The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis S3 (Ep 1)



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    He would have performed better if he took a few phenotropil pills...

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    Very interesting, I like it!

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    Why don't monkeys evolve into humans now? You speak so confidently about what you do not know, and you cannot know. Liar
    Пoчeму ютуб впаpивает мнe этот фуфeль? Какого оно виcит выше рeкомендованныx и подпиcoк? ПацаHы, нaши бoшки хотят отрихтовать. Не дайте этим горилoподобным сeбя подчинить. (untranslatable russian slang)
    Бoйтecь живого Бoгa, который создал пустоту, создал физику, из одинаковых простейших частичек образовал такую разнообразную, потрясающую вселенную. И самое удивительное, из неживых веществ создал живое. И не просто живое, а разумное - человека. Кто познает ум Бога? Кто его видел? Может ли человек его понять? Изучайте Закон - Библию, Коран, и делайте добро. Незнание закона не освобождает от ответственности.

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    Visual Basic 6.0 is Still alive! Wow 18:17

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    Anyone else just wait for a new series so you can see an episode

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    no u human are not chimpanzee that just your theory

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    and as all ways, you did good.

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    this is why you have to go vegan

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    Made a web app of Ayumu's game. With a little practice, we can also get our apples:

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    This was a beautiful little surprise in my 'suggested videos'. What a great episode!

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    noooo I dont accept this. A brain needs brains. Thats just it. Its just that their eyes are much faster and mind focused.

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    Otherwise, this is called behavioralism. A circus. Nothing else.

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    It is old way of explanation...

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    Vids suck

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    GOD CREATED HUMANS. And this is the real explication. -.-

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    humans and chimpanzees are different. Humans don't como from chimpanzees. It's not wise to think like this.

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    Fascinating. What percentage of our memory is used up by language, and How can this be quantified ?

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    There's a number of issues which suggests that the human exchange hypothesis isn't credible. Language in exchange for losing short term memory pfft bullshit.
    1)How can you have a hypothesis about comparison between human and chimp brain without doing the test on both humans and chimps. (Test only done on chimps)
    2) Michael won against AI even though shes been practicing that test all her life (hypothesis flop)
    3) Michael against ayuma (the best chimp in the sanctuary with years of practice) Michael loses, that doesn't mean your hypothesis is right
    4) should be tested with a large sample size of humans and chimps
    5) I can guarantee you there's at least 1000s of people that can ace that test against ayuma
    6) other controlled variables that
    7) we were weak so we left (were pushed out of the trees), that doesn't make sense. How did we end up weak and they ended up strong (cause and lead up).
    Other variables that weren't in place that to support hypothesis (that I can't think of right now).

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    This is a VERY old study that has already been televised and discussed years ago... 24 mins to make a simple point about the findings...

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    Hmmm... how did those chimps know how to pick ordered number?

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    DEclips premium is unavailable in my country. Sorry Michael, gonna have to sail the high seas.

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    just imagine the numbers are connected with string

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    Please have a still camera when you speak.. and speak a bit faster as you did earlier.

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    It’s not memory that is the main problem. The bottleneck is speed of gathering information.

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    Obviously the chimps don't know what numerical order is, because they don't have numbers. So what if you were to change the symbols? How quickly would they be able to adapt?

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    When this monkey more clever than you )

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    Humans are not animals. Don't believe the lie.

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    dang I laughed with the comments

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    Im sad i cant watch the premuim one😔

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    Problem with his hypothesis for enlargement of a brain area, another must shrink -- most neural/nervous system & circulatory system pathways are 'use it or lose it' structures. Just because one area becomes utilized enough to enlarge it, doesn't mean another area has to shrink. Some areas shrunk because it wasn't being used as much anymore. Not every individual has the same amount of activity in all areas of the brain. Musicians' auditory processing area is larger on the left hemisphere, smaller on the right. They have thicker nerve fibers in the corpus callosum. Training is the key -- those chimps were trained. Humans can also be trained. Don't think we lost anything, we just haven't been teaching kids well enough to develop these skills in order to have them as adults. They didn't mention testing non-verbal humans or people with autism.

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    I knew the existence of the experiment. You showed me the reality and knowledge of it. Thanks so much for the professional contents and awesome video.

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    Oh my god and Italian language where is? XD

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    I wonder what compelled Vsauce to use the phrase (at 7m21s) "If we and chimpanzees come from a common ancestry, ..."
    From what we know, we do share a common ancestor with the chimpanzees as well as with all of the primates (both living and extinct) which we share this wonderous pale blue dot with.

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    chimpanzee that 🙉

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    I used to play the game osu! and still own a discord server with a lot of players from there. I asked them to play this computer game on the kids science challenge website and all the players that have practised a lot of EZ mod maps can consistently beat the hard level. Every documentary that shows a human trying against a chimp has never practised it before whilst Ayumu has for countless hours. Also the kids science challenge one gives roughly a whole second to remember but we have tried other ones and those are doable too that only allow 0.5 seconds to see the numbers.

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    It's amazing how these chimpanzees are in fact learning basic maths, a set of symbols ordered in a particular sequence. I am wondering if more complex experiments could be designed such that they can learn more advanced maths. They could actually have better computing skills than common humans.

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    Great video. I do have a minor gripe; the subtitles weren't needed, Dr Matsuzawa's english is really good.

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    11:11 Communist detected on american soil, lethal force engaged.

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    The scientific study mentioned in the beginning of this video has to be viewed in a broader aspect. What the researchers did was train the chimpanzees for many days and compared their testscores to those of humans who had no training at all. There have been follow-up studies addressing exactly this hypothesis where humans where trained to do this number-memory-task and they outperformed chimpanzees significantly. Looking at only one study could bring you to the comclusion above, but in science you never believe you are correct by having one shocking outcome, you repeat your experiment over and over, try to falsify it by (in this case) doing the same training procedure with humans. What is said in this video, is, unfortunately, untrue.

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    Aw!! I haven't seen trousers that high on a man for years!

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    About Time!

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    Thats crazy, buuut.

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    "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" -Julian Jaynes

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    I think a human can easily match with enough practice.

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    It is not just language. It is also the ability to read, write. In other words, we record, retrieve and communicate through writing, reading and talking. So at one point, our brains must have evolved that it is not necessary to remember all the things because he have books to write and read.

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    Thanks for wasting my time..I dont come from a monkey but maybe u do!!!

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    Thanks for forcing youtube to provide some of your episodes for free Vsauce. I've bought all of your mind field episodes in the past because you are fantastic and the content is excellent however I will not bow to youtubes premium service for season 3

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    Если человеку заниматься только отгадыванием местоположения цифр и их порядок, то я на 90% уверено что человек справится с такой скоростью. И даже начнет действовать быстрее

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    Your channel is not supported by Arabic translation so you lose a large percentage of Arab viewers around the world

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    4:50 thats me

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    The monkey's had more practice. The tests are the monky's daily routine and have been since childhood while this is not the case with the human participating in the experiment. I don't think the comparisson of the two in this case can be treated as sound experimental evidence because of this discrepency. A better test would be to take monkys end humans who have the same amount of practice and compare the two groups with a t-test.

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    18:49 Good boy!

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    14:02 when you realize you’re hypothesis might be wrong

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    It is amazing!

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    DEclips took all the best DEclips creators and milked them for their your DEclips Premium (i'm somewhat glad that scared Pewdiepie was cancelled)

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    no lingua italiana???

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    Hasn't anyone made a correlation between autism and the skills set you see in these chimpanzees?
    Being a person with aspergers I know that doing repeated tasks perfectly is within my abilities, however force me into a situation where I have to speak verbally and my performance drops significantly and my emotional state shifts from confident and happy to frustrated anger with a powerful urge to use physical violence. I would love the chance to compare the scientific notes about adhd, autism and chimpanzees. I have the belief that it would lead to a better understanding of npf and animals alike.

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    They are trained for that specific task. Do the same with humans.

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    If language is so good, why isn't there a language 2?

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    Every time I watch this, I always think about the "Planet of the apes" and that little clip of the Ape with the Ak47

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    7:51 The decision to kick out a couple of primates from a tree created a super intelligent species of bald chimps with communication and strange machines.

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    I wonder how well can a child do this task. I suppose he can learn and perform it add well as Ayumu, and without losing any ability to speak.

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    I would love to see a person with autism do the difficult test. Some people with autism have great memory...

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    Oh man, I love the doctor. lol his chimp calls were the best. lol

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    I kind of fell off VSauce for a while, but I'm immediately in love with this new series. The production quality is so much better and I love the focus in cognitive science!

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    the difference is that humans build cities and have gone to the moon - humans are beyond all the animals - humans rule the world

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    Oh god please don’t do the Stanford Prison experiment. It’s unethical and potentially cause psychological damage. I just hope that if you do, the experiment will be altered.

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    I don’t believe in evalotion

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    2:33 То все брехні, за точними даними з цієї теми див. священні книги відповідної релігії (яка вам більше подобається).

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    Let’s make that memory test into an app for humans and collect our data now.

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    It's almost like humans are looking at the numbers through a rifle scope, and the chimps are capturing and registering everything their eyes observe. When I look at one number, the others fade away. Our eyes focus in to a specific point of attention, and everything else, although seen, seems to not be picked up by our conscious mind. Kinda like a camera recording something but only the direct middle of the shot is clear, and the rest is blurry.

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    1:17 Please tell me that Caesar P.O.T.A. shit was sped up or edited? cos if not THEY COMIN FOR US MAN.

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    To his point around 9:00, we make all kinds of quick decisions in the same way he suggests Chimps do. We judge facial features, posture, tones in voices, etc. The real question for chimps is why it's so important that they are visually able to parse the information so quickly...

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    This is honestly incredible, it's amazing to think how whatever happened was lost in history, and now we are digging it back up, this is the kind of stuff I love

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    Looks like this is the only test in his monkey show.

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    Those chimps were trained at those memory games thousands of times, while the human guests do them for the very first time.

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    What makes me(and everyone) sure that the Scientist didn't train the chimpanzees to that test for very long time so they already memorizing the order and the places of numbers by teaching them that every day to get food slowly and then faster and faster until they do it as fast as we saw in the video ! .. i mean come on that's how most of animals brain works .

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    Michael, this is good and I believe in the the theory of evolution.. but it’s a theory. So it’s kinda weird for you to say certainly like “study where we came from”. It should be more along the lines of “where we could have come from”.