Top 10 Secrets Celebrities Don't Want You to Know



  • Celeste Nullvier
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    POOR ANIMALS! i hope hollywood comes to an end soon.

  • One of Five
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    federal police are also laundering money. who is investigating them than???

  • Dragoneous Miltoneous

    I want to be an attender and clapper where do I apply!!

  • Matthew Trabue
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    The one you saved for last was spot on! There is a child sex trafficking ring in Hollywood and it's been there for a long time. If only it were all exposed and those captive set free. I pray it will some day.

  • Rebbecca Hail
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    Matthew Broderick got away with murder because he was an actor? How about OJ Simpson and Robert Blake?

  • TheEvil ClownMan
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    Money talks while rich shit walks !

  • NONYA Business
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    Stupid USA.

  • NONYA Business
    NONYA Business Vor 4 Tage

    Rape is Rape ... Ain't no such thing as "was not actual rape" ... Specially since that was More than one.
    So yeah.
    Sick shit regardless, but that's Hollywood, lol.

  • kapeto Awomi
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    As ew have said they'll do anything to hide this secret..did they killed ew f****r

  • Georgie Dyer
    Georgie Dyer Vor 5 Tage

    They were not FORCED to get abortions. They chose to in order to further their careers.

  • Sharique Nawaz Arzu
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    Bollywood 👍
    Hollywood 👎

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    Please use the subtitles

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    You can attend the oscars and get paid? Uh yeahhhh

  • Cookie The Third
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    I would have given you a thumbs up if it wasn't for Nr 2. Animal Abuse *is* a huge problem but the examples you came up with kinda pissed me off.

  • Kevin Lazo
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    Sorry but ladies have to pull in bigger numbers to get paid more..

  • gerifeca
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    10 min 55 sec about the definition of RETARD.

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    thumb down for stupid pay gap crap.

  • Fook Utube
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    Abortion so thy could look good.Fuck them ugly ass cunts

  • Fook Utube
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    So thy do hold gun at the audience hahaha

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    I'M SORRY, did he just say BET Davis??? BET?! Ok sit down.

  • whatwouldjeebusdo
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    the life of pi tiger was cgi ffs

  • Sadika Shaikh
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    how can they harm innocent animals only for a movie..

    THE EXPERT Vor 15 Tage +1

    They are no longer secrets we need secrets

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    Thanks for lots of things

  • Robin Bates
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    Reading some of the comments here and I am surprised. Here you show animal and child abuse going on along with the money. And, all they can see is " Clappers and fill ins"." This makes me sick now knowing what they do. Makes me want to never watch another movie again. They are pathetic and all involved with what is happening, should be put in jail and never work for the industry again. With the abuse and money, they are breaking the law. It's not right for them to be able to get away with it, just cause they have money. Most likely illegal also.

  • Adri Leemput
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    Apparently 'murder' has a new definition

  • Döner Mann
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    please humanity start caring about your own lives and this fake bullshit will go away ♥

  • Lay Lay
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    Skips to the end

  • Lukas Hallmann
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    9:35 powerless people; powerful in deceit.

  • Sameer Gurung
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    Such a waste of time.

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    On my way to the end of the video

  • laserus3333
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    You left out the fact That Bigtime Celebrities make more money as high end prostitutes for the super Rich. And none of them , (be they male or female) Would even be a celebrity if they had not bent over or slobbed some nobbs, or had their chin used as a saddle for countless director's, shotcallers and crusty old mens nutsack.

  • Jen Jen
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    Such an evil place, yet we still watch.

  • Mary Lomas
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    how do you know all this though? i know it is hollywood and anyone would do anything for money. it is totally all crazy!! hahahahahaha

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    C'mon Kim is talented every girl will look like Kim, and she is milionere thanks to Sex tape! That's talent! 😁

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    Evethings fake

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    10:32 thank me later😀

  • Dheeraj Kumar
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    So everything is fake huh?

  • LecTriXx Official
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    That part about the "Life of Pi" is a hoax, there's a VFX breakdown on how they made that lion. I hope you also know how good pro editors are right now.

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    Where i can apply to be a clapper?????

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    I love clapping. I am here if you need me😀

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    Lol the tiger in the life of pi was completely cgi

  • BeansOnTheCam
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    If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

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    Who wouldn't click on a video full of secrets?

  • Cassie Gilbert
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    kristen saying her relationship with rob was fake.... bitch ya moved into his house. ya lived with him.

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    Fuck being a oscar clapper I wanna be a celebrity stopper

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    It so hard to be a celebrity. I'm glad, I'm just me free to live life to the fullest

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    5:16 is the thumb nail

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    Father in law : what do u do to earn a living
    Son in law: I clap

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    If you are employed and you know
    Clap your hands

  • Pankaj Singha
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    If it's a secret how do you know it?

  • Jason Cougar
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    And democrats. Pay to fill seats.

  • TheYes1210
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    Why they need people to sit down on the redcarpet when they just can mark it when they need to stand to take picture

  • It's Hectic
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    The tiger one isn’t true because it was all fake!!!!!!😂😂😂

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    lolol bet davis. bette as in betteeeee davis guys

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    Ugh I farted

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    I cant gosh😱

  • UKish
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    I hate this wage gap rubbish in places like Hollywood your paid for your name not what you do

  • Truther 48
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    Im disgusted with the animal bit - I saw something with a a dog in a movie and it looked bloody real to me - It makes me want to scream I wish people would turn away from these shit movies - and from the disgusting Hollyweird -

  • longtail4711
    longtail4711 Vor 23 Tage

    "While actress Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were forced to get abortions..." That is absolutely chilling.

  • HeyItsSara
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    how are they secrets then?

  • Sam King
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    Bunch of losers

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  • Alexandria Smith
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    Mom: what are you going to go to school for sweety?
    Me: I am going to study clapping
    Mom: no you should study hugging
    Me: no I can go to the Oscar and get payed for clapping
    Mom: *👌*

  • Didi Claire
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    This is crazy and stupid, what happened to just being a normal human being? Wtf! So much madness for fame, jeezzz! And the animal and child abuse is just barbaric and cruel. People need to be held accountable. Plz God reveal the truth and awaken your soldiers to curse all evil!😠😠😠

  • Albert Calis
    Albert Calis Vor 24 Tage

    And yet Hollywood likes to criticize people right and left. Don't go pointing out skeletons in our closets when you have an entire graveyard in yours.

  • Nini Ho
    Nini Ho Vor 24 Tage

    “secrets-don’t want u to kno”
    if u kno what’s wrong w/this title
    congratulations u r a smart human

  • Evelien Keizer
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    But wasn't the tiger fake?

  • Rowan Thomas
    Rowan Thomas Vor 24 Tage

    Seriously wondering about the animal abuse. The tiger in life of Pi...that looked CGI tbh. Good CGI but you can still see it’s CGI in my opinion. I think a lot of stuff is CGId in these days. At least I hope.

  • Anwesa Biswas
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    Q. What's your vocation?
    A. I am a clapper.

  • The Commentor
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    You can get paid for clapping...

    Illuminati confirmed

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    Can you do one about nightmares?

  • Karina Wang
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    Idk care cuz I only like bts and blackpink

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    These are mostly lies, I'm no celebrity lol someone was seriously looking for entertainment here.... smoke some more dope fuck head lmao hit unsubscribe now hahaha

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    The finale was underwhelming

  • Clarence  Tagon
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    Glad that the thumbnail isn't for clickbaiting 😂

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    Why kill a baby/angel just to not get a fat belly?!?

  • Dasha And Co.
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  • mercyplayz z
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    *when i see this video* I HATE HOLYWOOD!!!!

  • Psijki Sananimo
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    For a whopping shit ton of your life savings you can have a worthless trophy for something you didn’t win presented at celebrations with paid audiences cause they suck so much ass.

  • Psijki Sananimo
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    I wonder how much money that dude with the glasses in the ads that say he reads a lot of books this is my lambo here’s some cows if you want free money give me your money, makes. Always on videos like this.

  • Josh Sacre
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    I feel like some of this is bs

  • StamfordBridge
    StamfordBridge Vor 25 Tage

    Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy were not a promance. Just because their relationship was not conventional doesn’t mean it was wholly an industry invention. That said, promances were definitely common in the early decades of Hollywood!

  • jared mccoy
    jared mccoy Vor 25 Tage

    bett davis? are you kidding me? her name is bette davis but pronounced betty. if i wasnt a hundred percent positive that almost all of these watchmojo the richest just read off a script and often mispronounce common names and words. ok now im not naive and have known for years that they read off a script but could they please put alil more effort in fact n word checking? the emphasis should b in putting more effort in quality not quantity.

  • Michelle Johnson
    Michelle Johnson Vor 25 Tage

    How are you gonna blame your fans for a relationship you chose to have and decided to leave because you let people dictate what kind of relationship it was

  • Katae Kim
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    Poor animals 😢😭😭😭

  • Fixed Focus
    Fixed Focus Vor 26 Tage

    And i thought my jobless life is stressful when celebrities with all the fame n money live in a depressing industry.!

  • Mac Kennedy
    Mac Kennedy Vor 26 Tage

    Animal abuse makes me crazy angry.

  • Christopher Bedford
    Christopher Bedford Vor 26 Tage

    OH, PUH-LEASE. "Secrets," indeed. "Do anything to keep them from you," indeed. This video is so over-dramatic, over-sensationalised and smacks of desperation. Uses all stock footage, mostly completely irrelevant to the actual topic, but having the right "tags".
    Total bullshit.

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  • olo
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    Imma clapper

    🔫🔫 naw im sayin cuz on blood i keeps the heat i stay with the shits playboii 👏🔫

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    Women get paid less, booooo-hoooooooooo!😂

  • Louis Sinon
    Louis Sinon Vor 27 Tage

    Maybe the actors have different rankings such as iron man having a massive income than let saying another black widow in the film because of the amount the are worth and how long they are featured in the film. Your a channel on a media platform you should know this

  • chesco
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    corey Feldman isn't talking anymore... because he is going to be in Goonies.. Make that what you will of it ... and also American President...

  • Deanya Schempp
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    These are interesting.
    How can you not know Bette Davis is pronounced Betty? Who does these things?

  • 20 minutes
    20 minutes Vor 27 Tage

    I hate them for lettin innocent animals and children suffer like that just for our entertainment!! 😢
    What has become of this world 😔