How to Get Big Shoulders (FROM THE SIDE!!)

  • If you want to get big shoulders that look good from every angle, then this is the video you’re going to want to watch. The key to building bigger shoulders is to make sure that you train every head of the delts. That said, while the middle delt is most responsible for creating the look of wider shoulders when viewed from the front the rear and front delts are going to create that bigger delt when viewed from the side.
    In this video, I’m going to show you a few new ways to build both your front and rear delts that will compliment that exercises you’re already doing to make them bigger. Now, there’s no replacing the benefit of the overhead press and bench press for building big shoulders. That said, thinking that you can do only those two exercises and that you will have the most gains possible is a mistake.
    Many find that adding in even a few extra sets a week of direct front delt training is a great way to build up the size of the shoulders even faster.
    To do this, I present the first of a few exercise options. This one is called the accommodating front raise. This takes advantage of the stretch that can be placed on the front deltoids while sitting on an incline bench that does not exist when more commonly performing this movement standing. Not only are you getting a better stretch but you are able to overload the stretch position by doing it this way.
    If you were to just do it from here and not do anything else however you would be limiting the range of motion that you could get on the exercise and the overall work done by the front delts in the process. This is easily solved by simply sitting up at the end of the lift. This gives you an additional twenty degrees of elevation and allows for more tension on the delts for a longer period of time. Both great stimuli for muscle growth.
    The next exercise that is great for building the front part of the shoulders is the dumbbell press out. The best part about this movement is that it gives those that tend to have some shoulder pain with overhead pressing an option. Even better, as you start to fatigue with the shoulder exercise you can simply shorten the distance you press out the dumbbells to keep the tension going for even longer.
    In that same vain, you can perform the plate 8. This movement provides more of a metabolic overload that is another known stimulus for muscle gains. Simply try and keep the plate moving at chest level or higher for 60 to 90 seconds. When the burn sets in, do everything in your power to resist giving in.
    Moving on to the rear delt, there are some great exercise options here as well. Keep in mind, the most important thing you can do biomechanically is get your arm into extension behind the body when trying to build this head of the shoulders. Many will do the rear delt fly thinking that this is enough to build massive rear delts. It isn’t for two reasons. The first has to do with the fact that we stop the arm before we get into extension. The second is due to the fact that we don’t ever weight the rear delt heavy enough (though it is capable of handling it).
    To overcome this we can do the rear delt row. Here you want to concentrate on getting the elbow back behind you and to externally rotate the shoulder as much as you can by pointing your thumb behind you at the top.
    The heavy seated row is a classic back exercise but it also has tremendous abilities to grow the rear delts. Modify the hand position as shown and get those elbows high. You’ll feel a level of contraction like you never felt before while still being able to load up the weights on this exercise. Of course, we can’t forget to include the face pull and the modified version of the exercise with a lat pulldown machine for those looking to really grow their rear delts.
    If you’re looking for a complete workout program that will help you to build the most muscle possible while training the smartest, you can head to at the link below and start training like an athlete today. I’ll walk you through every workout step by step to help you maximize your athletic gains.
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