• Finley gaming
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    I watched you guys a while ago and to come back to a video like this is making me sad I hope you and hila stay strong

  • Bee SwarmLOVER
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    I saw you from MrBeast Lol

  • Eddy
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    Me mad

  • Danny Carlo
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    Love y’all. Sorry you’re going through some shit. You ain’t alone.

  • Zalzion
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    Just know there are normal people like me that dont really dwell in the bullshit everyone complains about throughout media. You guys are human beings and people of today do not have the respect to understand that or even comprehend..much love #papabless out

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    Love and Therapy brah. Rootin for ya Ethan.

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    Don't worry guys, it's all water under the GAZEBO

  • metatron478
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    You guys can do whatever you want. You don't owe your fans anything. If you don't feel like making new videos, that's fine. It's your life, live it the way you want. People can complain about it all they want. Hell, those who donate to you can stop if they feel like they are being cheated, but they have no right to tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing with your time. You aren't slaves to your channel. They need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. All channels die eventually. Nothing lasts forever. It happens to everyone. I wouldn't care if you uploaded every few months. I would just cycle through your old vids anyway.

  • Married Pranksters

    Dear Ethan i hope thy letter finds you well we across the ocean the battle is real we find thy self's in the mist of war we shall return in time the land will heal its self the orange groves shall return once more and we will have our sodie pops on the morrow for we must remain true to the storks of under fetch catfish will run free threw valleys of the ocean floors litter with bottle caps of our sodie pops your lost confusion of wonder is this person insane nah man jus random love your videos great great great yes thats right 3 greats sense of humor keep it up

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    And sister

  • J9sh5 S
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    You have our support brother

  • Hannah
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    Y'all deserve to take care of yourselves. Quit being so hard on yourself Ethan! It's absolutely insane that people get mad at y'all just for life happening. Remember that the people who get upset at you for not spoonfeeding them content every moment they demand it and in the exact way they want it have nothing of any significance going for them and don't want to make the effort to make anything happen, so they have to obsess over and micromanage others. Yes, you are an entertainer, but just because your viewers are your source of income doesn't mean you have to force yourself to bend to their every whim. No one is entitled to controlling how you live your life, even your biggest Patreon supporter. Try to focus on what you can do and remember that entitled demands are not a physical act of force making you do anything, you can choose not to give into those demands and those making them will just have to learn to suck it up. Please take care of yourself, and remember that there do exist people who will still care about you and support you even if you need accomodation or can't meet every demand or expectation made of you.

    • Hannah
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      Like, I'm always surprised when I see "sorry I haven't updated in a while" videos on DEclips because I literally just do things with my life other than DEclips so I don't even notice hiatuses. There are seriously some obsessive little gremlins out there. Y'all are golden. Be kind to yourselves, because assholes out here sure as shit won't be decent enough to do it for you.

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    Don't be depressed bro we're all depressed.

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    So sad I better subscribe to Betterhelp

  • CDXX
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    My thoughts to you and your family Hila, I'm sorry to hear about your fathers passing.
    And Ethan, feel better my dude.. just know that you have a community of millions of people who love you.

  • Brixxi ButterCup


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    Your real day 1's got your back boi. Keep it hard my G

  • FiEnD749
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    Seriously, consider exercising. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it has been shown to be incredibly effective for mental health. That and all the benefits of feeling good and what not. Maybe you already are, maybe you aren't. Just trying to help.

  • crackedcookies
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    Depression is the new vogue. Most of us are depressed you shill. This is modern life. Yeah my mom died at 50 from cancer three months ago. No excuse in modern era. We all deal with this shit. If you haven't gone through this, you will soon.

  • Jayde Dimick
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    I've only recently started watching H3 videos and listening to the podcast so I've been watching a lot of old stuff, it makes me sad to hear that things have been rough for you guys recently. So sorry for your loss Hila, and Ethan I hope you are getting to a better place mentally, you guys are both great and I wish the best for you as people regardless of what it means for the channel (although of course I love your videos), Papa Bless!

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    Types of people I hate .....

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    So what about donut operator response?

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    If u wont post ill do literally nothin so u better post

  • GeorgiaBassin 95
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    My gf and I are pretty new viewers but honestly feels like I’ve been watching forever! Love everything y’all have done and are doing!

  • Syphious
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    Guys if you need a break and people are getting butthurt about it then screw em, We don't need them here since they obviously don't actually give a crap. Take care of yourselves first, Thats what matters, Damn near all your subs will back you up lol.

  • Chase Oakley
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    I stopped listening to the podcast because....you kept playing videos during them. I can't work and watch it, so why call it a podcast?! It felt like a chore having to get my phone to look over at what you were seeing

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    Im sorry . Hope you both are ok. 💚

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    Good to see you back. Don't doubt the quality of your shit turds. They contain a bad smell of honesty that's a bit too strong for some. Keep'em coming.

  • meme chef
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    Ive felt the same way. I was in an extremely stressful and toxic relationship, i got anxiety, i had a
    lack of motivation for everything including school and i just seemed really unlucky. 2018 sucked ass, lets make 2019 better.

  • Barry Pietrantonio
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    Losing a loved one can be debilitating. I lost my grandfather back in 2010 when I was 16. He lived with us along with my grandmother for about 13 years before that, so it felt like I had lost a parent, a father figure. I was already going through a rough time, dealing with some kind of mental illness, which ended up being bi-polar disorder. Losing my grandfather sent me into, as you said, a "black hole". It sent me on a reckless downward spiral. It took about 3 years to get my feet back under me. The best thing you can do is make time for yourself. Do what you need to do to make yourself better. Fuck what your fans want honestly. If they care about you, they'd understand, even if you fell off the face of the Earth. I hope you're both doing better now. I've been holding onto something I've wanted to send you both for a year or so now. Maybe it'll help inspire you in someway, it's a throw back to an older video. I'll send it out soon. My heart goes out to both of you. As the Beach Boys once sang, "Sail on, sail on sailor".

  • Joe D.oreo
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    Honestly think hila is getting cuter and cuter...Wit them blues. Wasnt sure about her at first but ethans a pimp haha

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    there is nothing AI about that vape

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    Hila should not vape because she is pregnant😮

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    At least they didn't start off with a sigh

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    Fupa god and his caretaker till the day I die #vapenaysh4ever

  • Frank Lane
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    The game seems cool. Glad you're working on taking care of yourselves. We need you. Condolences to Hila, I'm sorry I'm still not over mine gawd I hate this but it's true. The pain gets less sharp. Glad y'all are back!

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    Good luck you guys. Things will start to look up. Thank you guys for everything. You guys have done so much for me and so many others. Take time to heal. Love you guys.

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    My favorite shit sandwhich!

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    Bro. I unsubscribed just to smash that subscribe button again bro. Love you bro.

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    minecraft music in the background

  • Ricky the Alien
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    Look, I’m an Alien so idk how to be the human version of “sappy”, but tbh i think you’ll be fine... I know some peeps who’s planets got sucked into a black hole and they were the only survivors, and their doing... semi-ok.

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  • ramn
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    I love you and your channel. Please keep making videos, no matter what the audiences reaction.

  • Carlos Alberto Benedet Neto

    We will always be here for you guys

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  • Vaping Reviews By Josh Chase

    We are just alike my friend. Its the people who joke and have the most insane personality that are truly depressed and feeling very alone inside.

  • Purusottam Banerjee
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    Understood...Forgiven....Much love

  • Nova
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    SHAME ON YOU TWO. :( Snake oil sales to the most vulnerable people. Any thing but ethics on your site.

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    Who isn't depressed in 2018 tho

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    Love you guys. Do what you got to do.

  • Suzie Nothing
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    This type of openness and honesty is what I value most about you guys. I don’t care what type of content you put out because I see the work you put in and I appreciate it so so much. Even after being critisised/shit on, you guys still try to please the audience, even if half of it is being a dick. I love the funny bits but i also honestly love the serious stuff on the podcast. Thank you for (trying) keeping up the confidence and for talking to us like this. Appreciate ya, papa bless

  • Anthony Stout
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    I feel for you guys 2017 and 2018 were horrible for my family to I had 3 deaths in my family and my mom past to cancer and a bunch of other bullshit so I know what you guys are going through hang in there

  • banana blaster
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    This video really connected with me because I too lost my father from cancer and I also have depression and anxiety so I feel as if I understand in a way, not all of it but I certainly know it will take time and that is fine, don’t feel as if you have to do anything, you never deserved this backlash from one little ad. We love you and always will, you’re both legends and something I’ve learnt is to put yourself first or you’ll start to break. Good luck, not that you’ll need it! Papa Bless.

  • The_OG_Zombiekiller
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    Am I the only one that wasn't mad at them about the game video? Now with this video i understand why they did it. There was a social obligation to do the video. I don't fault them for that. They made an enjoyable video even though they were going through tough stuff.

  • Aral Ynot
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    I am so sorry to hear that fellas... 2:12 I hope all is well I am so sorry Hila and to both your guy's families..

  • ashley scout
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    Doin' the worm with your brows

  • Christopher Roche
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    It's all good Ethan, we all love y'all! Your newest video (as of now) has 2 million views!

  • Dog Lover
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    She looks trans

  • chittzz33
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    i totally understand and have sympathy and consideration for the fact that u were having problems in your personal lives and that u were having a creative drought and hit a wall but it doesnt mean u need to abandon this channel with the massive following it has! u need to make a plan of what u want it to become and then slowly morph the channel into that genre with each video, that way ur not just dissapearing then coming back as something completely different and ur not carrying on making videos that are getting worse and worse while u have a public mental breakdown! think of it like with a goldfish!! u put the bag in the water and slowly let it get used to the new environment, u dont just throw it into the bowl!

  • Beckett Stevens
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    Keep trucking papa

  • Shawn Anomaly
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    Nothing but "33" puppets of the system to include the 666 hand gesture in the "Better Help" explanation podcast done. Don't know why folks actually follow this couple, they're not your friends. Just two people propped up as something by "The System"!

  • Kat O'Snap
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    I hate the fact that everyone on this channel feels entitled to ANY videos from these awesome, creative content makers. Ethan and Hila, please know you don't need to apologize for anything!! You were going through a hard time and you will again and again but that's not the problem. The problem is your "fans". Honestly, if I were you, and if it were even possible, I would do a cleanse and clear out my channel of all negative and toxic followers. I wouldn't stand for this kind of BS. Loyal fans understand and appreciate the fact that you've given us so many awesome videos to keep is entertained until you are ready to make more. I'm sorry for all the crap people have been giving you. Please always feel free to put yourselves before your channel. You are more important.

  • Ashley Kovar
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    I love the giant turd sandwich and the toothpick umbrella still and I hope y’all can mentally recover from some shitty stuff happening and I love yall! Papa bless

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  • shinpaku 123
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    Hey guys I got over my depression/thoughts of suicide with betterhelp for only 65 dollars a week you can sign up for one of our non certified therapists it’s totally legit you never have to see a real therapist!

  • Robert Colo'n
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    Bet money. When he turns off the recorder , he lined up coke and snorts it. Depressed my ass.

  • Vogonin Jeltz
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    A lot of people have already commented various "Mental Health comes first!" type of comments, which of course is very true. What I just want to say is, that I genuinley enjoy your content and no matter if it comes a day or a year after the last one, I am always excited to watch your content.

  • TheUncleBenji
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    oh thats why i didnt hear from you guys 😂

  • Eva bonbondub
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    Hi I'm very sorry to hear the news I love your videos and hope you keep up what you're doing xXx

  • MrSchwabbl
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    I always thought Depression sounded more romantic than Anxiety. But ultimately, both suck for the person suffering from them!

  • MrSchwabbl
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    Not that that's what this about, but I think the game is pretty fun!

  • The Insanist
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    Ur eyebrow terrets are going crazy my dude

  • Carolyn Belgum
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    Glad your feeling better. Never apologize for taking care of yourself. It's a tough hill to climb.

  • Akaiyro K.
    Akaiyro K. Vor 7 Tage

    I just jumped on this channel via a suggested video, I don't know what happened with the channel but I do feel sorry for your loss. As some others have said, keep your menthal health in good shape and know those days will pass. God bless ya!

  • Golden Gear
    Golden Gear Vor 7 Tage

    see, now THIS is how you make an apology video! good on you two for making this so genuine and heartfelt! i hope you two can find a way to push through this. you look like you've already come very far, and i applaud you for it. Most importantly, you did not sigh at the beginning.

  • Brett Searle
    Brett Searle Vor 7 Tage

    Any decision you guys make from here on out will be great if you never make content again your legacy has been set in stone do what you need to do to be happy

  • Israel Hernández
    Israel Hernández Vor 7 Tage +1

    Hey Ethan and Hila, hope you see this. Your videos make me laugh all the time, you gotta keep fighting through those hard times. You’re the best. Don’t disappear please

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny Vor 7 Tage

    Ethan Talks with his Eyebrows... lol

  • The Wet Bandit
    The Wet Bandit Vor 7 Tage

    I miss you guys so fucking much, From watching you every day for years to nothing made me so sad, I loved the podcasts but you cant just take down the channel I fucking love. Please dont just say your coming back and make 4 videos and dip again.

  • 狐
     Vor 7 Tage +1

    So sorry about your loss Hila, just know we'll support you guys no matter what decision you make. Love you guys, Papa Bless.

  • Vitor Facista
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    Keep it up

  • Ash Rogers
    Ash Rogers Vor 7 Tage

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Hila. I hope both of you are able to keep your heads up. Much love to both of you guys and I’ll continue to support you! I love H3H3! 💙

  • shirley weaver
    shirley weaver Vor 7 Tage +9

    I know how u feel Ethan some days I'm so depressed I can't get out of bed but u and your videos on those days cheer me up please don't stop making videos please

      ZECHROM Vor 3 Tage +1

      Whatever you do don't kill yourself i was really! Close to doing that a few years ago and if i did i i wouldnt of been here to enjoy so many things in my high school

  • zahin
    zahin Vor 7 Tage

    I watch all your videos and it making laugh so hard please keep your mental health first ethan and hilla we all love you

  • Face War
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    Go to Better Health.

  • Rachel Geeson
    Rachel Geeson Vor 8 Tage +1

    Honestly, I just want you guys to be comfortable and happy. If that meant never uploading a video again, I would support it. I love you guys!

  • Alvare Gomez
    Alvare Gomez Vor 8 Tage

    I will always stick around. You two are awesome :D

  • AncientCoconut
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    Yeah you guys could take years off and I’d still love you. I mean, I still love jontron dude.

  • niyah w
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    Yay! So happy to see you guys putting the wheel back on the gravy train *choo choo*

  • Ryan Walsh
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    Hey it’s that guy from the podcast

  • Adam Hunt
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    Love you Ethan and Hila, so much.

  • Cole Metcalf
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    Love you

  • Teddy Walsh
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    I blame Weber Cooks

  • Damir R.
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    Those Hila eyes

  • Christian Jones
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    I'm sorry all those things have happened to you two. I am just glad you are back. I hope the best for you two

  • the fluffy killah
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    Im fan so plase dont hate but your girlfriend looks like a female nicolas cage in the thumbnail

  • Will Maguire
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    Love you guys!!! I was depressed for a while i know the numbness

  • 0dysseyTV
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    Lol I'm a Ela Kleiner for life.