Top 10 Anime Where A Loser MC Turns Powerful As Hell

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  • SyndroZ
    SyndroZ Vor Monat

    What about shield hero

  • William Jackson
    William Jackson Vor Monat +1

    Can you make video of the funniest anime

  • Vodka
    Vodka Vor Monat

    What is the song

  • Shah Royal
    Shah Royal Vor Monat +1

    Think different bro I'm not satisfy.

  • Pan Brzoza
    Pan Brzoza Vor Monat

    From which episode is this Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi? I watched this video but i dont remember this

  • Lioness006
    Lioness006 Vor Monat

    Guilty Crown is so underrated. Top 2 are great!

  • InTheHell
    InTheHell Vor Monat

    How is k project?? Worth watching??

  • Featherless
    Featherless Vor Monat

    The Inuyashiki would of been such a badass OP Mc anime if the old guy wasnt the Mc and a hero also im tried of these Heroes wanting to save everyone. That kid would of been badass as an antime hero/villian mc. I thought he was until the old guy popped up and that’s when i sadly dropped the show.

  • Umar C
    Umar C Vor Monat +1

    Highschool dxd

  • deathlord269
    deathlord269 Vor Monat

    was gonna post this on a different video, but since it was in October i figured the chance of this being seen would work better on a newer video if it still applied. Anyways my question is, have you considered at the bottom of the screen where you show episode count and dub: yes/no potentially adding a legal places to stream row? for a lot of anime it's typically Crunchyroll, but then there are some that aren't and finding a legal place to watch is harder.

  • Joey Sky
    Joey Sky Vor Monat +2

    2:15 i watched all 50 episodes of the mightiest six
    Disciple Kenichi and some of those scenes ive never seen before wtf

    • Kami Zanto
      Kami Zanto Vor Monat

      Same wtf

    • Connor Bryant
      Connor Bryant Vor Monat

      Same... this looks like a second season or something.

    • camron tillery
      camron tillery Vor Monat +1

      I was gonna say the same thing I literally cant remember seeing that

  • eder eveer
    eder eveer Vor Monat

    I can't find English dub of 07 ghost anywhere

  • Abydaby
    Abydaby Vor Monat

    I just wanna say man you are AMAZING I know all you do is show anime but I found so many anime from you I thank you so much
    Ps also thank you for telling me the school days plot I was just about about to watch the rest XD

  • anime chan
    anime chan Vor Monat


  • Wolf Dash
    Wolf Dash Vor Monat +1

    They should Make a anine were the protagonist is a literal plague doctor that cant die and he can control types of plagues or anything thats a disease or virus and can activate the "friendly bacteria" in ur body to do harm instead

  • chris tps
    chris tps Vor Monat

    Awesome top broo 👍

  • ezra griboff
    ezra griboff Vor Monat

    Top 10 anime where the mc needs to do something to the girls like masou gakuen hxh

  • John Blue
    John Blue Vor Monat +1

    watched 10, 9, 8, 4, 2

  • Jesaja Schouten
    Jesaja Schouten Vor Monat

    Its kinda a shame its just kinda recycled anime from previous videos

  • Phantoma
    Phantoma Vor Monat +6

    2:03 say that one more time, but slowly.

    • Case CS
      Case CS Vor Monat

      FBI is probably on his door by now

  • ibrahim Muhammad
    ibrahim Muhammad Vor Monat

    Top 10 anime where mc is a copy of someone ex: darling in the frannx,uq holder

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant Vor Monat +7

    The Rising of The Shield Hero should be here

    • Shurito1
      Shurito1 Vor Monat

      Amberh Romero not really tbh i know more then enough ppl who dont even know it. Most mainstream anime’s exist for a long time to be called one. Because its old and known as a decent or good anime. One piece, naruto, dragon ball and hxh ect

    • Amberh Romero
      Amberh Romero Vor Monat

      Gatta realise the that's a mainstream anime and most people have already watched it.

  • Joseph Tuckerman
    Joseph Tuckerman Vor Monat +1

    07-Ghost does not have an English dub. Just a warning to anyone who got their hopes up.

    • mani ratnam
      mani ratnam Vor Monat

      Was gonna say the same thing so looked up here. 😁😁👍👍

  • The Either Legend
    The Either Legend Vor Monat

    Hey sensei why there is no new season announced for tsugumomo?

    SO WHAT Vor Monat

    Next video top 10 anime where mc gets laid

  • Γιαννης V7s
    Γιαννης V7s Vor Monat

    Can you do top anime with lonely MC??

  • Anton Fatkin
    Anton Fatkin Vor Monat

    Can you start putting in the year when they were made? Makes it easier to decide as I usually watch the latest (usually better anime style)

    • Steven Gomez
      Steven Gomez Vor Monat +1

      @Exonise I totally agree with you. My otaku bro. :)

    • Exonise
      Exonise Vor Monat +1

      Bruh some old anime are way better then some of the new ones and some old even better than all others

    • Steven Gomez
      Steven Gomez Vor Monat

      That's not the case sometimes.

  • i mix anything
    i mix anything Vor Monat

    Nice video

  • Oniisan Noodles
    Oniisan Noodles Vor Monat

    K project is actually fire

  • Prince Singh
    Prince Singh Vor Monat +4

    *"Who else only choose thumbnail in every video""*

    • Mauricio Galarza
      Mauricio Galarza Vor Monat

      @Wan Zuhilmi Husni Wan Zaidi No, I never watch it, sorry :)

    • Wan Zuhilmi Husni Wan Zaidi
      Wan Zuhilmi Husni Wan Zaidi Vor Monat

      @Mauricio Galarza do u watch it?is it good

    • Mauricio Galarza
      Mauricio Galarza Vor Monat +2

      It`s an edited image of Kiri Haimura (灰村 切 Haimura Kiri?) is the main character from Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge.

  • Scorcherz Flare
    Scorcherz Flare Vor Monat

    Best on eyet

  • Chriminor Zockt
    Chriminor Zockt Vor Monat

    Medaka Box is a Realy good title for this Serie. Please Check it out, you will be rewarded... i swear

  • JoshuaX
    JoshuaX Vor Monat +2

    Thumbnail please?

  • Silvestre Martinez
    Silvestre Martinez Vor Monat +3

    Thumbnail name?

  • Shirazaki Tohsaka
    Shirazaki Tohsaka Vor Monat +1

    Ey yo! the rap on Devilman Crybaby is epic you should watch it

  • Chilled Cola
    Chilled Cola Vor Monat

    Shows devilman crybaby...
    :Shows major spoiler
    Me: wtf dude thats bm

  • Tao Sang Hidden Weapon

    somebody lmk where I can find abandoned Shiba enu puppies like Inuyashiki plz

  • Nayem Rahman
    Nayem Rahman Vor Monat

    Where's Kanedgy from Tokyo Ghoul ?

  • RMS Mack
    RMS Mack Vor Monat +1


    • RMS Mack
      RMS Mack Vor Monat

      @Mauricio Galarza is it good to watch?
      sorry for the grammar

    • Mauricio Galarza
      Mauricio Galarza Vor Monat

      It`s an edited image of Kiri Haimura (灰村 切 Haimura Kiri?) is the main character from Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge.-

  • KnightSlash17
    KnightSlash17 Vor Monat


  • Saulo Higami
    Saulo Higami Vor Monat +2


    • Mauricio Galarza
      Mauricio Galarza Vor Monat

      It`s an edited image of Kiri Haimura (灰村 切 Haimura Kiri?) is the main character from Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge.-

  • Manny Mayonnaise
    Manny Mayonnaise Vor Monat +3

    Do top anime characters that are powerful harem kings (issei Hyoudo)

  • Ralph jerwin Madayag


  • Mrwein
    Mrwein Vor Monat

    Awesome video

  • Mrwein
    Mrwein Vor Monat

    great content

  • TAB 100
    TAB 100 Vor Monat +1

    SKLAVE das E wird gesprochen!

  • Brayanplaysfortnite 23

    What anime in thumbnail

  • Yoshiro Senpai
    Yoshiro Senpai Vor Monat +41

    Here are the list of the anime included in the video
    10. Deadman Wonderland
    9. Akiba's Trip the Animation
    8.Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
    7. Inuyashiki
    6. K-Project
    5. 07-Ghost
    4. Guilty Crown
    3. Devilman: Crybaby
    2. DanMachi
    1.Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

    • Alien From Area 51
      Alien From Area 51 Vor Monat

      Thanks, now I don't have to waste time here, even tho I knew it would be the same anime as every other video

    • ChickenSausage
      ChickenSausage Vor Monat

      @DrDarunia that's fake

    • DrDarunia
      DrDarunia Vor Monat

      What about to thumbnail

    • Lexpip 8706
      Lexpip 8706 Vor Monat

      Thx alot

    • Yumeng Boy Mengyu
      Yumeng Boy Mengyu Vor Monat +1

      Nice. Much appreciated if you included time code. Tnx

  • Cobex_ vano
    Cobex_ vano Vor Monat


  • Sophiap Son
    Sophiap Son Vor Monat

    got in 5 minutes

  • ProvideThrees
    ProvideThrees Vor Monat

    Could you start showing the year they came out please! Besides that keep up the good work!

  • anime boysocool
    anime boysocool Vor Monat


  • Demon Slayer
    Demon Slayer Vor Monat +3

    If you do anime video why won't you do "cultured" men anime
    you guys know what I'm talking about

  • Reynan Takashi
    Reynan Takashi Vor Monat

    I really Love Your videos...🖤🔥

    P DUBS POPS Vor Monat +1

    First to comment and I LOVE UR VIDS

  • sean cole
    sean cole Vor Monat

    We are a small DEclipsr could u help us grow our channel can u subscribe to our channel plz it would be a big help🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    This is my summertime Saga WhatsApp group u will get the updated first so join now

  • Sin tzu the web warrior

    Burh I was recording my video when you’re nonfiction should up


    • Shayne !
      Shayne ! Vor Monat

      Nice self promotion attempt my guy

  • GamingKirito150
    GamingKirito150 Vor Monat

    Awesome video!!!!!! 😄✊✊

  • Thyshiroe Xx
    Thyshiroe Xx Vor Monat


  • Scar IV
    Scar IV Vor Monat +34

    From common place to world’s strongest is probably the best example of this 😂

    • Featherless
      Featherless Vor Monat

      Its fuck waste of a good anime. Came from a duo to a fucking Harem anime. I dropped it as soon as the annoying bunny girl was spared and Hajime and Yue took thier time to go save a buch of no bodies. Fuck im mad that anime was a flop.

    • Prince Singh
      Prince Singh Vor Monat

      Nagumo Hajime, right?

    • Justine Ace M. Robiso
      Justine Ace M. Robiso Vor Monat +2

      Yeh Arifureta is a good anime

    • ItzRhon TheSegampong
      ItzRhon TheSegampong Vor Monat

      So true

    • Alex Jezierski
      Alex Jezierski Vor Monat

      Scar IV yea I’d tie it wit his number 1 cuz in parasyte the dude really did drastically change from being stupid weak to powerful but it’s sad we won’t get a season 2 of it

  • Thresh mid
    Thresh mid Vor Monat

    i was atleast early :)

  • Ace _SkiesYT
    Ace _SkiesYT Vor Monat


  • Trez Portis
    Trez Portis Vor Monat

    This is good thank you 🙏

  • TheNeutralSideOfRoblox

    I’m 21seconds early

  • brandon night
    brandon night Vor Monat


  • Maria Santos
    Maria Santos Vor Monat


  • freddie Huckle
    freddie Huckle Vor Monat

    Thank you for this blessing I was waiting for this ❤️

  • SlayerKanye
    SlayerKanye Vor Monat +1


  • NicoIsHere
    NicoIsHere Vor Monat +1


  • - drip_rush_yt
    - drip_rush_yt Vor Monat +1


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    Tailor Brailsford Vor Monat


  • Hannache Billel
    Hannache Billel Vor Monat