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How am I able to be OFF GRID and do YouTube?

  • Am 25 Jul 2021 veröffentlicht
  • I have always wanted to do a "behind the scenes" video, on how I alone make these videos possible. Even though my ambition is to be able to live totally without electricity, it is also to share it and inspire through DEclips (which has been amazing). Therefore I am into solar panels and batteries. I was able to test out EcoFlow's latest cutting edge battery, the DELTA Pro. Which I saw as a perfect opportunity to integrate into this video. This battery can run almost anything at your home. Now I recommend watching the other reviews on DEclips, as mine wasn't even near it's full potential. I just love being able to charge my DEclips gear outdoors fully from the sun, totally off grid.
    This is my first sponsored video. I like when it contributes to the video, to me and to you. I will only do sponsorships that fits into the video and that I think interests you hopefully as much as it does to me.
    ecoflow.com ?aff=150
    This video contains a bit of a preview on my projects and what's to come in the series. You can see me edit the upcoming episode in this video. You will soon see how I have done the roof on the log cabin and later what that hole in the ground is used for.
    The biggest question in this video:
    Who is the new dog and is Alice fine?
    Alice is part of our family and has been with me from time to time, but now she has puppies. I wanted my own 100% of the time dog. To be able to hunt with and go on all of my adventures. So here is "Barr" meaning Spruce Needle in Swedish. He is a German Shorthaired pointer "Vorsteh", bird dog.
    DELTA Pro: $1999-$3599
    DELTA Pro & 400W Solar Panel: $3838-$4798
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  • Erik Grankvist
    Erik Grankvist  Vor year +971

    I have always wanted to do a "behind the scenes" video, on how I alone make these videos possible. Even though my ambition is to be able to live totally without electricity, it is also to share it and inspire (which has been amazing). Therefore I am into solar panels and batteries. I was able to test out EcoFlow's latest cutting edge battery, the DELTA Pro. Which I saw as a perfect opportunity to integrate into this video. This battery can run almost anything at your home. Now I recommend watching the other reviews on DEclips, as mine wasn't even near it's full potential. I just love being able to charge my DEclips gear outdoors fully from the sun, totally off grid.
    This is my first sponsored video. I like when it contributes to the video, to me and to you. I will only do sponsorships that fits into the video and that I think interests you hopefully as much as it does to me.
    I had to do this video now because EcoFlow is running a Kickstarter for this battery.
    DELTA Pro Battery Kickstarter link:
    This video therefore contains a bit of a preview on my projects and what's to come in the series. You can see me edit the upcoming episode in this video. You will soon see how I have done the roof on the log cabin and later what that hole in the ground is for.
    The BIGGEST question in this video:
    Who is the new dog and is Alice fine?
    Alice is part of our family and has been with me from time to time, but now she has puppies. I wanted my own 100% of the time dog. To be able to hunt with and go on all of my adventures. So here is "Barr" meaning Spruce Needle in Swedish. He is a German Shorthaired pointer "Vorsteh", bird dog.

    • Elisabet Arias
      Elisabet Arias Vor 2 Monate

      I want to go live with you. Feel peace and share it ❤️

    • WookieCookie 2014
      WookieCookie 2014 Vor 5 Monate +4

      Thank you for inspiring this old lady, reminding me of those old days when things were so simple (comparatively) and liberating. Also, thank you so much for letting us know about Alice and Barr! I swear I lost sleep wondering if the wilds got Alice... In any case, I'm glad she is well-- and is a mother! Be safe and be well! ~Peace!

    • Xyz Covey
      Xyz Covey Vor 5 Monate


    • Erik Rissanen
      Erik Rissanen Vor 6 Monate +1

      its about the journey

    • Paul Cooley
      Paul Cooley Vor 7 Monate

      Very nice log cabin where's the porch Video

  • Kalle Flodin
    Kalle Flodin Vor year +602

    So happy to see you show us behind the scenes! And congrats on your first sponsor 💪❤️

    • William
      William Vor 4 Monate

      @Erik Grankvist How bad are the ticks up there?

    • Pamela remme
      Pamela remme Vor 9 Monate +10

      @Geyji BILL1 You must be the only one that doesn't eat meat in the middle of summer. Wow.

    • Geyji BILL1
      Geyji BILL1 Vor year +1

      i dont know you guys but, watching this guy eating meat in the middle of summer "off grid" is starting to trigger some red alert. Im wondering if this isnt just all part of a big joke

    • lolololo lololo
      lolololo lololo Vor year +2

      Even making videos is harder for him! This dude rocks

    • Corin Laflamme
      Corin Laflamme Vor year +7

      Yes! Would love to hear more of Erik’s story on your podcast Kalle!

  • Chris H
    Chris H Vor year +192

    Watched you from day 1.What you have achieved with hard work and skill is most other people's dream nowadays. You're so lucky my friend to have a house with no "Letterbox for Bills".Keep the vids coming to give us all hope and inspiration.Again,Well Done!

    • darrin
      darrin Vor 4 Tage

      @shady1080 no one she even own the land in the first place. They got plenty land for everyone. You can literally fit everyone in the world shoulder to shoulder in los angeles.

    • Rebecca Duncan
      Rebecca Duncan Vor 6 Monate +2

      @shady1080 yes too own the land,money before! It takes money to get too live like that! I wish I had that opportunity when I was younger. Loving the whole outdoor life.

    • Hype Wilkens
      Hype Wilkens Vor 9 Monate +3

      @shady1080 Exactly, people are not realizing this is very hard to do, you need to know someone who owns land or own it yourself.

    • Oz Jackson
      Oz Jackson Vor 9 Monate +1

      @shady1080 country of his location, maybe?

    • shady1080
      shady1080 Vor 9 Monate +2

      Who do you think pays and owns the land?

  • Roman
    Roman Vor year +252

    I always appreciate the absence of talking. This was a super relaxing video with a cool insight into another aspect of the work you do at the build site.

  • Matthew Arnold
    Matthew Arnold Vor 9 Monate +72

    Incredibly, I have watched all the videos so far. I'm too old to do this now, so I'm sort of living this dream vicariously thru you. I am looking forward to watching you finish the cellar and the rest of the work still to do.

  • Brakathor
    Brakathor Vor 9 Monate +83

    There's a certain irony in a guy who loves being outdoors so much, that he begins building a house so he can have fun out in the woods, to ultimately barely ever use the house once it's done, because he loves the outdoors so much.

  • Dakoba
    Dakoba Vor year +262

    Barr is so well behaved and adorable. My dog would constantly be trying to eat out of the pan. Thanks for showing this all.

    • Amanda Mcnett
      Amanda Mcnett Vor 5 Monate

      Mines this way also .. he wants to food he just knows better and waits to be given it .

    • Maria Gerber
      Maria Gerber Vor 7 Monate

      @Anders Nielsen i never see u feed the dog when does he eat

    • Anders Nielsen
      Anders Nielsen Vor 11 Monate +6

      Mine would have run away with the pan.. lol

    • Adam Taj Hassam
      Adam Taj Hassam Vor 11 Monate +3

      He isnt really "lonely" just alone :)

  • John Simonelli
    John Simonelli Vor 9 Monate +26

    Phenomenal dedication and skill!
    I’m amazed at what you’ve done.
    All the best!

  • R Robi
    R Robi Vor year +42

    I love seeing how capable and hard working this young man is. The youth of today could learn more about living/survival than any school ever could. Bravo 👏🏼

    ATUL CHAVAN Vor 2 Monate +1

    As i watched your video once, and believe me i couldn't stop myself watching all of your videos in a day , i really feel inspiring watching you working so hard and how you manage everything by your own, lot of things to learn from you bro ....Thank you 😍 love from India 😇😇❤

  • Brian Rossi
    Brian Rossi Vor 8 Monate +8

    Thank you Erik for making me dream during my little quarantine period. My first job was a carpenter. It was a pleasure to see you working with wood from start to finish and enjoying the beauty and serenity of your corner of paradise. What talent !! Well done and best wishes from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  • Maxine Dolma
    Maxine Dolma Vor 4 Monate +1

    It's nice to hear about Alice and that she's okay.
    I was wondering where she had gone to and feared the worst. Thank you for the happy update.

  • Mads 91
    Mads 91 Vor year +24

    This is by far the best channel on youtube. You live the life many of my friends including me would love to live.
    I will show this channel to all my friends that i'm hiking with in norway. I bet all of them would love this channel as much as me.
    Keep up the great work Erik! Thanks for sharing this :-)

  • Jennika Smedberg
    Jennika Smedberg Vor year +30

    Härligt att se dig igen i ditt hörn av världen. Grattis till din fina livskamrat Barr. Oavsett ämne på DEclips så sätter jag stort värde kvaliteten på filmerna. Du är bäst i klassen.

  • Drea 🎀 Lynne
    Drea 🎀 Lynne Vor 5 Monate +1

    If only all sponsored videos were like this. This was a perfect and Barr is so sweet and well behaved. Love when I see clips of him playing with his little squeak toy. I’m glad you took Alice into consideration and let her raise her babies full time. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they treat animals. Thank you for the lovely video Erik.

  • StevenSWM
    StevenSWM Vor year +49

    I find I really miss your videos, and your presence in general, when you don't upload so often. So it has occurred to me that when the day comes that you've finished the cabin, I will miss your activities quite sorely, I'm afraid! I'm hoping that even more and new adventures will occur post-cabin build?!?!
    BTW...very impressive axe throwing! ⚒

    • Cool Grandma
      Cool Grandma Vor year +8

      Let’s see he will need a place to store firewood, outhouse, sauna, out door kitchen, tool shed, picnic table. Yes, us viewers will be entertained for quite a while , Yeah! ! ! !

  • Mr. Potato
    Mr. Potato Vor year +89

    Bro I'm kinda jealous of you. Living in nature with a cool dog, building stuff. Congrats on 400k.

  • Lynn N
    Lynn N Vor year +8

    Barr is gorgeous!! I'm looking forward to watching him grow up. I hope Alice and her puppies are doing fine and I hope we will still get to see Alice from time to time. She's such a sweet little doggie!! Thank you for sharing this with us! 🤗❤

  • riK
    riK Vor year +14

    I've aways wondered about your "behind the scenes", what tech you used, and how you used it. Your sponsors must be really happy with your extensive video of their products.
    Great video, as always. Can't wait to see what happened to the roof!

  • von Hannersdorf
    von Hannersdorf Vor year +12

    Omg Erik, I don't know what I love more about that video. Whether your beautiful home office (haha), an adorable puppy, or the perfect throwing of axes. Good work! Progress with the cottage also looks very good, I'm guessing that the hole that must have been hard work will be a cellar for food supplies. I can't wait for the next video! Good luck in the future, good luck! 👍🏻👌🏻❤️🌲🌲

  • Ron Karl
    Ron Karl Vor year +12

    Flott hund og en veldig fin youtube serie å følge. Bra jobba!

  • Larry325
    Larry325 Vor year +17

    Erik I always love your content. Your at the cabin and in the beautiful woods, what’s not to like. The area is incredible. Keep up the good work. Barr is great. A perfect fit to you and your life style. Awesome video Erik! 👍👍👍. That solar panel and power supply is incredible. Solves a lot of problems off grid. I will check it out. Where I am here in Maine USA we loose the power a lot in winter. I don’t want a generator this might be the perfect fit. 👍

  • niki top dog
    niki top dog Vor year +18

    Thank you for the behind scenes vid. It seems everything you do is interesting, not just to me, but to alot of people. Be proud of your accomplishments there and enjoy life. We love watching your videos.

  • Grant Defayette
    Grant Defayette Vor 7 Monate +1

    I had never heard of RVRC before but after looking up those pants I’m going to have to get a couple pairs. The design is perfect for outdoor general use. Especially like the boot lace hooks at the cuff.

  • Robert Seviour
    Robert Seviour Vor 9 Monate +4

    This is the very highest standard of video production - congratulations.

  • BJ Schutts
    BJ Schutts Vor year +8

    Thank you for sharing - this video really gives us a great behind the scene view of life. The solar panels are interesting - I have solar on my home but I live in the suburbs so the panels are permanently affixed to the roof. You have a great companion with Barr - he seems well adapted and loyal. Looking forward to the continued progress of the cabin. Are you thinking of making your own furnishings also?

  • gabriele te winkel
    gabriele te winkel Vor 8 Monate +3

    Kudos to your skills,be it the craftsmanship or the filming/editing . So very well composed! I couldn´t help myself detecting a strong resembelance of Shawn James´s Self Reliance videos. What you have built has come a far way and I´m very interested in all that you will show in the future. Very well done !!

  • Carp Envy
    Carp Envy Vor 4 Monate +1

    I was born for this I’m certain.
    It’s seems normal?? 🤷🏻‍♂️ I can’t explain it, all I know for sure is i would easily adapt to this way of life.
    Loved it! Thank you for taking the many hours to record, edit and share with all…
    Stay safe 🇬🇧

  • lbdrummer3
    lbdrummer3 Vor year +2

    The sounds of nature are really clear on this video. I've never heard a real Cuckoo bird calling before. Very cool stuff. You make everything so smooth on the edits, didn't realize that there so many different camera angles. You really do make high quality content for us and thank you for taking us on the journey. You should to a review on your clothing and boots too, they look durable and you pretty much wear the same stuff. Also, why haven't you made utensils and plates yet?

  • Laor Benyacov
    Laor Benyacov Vor 5 Monate

    This is an amazing experience, an amazing share, an amazing clear and convincing video. Thanks!!!

  • Stefan Marquardt
    Stefan Marquardt Vor year +6

    Great work, Erik! I love your videos, they are inspiring me a lot.
    I'm wondering whether you'll also build a chimney and oven, for the cold winter days.
    Looking forward to your next videos! Stay safe

  • Lilium Candidum
    Lilium Candidum Vor year +2

    Absolutely adore videos like this with little or no unneeded vocal commentary over them, I feel that they can detract from some of the experience at times. Keep doing what you do, you're doing good.

  • J D
    J D Vor year +28

    For all the skills you have at such a young age is just insane

  • MP
    MP Vor year +119

    Erik Grankvist, the axe throwing champion. I could watch a whole video just of your axe throwing skills and never get bored.

    • Samantha Smithwick
      Samantha Smithwick Vor 10 Monate

      Yes, hotter than hell!

    • Pajeet Singh
      Pajeet Singh Vor year

      what is that video? New here.

    • Wondering Wanderer
      Wondering Wanderer Vor year +1

      "Like a Barbarian with an axe!" ... sorry, couldn't resist, it's a fun really spread phrase in my homeland through a couple generations already, out of this classic animation short (declips.net/video/Eqfp1jZpwxU/video.html). It's usually used to mean that someone is really good at something

    • Wondering Wanderer
      Wondering Wanderer Vor year +1

      "Bárbarooo!!!! Bárbaro! Eres un bárbaro con el hacha!!!"

  • Alejandra Aracely
    Alejandra Aracely Vor 5 Monate

    Siempre a sido mi sueño desde que tenía tu edad de vivir en un lugar así, pero tal vez la vida designó otra cosa (aún creo estar a tiempo), esto de la ciudad y su pandemia vuelve loco a cualquiera. Llegué a ti video no se como la verdad y me encantó a toda los que conozco se los recomiendo porque quede francamente MARAVILLADA, ojala que más chicos de tu edad tuvieran ese espíritu tuyo. Hermoso tu país, hasta me dieron ganas de irme a vivir para allá 🤭 y como te metes al gua que debe estar congelada también me dejó 😲. Yo acá en el sur de Chile igual me meto cuando viajo pero estoy 5 segundos y salgo😁.
    Un gran saludo de desde este extremo sur del mundo y siguq con esa garra, empuje pero cuida tu espalda que después vienen las repercusiones.

  • Rick Norman
    Rick Norman Vor 2 Monate +1

    I really enjoy the quiet, silence, tranquility, no narration, no music. Just nature and you working with your tools. Simply awesome! Thanks, from Texas!

  • Arquitecto Luis Tillan
    Arquitecto Luis Tillan Vor 11 Monate +3

    It’s amazing how determined you are at achieving this dream of yours. My respects man. By the way, isn’t there a way to stick the tiles onto the roof in case of a storm or slide from the loads of the snow?

  • falldown7xstandup8x
    falldown7xstandup8x Vor year +9

    Since it´s almost done - have you ever wished to place the cabin somewhere else? Or would you choose the same spot again? Keep up the great work!

  • gmattification
    gmattification Vor year +1

    This is how you promote a sponsored product. Show how you use it and let people figure out how it will work for them. Seems like every other DEclipsr just wants to talk about what they promote - Well done Erik. Also Barr looks like he's gonna be a great dog and your skill at training him is exemplary. Great video and I can't wait to see what's next - especially with what you're doing in the cellar.

  • Drina Ivelic
    Drina Ivelic Vor 9 Monate

    Divno je vidjeti sve sto radite i zivite u cistoj simbiozi sa prirodom.
    Mlad i tako pametan i kreativan.
    Srce mi je puno. Mogu vam samo
    Baka iz Hrvatske.

  • A Georgia Homestead @ Wind Flower Gardens

    You have been a real inspiration to me. Hoping to have half the success you have had with your channel. Keep up the great work

  • Ed D.
    Ed D. Vor year +2

    Totally Awesome Erik!!! I’ve been watching your videos since day one. The way you were raised with the knowledge & love for the land is Fantastic. I have such a Calming feeling inside me hearing Mother Nature in the background while you work. We sit watching you patiently trying read your mind & actions for your next moves. Your cabin is looking Beautiful. Ban looks Great, he looks like my dog Jake. :)) I’m Always looking forward to your next video. Keep up the Great work Erik. Most of the kids here in the big cities of the USA don’t get it & will never get it. Be safe out there. 🙏🏻 Ed D. Plainfield, Illinois USA

  • mattnbin
    mattnbin Vor 8 Monate

    Excellent video. A tip for you - always keep all cameras on the same frame rate (eg 50p) and edit in the same frame rate. That way you will prevent things like the drone shots having broken motion caused by different frame rate (like 60p or 24p).

  • initial faust
    initial faust Vor year +2

    First off i have to say love the build series and the craftsmanship you put into your cabin. i have been putting off building mine on some land i bought and watching this just makes me feel like a lazy bastard haha... one question i do have is out of all the tools you use i am surprised you don't seem to use a planer and i was wondering if there was a reason behind that? Either way looking forward in the next videos and Congrats on the sponsorship.

  • Cee Bee
    Cee Bee Vor year +5

    Hej Erik, hope you are good? Your videos have been an absolute inspiration to me, so relaxing, informative and therapeutic. I notice in this video that your final (bark??) roof tiles are on the cabin. Will there be a video of you installing these? As I recall you had got to installing the polystyrene tiles in your last build video. Tusen tack!
    EDIT: I've just seen in the comments that you intend to post the roof build video soon, can't wait to see it!

  • dennis carreno
    dennis carreno Vor year +1

    You have done well in building your cabin and provided us with some knowledge. Your cabin is well built and will stand the test of times. Keep up the good work. From down under Australia.All the best and stay safe at all times..

  • Alexander Irizarry-Camarillo

    You are quite a remarkable young man. To have accomplished what you have at such a young age is impressive. Now, Erik, do you miss the companionship of others? How about your family, do you keep in contact with them? I just have so many questions...do you plan on writing a book? This would really test my survival skills, and I consider myself to be an introvert? But, to follow you around since building the cabin, I found many times where you could have used another set of eyes, or even help in moving heavy items? Are you close to any neighbors? Do you use a cell phone or a satellite phone? I just really admire your focus and ability to get things done. I wish you the best, be well and stay safe. Alex from LA. Oh yes, I love when your grandfather came on board to help you. For some reason I felt relieved.

  • DiestraSiniestra
    DiestraSiniestra Vor 8 Monate +1

    I love the doggie, it's so happy and chilled. Cool videos on off grid living. Kudos

  • MarcBerm
    MarcBerm Vor year +26

    The craftsmanship of this cabin is just remarkable. 🤯

  • Tammy Wilmot
    Tammy Wilmot Vor 6 Monate +2

    I was impressed with your work and skill. I've seen others build log cabins, none fit the logs so tightly or used moss between them. Was your knowledge and method passed down through family members? Your cabin seems well-made and tight. I've enjoyed your videos, appreciate the silence, editing, and beauty of the area. Love your companion! Watching him grow from a puppy to a juvenile has been entertaining! He's a natural star! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Judy Duguay
    Judy Duguay Vor year +2

    This is my first time watching you,you are a very smart young man, I'm going on 70 and my husband and I move in the woods 20 years ago and I love it, we got an old cottage every year we add a peice to it now it's 36 x 24, I love working with wood I make wooden flowers, and bird houses,I'm working on my She Shed now. May God bless you and keep you safe.

  • Joel Bittner
    Joel Bittner Vor year +9

    I love the cabin and the work you have done! It also looks like you have had many hours of practice with the throwing axes as you are more than proficient 🪓 🎯

  • coy savoy boy
    coy savoy boy Vor year +2

    Your videos are incredible! Always thought it would be great to build a cabin, and seeing you do it makes me want to do it even more

  • dddaaz
    dddaaz Vor 2 Monate

    I’m amazed at all you have accomplished in your short time on this earth. You are truly an unique individual and a lesson for all of us lazy people who dream but don’t do anything about our dreams. I wish you a long and fulfilling life. Please keep videos coming.

  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell Vor year +3

    Absolutely love these videos! Thank you for sharing another great one!

  • Beth Crane
    Beth Crane Vor 5 Monate

    It's pretty great to see you smile Eric. Barr is a wonderful addition to the experience.

  • Wiyaka🪶
    Wiyaka🪶 Vor Monat

    Bravo Éric, c'est super tout ce que tu as fait.
    Quelle vidéo instructive, dans la nature, le calme, l'amour, la patience, la dextérité, la volonté et la connaissance.
    On sent qu'il y a du vécu derrière et des anciens.
    Bonne continuation 🍀

  • wtfBrad
    wtfBrad Vor year +4

    Always look forward to something new from you and was even more surprised at it being a behind the scenes vid. Makes me more excited to see the roof being done - looks amazing!
    Congrats on the sponsorship! In it's own way I would stay it's still living off the grid. You're not having forestry destroyed to bring in power, water, etc but using all the things that nature offers (and restoring some used - as in the trees).
    Great work Erik and wish you the best!

  • Ulisses Xavier
    Ulisses Xavier Vor year +14

    I live here in Brazil, and watch your video since the first one, I've shown it to a lot of friends, you're very good man.

  • tincho679
    tincho679 Vor year +4

    Congrats! To be able to start this way of living at your age, it´s a huge achievement. The best to you!

  • Friedrich van Berkel
    Friedrich van Berkel Vor 9 Monate +1

    this is a form of sponsored advertisement i am totally ok with. beautiful pictures, usual content and no talking.

  • Nature Bound
    Nature Bound Vor 11 Monate +2

    I absolutely love that not a word is said in the making of this channel. What a calming experience.

  • David Williams
    David Williams Vor 9 Monate +1

    I might also add that I really enjoy those overhead, over the horizon aerial drone shots of the forest. Looks like you must have been practicing your axe throwing skills as well; you're just like Daniel Boone!

  • Lindy Smith
    Lindy Smith Vor year +1

    hi Eric, i have just recently followed you on your DEclips channel, very interesting. I am glad that Alice is doing great, and i am so excited to see you also with a new dog Barr, he is so sweet, well discipline. Please take care of him 100% and give him all the foods he like in the woods, while adventuring with you. I can only imagine how he gets hungry since he’s very active. Love what you do and Barr.

  • Brendan Dunne
    Brendan Dunne Vor year +4

    I was really looking forward to seeing you finish the roof. And there it is fully tiled already! Will there be a video of that? I think you're living a fantasy that many of us have. Really love what you're doing and how you're doing it. Thank you!

  • Hoschi0913
    Hoschi0913 Vor year +1

    its not only impressive that and how you build your House yourself, BUT i also have to thank you Sir, for all those very nice Landscape footage you provided, most all of them make extremely nice Wallpapers for my Desktop, again Thank you Sir for those

  • Julie Jones
    Julie Jones Vor 2 Monate

    You are incredibly skilled and you're so young, I'm amazed, loved your video and really love watching you put this together! You are an amazing young man! Thank you for sharing yourself and what you do! 😊

  • Peter Ohmar Mendoza
    Peter Ohmar Mendoza Vor year +2

    Your looks, your ability to work on your cabin by yourself, and your ax-throwing skills. Now I'm hooked and your new subscriber. Hugs and kisses from your fan here in Manila, Philippines. Take care always.

  • Meilean Mangaka
    Meilean Mangaka Vor 9 Monate +2

    Man, your videos are just great. How often have you thrown these axes without hitting the trunk? That would be an awesome extra training video. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

  • mensabs
    mensabs Vor 7 Monate

    Living in harmony with nature, with his lively, attentive, loving dog. Sharing food, interest in everything around, the sounds, the weather. And, yes, the benefits of technology--solar panels, a drone, the phone -- put to use by Erik, not using Erik.

  • Satana
    Satana Vor year +1

    Living off grid is my dream! I'm not envious but props to you. I hope you are having a good time.

  • HotelGolf718
    HotelGolf718 Vor 8 Monate

    Your dog is so precious and happy. Always attentive. You can tell he loves being with you.
    PS: your range of tools are amazing. The axes especially.

    ABSKILLZ Vor year

    This episode was kind of a let down for me. I was kinda spoiled by watching your skills. And was hoping for more of that. I’m truly jealous of the life your living there. Enjoy it ALL, it goes by way to fast.

  • NathanieI87
    NathanieI87 Vor year +3

    Great new video! I see that you're using a German Army flecktarn tarp as shelter :D would always recognize that piece of equipment since I've had it too during my 13 years of service. If you have two of these you can connect them and you have a small tent which is nicknamed "Dackelgarage" (Dachshund/sausage/wiener dog garage) in our armed forces.
    I really like your videos, please carry on!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor year +4

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