hadn't quite figured out how to optimize their 3D games and make the most of the hardware and they still haven't. It still looks way better than any of the 3DS Pokemon games, but I'm certain it could have been done on the 3DS with similar performance by more talented developers.

  • Neru
    Neru Vor Monat

    Dragon Quest Monsters did "open world" a long time ago, while gamefreak has barely started going towards that direction.

  • Apisz
    Apisz Vor Monat

    i don't have a switch yet, so can we play this game online and offline mode?

  • Johnny Casteel
    Johnny Casteel Vor Monat +2

    Oh...I wonder if a Nintendo channel is going to promote a nintendo game...WTF stupid shit is this?!?!
    There is a 0% chance you all would rate this game appropriately.

  • Jessica Sanders
    Jessica Sanders Vor Monat

    I get the feeling that these games are like the "stepping stones" towards the Diamond and Pearl remakes, similar to how X and Y suffered because of time limits due to Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby coming out soon after

  • James Lovebirch
    James Lovebirch Vor Monat +15

    It's too bad this guy's livelihood depends on Nintendo, so he can't be really honest about this game.

  • Thomas Bolinger
    Thomas Bolinger Vor Monat

    National. Dex.

  • Joey Garcia
    Joey Garcia Vor Monat +2

    Why am I under the impression he never played the game lol

  • Steven Connell
    Steven Connell Vor Monat

    Can I be bald?

  • Vince_23
    Vince_23 Vor Monat

    Who cares about graphics I care about gameplay and story more

    • Vince_23
      Vince_23 Vor Monat

      salvador vasquez doesn’t sound like a problem to me I’ve been on 2k the last years

    • salvador vasquez
      salvador vasquez Vor Monat +2

      -Less pokemon
      -Less moves
      -Exp share is now permanent
      -Your pokemon get easily over leveled
      -Most leaders have only 3 pokemon
      -Only 10 routes
      -Wild area is a lot more empty than it looks
      -You can only fish in designated areas
      Let's just say it's Disney level of predictable

  • Infamous-Riv3ra
    Infamous-Riv3ra Vor Monat

    didnt really get much info in this video tbh only like 5 minutes of this video was useful. no offense just stating facts

  • kyle lopez
    kyle lopez Vor Monat

    Dude ive been waiting for forever for 2 things. Either our own gym or defending our champion title. Both would be easy af to integrate. Hell for defending the champion title just put in a random mix of higher and higher level pokemon as you beat more and more challengers. Thrown in the mix will be some of our older characters such as red, gold, green, etc.

  • Lily Jepsen
    Lily Jepsen Vor Monat

    I just watched another video with gameplay that has the exact same gameplay scenes featured in this video. Hmmmmm

  • y100
    y100 Vor Monat

    hhhhhhhhhhello there lovely peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeple

  • Bowie van Neerbos
    Bowie van Neerbos Vor Monat

    Nice d/p music on the background

  • Shatter
    Shatter Vor Monat +2

    Normal start
    Less Tutorial
    Rival chooses weaker starter (like Hau in sun/moon/ultra sun/ultra moon)
    Level up in first Pokémon battle with rival
    Starter learns a move that is that same type as itself in first battle
    Less annoying things that explain things you probably already know
    Possibly avoidable tutorial parts
    *So good so far*
    Non main characters still remain lifeless
    Better cutscenes
    Wild area doesn’t seem like most pokemon (apparently good thing)
    Wild area feels like a real world
    Raids are interesting
    Dynamaxing doesn’t have enough tutorial (new for Pokémon because usually there is too much tutorial)
    Dynamaxing is still going with the theme here is something cool and new
    Unimpressive from a technical point of view
    Better than the Alolan Pokémon saga
    Bad quality but really good for Pokémon
    Game seems average
    Really good game overall
    Functional vs presentational
    Presentational the game isn’t that good.
    Fictionally it’s amazing.

  • Alaskan Vampire
    Alaskan Vampire Vor Monat

    Your serious. Your rival finally picks a weaker Pokemon

  • NikeAirQuan
    NikeAirQuan Vor Monat

    Can you have your favorite pokemon outside of it's ball walking around with you?

  • Angel Fernandez
    Angel Fernandez Vor Monat

    I'd rather more mega stone

  • Linkman247
    Linkman247 Vor Monat

    Sorry but I think there is no sugarcoating or not talking about the national dex. I still don't believe their claim that they built all the models from the ground up. It just doesn't add up. If your going to make all new models? Why not at least make the pose different? They look like uprezzed 3DS models with a fresnel rim lighting effect/filter added to give them a greater sense of volume. Then there are the animations. If the animations and models actually looked different? Then I might be willing to think otherwise. I am not going to call Game Freak lazy as I am sure the devs are passionate. But I do feel like not having a national dex is a cop-out. I do feel like a lot of the things they are adding as "gameplay" are little more than gimmicks. Pokemon getting bigger is likely going to be a gimmick that will be removed in the next game like Z-moves and Mega Evolutions were for this game. At least Mega's changed typing and added a bit to the Meta.
    The other problem I have is...they say making all the pokemon in the game is too much work? Well then why continue creating new regional variants of existing pokemon. That's part of what I believe to be; why the game is so hard to balance.
    The other thing is they keep talking about how you can transfer your pokemon to pokemon home where they will exist. The problem? They haven't told us squat about Pokemon Home, how it will really work. The thing is, it's a one way transfer. Once you transfer those pokemon to Home; those that can't be taken into sword or shield become useless in this nebulous vague Pokemon Home.
    I'm not saying the developers should be personally attacked or harassed. But they must have known that the community would not like the decision. What they have effectively done is split the community in the same way COD did with it's map packs and other b.s. And as far as "It's fine, it's pokemon" is indicative of why Gamefreak can coast by making only incremental improvements. It just seems like people have low standards for game freak. And that's why we get things like 720p 30 fps, and muddy textures. Pokemon is the highest grossing franchise and it's ok to put out muddy textures (i.e. the trees.)?

  • Jamie McKell
    Jamie McKell Vor Monat

    Not making a complete mess of the tutorial is one of the best things to say about this game? Ouch.
    Poor game, poor concepts, poor execution by the looks of it.

  • Mathias T.W.P
    Mathias T.W.P Vor Monat

    I'm not surprised that the graphics are "average" and I don't care either; it's the first game on a new console, so cut them some slack. Honestly we should just give them more time next time around, tell them it's alright if they skip a year. Tell them that we care more about the quality than the frequency, do a real KSP2 on'em.

    Oh and on the national dex thing; couldn't really give a shit to be brutally honest, couldn't give a shit.

    • SkyTech RTS
      SkyTech RTS Vor Monat

      I'm not cutting them any slack, since that's their excuse for cutting content.

      they are the ones making the decisions they need to give themselves more time.

  • hunter bob
    hunter bob Vor Monat

    Pokémon.... + pro controller... I’m getting it 😂

  • Foxshiro
    Foxshiro Vor Monat

    With the GameFreak argument about using 3DS hardware to the max, you gotta remember they've been developing Pokemon games for the DS since like 2006. That's a long time to get used to a platform. They've just started on the Switch. However what I don't get is how Let's Go seems to be better looking than Sw/Sh.

  • pikachucet the second
    pikachucet the second Vor Monat +1

    I honestly think these games really don’t look that bad
    Graphically AND Gameplay wise

    • pikachucet the second
      pikachucet the second Vor Monat

      What I’m saying is is that the haters are overreacting and that anyone else angry about this game is expecting too much from a series like Pokémon. And besides, so long as the game isn’t bad, what’s the problem? If the game is fun, it served its purpose well!

    • zoozbuh
      zoozbuh Vor Monat

      pikachucet the second For a $60 game from a super huge developer who has been making Pokemon games for 20+ years... it should be MORE THAN JUST “NOT BAD”

  • VDelBeast
    VDelBeast Vor Monat

    what was errybodys first pokémon game?

  • Muhd Raziq
    Muhd Raziq Vor Monat

    i still not gonna give up on pokemon... but daym yokai watch 4 rlly look incredible, hope pokemon learn from them

  • XxWillScarletSoundxX

    What is the music in this?

  • andycap Benedictus
    andycap Benedictus Vor Monat +1

    worst review ever----- I mean..... was he high?

  • Scorpio06061988
    Scorpio06061988 Vor Monat

    Wait.......do you also do the DEclips show Uncovered? If not then OMFG you have a doppleganger as the host of that show!

    PAYTON RYAN Vor Monat

    no spoilers plz

  • Joshua Carter
    Joshua Carter Vor Monat +1

    New starters look like shit. I want pocket monsters back not furries.

  • Sylense
    Sylense Vor Monat

    I feel like people expect too much out of this game on the technical side. It’s the first mainline Pokémon game on the Switch. They’re still figuring out how it works, so I feel like it should be ok to give some leeway on this entry. If this quality consists in future games on the switch, THEN we can get mad.

    • SkyTech RTS
      SkyTech RTS Vor Monat

      That's not an excuse, a game shouldn't be significantly worse on a NEW system. I don't pay money for diminishing returns.

  • Dylan Moore
    Dylan Moore Vor Monat

    You have GOT to work on your diction.