NASA Has Found Water On An Alien Planet.

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  • K2-18b is a distant exoplanet located 111 light-years away from us. It has a diameter of 28,500 kms and Mass roughly 8 times of Earth. It orbits in the habitable zone around a coll and very small star and takes 33 days for one orbit.
    For the very first time, NASA has detected water vapor on it. It's first planet outside solar system which has water in the atmosphere. According to astronomers, It has a Helium-Hydrogen atmosphere. It may have Earth like rocky surface and could be suitable for alien life.
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    *What Really Happened to Ham in Space?*
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    603678GE Humans are the real aliens

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    I now know way more than my science teacher because of your videos

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  • Infernos_Xtinct Paradox Clan

    But the irony is that we destroy our planet for the sake of humanity to survive on other planets which we'll soon destroy too to colonize other planets

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    Cool story bro!

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    I bet aliens live there

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    Oof, call them alien And they might Treat as Like aliens too cause of the Appearances xD

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    Homestead II??

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    Stancod Vor Monat

    There is water on a whole bunch of planets

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    People:we found a new planet
    Earth: oh, so now you leave?!

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    one day our journey to the planet

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    Then we take over that planet and destroy it like we are doing to earth right now

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    You can forget ever getting there. 1 light year is 5.88 Trillion miles. And 111 light years is 652,527,416,423,381 Quadrillion miles. With our technology today it would take 42,506 years (roughly) to reach K2-18B

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  • Blake
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    How these planets are discovered is as follows.... By measuring how a star twinkles red and blue (the doppler technique in a nut shell- with lots of assumptions and deductions made from that twinkle)? No planet has actually ever been visually observed around a star. You believe these things by faith at this point in history.

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    Yes it is real planet

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    If we reach this super earth/Exoplanet we might to see a alien

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    K2 18b here I come 😂

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    I wish more science nerds would study philosophy. Thinking alien life could be on another planet because there is water is a false equivalence fallacy, and just stupid beyond comprehension.

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    We already found water within the solar system, so what’s the point bruh

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    Its green... Alien plants????

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    What if we are the aliens!?

  • adrian villanueva
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    A lot of people and company expend their billion of money to study another planet to possible to leave in the future....why you dont expend your money to save our mother earth for the future people....

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    Aliens are not real=_=

  • assault and battery
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    if it's anything to do with NASA, or Linda Moulton-Howe, then it's bollocks.

  • Claytown
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    NASA hasn't found shit. FUCKING BULLSHIT if you think one light year is 5,878,625,373,183.6 miles and this planet is supposedly 110 x that... USE YOUR HEADS. Believing anything they fucking tell you hahahaha

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  • Shahid Ali
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    there may be exist clouds, ice, water and water vapor on some planets. but I think there isn't any existence of aliens in the universe. the latest technology has not yet any proof in this regard. only human beings are exist on this earth planet. there is no any other earth like ours. that's it.

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