• tchapps1
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    "It's my fault, and you guys care enough to make me feel awful." This will be my mantra when my parents see my grades this semester.

  • Jay P.
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    You guys don't have to and shouldn't need to explain yourself to anyone. You don't owe anyone anything. Taking care of yourselves should always be first priority. For people to get angry about something like that is ridiculous. You do you, and when your ready I know i'll still be here. Papa Bless!

    OZZAYE Vor Tag

    Its all good we all need to slow down sometimes.

  • Pickles Gaming
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    support you through what ever my guys

  • Simranjeet Singh
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    Classic coming up with apologies after talking shit


    omg this is nuts, i just randomed across this video and im totally dealing with this similar thing battling depression and personal mental and physical health, as i just vanished on my growing youtube community as i just needed time to re-love what i was doing, ( still on break at the timt of this post) I hope i can find my love again.

  • Keda Wood Dye
    Keda Wood Dye Vor 4 Tage

    I am so sorry for your loss Hila. I know how tough a loss can be. You guys make my day no matter how rough it has been, so it is so good to see you here again. I will support you either way, and the decisions you make. It sure is great to see videos again though :) Sorry again for the loss Hila, and I hope you and Ethan continue to support each other through the good and bad.

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    Your eyes are so bad. How could somebody be so ugly !

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    big love

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    Teri maa ki chut mein tere baap ka loda ghusane ka dam nahi the isiliye teri maa ne doctor ka loda ghusadiya jaise lag Raha hai😂😂😂😂

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  • ERIK Sumale
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    You guys are awesome. Glad this channel is still up and running. How i get everyone into your channel is the "Bitconnect" video haha. Hope everything is better now and please keep making videos. The world is in chaos but at least for 8 to 15 minutes with you guys, i can forget about the turmoil and hate going around and just enjoy some funny reviews.

  • Harshit Sharma
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    You deserved it 👍

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    Randi ka bacha

  • Chucklefish
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    Im sorry for your loss Hila. I struggle with bipolar disorder, so depression is familiar to me. You both got my support guys, life is rough :p

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    Teri maa ki choot bhosadi waale

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    Stfu mother fucker

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    I love H3H3Productions videos, I hate the podcasts with a passion but I'm not angry at them for doing it.. that would make no sense =P ..I just wish there were more reaction vids and stuff like the "peep n creep" that shit was hilarious.

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  • Denis Kostromitin
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    Just gotta say it. Had no opportunity to watch your videos for a bit over a year. I left to do my russian millitary service just after the lawsuit victory of yours.
    Now I got myself tuned up for whatever has been happening to you and I'm confuzzled. Viewers turning their backs to H3? Ethan in deep existencial crisis? What?
    Just gotta say, we all have our demons, but you of all people gotta stay awesome. Keep your head up! Like, for real, Ethan, proud of you, keep it up!
    I've been with you (almost) from the start and I will be to the end.
    Papa bless!

  • Vibhav Verma
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    T-series is best

  • Vibhav Verma
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    Support t-series

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    Motherfucker apni maa chuda

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    I'm glad u guys took a break. I always tell my friends to place themselves first. that their mental health should be the no 1 priority bc that, in turn, will affect everyone around them. that taking care of urself IS taking care of others. the same goes for u two. I know ur videos bring a lot of joy to a lot of ppl, I am super grateful for all the content u have created. be easy on urselves. take care of urselves. u come first

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    f douchebag

  • Caitlin Banks
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    I love y'all so much, I'm gonna stick around you got this

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    कुत्ते की शक्ल के
    *English* *translate*
    You look like MJ

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    Why does your wife look like a prostitute or call girl? Ethan

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    I feel You man

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    I love all of your videos

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    I love you h3h3 Don’t ever stop making videos you guys are both awesome and you make me happy I love you guys!!!!

  • Jacob Lane
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    Ethan just put 95% effort into the podcast

  • Starfighter-14
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    Get over it!!! You just want pity points.

  • Billy Beane
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    You could stop making videos and disappear forever. No need to choose.

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    Disappeared he says, not ditched completely after financial comfort.

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    Chutiye ki sakal ke

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    Now to make JonTron do a new video...

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    Bring out the dollar shave club for 9 minutes now

  • *reference you wouldn't get*

    hate how people think that they did something wrong.

  • Mutha Tukka
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    Shit, sorry about the depression man, been there myself. Also sorry for Hila and her father - rest assured I'm still here now that you're back!!

  • Mutha Tukka
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    Haha. dog-prop!! Hysterical! Good luck you 2 ....

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    This year is ass bro agreed

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    Hey guys, i know you wont see this, but i want you to know that its ok! and you are both wonderful people and are a huge inspiration for me! Much love! Blessings

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    Wtf your girlfriend’s look is like from horror movie

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    Got a ad for Dominos Pizza

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    Wtf he is talking chutiya gandu

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    It's because you wear a beany

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    I just wish that you got sued for huimilating youtubers

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    I hate both of you

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    and you guys made fun of tmartin for doing the schtick with the dog for sympathy. you've become everything you guys rallied against.

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    Hila is so beautiful, it almost hurts! Love you guys!

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    Smoke wheat

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    What a pair of SCUM these people are.

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    I feel u

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    good luck

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    Marry Christmas! 🎅🌲🎅

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    Oh 2 scumbags together... hahahaha
    Chutiya banda and his is fu&$ll girl rofl

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    I support Ethan and hila through the good and the bad. Papa bless, you got a lot of support don’t forget that.

  • Farimah Saidi
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    plz make videos again!!! we miss you ethan and hila

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    Who remembers when Frank said: "That's why you don't have kids right?"

  • B Fiya
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    Dab on the haters

  • Eddie Gerold
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    Ethan and Hila !!!! You guys rock, you know all of us love you and you have all our support, please continue to put our amazing content. Love from Minnesota

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    I never seen the video game thing, now I want to see it :)

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    Do you guys have kids?

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    *** ****

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    I just unsubscribed.

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    I mean...I liked the video game... so...

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    Link to this video game thing? I'm new here.

    DEAD FORMAT SHOW Vor 17 Tage

    I'm sorry about your dad Hila, I hope you both are well.

  • Sn0wFlakeBallet
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    Face it, people have seen through your average Joe disguise and see you for the greedy Jews you are! Like they say Ethan "shanda fur di goyim"

  • Gemma
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    Typical Joo caught out for "FABRICATING CONSPIRACIES ABOUT ANTI-SEMITISM" using the usual Joo tactics of silencing his critics by calling them anti-semites! When will people realise Joo's are parasites and HATE White people. Makes me laugh so hard when Ethan calls himself a White male lol.. even iDubbbz blurred his nose out when he called himself "White" in one of his videos (Yes iDubbbz is a Joo).

  • zer00rdie
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    Can you please not have her in picture when she's high on crack? Kids watch this channel you know.

  • Adolf Hitler
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    i did nazi that coming

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    dude has dancing eyesbrows. take some dmt, it will cure depression

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  • jakepaul sucks loganpaul sucks

    I get you with the depreson

  • Hduhs Hsusbbd
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    We loves you big pappy stay strong you thicc son of a jew😭😭❤❤

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    Damn sorry ppl

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    Hila looking like about to start a trash talk cover band

  • Paul Tan
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    Yo h3h3 why everyone hating you I’m so confused

    • Sn0wFlakeBallet
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      Because he was caught creating a conspiracy trying to silence his critics by calling them Anti-Semites.. He's pure cancer!

  • ioana ilea
    ioana ilea Vor 19 Tage

    2015-2016 have been like a black hole for me too...
    I deeply empathize with everything you guys shared here.
    Trust yourselves! You definitely can make it out safe and *stronger* :) Straighten yourselves up, trust the process and make the right changes and life will get great again! Talking from experience here. Even if it takes months, once you guys are well again we will be happy.
    People dont realise one needs to take care of themselves first in order to be able to take care of the others properly. So dont even bother with people imature enough not to realise that.
    *sending love*

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    3 lives left

  • Master Nipper
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    I'm like this all the time, it's so bad I forget everything I did last night

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    big love guys x

  • मानस
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    i dont care about the video game thing please don't say racist shit then say "im just joking" just dont say that shit in the first place please

    • मानस
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      please dont sit around saying "niggerfaggot" over and over either

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    You both are to old to DEclips, just leave old man.

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    Youre a h1pocrit3

  • I'm unsubscribing.
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    When are you gonna divorce so I can bang Hila

  • PickedCeasar121
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    I don't mind the hiatus as long as we get an update or something. Nothing too personal, just like a hey we're ok or not ok y'know? Also I hope you inform yourself more in the future for podcasts on more controversial topics that way you don't end up misinforming the impressionable and making yourself look foolish.
    I genuinely care about you guys and don't want you to go away. I hope you both feel better cause I know what it's like to lose a father figure.
    I'm sure you'll figure everything out. Everyone has ruts and low points.

  • The Obnoxious Otter
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    S H O E N I C E

  • Actual Cannibal
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    I love you papa bless

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    I love you guys more for this. Look after yourselves first. ❤️

  • Robert Northup
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    Love the videos. Do what you gotta do though. Don't see how true fans could turn on u guys for that.

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    All I see is a beut sandwich and his beut-brella

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  • Dominik Krzemieniecki
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    No matter what, this will always be my favourite channel

  • Simon
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    You either die a hero or see yourself live long enough to turn into the villain, h3h3