The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis

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  • Humans are the only Earthlings with complex language. But at what cost was that ability acquired? In this episode, I visit Tetsuro Matsuzawa to learn about his influential cognitive tradeoff hypothesis.
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    Alot of under privileged people cant speak english very well. I wonder if they would be good at the memory game.

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    Michael needs a stylist. He looks like he was dressed by Louis Anderson's wardrobe designer.

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    Insane I use 1 minutes looking for my keys in my house and I am holding it in my hands

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    It's known that chimps have better fashion Sense then some humans too. 🤣

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    So why does a dog only bark not talk when they have been living with man for a long time a bird can copy us but you can't teach a monkey to talk we are genetically engineered to be different darwin was wrong why would we loose the strength of a monkey when in the womb humans pick the best strongest gene so have we devolved ? Research starlin he tried to create the humanzee none compatible with us and if you tried to push me out the tree I would come back with a stick lol think for your self also look up the ice man proof we are more than what our science tells us

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    This needs to be an app am I only one thinking that this is the kind of thing that asperger spectrum kids would nail.

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    I am not agreed with any of the conclusions from this video.

  • Moon Khan
    Moon Khan Vor 8 Stunden

    I am not agreed with any of the conclusions from this video.

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    Bullshit,it's just progressive training

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    Wtf there is no way that animals can do this... Even how did he knew the numbers.. Forget numbers do these animals has a camera or something or u just done something to their brains... Just like software programming... Because I don't think this is impossible at this time... Lol

    • Pierre louis
      Pierre louis Vor 11 Stunden

      ​+haithem ali yup, your comment is what we call an Argument from Personal Incredulity...
      "for me there is no way that animals can do this, there for, they can't do this"

    • haithem ali
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      Even if u give me a photo of the numbers I would be slower than him...

  • Linus Widmer
    Linus Widmer Vor 17 Stunden

    @Vsauce please check your facts. I read the scientists paper on this monkey number task in university and they tested 6 monkeys and compared them to human performance. One monkey (Ayumi) performed better than humans but the other 5 monkeys of the same species failed to do so.
    Thus generalizing this result in an evolutionary approach is far to optimistic, it is much more likely that the one monkey has some form of eidetic memory, similar to what occurs in human population

    FARZANA QURAISHI Vor 18 Stunden

    May be true may be wrong

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    But surely primates do have a language......we just cant comprehend it.

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    We’re not coming from chimpanzees we are created in God image

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    Humans beings were never chipanzees or monkeys that is a brain washed education produced by scientists who don't believe the existence of The Almighty Allah, animals were created as animals and humans as humans

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    I think at that 10:45 part is one of the most beautiful things I've ever understood. Sharing. Without it we wouldn't exist

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    It's a true photographic memory.

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    With some practice, humans can do these tests too.

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    i wonder if it is possible they have really memorable short term memory and the fact that most of us have long term memory

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    I'm only a few minutes in, but this makes sense in that people whom we call savants, who have this incredible memorization skill, they usually don't speak much or in the same way that everyone else does. Very interesting!

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    💜 Fascinating, love his voice, love the chimps💜

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    To do this game at all I find it far easier to make it three groups of three.
    Dont know if I could do it that fast tho.

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    Ya lo ví hace algunos meses en la TV. Creo que en TV UNAM ...
    Muy interesante. Yo que hablo tanto debe su quiero no perder más memoria de la ya perdida...
    No hablar. Difícil sí tengo 64 años, pero no imposible. Hoy empiezo.

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    14 million subscribers, yet you sell your DEclips videos. Talk about greed! Utterly disgusting!!!

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    I really liked the way experiment was carried out....but wouldnt it be interesting to see if the humans borned with no natural learning capability or comprehending language do against chimps to get rid of any bias ? I don't have any experience with how this being done but just curious. Correct me if I am wrong or missed anything.

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    Think about it, couples of century ago, scientist told us that earth is flat, but later we found that earth is round?????

    • Pierre louis
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      "scientist told us that earth is flat, but later we found that earth is round?"
      -nop... and we know the earth is round since

      According to Strabo, Crates of Mallos (circa 220-140 BC), built a sphere to represent the Earth. It is considered that he realized the first globe on which were reported the points and circles characteristic of the celestial sphere: poles, equatorial circle, polar circles and tropics.

      knowledge is not homogeneous through time, we still have people who believe in flat earth, who think bible is true and think evolution is just a theory... like you...


    I think the theory he gave us that how humans bieng were created, doesn't adds up, I think nobody have answer for that, till now we still assuming different theories and want to believe that. No body have evidence for humans bieng creation, May be Holy Book???

    • Pierre louis
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      this theory don't talk about creation so don't mix your beliefs and what science say... tks

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    Un buen video ... mejor si estuviera en español

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    Lol I was like “peace out” when they began with the whole monkey to man evolution thing

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    Our eyes are to close together and our cartalidged nose is good for singing but not for round speed reading. Because the video editor lit up the box on the right first during the many numbered example, is the reason our perifiale vision got in the way of round speed reading, lol.

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    Evolution is bullshit!

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    I dont believe that chimps have better short term memory because of the method of our communication. I actually dont see the correlation between short term memory vs speech at all since speech is all long term memory which has no bearing on our basic short term memory recall.
    Personally, I think the individuals who put on the test essentially made these Chimps drill these activities over and over and they became extremely proficient at it, essentially masters at it. Now the test facilitators present these activities to an average human and they cant perform at the same level...initially. I believe if you drilled a human with this task over and over they will also become extremely proficient at it: and again, in my opinion, (since I'm the smartest person in the world and know everything) that humans would out perform the Chimps. Hahahahaha I'm just joking (about being a genius, far from it)
    but this biased data is almost like the movie staring Tom Hanks (Sully) where the NTSB and insurance companies made pilots test over and over again in a flight simulator to get the plane back to an airport (because they wanted the data to show Sully made a bad call on landing in the Hudson River instead of trying for an airport. Eventually after 15 tries the pilots just barely made it back to the airport however they were given so many attempts to make it happen and they (NTSB and insurance companies) also didnt account for normal emergency situation protocol that a pilot has to go through to make a decision which of course takes time to process all information available and run through scenarios of what to do with that gathered information (all in real time and without any redo's)

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    One of the most fascinating aspects of human cognition is just how bad it is at so many things. Just how much we ignore visually for one. I'm convinced that it is necessary to actually reason abstractly at all, at least for the litre of fatty jello we have between our ears..

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    Classic instance of attempting to force pre-conceived frameworks of evolution around new information which destroys the narrative of the invisible hand of optimization. If man evolved from chimps and chimps have superior memories, that plainly falsifies evolution theory. But mental gymnastics save SCIENCE! every time so instead there's a theory (scientific fact!) invented to explain the cognitive dissonance

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