NASA Has Found Water On An Alien Planet.

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  • K2-18b is a distant exoplanet located 111 light-years away from us. It has a diameter of 28,500 kms and Mass roughly 8 times of Earth. It orbits in the habitable zone around a coll and very small star and takes 33 days for one orbit.
    For the very first time, NASA has detected water vapor on it. It's first planet outside solar system which has water in the atmosphere. According to astronomers, It has a Helium-Hydrogen atmosphere. It may have Earth like rocky surface and could be suitable for alien life.
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    *What Really Happened to Ham in Space?*
    Watch here👉

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    Thats from leo constellation

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    So I am a little confused by the term light years, what does that really mean?

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    Moon pe to pani pata krne itna jhanjhat Ho Raha or ye dusre solar system me pani khoj liye mtlb kuch bhi video bnana hai.

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    what if there's an Alien life on that planet. How can we explain the Miss Universe pageant to them 😑

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    Lmaooo the earth is flat. Cut it out

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    Maybe we shouldnt look more closer because it can ruin the evolution because some peices can be left their or the civilisation might freak out.

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  • Chris Martin
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    And? How is this of any importance to us...NASA waste time and billions achieving nothing of any value for mankind..Planet Earth needs attention urgently ..who gives a shit what is supposedly happening 111 light years away ...

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    Anyone else got The 100 vibes from this?

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    E yea Mr

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    I guess there’s a planet b after all but we still have to ban plastic and make sure we take care of our planet.

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    Imagine just traveling to another planet, like you’re traveling to another state on vacation.

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    Want real TRUTH

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    Great... Another planet to Fuck up 🔥 🔥

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    Tell the People that there’s oil too

  • Marco the dragon
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    It's rarely possible for humans are there only about 6%
    *possibility of other intelligent animals*
    48% for furry animals (anthropological animal )
    34% for dragons
    10% for dinosaurs
    2% for other (creepy ugly monsters )
    Animals in earth are not intelegent but on other earth like planet is possible. .............

  • Nakiya Allen
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    Area 51

  • Aurobindo Ghosh
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    you too can expect to find water wherever there is hydrogen and oxygen

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    East west earth best

  • Maria Taylor
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    Nasa found a bunch of stupid ass people to play along with their lies n games! Nasa never stepped foot on the moon and they sure as hell never found water on anything but a fuckin beach, RIGHT HERE ON EARTH!

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    Nasa is lying. We cant go to another planet. Earth is flat with a dome (firmament )over it. Earth doesnt move. As God created it. Nobody can come in and nobody can go out.

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    Mr Scientific never answers I bet $!

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    Mr scientific pin this comment if you love your fans

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    Dude aliens exist 😂🤡

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    It is impossible to reach 111 light years to this planet with our modern technology. This discovery proves the possibility of life in another planet in our universe. We are destroying our planet, hope we don't do the same to other planets.

  • Kuwait Citizen
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    But can we live in that planet?

  • Ranjit Kumar
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    So if there is life in there then those species would be 8 to 10 times more massive than us and could squash an army tank like a bug

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    Meteor???????????????? Alien?????????????????

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    Why is it always NASA is anyone else wondering why can't it be SpaceX or something

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    Yoooo i think your a robot thers noway you can heart this commwnt unless you are


    Yeah now let's ruin another well arranged planet!

  • Kavitesh Chandar


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    aliens don't need water. they consume other liquid 😁

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    Ja ostatnio też tak pomyślałem i tak jest napewno

  • CozmicPlayz Minecraft

    Wow it’s “so amazing”
    Like they haven’t done that already...
    You do realize they have found many planets with liquid water on it that you can count?
    Not being a hater but ur clcikbaiting alot

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    What is K2-18B

  • zeus c109
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    G I guess NASA is going to need more funding to study this planet LOL. Suckers they could tell us anything and usually do will never be able to prove or disprove

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    when I grow up I want to be a space men

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    You may fine aliens on those planets

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    Were there water there life believe this

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    So just wondering, who controls this telescope and looks at the planets?

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    Sure they did"

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    Does this mean life on another planet?? :ooo

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    If They Don’t stop giving planets licence plate names i will start naming them

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    Wish you had voiced the video. But great anyway!

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    The music 😃

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    Why is like every in other universe names planets name KB or with KB-936

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    It will take a couple of years to get there lol

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    If it is 111 light years away ,then what ever image NASA analyzing is 111 years old .. is it ??

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    I wish google maps make Planets maps to see all the planets inside!

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    Scientists on earth - it is alien in that planet
    Scientists of aliens-it could aliens on earth

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    You’re wrong, Kepler-62e or Kepler-62b, I do not remember but it’s an exoplanet with a constellation of Super Earth and it’s entirely made up of pure waterz

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    What shows that it's 👽 planet

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    Well, we better do find a new planet to live on because, The world has just over a decade to get climate change under control


    When did NASA sent satellite to that planet