Some Of These Nintendo Switch Mini "Leaks" Make Me Wonder...

  • Am 21 Apr 2019 veröffentlicht
  • The Nintendo Switch has been rumored to have a few revisions in the works by publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Eurogamer. The current revision that seems to have the most confidence behind it is the smaller cheaper Switch that has been dubbed the Nintendo Switch Mini. Today I wanted to look at a mock up and a supposed "leak" that made the rounds briefly. One thing on these mock ups caught my eye and are making me wonder a bit about the controls for the Mini.

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  • Ramon Caballero
    Ramon Caballero Vor 2 Tage

    Only suggestion I have is that directional pad is more aligned with the buttons on the other side because someone wants a better D pad in the first place they probably don't care much for the analog stick anywhere

  • Ethan Risner
    Ethan Risner Vor 12 Tage

    I just flipped the switch.

  • neil sullada
    neil sullada Vor 13 Tage

    fuck the gameboy advance sp and fuck the ds the look and feel retarded if they make a switch that's just as retarded..... that would be retarded

  • Raymond Rupp
    Raymond Rupp Vor 15 Tage

    I hope we get the Nintendo Switch flip and can play all virtual console games on the new Nintendo Switch flip buy the 3DS and the Wii u virtual console games on the Nintendo Switch flip ESHOP for E3 and the Nintendo direct for 2019 release date

  • Raymond Rupp
    Raymond Rupp Vor 15 Tage +1

    I hope we get virtual console games for Nintendo Switch at E3 and the Nintendo direct with the Switch mini and pro the virtual console games I want it original gameboy NES SNES GBA GBC Sega wii wii u Ds and GameCube for the Nintendo Switch virtual console on the ESHOP for 2019 June Nintendo direct and at E3

    • colvyr
      colvyr Vor 14 Tage

      nintendo cant do everything

  • Synthetic Lord
    Synthetic Lord Vor 18 Tage

    those look like shit boxes

  • Dennis Rivera
    Dennis Rivera Vor 19 Tage

    I hope they make a switch mini then they make switch XL and then a switch flip

  • Dennis Rivera
    Dennis Rivera Vor 19 Tage

    Switch + ps vita Switch Mini

  • Nixin Victis
    Nixin Victis Vor 20 Tage

    My theory is that this is a rendering . . . of an actual switch mini. What if this is a purposeful leak by nintendo under the guise of someone faking a replacement mistake? That the text of MINI is huge, the size of the rest of the 'Nintendo Switch" text, is very clever tongue in cheek but in a very contemporary marketing style one could easily consider professional. That combined with the very thorough job of the rest of the information on the device rendering might actually imply that this is the work of a professional . . . maybe a professional that actually works for Nintendo, as part of a team tasked with designing a leak. Regardless, this is damn impressive work and if they're not employed with this kind of work, they should be.

  • Vuddas Casket
    Vuddas Casket Vor 21 Tag

    Imagine if the switch mini had a 3ds port

  • Michal Masár
    Michal Masár Vor 24 Tage

    I want flip design as replacement for my N3DS. Switch is much bigger and when I taking console with me I want pocket one - so I always take my beloved N3DS.

  • bijo
    bijo Vor 26 Tage

    Nintendo flip?

  • MK
    MK Vor 27 Tage

    would love a clamshell switch mini

  • I'm stupid but,
    I'm stupid but, Vor 29 Tage

    CLAMSHELL but on the bottom half you can take off the sides as joycons

  • Sierra Vale
    Sierra Vale Vor 29 Tage

    it'd hopefully fix the drifting issue with the input pads on the current sticks

  • SuperMarioZack - SMZ

    ...You can't click a Circle pad...

  • Chubberoli
    Chubberoli Vor Monat

    I would totally get a "switch flip" if it looked like that. It looks really neat.

  • Dinesy16
    Dinesy16 Vor Monat

    Blatantly just crap 3D renders lmao
    People fall for this shite?

  • Urk
    Urk Vor Monat

    That Flip mockup is hideous, reminds me of the PSP Go, which was also extremely ugly and had tons of wasted space on its controller face

  • Jelai Okami
    Jelai Okami Vor Monat

    Nintendo said no hardware anouncement this coming e3 2019

  • koreandecepticon
    koreandecepticon Vor Monat stop please

  • Aydrien Rod
    Aydrien Rod Vor Monat

    i'm waiting for a vita style switch, or even better, a sheikah slate. add some color like the "Flip" and would be a nice looking console.

  • Taco Official Bfb
    Taco Official Bfb Vor Monat


  • POB TV
    POB TV Vor Monat

    No claim shell😞

  • PhoenixKev
    PhoenixKev Vor Monat

    it looks like it's glued to the ceiling lol

  • Colfdra Legend
    Colfdra Legend Vor Monat

    what if i told you

    the switch mini aint happening

  • BBJ Publishing
    BBJ Publishing Vor Monat

    I'll be honest, I'd love a clamshell design... but that's just me.

  • Manna Entertainment

    You can tell the 2nd one you showed is a 3d mock up shows the USB-C connection looks physically impossible. It is on the far edge of the end. You wouldn't be able to dock it. Also the buttons look super digitized lol. I like the design nonetheless!

  • nschoeful
    nschoeful Vor Monat

    The first one is bad and good it's weird

  • nschoeful
    nschoeful Vor Monat

    Reggie on Twitter finally :)

  • Mira Smit
    Mira Smit Vor Monat

    No cmambshell please. We don't need a 3DS 3.0.

  • Midoras Diabano
    Midoras Diabano Vor Monat

    Fuck yeah

  • Steven J
    Steven J Vor Monat

    I can read "Made In CHINA", lol

  • Joshua Mackey
    Joshua Mackey Vor Monat

    Hopefully they will improve the battery life i haven't bought a switch yet for this very reason cause i knew they'd make a new one eventually

  • Monolith 64
    Monolith 64 Vor Monat

    Why report on things when you know they're fake?

  • RyanWake bradtelle
    RyanWake bradtelle Vor Monat

    It has a serial number and not for resale sticker, is that something that display models do?

  • Devil Bacon Hair
    Devil Bacon Hair Vor Monat

    When you said “hopefully your having a good day today” people outside of my house were screaming and I was like well those people aren’t

  • Vardenis Pavardenis

    that switch mini is probably done in thea render, I could recognize that shade anywhere

  • Tyler Cabral
    Tyler Cabral Vor Monat

    2:42 switch flip

  • Mitch McCann
    Mitch McCann Vor Monat

    If the controller had to be attached, which I hate, it would be nice as a clam shell

  • Jinco Cypher
    Jinco Cypher Vor Monat

    Am i the only one that cringes when the name switch mini is spoken? Lol

  • The Real EmuGuy
    The Real EmuGuy Vor Monat

    newer 2DS XL but with no bottom screen

  • Brett Wortham
    Brett Wortham Vor Monat

    A clam she'll design would be very preferable over other forms for me I think. Sturdier, and more well protected when ever you aren't playing it. Me I have a case for my Switch and I won't carry my Switch without it. Need to protect these nifty devices after all!

  • Daniel Bell
    Daniel Bell Vor Monat

    I really like the idea of the unibody design over the clamshell for one obvious reason, less points of breakage, plus the circle pads would make it super easy to slip in a back pocket when you’re out and about.

  • Dafinition
    Dafinition Vor Monat

    I actually really like this concept. Someone really put effort into this. And fuck these fake "leaks".

  • pizzagroom
    pizzagroom Vor Monat

    Honestly, I think a Switch Mini not being able to dock is about as likely as a "Switch Pro" not being portable, ie being so powerful and beefed up it's just a traditional console. Of course, that defeats the whole concept of the Switch. And imo the parts required to basically just export video to the TV, arent enough that it would drastically increase the size. You can plug your phone into the TV, and the idea of being able to play your primary handheld game on a big screen is something Nintendo's long been trying (Super Gameboy, Gameboy Player,) for a while. The concept is too valuable for Nintendo to trow away, especially after naming it the "Switch"

  • Hans Koloss
    Hans Koloss Vor Monat

    Hi Spawn Wave
    If you want some feedback about the circlepads:
    on reddit most people didnt like it and had doubts with them probably not beeing clickable
    I once made a mockup myself on reddit where i got some feedback, mine had dockable design and was like a fusion of a Switch and a 3ds in a ps vita style body
    I think this didn't blow up, because i labeled it as a mockup
    you can find it here if interested

  • Brickmania Delaney
    Brickmania Delaney Vor Monat

    Say goodbye to the 3DS

  • Jerome McCalla
    Jerome McCalla Vor Monat

    I like shell design because the screen are protected when shut.

  • G Ang
    G Ang Vor Monat

    All leaked designs will now be instantly discarded .... The committee will go back and pick one and let the Emperor sign off on the new design .... Its call NintenWa

  • RikiZ8
    RikiZ8 Vor Monat

    This Switch looks like its floating above that table like a hoverboard or something. And its a bit wrong angle also. There are absolutely no shadows.
    Only a blind person would believe this leak.

  • Harry F
    Harry F Vor Monat

    I mean one huge problem is that the analogue stick is at the bottom. If it was a clamshell like that they'd put it on the top. This was a common complaint about the original switch but there is no excuse for this idea.

  • Difford
    Difford Vor Monat

    If it wasn't for the 'Switch Flip' name, I wouldn't even look twice. It seems to clever a name for a troll. The 3DS design seems on par too as they're phasing out the 3DS so why not continue with something similar?
    If fake, plaudits to whoever did it. It was very clever. I'm not going to be hyped because I'm waiting for a Switch Pro myself rather than a mini although something like this would be good for my daughter to use.

  • G Pother Illowhite
    G Pother Illowhite Vor Monat

    I'm hoping the Switch Mini will have a similar design to the GPD WIN 2 (or 3DS, or simply a clamshell design).
    I also hope the Switch Mini will use actual mini thumbsticks (slightly recessed), or trackballs instead of the Circle pad. Never mind the clickable issue re the C-pad, how about the fact that the C-pad is still essentially a 2D input to navigate 3D environments? The Circle pad was inferior, IMO, on the 3DS, but the Switch has much bigger games, & thus actual 3D inputs are imperative, especially if you're like me & need to invert the Y-axis for intuitive 3D motion. I also recall the prototype or official mockup of the Wii U Gamepad having Circle pads, & that generated some outcry.

  • Fred Wilson
    Fred Wilson Vor Monat

    This would be trash waste of money. I don't mini or pro they can just wait few years for a stronger version but think really impossible for stronger version unless made on disc cartridges can't handle big games and graphics

  • Todd Linda
    Todd Linda Vor Monat

    I think when the mini does release it will have a travel dock as a pack in or a separate purchase option that just plugs into the bottom. Then Nintendo will start selling travel docks separately for a much cheaper price.

  • 𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖍 𝖕𝖔𝖔𝖍

    If Nintendo did a switch mini they should make it look kinda like the psp go and where the start and select are there should be a second thumb stick and right above the thumb sticks start and select should be and the buttons could slide out just like the psp go

  • Jonathan Tash
    Jonathan Tash Vor Monat

    The question is not whether there will be a Switch Mini, but whether it will be made by Nintendo or by hackers.

  • Kakashi
    Kakashi Vor Monat

    i would say no to this leak like for example for splatoon 2 needs the right stick to be pressed so

  • Calvin S
    Calvin S Vor Monat +3

    The reason the Xbox was “Zebra” colored was so if someone took pictures of it. It would be hard to tell the dimensions and main shape of the console.

  • Zachary Kirtz
    Zachary Kirtz Vor Monat

    Eh. It somewhat matches to look of Switch prototype hardware. But there are some things that make me suspicious, Switch prototype and development hardware do have serial numbers, and that doesn't have all the text on the back the prototype and dev hardware has (property of Nintendo, not for resale, and not approved by the FCC (specifically for prototypes), blah blah blah). Some parts of it also just don't look right (the vents on the back look kinda weird to me)

  • William Collins
    William Collins Vor Monat +2

    Definitely a mock up. It's also missing the MicroSD slot, and why get rid of the famous Switch logo.

  • Finch Harper
    Finch Harper Vor Monat

    🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙 I sure wish the Switch MiiNi would take 3DS cards, but it won't.

  • Milo And Lola Challenges

    We stole the idea from iPad mini to turn into switch mini

  • Young Blood
    Young Blood Vor Monat +1

    I actually think this would be SUPER COOL but it just needs a few tweaks

    • Tidepool Clipper
      Tidepool Clipper Vor Monat

      Almost looks like it would just be another DS family member.
      Although the render itself is fake otherwise.

  • Lanceypantsy17 Gaming

    The Nintendo Switch flip, it's the GBA SP, but without the GBA.

  • boshygamer32 El Canal De las Locuras

    there is no switch mini coming just conform with a 3DS successor

  • TheTuxpeng
    TheTuxpeng Vor Monat

    A clamshell for a mini wouldn't surprise me

  • cold cuts
    cold cuts Vor Monat

    since when did nintendo sign that soldier kid

  • generic Josh number 96

    Honestly if that switch mini came out I would pick it up. I sold my switch becuase it was too big to carry around.

  • Black Popeye
    Black Popeye Vor Monat

    5:48 look like that was made with DAZ or Poser

  • Catriam Flockentanz

    I would actually like the clampshell design the maker of the Nintendo Switch Flip put forward. (Albeit this Mario Maker design specifically isn't my cup of tea.
    And I appreciate that he plain-out said it's a mock-up and doesn't try to "sell" this as a supposed leak.

  • cyko phor
    cyko phor Vor Monat

    I like the flip screen one alot.

  • Dat Dang
    Dat Dang Vor Monat +1

    That first pic isnconfirmed to be a fan art lmao.

  • Optillian
    Optillian Vor Monat +2


  • Adam Eason
    Adam Eason Vor Monat

    0:03 no... they just came out of the wiiU with all that confusion, now you think nintendo whats to go through that again with a 3DS style nintendo switch?
    how are parents going to feel when they get this thing thinking its a 2Ds and then find out all the games for it are $60 and not $40!

  • aroo
    aroo Vor Monat +3

    Nintendo 4DS. Plays Switch, 3DS, and DS carts/eShop releases.

    I can dream.

  • JCBjr15
    JCBjr15 Vor Monat

    I kinda like the flip idea. If anything I want the kickstand and joycon analog sticks fixed.

  • melehu
    melehu Vor Monat

    Seriously, this design with the 3DS pads would be *exactly* what I want. Especially if they improve the battery life by a decent chunk. Gimme, gimme NAO

  • Travis Stindt
    Travis Stindt Vor Monat

    I actually love circle pads. I don't know why they aren't used more.

  • M K
    M K Vor Monat

    Switch mini will......... Board Now lol someone continue this lol 😙

  • M K
    M K Vor Monat

    Switch mini will have. .. no docking port included 😠

  • M K
    M K Vor Monat

    Switch Mini will have... onscreen controller like a phone emulator 🤓

  • M K
    M K Vor Monat

    Switch mini will have... even smaller G-Con controls ! 😉

  • M K
    M K Vor Monat

    Switch mini will have... a built in phone... so you can call you friends to play online with them 😂

  • M K
    M K Vor Monat

    Switch mini will be a folding screen device! ! 😆

  • Vivithegr8
    Vivithegr8 Vor Monat

    I still dont see the need to make the Switch Smaller.

  • Waji Hemisphere
    Waji Hemisphere Vor Monat

    A W F U L design. Hope this kind of product never see the light. Managed to make it look like worse than any model of 3ds.

    WOOD MINER Vor Monat

    It is a rendering or godly lighting

  • R
    R Vor Monat

    1. Why would it have a plus or minus on each side if it doesn't have detachable joycons.
    2. As you mentioned, its angled wrong if it had shoulder buttons that stuck out to the rear.
    3. As you said, why would Nintendo have the word "mini" that big. The goal is to emphasize portability and a massive "mini" on the back makes you think its bigger than it is. Or at least, that's the impression I get for sure.
    4. If they were gonna make a mini version , it would be way smaller than that, or else why bother getting it. I'd rather get one with removable joycons if the mini was that big.

  • SkiWalker MC
    SkiWalker MC Vor Monat

    I hopefully it't not madr ftom plastic anymore!

    PRIVATE SECTOR 042 Vor Monat

    It's blatantly obvious that it CG

  • Jonathan alis
    Jonathan alis Vor Monat

    I wish I could make some 3D renders. I have some cool ideas.

  • David Opinko
    David Opinko Vor Monat

    This is, of course, fake, but I think an actual Switch Mini could look something like this. One thing though, I don't see any place on this where an SD card could go...

  • J McClain
    J McClain Vor Monat

    Probably close to the final version. He gets credit for effort. I'm way more interested in the more powerful Switch.

    • Tidepool Clipper
      Tidepool Clipper Vor Monat

      The Switch Pro is a rumor at best.
      Heck; the rumored specs are still weak-sauce compared to the PS5 and XBOX 4.

  • Ahmad Mugdadi
    Ahmad Mugdadi Vor Monat

    It’s cool but... how does the “circle pad” click in?

  • Ronald Cheng
    Ronald Cheng Vor Monat

    1st gen Nintendo Switch engine in a clamshell design, why not!😆

  • nintendians
    nintendians Vor Monat

    the 2nd one seems more believable, but it'll still uses the joystick from the joy-cons.

  • MizzleSizzle z
    MizzleSizzle z Vor Monat

    That's a very good looking altoids tin 100% would buy

  • Red
    Red Vor Monat

    They will be called Plus and Minus.