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Rustic Swedish Log Cabin | Hunting with my Dog

  • Am 14 Jan 2022 veröffentlicht
  • My Story:
    When I graduated high school I sought a big challenge in life. To alone, with only simple hand tools and raw power, build my own traditional off grid log cabin by hand from the materials of the Swedish forest. I film everything myself and edit these videos so you can follow my journey and hopefully learn as I do. I have no earlier experience in any of this, just a visualization of what I want to achieve and willpower to learn and improve everything necessary. So I enjoy reading good advice in the comments. Enjoy!
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  • photoguy73
    photoguy73 Vor 8 Monate +578

    in addition to his incredible woodsman and carpentry skills, it is easy to forget he is setting up all of the video shots as well. He makes it seem as though some hidden film crew is taking all of this video. Think of the time that it takes just to set up a seven second piece of video. What an awesome, talented young man.

    • linkofdoom24
      linkofdoom24 Vor 4 Monate

      I think the guy in the survivor man show did it. I know there was one who had a crew and one did not.

    • Arturo’s Michelangeli
      Arturo’s Michelangeli Vor 4 Monate +1

      !f you like the video what does it matter if he hired a videographer to light, film and produce it? He’s an “awesome , talented young man” even without us thinking he did the entire project with a bag ‘o tools and his trusty sidekick dog. Please!

    • Haneefa Karrim
      Haneefa Karrim Vor 5 Monate +4

      @aarswft He lets the camera run most of the time, and has had to edit a lot of stuff to reduce the time. I think keeping the mind occupied with down time to be creative on another level is a good balance. Can you imagine going none stop like he does. I can, because I have. I like these videos not only for his skills, but that there is no talking.

    • Crypto Divio$o
      Crypto Divio$o Vor 5 Monate +2

      @photoguy73 it's a work of art, perform piece, documentary, etc. So many things & so many talents. Beautiful Job!

  • Rich H
    Rich H Vor 8 Monate +646

    I think Erik was getting worried that having an insulated floor AND a roof might make him weaken! So he went to sleep in a cave, just to keep it real :-) I love these videos so much.

    • Vv Nn
      Vv Nn Vor 4 Monate

      The house is a trap for humans since the title is "Hunting with my Dog"

    • זהרה זהרה
      זהרה זהרה Vor 5 Monate

      ٩ؤ مرحبا رلرهرررر مرحبا١١١ مرحبا مرحبا مرحبا مليون ؤ٩١

    • Cherry Pop🍒
      Cherry Pop🍒 Vor 5 Monate

      @Алексей Качеев 😅

    • Алексей Качеев
      Алексей Качеев Vor 6 Monate +3

      @Isabella Vianello вы меня пугаете ..))

  • Alien Baby Jesus
    Alien Baby Jesus Vor 8 Monate +330

    It is amazing to be watching this whole process, I can’t believe how far along it’s come! You’re so inspiring.

    • Sir Robin of Loxley
      Sir Robin of Loxley Vor 8 Monate

      @Johnny Porker All after being Holocausted too, amazing story.

    • Watchdog
      Watchdog Vor 8 Monate

      Who needs a foot anyway? Just get a new one if you find use for it!

    • Sir Robin of Loxley
      Sir Robin of Loxley Vor 8 Monate +1

      Are you planning on occupying it?

    • OnE
      OnE Vor 8 Monate +1

      And its amazing he didnt chop his foot off with that hatchet rofl...not safe at all.

  • Lisa K.
    Lisa K. Vor 8 Monate +343

    You are not "surviving" in the wild, you are living.
    So cool!

  • Gael Carlton
    Gael Carlton Vor 5 Monate +3

    My father was a master carpenter...and he would have been AMAZED at what a beautiful cabin you built, your precision with an axe and the entire way you went about it. He was a man who handled tools the very same way, it was incredible to watch him build something on his land that I'd not seen because he did huge commercial construction jobs so to finally get to witness his talent was such a gift....and Erik has so much of what it takes to be the absolute master of builders. Great job for such a young man.

  • MasoniteShadow
    MasoniteShadow Vor 8 Monate +90

    Im always happy when a new video is put out. its like putting my brain on pause to just relax and take in everything like a toddler watching a movie/

  • Christopher Labas
    Christopher Labas Vor 8 Monate +87

    Erik, I can't describe how edifying it is to watch your journey and all the hard work you did to fulfill your goal! Thank you for sharing this with the rest of the world.

  • SNYY3
    SNYY3 Vor 5 Monate +17

    23:49 Man, Dog, and Fire. So simple but there's something eternally comforting about this trio. 30,000 years of bonding.

  • Ron Wilson
    Ron Wilson Vor 8 Monate +54

    I have watched you since you picked out the spot to build your home. I wished that I had the knowledge and skills to be able to build my own log home and live off of the land. Well, I can enjoy watching you do these things. Thanks for sharing. Ron from the United States of America.

    • R Mmm
      R Mmm Vor 4 Monate

      @Karin [CAR-in, not CARE-en] hmmm interesting perspective. Personally I own a large amount of land and have fenced it all off. I live off my land with animals, harvest, and used the trees to build and warm my home. I wouldn’t want people on my property at all. Guess it’s just different here.

    • Trucy's Life
      Trucy's Life Vor 8 Monate +7

      @Karin [CAR-in, not CARE-en] That's it, I'm moving to Sweden !

    • Karin [CAR-in, not CARE-en]
      Karin [CAR-in, not CARE-en] Vor 8 Monate +23

      Sweden has the freedom to roam enshrined in its constitution, meaning you can go anywhere, except for what's deemed the "personal zone" next to a house (the personal zone can be up to 70 m/230 ft around, so good for keeping your actual house and front yard private). You can go anywhere, forage respectfully (anywhere that's not obviously cultivated), have access to any body of water to fish or swim... and it means a lot of Swedish kids are given the opportunities to spend enough time in the wild to actually learn skills like these. Because when you can run free in the woods and build play huts with your friends, at some point, building your own cabin just becomes the next logical step.
      I wish the US had more laws like it, rather than focusing on the one individual's right to tell everyone else to buzz off. It made me really sad when I moved here, that the access to nature is made into a privilege rather than a right. And it's not a diss on the US, btw, just an observation on how laws shape the world.

  • Amanda Robinson
    Amanda Robinson Vor 8 Monate +148

    Enthralling as ever 🙂I also love the fact you don't cover the whole video in annoying music. The pictures and natural sounds speak for themselves. Thank you.

    • John Miller
      John Miller Vor Monat

      I agree 100% with the rest of these comments. Nature’s sounds are the perfect background for your content. The peace and serenity in the lifestyle you have created is amazing. Bravo 👏🏼

    • Asone82
      Asone82 Vor 4 Monate +3

      I agree 100% as soon as music appears in these wilderness videos I turn off

    • kat P
      kat P Vor 6 Monate +5

      I agree 10000%

    • V Dussaut
      V Dussaut Vor 7 Monate +5

      I agree 1000%

    • Philip
      Philip Vor 8 Monate +6

      I agree 100%.

  • Greg Curtin
    Greg Curtin Vor 8 Monate +25

    Thank you Eric for the latest update. Your resourcefulness when using a limited amount of modern tools is astounding. What I noticed most about the floor was how straight it was from front-to-back. This is a challenge with 21st century tools and properly poured foundation. Congratulations on your hard work. Always good to see your dog (as he looks a bit like my chocolate labrador retriever) and give Alice a hug for all of us who miss her.

  • Tomáš Frkal
    Tomáš Frkal Vor 8 Monate +62

    Sweden is such a beautiful country. Because of my job, I spent some time near Skelleftea a few years ago, it was simply amazing. Greetings from the Czech Republic.

  • David Fly
    David Fly Vor 8 Monate +674

    The shoeless edge trimming. Just like I would do it. Except for the snug fit and the part where you didn’t lose a toe. Love the videos!

    • Horst Horstens
      Horst Horstens Vor 8 Monate

      I would have used birkenstocks. Safety first!

    • Greg Phipps
      Greg Phipps Vor 8 Monate +2

      Not OSHA approved...

    • Kanzlei txt
      Kanzlei txt Vor 8 Monate +1

      Arbeitsschutz nicht so wichtig in Schweden...

    • Andrew Lee
      Andrew Lee Vor 8 Monate +1

      @88marome possibly toes.

  • Andreas Bergquist
    Andreas Bergquist Vor 8 Monate +239

    When cabin finally looks inhabitable he moves into a cave 😂 Living like our forefathers took it one step further and became a cave man.

  • S Tex
    S Tex Vor 8 Monate +24

    Eric brings new meaning to; if it don’t fit force it! Love the floor, I would love to smell the inside of your cabin, I also love the barn, the animals have a very nice place to stay out of the weather. Your pup is coming along nice also, he is a beautiful dog.

  • FSE
    FSE Vor 8 Monate +235

    6:30 Now *THAT* was cool. Decades later, perhaps over a century, when someone pulls up the boards to replace them they'll know the story of this cabin.

    • tallswede80
      tallswede80 Vor 6 Monate +2

      "cattle die, and kinsmen die, and so does one die oneself, but one thing that never dies, is the fame of a dead man's deeds." -Havamal

    • Joshua Decker
      Joshua Decker Vor 6 Monate +4

      The planning and execution that goes into his work is remarkable. Truly inspiring. Erik is what every man strives to be. 😂 I am not ashamed to admit that!

    • Shoom
      Shoom Vor 8 Monate +9

      @Niisse I think it will last a long time, I found many newspapers during my time as a carpenter, some dating back to the late 1800's, I have also found pottery and once a regional flag.

    • Zach Johnson
      Zach Johnson Vor 8 Monate +7

      @JMM But, his insulation is wood shavings, that's going to soak up any moisture that gets in there. It has a better-than-average chance of surviving that long.

    • 88marome
      88marome Vor 8 Monate

      @Niisse Well, yea!

  • D Reed
    D Reed Vor 7 Monate +5

    Your shots, the magnificent sounds of nature, cave camping, your lovely pup - plus, all of your hard work and grace as you share these moments - glorious!! I raised 2 boys (now in their 30's), and am a very proud mom. Your parents did a fantastic job! Best wishes, I forsee many good things in your future😊👍🙋‍♀️

  • Lina
    Lina Vor 8 Monate +31

    The newspaper under the floorboards made me smile! Such a nice touch. I'm so invested in this!
    - always looking forward to the next upload :)

    • Николай Рыженков
      Николай Рыженков Vor 2 Monate

      Странное и непонятно
      Строить дом весь день, а ночевать под камнями в лесу .

  • Mark
    Mark Vor 8 Monate +7

    seeing you slip the newspaper article under the flooring gave me goosebumps. you're a legend!

  • Benedek Kovács
    Benedek Kovács Vor 8 Monate +65

    Ah yes, only two kind of people would do that barefoot-edge-shaping, complete beginner fools or seasoned knowledgable craftsmen. Seeing what you've accomplished (and lucky for your toes) you obviously fall into the latter group. Great video AGAIN!

    • Ben McCann
      Ben McCann Vor 8 Monate +11

      I think when he started building the cabin he was doing all this for the first time. He definitely seemed less confident back then as well.
      But his carpentry skill seems to reflect years of experience. I've been doing it for a few years and I'm envious of his capabilities. He's either a virtuoso learner or must have trained under a skilled craftsman.

    • GayPrepperz
      GayPrepperz Vor 8 Monate +2

      Took the words right out of my mouth (or my keyboard)!

  • J W
    J W Vor 7 Monate +2

    I love watching your work ethic in action. Maybe you could work out a wholesale/sponsor deal with the company that makes those rubber pigs. Print your logo on the pigs and offer them for sale. I don't even own a dog and I would buy one. A lot of people do have dogs that would buy one!

  • Micke Lundberg
    Micke Lundberg Vor 8 Monate +470

    For all of you who do not speak and read Swedish, the article in the paper he put under the floor was about him.

    • Teodor Ais
      Teodor Ais Vor Monat

      Thanks a lot .man . I think .a lot of people are watching this video .

    • is•you•good
      is•you•good Vor 2 Monate +1

      @lieuwina lee he also put some coins in the one of the walls, I think it’s such a nice touch

    • InSanctaSanctorum
      InSanctaSanctorum Vor 4 Monate +1

      @🌟TAVINHO🌟 No hablo portugués pero posiblemente tú entiendas español: "Para aquellos que no entiendan sueco, el reportaje en el diario que dejó bajo el piso habla sobre él"

    • Michael Winn
      Michael Winn Vor 4 Monate

      For those who DO speak and read Swedish, what is the article about? (Just an English teacher's notion of a joke....)

    • Doov
      Doov Vor 5 Monate +1

      Yeah no shit

  • Magnus Persson
    Magnus Persson Vor 8 Monate +7

    Thriving in the wilderness with your dog, awesome! Länge velat prova att övernatta i ett sten-gryt, ser hur häftigt ut som helst. Tack för inspirationen Erik!

    SMN VOX Vor 8 Monate +7

    You’re incredible Erik. These videos have been so inspiring, fun and relaxing to watch. Everything is coming along beautifully. Excited to watch your continued journey in this.

  • Deirdre Anderson
    Deirdre Anderson Vor 8 Monate +3

    I have enjoyed your journey from the beginning! I miss the family dog but love watching your new one grow! Your craftsmanship, love of nature and peacefulness is overwhelmingly brilliant! Thank you!

  • Lylo0203
    Lylo0203 Vor 8 Monate +18

    As if the cabin alone isn't Mind-blowing! Your videography skills and sound management are superb, such an honor to be able to witness such a great outdoorsman. Peace.

  • Ronald Ziehlke
    Ronald Ziehlke Vor 8 Monate +557

    Nice time capsule you placed under the floor. You even left a clue about who built the cabin, nice touch.

    • Enamored
      Enamored Vor 5 Monate +4

      @Self-Righteous Ideologue With my crude swedish, its roughly translated to Here, 20-year-old Erik builds a log cabin by hand all alone in the woods

    • Dan Wandin
      Dan Wandin Vor 6 Monate +4

      @Self-Righteous Ideologue There's even a picture of him in the article.

    • Gaurav Nayal
      Gaurav Nayal Vor 8 Monate +3

      @Self-Righteous Ideologue you could read his name tho

    • Self-Righteous Ideologue
      Self-Righteous Ideologue Vor 8 Monate

      I can't read Swedish :(

    • Ronald Ziehlke
      Ronald Ziehlke Vor 8 Monate +3

      @Aspen82 The newspaper he placed under the floor.

  • Talley ho
    Talley ho Vor 6 Monate +6

    *Erik! This was one of my favorite videos! I love that we got a little bit of cabin action, and then an outdoor adventure! Definently very very interested in more videos similar to this! Also if you happen to read this or if anyone knows, what kind of rifle is he/are you using? I have an old 30-30 from my father's father's and it has beautiful engravings of deers in the woods! Thanks Erik, love ya man, can't wait to see more!*

  • marxinada
    marxinada Vor 6 Monate +5

    Honestly your videos are so therapeutic and relaxing! I'm always so impressed by the way you film everything from so many angles, it looks like it could be a bigger professional production. Really loving this series and hope to see more from you in the future!

  • LM
    LM Vor 8 Monate +19

    This is beyond amazing, just lost for words, you are a force to be reckoned with. ✨

    • Lylo0203
      Lylo0203 Vor 8 Monate +4

      AMEN! Such a spectacular young man. Peace.

  • lalousiane
    lalousiane Vor 6 Monate +1

    Your photography & editing are outstanding. I'm very impressed with you & wish more young people around the world could learn these things. It may save their lives one day. 👍🙋‍♀️🇺🇸

  • Daphne
    Daphne Vor 8 Monate +94

    Everytime I think it can't get any better and more beautifull you manage to prove me wrong. Also it calms me so much to watch your videos, with all the sounds of nature, walking, fire... Love it!

    • Daniel Erik
      Daniel Erik Vor 8 Monate +4

      Isn't nature the best? Seriously, it's such a stress reliever!

  • Ahmed1987sh Iq
    Ahmed1987sh Iq Vor 6 Monate +3

    I can't believe I watched everything just today, from the very beginning of building this incredible house 🏘️.. a master piece content 👌🏻 love from Iraq ❤️🇮🇶

  • Diana
    Diana Vor 8 Monate +9

    Oh I wish you uploaded every week, we love watching your progress it’s utterly awesome what you have achieved so far. Do you plan to live in it once it’s completed? Xx

  • Gettinscurvy
    Gettinscurvy Vor 7 Monate +2

    Not only do I enjoy watching the build of your spectacular cabin, you're capture of the nature around you is stunning. I find your videos extremely relaxing.

  • Jan Lerl
    Jan Lerl Vor 8 Monate +12

    Beautiful video as always, Erik. Thank you for sharing and making the day better. Hope the New year is treating you nicely and you are doing well. All the best! :)

  • Jim
    Jim Vor 8 Monate +8

    Very impressive! I've been watching 4 quite some time now and the progress you have made is outstanding. You young man are going to go far in life. Much farther than most. You enjoy the hard work and take it 1 step at a time. Great job


    Как давно снимали видео? Лисички до сих пор растут? Удачи вам

  • David Faulkner
    David Faulkner Vor 5 Monate +1

    Erik you are an exceptional young man . I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you build this cabin . You are a true craftsman .

  • Sharon Allen
    Sharon Allen Vor 6 Monate +3

    You are awesome, my young friend! You have changed so much since the first episode; I caught you in the middle of your videos and had to search for the first! It's been rewarding for me to watch you grow into the person you are now. Really love the cabin, the wilderness and the feeling of accomplishment you have shown in every video. Can hardly wait to see more! GREAT JOB!!!

  • Michael Winn
    Michael Winn Vor 4 Monate +6

    I am loving to watch your progress and have a lot of questions: On whose land? Who were your mentors? (grandparents? others?) Who makes your axes, adzes, etc.? You are amazing!

  • simon man
    simon man Vor 8 Monate +7

    Another superb video Erik! What a guy, what a talent! Wow!! Love from the UK.. ❤️

  • edna gomes
    edna gomes Vor 4 Monate

    Parabéns pela dedicação 🙏👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🇧🇷

  • Kjell Adrian
    Kjell Adrian Vor 8 Monate +15

    It was really nice seeing you lay that wooden floor. It makes the cabin kind of inhabitable from now on. It really hit the spot. (my best translation of "pricken över i" so far ;)). I usually also pick the berries and mushrooms the forest offers; that's a favour of the nature. Unfortunately I live in Älvkarleby, northern Uppland where the downfall of cesium from the Tjernobyl "accident" was among the worst in Sweden. Considering the first half life of cesium is well passed due I eat small portions two or three times a year. I also boil them throwing away that first water before frying them. Calculating the risks compared to e.g. air plane crews, x-ray personell and others, eating it two or three times a year should make no difference at all. The lingon-berries and blueberries are fine though. They don't mistake the cesium for being one of the elements they need as much as the mushrooms seem to do.

  • Greggory Cohick
    Greggory Cohick Vor 8 Monate +10

    Been watching since you first started....the quality of your workmanship is outstanding. If I were to show up in 300 years that cabin will still be standing. 👍

  • Raymond Earl Damon
    Raymond Earl Damon Vor 6 Monate +2

    I congratulate you, for a young man your work is amazing. And you have a great talent and probably one one best work ethics I have ever seen.

  • Alberto Rey Abuelo
    Alberto Rey Abuelo Vor 8 Monate +14

    This person's will and determination is something we'd have to admire, as he is using his time on making a literal house from scratch

  • Zulema Cueva
    Zulema Cueva Vor 7 Monate

    Felicitaciones Erik, estamos esperando ver cómo queda finalmente esta cabaña. Dios te bendiga"

  • Mo Avdi
    Mo Avdi Vor 8 Monate +7

    Love your videos. Although I was a little bit concerned there could be a wild animal in the cave. Great survival skills, and the cabin is looking wonderful. Hope you enjoy it for generations to come. 👏🏼♥️

  • Norbert Janek
    Norbert Janek Vor 8 Monate +3

    hello Erik I'm looking forward to your next movie. You made the floor very professionally, as if you had already done a lot of them. I admire you that at such a young age you have done so much without experience. I am waiting for the next movie because I think you made the last one in autumn. Best regards

  • King RAFA
    King RAFA Vor 8 Monate +2

    Great job Erik
    Now you're on a newspaper article because of your log cabin build. Awesome!

  • Daniel Erik
    Daniel Erik Vor 8 Monate +3

    The cabin is really coming along! It looks amazing! Such an inspiration! 👏

  • owen rudy
    owen rudy Vor 8 Monate +101

    The sheer precision this man has with a hatchet or axe from building this cabin is insane. for reference i struggle with splitting a 2 inch wide twig

    • LM
      LM Vor 8 Monate +7

      Yes its truly amazing.

  • Daigoro
    Daigoro Vor 8 Monate +12

    Beautiful Erik... You fill my heart with admiration and joy. Thank you for inviting us into your precious world. Peace.

  • Dawn McFadden
    Dawn McFadden Vor 8 Monate +18

    I have great respect for all you've done with your cabin looking forward to seeing more

  • Stephen Duane Dean Junior
    Stephen Duane Dean Junior Vor 8 Monate +6

    The cave and foraging was great. The care to detail and persistence is amazing to see. Perhaps ice fishing at some stage, depending on the local landscape of course.

  • Yvonne Simmons
    Yvonne Simmons Vor 6 Monate

    I’ve been checking back here regularly hoping to see your progress on your cabin. Hope you are all okay, so interested to see you put in windows, and more… take care

  • Thanatos
    Thanatos Vor 8 Monate +146

    Can't get enough of these videos. The fact that a lot of countries people are still locked in their homes due to COVID, these videos are a great way to kind of escape in your mind for half an hour. Thank you very much for making these videos Erik. Keep them coming :-)

    • King RAFA
      King RAFA Vor 8 Monate

      You killed Ironman and the other Avengers 😂

    • Logan Pike
      Logan Pike Vor 8 Monate +1

      @Kиоснеикотзея monetization. If he shows that DEclips demonetizes the video. So he wont get paid for the video if he shows shooting the deer

    • von Hannersdorf
      von Hannersdorf Vor 8 Monate +3

      @Ben McCann yes. His videos is truly essence of hiking.

    • Ben McCann
      Ben McCann Vor 8 Monate +3

      Check out Kraig Adams if you haven't already. I have a feeling you will really like his videos.

    • Ginni Colee
      Ginni Colee Vor 8 Monate +2

      Maybe it is not deer hunting season. Some hunters only kill when they actually need the meat, maybe he does not need it yet.

  • Creative Spark
    Creative Spark Vor 8 Monate +1

    As a tradesman he’s done excellent job. But I don’t believe any youtubers when they say they haven’t done or tried something before. He clearly has had some knowledge. Some of the tricks he uses are not just stumbled upon

  • Wielki Dario
    Wielki Dario Vor 8 Monate +4

    Fajną masz chatkę tyle pracy i dokładności w budowę wkładasz po ukończeniu będzie domek jak z bajki no i przepiękna okolica pozdrawiam z Polski i życzę dużo zdrowia i radości z ukończenia chatki 👏👏👍

  • Ayhan Angelov
    Ayhan Angelov Vor 8 Monate +13

    I just have no words, I've been watching you from the beginning make your house with everything by hand you have no equipment just very few people do that ,you do it with a lot of work, brother, I wish which will make your loved ones smile and be inspired. Congratulations,and survive only in the Balkans I personally can't do like you
    bro very good I wish you much success in life let your friends be faithful and your family be healthy and happy.Greetings from Bulgaria 🙂

  • Ronald D. Perry
    Ronald D. Perry Vor 8 Monate +11

    Erikkkkkkkkkk, how I've missed your post. Love the dedication and skills. Its completely amazing what and how many skills a person can have. You've been an awesome covid partner hehe Thanks

  • SouthburyGirl
    SouthburyGirl Vor 8 Monate +2

    The mom in me was stressed w/ clenched teeth watching you wield your axe so close to your feet, while at the same time being enormously impressed by your attention to detail and mastery w/ said axe! :D I've been watching your videos and have been so impressed by everything you're doing and are about. Can't wait to see your next video!

  • Mmy Moon
    Mmy Moon Vor 7 Monate +6

    Erik: builds a whole log cabin by hand, carefully finishes the flooring
    Also Erik: sleeps under this rock for tonight

  • DrFeelGod
    DrFeelGod Vor 8 Monate +5

    It's nice to see it coming together. I've watched the entire build and are amazed over what you've managed to do.


    Increíble lo prolijo q sos, amo la naturaleza, daría mí vida por vivir en un lugar así, te felicito por todo el esfuerzo 💪💪

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Vor 8 Monate +10

    Your videos are pure meditation for me. So relaxing! It is interesting to see how your skill with the axe has imroved.

  • Dave Larsen
    Dave Larsen Vor 6 Monate +3

    I am very impressed with your videos and especially your commitment to doing everything as the pioneers would have done. I am wondering how you draw into yourself to get the power to stick to it. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I have never really finished anything in my life. I always find a way to justify moving on to something else so I would really love to know your thoughts on staying committed to the project.

  • fonk
    fonk Vor 8 Monate +7

    Ahhh, the perfect vibe for my mid afternoon chai! It’s so nice to see you and wee lassie carry on with the build. Wishing you and yours the very best! May the year ahead be ever productive and without complication. 🤙

  • Terrance Miller
    Terrance Miller Vor 6 Monate

    Hope everything's well in your world. Have missed you a lot, I was getting accustom to having you around. I'm sure the cabin is looking great. Hope the dogs doing OK. Bye for now love ya much.😘

  • Odge
    Odge Vor 8 Monate +1

    It’s so much fun watching your GSP while you work. Such a curious and lively breed. Your videos inspire me to spend more time with mine just “existing” in the woods. Thank you.

  • joe bacarella
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