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Furries & The Ethics of Cringe Culture

  • Am 29 Sep 2022 veröffentlicht
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    I saw a furry in Milwaukee and they inspired me to make this video. enjoy :)
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    How ‘Furry’ Culture Can Help People on the Autism Spectrum
    Furries - Down The Rabbit Hole
    The Fandom
    What is a furry?
    Neurodivergent Furry Article
    Furries and sexual orientation
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  • Tillie Schwartz
    Tillie Schwartz Vor Monat +28473

    ur becoming so insufferable

      AUUUGHHH GGH Vor Monat

      @psychosparten049 .Esquire then why watch 🤯

      AUUUGHHH GGH Vor Monat +1

      @Ana Plucar south park is anything but politically correct dawg 😭

      AUUUGHHH GGH Vor Monat +1

      @Tillie Schwartz i feel like this is a you issue lmfao "i dont like seeing someone be a decent human being and not bullying minority groups waa 😭😭😭😢😢😢"

      AUUUGHHH GGH Vor Monat +1

      @A. Ducky this made me giggle

    • Jacob Rees
      Jacob Rees Vor Monat +1

      So are you, Tillie 😊

  • Carrotman
    Carrotman Vor Monat +6257

    I remember talking to a furry, I asked them about the whole erotic scene and they were just like 'Bro. Do you know how much these suits cost? I'm not trying to get ANY bodily fluids anywhere near this thing'

    • Lia N
      Lia N Vor 13 Tage +1

      *this never happened you got that from a youtube video*

    • Siberian Sable
      Siberian Sable Vor 17 Tage +1

      One person at walk just tooked a box with juice from fursuit-head mouth of my friend. My friend totaly wanted to kill him...

    • Lioedevon427
      Lioedevon427 Vor Monat +1

      @Juulian jjhjhkdskhfs damn small world dude- Also good taste in youtubers lol

    • Juulian
      Juulian Vor Monat +3

      @Lioedevon427 I agree. Like- HOW? As an aro/ace I see fursuiting as a hobby to have fun as something else. Not... that.
      Also I'm only responding because HEYYY ARTFOL BUDDY ITS ME WE HAVE MET ON THE VAST PLANE OF DEclips :D

    • Diamond Storm
      Diamond Storm Vor Monat +1

      fr if i ever get one, that thing is staying in the safest place away from any dirt or grime aside from if it gets worn to a con like i am NOT about to wash a mound of fur because someone decided to get any sort of yikers stuff on it. imagine if a thread was loose and the whole thing falls apart because i didnt wash it properly! thats thousands of dollars down the drain bro

  • Soymaid
    Soymaid Vor Monat +1179

    I used to just shrug at furry hate and go along with the jokes. Then a furry convention got literally bombed and everyone made a joke out of it. That snapped me out of it. Wtf kind of hobby could possibly make bombing innocent people funny?

    • kittykittybangbang
      kittykittybangbang Vor 7 Stunden

      @CHR1ST1NA Those are problem in other communities as well, but that doesn't mean it's okay to b0mb them.

    • valix the dergon
      valix the dergon Vor 7 Stunden

      edgy kids who have have lazy uncaring parents.

    • Coughin'
      Coughin' Vor 3 Tage +2

      @DemonLillies of course! its infuriating, i think part of why furries have such a stigma is less people caring about victims of sex crimes and more people wanting an excuse to make fun of people who enjoy something that they don't.

    • RattOnLeash
      RattOnLeash Vor 3 Tage

      ​@CHR1ST1NA as a furry, if I saw a bestiality committing fake furry piece of shit in the streets I'd curbstomp em. Also, I'm a victim or pedo groomers and am a minor so ik for a fact I'm not one of those. These issues are made up/overblown by furry haters so they can have an excuse to be harrassed and killed.

    • October Ghost
      October Ghost Vor 5 Tage

      @CHR1ST1NA there literally isnt 😭 there are thousands of videos disproving the "furries are zoophiles/pedos" thing

  • jgcoverkknot
    jgcoverkknot Vor Monat +616

    Never before has a non-furry been so well researched, have such a good take, and still manage to have not a hint that they might be a furry themselves

  • Pee Pee
    Pee Pee Vor Monat +2221

    i’m a furry and it has helped me with my self confidence tremendously. i have tourette’s syndrome which i’m very insecure about but when i’m in fursuit no one notices my tics at all. it has introduced me to a new art medium ( fursuit making ) and community. it is considered cringe but i’m cringe and i am free.

    • Ash
      Ash Vor Tag

      me too!

    • noah Rosser
      noah Rosser Vor 3 Tage +1

      Best way to put it man. We're cringe, but we're free ❤️

    • Big Hoodie
      Big Hoodie Vor 3 Tage +1

      You know what? I have Tourette's too, and I never thought of that

    • NotReallyBillie
      NotReallyBillie Vor 4 Tage +1

      period yes live life for urself

    • Diamondstormwasonmydick
      Diamondstormwasonmydick Vor 9 Tage

      @Diamond Storm changed it

    NGLIDK Vor Monat +275

    “Don’t make fun of the furry community. If they can afford a 5,000 dollar suit then they can afford a 5 dollar pipe bomb”
    -Master Chief

  • smdB
    smdB Vor Monat +3568

    Kurtis you’d be surprised how much so called “cringe” is actually just people dunking on autistic people

    • asteros
      asteros Vor 2 Tage

      Yep yep yep. Been saying it for years

    • WankFish
      WankFish Vor 3 Tage +2

      and on fandoms associated with femininity or queerness. it's all too common to see people hate on fans of any form of media that is considered to be feminine or have a feminine fanbase, and never really for the right reasons either. they'll say they hate the fans cause its "cringe" or "bad" when really it's just to excuse their underlying misogyny, ableism, and/or homophobia.

    • Noob0fLegend
      Noob0fLegend Vor 7 Tage

      Yeah dunking on autistic people is in itself cringe. Keep it classy and just hit them with a lay up.

    • draco hates u
      draco hates u Vor 8 Tage +2

      autistic person here to back up ur comment, cringe culture severely traumatized me as a kid

    • Katrine
      Katrine Vor 9 Tage +2

      No, because seriously people are so mean to autistic people, it is insane

  • JolttronTitan
    JolttronTitan Vor Monat +515

    I always like seeing non furries making videos on furries. It’s like seeing yourself in the newspaper

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed Vor 17 Tage

      @That dude in the car NOOOO!!!!!!!!! I have been eternally silenced.

    • That dude in the car
      That dude in the car Vor 17 Tage +2

      @Ahmed Susan Wubbox also controls the law in the afterlife. *You can't escape it.*

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed Vor 18 Tage

      @That dude in the car im gonna go kms because of this

    • That dude in the car
      That dude in the car Vor 18 Tage +1

      @Ahmed Sorry nothing you can do about it Susan Whopper controls the law

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed Vor 18 Tage

      @That dude in the car losing my freespeach in the youtube comment section, i will have to contact my lawyer 😫

  • Vicki Bart
    Vicki Bart Vor Monat +306

    Took time off to get married, absolute baller move. Congrats Kurtboy!

  • BetaEtaDelota
    BetaEtaDelota Vor Monat +1037

    If you ever have the urge to try on a fursuit one day, or want to explore a furry convention, hmu!

  • Ulrika Landström
    Ulrika Landström Vor Monat +131

    My friend’s daughter is autistic and her fur suit is her safe space where she can focus. She even wears it to school. Don’t think she could manage that environment without it.

  • n6 h6
    n6 h6 Vor Monat +6714

    the person who drew Kurtis as a furry is probably having the best day of their life right now

    • Idlingabout
      Idlingabout Vor 11 Tage +12

      they are!! i went looking for their post on tumblr and they were so happy

    • NGLIDK
      NGLIDK Vor 17 Tage

      @ღ VE He’s saying the furry art is too good compared to his pfp

    • ღ VE
      ღ VE Vor 24 Tage +10

      @houser how

    • Hello there
      Hello there Vor 26 Tage

      just another disgusting furry artist

    • SAU
      SAU Vor Monat +28

      @houser rude

  • onerva
    onerva Vor Monat +498

    I remember being a lonely teenager looking at photos from conventions and descriptions of people's fursonas thinking what fun it must be to be part of such a community. I wondered if I could come up with a fursona myself but it really isn't my thing. of course I thought it was weird at first and of course every community has issues but I bet that sense of belonging is really lovely.

    • Aydenator 27
      Aydenator 27 Vor 21 Tag +5

      @Hello there idk man maybe some people think fun > popularity sometimes

    • Hello there
      Hello there Vor 26 Tage +1

      @FURRYKILLER9000 ikr why would anyone in their right mind do such a thing

      FURRYKILLER9000 Vor 27 Tage

      @ViceFur & Co. No one likes a furry

    • ViceFur & Co.
      ViceFur & Co. Vor 27 Tage +3

      @FURRYKILLER9000 says who

    • Anyllo
      Anyllo Vor Monat +2

      @[rerozel] 😂😂

  • Ren Protogen
    Ren Protogen Vor Monat +211

    as a furry myself, I really appreciate you going out of your way to actually understand this crazy Fandom. Like you said, it's so easy to just dunk on us and farm views. Ty for using your influence for good

    • Natália P.
      Natália P. Vor 13 Tage +1

      I know, right?? Kurtis is such a kind and cool dude, I admire him so much, his videos makes me happy

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  • Zozo
    Zozo Vor Monat +175

    My sincere thanks to you for making this video, I'm glad people like you exist and can open people's minds a little. I'm autistic, and the furry fandom has personally greatly helped me to understand myself better
    Ps. You've also earned a subscription :)

  • Dreamt0wn
    Dreamt0wn Vor Monat +243

    Shaking bc I’m neurodivergent and this just made me soooo happy, this video is just super validating and made me so happy you even did research! I’m still somewhat uncomfortable with saying I’m neurodivergent, and I’m (especially now) quite sensitive to sensory stimulation and I’ve never realized that my fursuit likely helps with it.

  • StrawberryLemLime
    StrawberryLemLime Vor Monat +3853

    When Kurtis came out as a Furry to Jenna in his fursuit, I fell to my knees in tears. It was such a beautiful moment in the video, thank you for being so brave

    • Jane
      Jane Vor Monat

      @Nоt RiскrоII 🅥 sure, El Rubius

    • TuxTitan
      TuxTitan Vor Monat

      I can never escape the chicanery

    • Condor Crow
      Condor Crow Vor Monat

      @Rex they do now

    • Rex
      Rex Vor Monat

      @Unsure I think they know

    • Rex
      Rex Vor Monat +1

      How the fuck would he go about hiding that from Jenna 😭😭

  • Nosog
    Nosog Vor 3 Tage +4

    It has always been like this:
    1: A part of a certain group does awful, problematic shit.
    2: People start to criticize them.
    3. People on the internet take it to the extreme and turn it into a circlejerk by spamming obnoxious comments.
    4. Then you got underage teenagers jumping on the hate bandwagon because they think being angsty is a sign of maturity.

    • EliasMorals
      EliasMorals Vor 2 Tage +3

      1 can also be "people take things out of context" or "people don't understand what's going on fully"

  • Osaiha
    Osaiha Vor 26 Tage +37

    As a furry, I appOwOve this message

  • Arii
    Arii Vor Monat +92

    This video actually changed my mind on furries😭i feel so bad for calling them weirdos, youre right not all of them are bad

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed Vor Monat

      @RandomProtogenDude based

    • RandomProtogenDude
      RandomProtogenDude Vor Monat +20

      @Ahmed yes, i am just saying i am no zoophile, i am a furry and i hate zoophiles just getting it out there.

    • CelestialGratia
      CelestialGratia Vor Monat +31

      @Ahmed no it’s actually quite rare and the ones who are get disowned by the community and doxxed and assaulted

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed Vor Monat +1

      @RandomProtogenDude yeah but like if 1 in 5 are zoophiles, there's a problem with it ya get me

    • RandomProtogenDude
      RandomProtogenDude Vor Monat +3

      @Ahmed not me

  • The Flea-Milkshake variety channel

    One of my closest friends is a furry and she is so cool! I’ve learnt so much about the community and what it’s actually like


    don't kill the part of you that is cringe, kill the part of you that cringes.

  • SUS!
    SUS! Vor Monat +57

    I have been a little down lately because some people at school found out I'm a furry and can't see past that,even though I'm nice to them. I'm glad someone more mainstream is getting the truth out so that hopefully,less people like me get bullied,especially if it can save lives. Idk how recently this happened,but two furry kids k*lled themselves because they were being bullied,and if there is someone out there with a good amount of subscribers who has made a video,an HONEST video about furries,then hopefully more people see that,and the less bullying there is.
    Furries salute you,man! Thanks!

  • KingStrider36
    KingStrider36 Vor Tag +6

    Fun Furry Fact: One of the people who made the covid vaccine is a furry.

  • russian bot
    russian bot Vor 5 Tage +2

    yo can we just acknowledge that the furries at dragoncon in the sweltering humid heat of atlanta in august are dedicated as fuck and that dedication is something to admire?

  • Matt Goodman
    Matt Goodman Vor Monat +66

    I used to be a character performer at Disney World, so I was kind of a professional furry. It was a good job.

  • Raquel Montero
    Raquel Montero Vor Monat +3109

    kurtis is a delightfully nontoxic man. like a crayola marker

    • Raquel Montero
      Raquel Montero Vor Monat

      nvm saw other comments

    • Raquel Montero
      Raquel Montero Vor Monat

      @cats which 1? 😳

    • Melissa Apoka
      Melissa Apoka Vor Monat +1

      @Rave Roulette lmao that happened a couple of years ago, it's not a claim if it's true. If i remember correctly he gave us a really bad apology note on Twitter. The drama happened on DEclips though.

    • cats
      cats Vor Monat +4

      @Rave Roulette search about dean hebscher and the way he treated and degraded women

    • Rave Roulette
      Rave Roulette Vor Monat +2

      @cats what 💀💀💀 you got sources on this orrrrrrrrr?
      And Twitter doesn't count as sources.
      Cancel culture is the only thing I'll truly cringe at anymore. You cannot throw dangerous claims like this without any substance. Claims like this can ruin lives.

  • Rai Can't Game
    Rai Can't Game Vor 29 Tage +29

    If you haven't seen the documentary The Fandom by Ash Coyote, it's a great look at some of the history of the furry fandom, from the furry side.
    And thank you for having an open mind about this. Wish more people did.

  • galaxysquid
    galaxysquid Vor Monat +89

    thank you for posting this kurtis. as a neurodivergent furry AND an enjoyer of my little pony (because that gets you a lot of shit too), this video made me feel better about people who post videos on furries. i wish more people had your mindset about individuals who have diverse interests and interests that are just different from theirs.
    what’s the difference between someone who’s crazy into cars and someone who loves anthropomorphic animals and cosplay? they’re both just one humans special interest.

  • PeppyBreyer88
    PeppyBreyer88 Vor 3 Tage +2

    I put off watching this video for so long. I’m a furry. I’m always terrified seeing any videos on us because 9 times out of 10 it’s just bullying and tearing our hobby to shreds. I’m so and I mean so grateful that Kurtis did his research. With the platform he has I think this can actually make an impact. He covers tons of info which is all correct. We are simply people who think animal oc’s are cool. Our costumes are no different than a cosplayer. I personality decided to start making suits because I saw videos of furries going to fun runs and hospitals and watching kids faces light up seeing a life size stuffed animal walk over to them. That’s what I want. Most people just do this for fun. Some people make a character that is more confident than themselves, or has characteristics that they want to achieve to help them become who they want to be. Some people like myself are very socially anxious and really struggle with social cues, so being able to walk around as a dragon or dog and not worry about that and just have fun is so much less stressful. Some people use it to test the limits on their creative abilities in terms of sculpture and sewing. It’s just a creative outlet and hobby. A good chunk of the fandom are kids as well and it’s so messed up that peoples first thought is that it’s a kink or sexual thing. It’s far from it. Like in any hobby people are going to be weird but it’s so sad that furries have been generalized like that. If I’m going to leave this with anything please just treat the people around you with respect. If you see a furry, feel free to come up to us and say hi or ask for a picture, we love it. If not, it’s totally cool to just walk by. Please don’t sneak pictures of us and laugh under your breath or intentionally go out of your way to make fun of us. If you don’t have anything nice to say just leave us alone. If you see someone walking around with ears and a tail don’t tug on them or take their stuff just ignore them. You wouldn’t go tear someone’s earrings out or pull their jacket because you think it’s funny. No matter what there will always be people under the mask and I just wish people respected that more. Kurtis, if you happen to see this, I don’t think you’ll ever understand how much this video means to us. Positive media on us is so rare it’s sad. It’s gotten a lot better over the years but it still sucks. People fail to do a base level of research and just believe whatever they hear online and it’s led to some extremely harmful stereotypes for us. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you ❤

  • LozzieFrenzy
    LozzieFrenzy Vor Monat +19

    Thank you so much for talking about this in a neutral, non-judgemental way! It really means a lot coming from a bigger creator ^^
    But yeah cringe culture is waaayyy too extreme and it certainly does often feel like an attack on neurodivergent / LGBT+ people for being 'different' or showing behaviours that aren't deemed normal in society. It's definitely harmful and only makes people feel bad for just wanting to be themselves.

  • orange juice🍊🧃
    orange juice🍊🧃 Vor Monat +43873

    every time i see kurtis he looks more and more like a middle aged suburban dad with 3 kids and divorce papers to sign and it always breathes life into me

    • ÜgaBüga :]
      ÜgaBüga :] Vor 2 Stunden

      jesus way to hurt my mans feelings

    • Cady Rose
      Cady Rose Vor 18 Tage


    • MildlyUpset
      MildlyUpset Vor 18 Tage

      He looks like if you asked an AI to combine the faces of every trans guy

    • ChloeB123
      ChloeB123 Vor Monat

      Do not edit this comment.

    • Dalia Elassaad
      Dalia Elassaad Vor Monat


  • Screpdoodle
    Screpdoodle Vor 11 Tage +7

    Cringe culture is dead, our god Kurtis Conner killed it

  • TheEggoMan
    TheEggoMan Vor 2 Tage

    Lil Nas lets furries into his shows >:[ discrimination

  • ThiinkTwiice
    ThiinkTwiice Vor 20 Tage +23

    I'm a cisgender, straight, female furry. Needless to say, I'm the extreme minority in my fandom. However, never once have I been treated any differently, or (oddly enough) fit in better with any other group of people. Furries are friendly, happy, joyful, and fun people who have trauma and scars that a fursona helps them leave behind. I'm so glad I found them. Thank you for this video.

  • 悲しい猫P - Kanashii Neko-P

    As an autistic person AND a furry, OMG THANK YOU
    I wish people could stop hating on furries without doing more research on them

  • modernpest
    modernpest Vor Monat +10053

    kurtis talking about furries while wearing a donkey kong shirt is actually really funny

    • Александр Дмитрий
      Александр Дмитрий Vor 25 Tage

      Still not so furry like sonic community

    • Unicat
      Unicat Vor Monat

      @MultiFandom HamHam at least some has some us full information on making fries

    • just a random guy who is goofy aah
      just a random guy who is goofy aah Vor Monat

      @mheheh6ghwhuahuahhhwbs uuuum he isn't bc if you combine a furry and donkey kong its probably gonna be idk

    • Tsuki
      Tsuki Vor Monat

      Missed opportunity to say "actually really furry"

    • Micah Foley
      Micah Foley Vor Monat

      @Tildey if I wasn't looking for it before, I sure am now.

  • Knotical
    Knotical Vor Monat +4

    I think furries are a bit "cringe," but it's worth asking what's wrong with being cringe?
    I think the problem is when you involve unwilling participants in your cringe (like the store clip there) but being cringy in your own spaces with your own people is just called having a good time
    We all have our own cringe aspects, anyone who doesn't is probably fairly bland

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      Text me on Telegram👉@KurtisConner_YT Vor 26 Tage

      Hello 🎉❤️
      A big congratulations to you fan... you're selected among my channel prize winner 🔛🔝 Thanks for watching and commenting 🎁🎉.

  • starlitdaisy
    starlitdaisy Vor 2 Tage

    "theres been billions of people and also i am not that smart" are the last words that are going to leave my mouth

  • SERAPHiiiM
    SERAPHiiiM Vor Monat +34

    i rlly appreciate u making this video, im autistic n cringe culture actually played a huge role (n still does) in forcing me to hide traits abt myself just bc it was "cringe"

  • Hattie Golembiewski
    Hattie Golembiewski Vor 18 Tage +18

    I actually wrote an essay about this topic a few years back with very similar talking points. I'm really happy to see people thinking more critically about cringe culture and the effect it has on people just trying to enjoy the one life they get on earth. Fantastic stuff, man.

  • aubrey lynn
    aubrey lynn Vor Monat +1089

    the way kurtis is ALWAYS there to support and empathize with minimum wage workers. god what a king

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed Vor Monat

      ​@Billy Lawson no I'm not mad at the fact that he has twitch subs or anything. I'm mad that he lives a very lavish lifestyle and is in the top 1% as a socialist. he doesn't redistribute his wealth or anything. not only that but he goes and sells merch to his fans(who are poor) I don't think you understand the magnitude of how much he makes just from twitch. This dude is a multimillionaire, its not like he needs to sell merch to put food on the table.

    • Billy Lawson
      Billy Lawson Vor Monat

      @Ahmed he still lives under capitalism you cant just say “im communist” (which he never has) and then youre just magically no longer in a capitalist society. Still has to put food on the table. Lets get a little more critical thinking in the comments, Ahmed. Stop being so mad that someones making money lmao

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed Vor Monat

      @Billy Lawson no its just disingenuous, how do u claim to be a communist and then make your living by selling goods to the communists.

    • Billy Lawson
      Billy Lawson Vor Monat

      @Ahmed does that hurt your feelings

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed Vor Monat

      @Billy Lawson he sells merch too 😭

  • Gabriel Lynch
    Gabriel Lynch Vor 26 Minuten

    That Woody on the ceiling "classy Disney" bit will never not make me laugh. The more out of nowhere the better.

  • Yellow Bella Videos
    Yellow Bella Videos Vor Monat +20

    At the restaurant I used to work at furry con went on right next door so we ended up making 35 burgers for the furries and I was the only one willing to actually serve them and they were so nice they gave me a $20 tip! From then on I decided I like furries and we should be nice to them

  • Kristy M
    Kristy M Vor 4 Tage +1

    You can also have a fursona without being a furry! I'm one of those people, my sona is a little fox. She's not anthropomorphic and I don't want a suit of her or anything, but I draw her to vent as a representation of my emotions. I've done it since I was a little kid and I used to think was weird for doing it but when I learned about furries I felt less alone. I couldn't believe there was a word (fursona) for this weird thing that I did and that other people did the same thing!

  • Moony
    Moony Vor 8 Tage +2

    Actually the point you made about neurodivergency and finding comfort in having a point of connection was a really interesting and eloquent. I never thought of it in that respect even as a person who is neurodivergent. I can no longer make fun of furries 😔

  • AnnTinker
    AnnTinker Vor Monat +4246

    Love how the majority of the internet did a full 180 in the past years and said "Hey, maybe cringe culture is actually just bullying people for enjoying harmless things you personally don't like" and I'm all here for it

    • rainbowlack
      rainbowlack Vor 21 Tag

      @Sam Arnold it's just that I am more likely to be subject to it+targeted with it than someone who is cisgender and/or allistic

    • Sam Arnold
      Sam Arnold Vor 21 Tag

      @rainbowlack I don’t understand why you need to mention that ur autistic and not cisgendered in order for ur opinion to be valid as if non autistic and cisgendered people opinions aren’t like

    • Baris the Person
      Baris the Person Vor 24 Tage +1

      i hate this, we need to shame furries. Cringe culture needs to stay.

    • Hello there
      Hello there Vor 26 Tage

      dream more

    • Ray
      Ray Vor Monat

      Fax ❤

  • madeleine p.
    madeleine p. Vor Monat +30

    On the topic of cringe things we've done in our pasts: I didn't get a lot of signatures in my yearbook in 6th grade (or during any year after that to be honest), so I just faked a ton of signatures from anyone I might have known at least by name so I would look like I had way more friends than I did. Tried using different handwriting styles and everything. I can guarantee you THAT is more cringe than any furry who's just living life and being themselves will ever be.

    • madeleine p.
      madeleine p. Vor 8 Tage +1

      @Lemony Water no. I never showed anyone my yearbook after that 😆

    • Lemony Water
      Lemony Water Vor 8 Tage +1

      Did you ever get found out?

  • Avacyn
    Avacyn Vor 3 Tage

    I'm glad to see Kurtis making a new video on this topic he's already done before, and I appreciate a lot of the points he made in it. I think it's important to remember that everyone is cringe, every person on earth right now has probably thought in the shower about something stupid they've done in the past, and we can all change. Doing something "cringe" doesn't make you a bad person, and it doesn't make the whole community you're in "cringey" either.

  • Natasha Laurentia
    Natasha Laurentia Vor 11 Stunden

    it's just weird how people actively hating all the furries and their community just because things they don't agree, like not all of them like that but they keep turning blind eye and keep saying "all of them is bad!" ... like sure say what you want about a problem of zoophilia, etc etc that done by minority of the community but the very problem you tried to point out is like happening in general public and like global around the world, so the point of trying to cancel whole furries because of that is like you tried cancel muslim for their minority act on bombing, or just a minority race being racist or religion forcing everything even violence when no one want to follow their cult....
    but I guess people always hate all the good apples when there's one rotting between them, so technically all my word will just like hitting a brick wall definitely not worth it to talk with them... I want to curse them but probably could hurt their itty bitty nonexisted heart and brain

  • Bro _coli
    Bro _coli Vor 17 Tage +7

    Congratulation for your wedding

    • Bro _coli
      Bro _coli Vor 17 Tage +1

      @Oliver Oates yep it made me so happy

    • Oliver Oates
      Oliver Oates Vor 17 Tage +2

      I’m guessing you came from Danny’s new video

  • Koobacalf
    Koobacalf Vor Monat +1438

    this brings up a good point about neurodivergency and cringe culture, a lot of things people find cringe are literally just neurodivergent traits

    • thetransagenda !!! 🏳️‍🌈
      thetransagenda !!! 🏳️‍🌈 Vor Monat +1

      @jr then dont interact with them lil bro,, ur gonna also make them uncomfortable by disrespecting them 💀☠️

    • hi hungry im dad
      hi hungry im dad Vor Monat

      exactly like calling somebody: "bro you're so autistic." as in annoying, or obnoxious. its really sad. I remember hearing it a lot when I was younger.

    • jr
      jr Vor Monat

      @thetransagenda !!! 🏳️‍🌈 dude I'm neurodivergent and lgbt too and it is still fair for people to feel uncomfortable calling another human being a cartoon bunny. Its ok if they want to go by that but its also ok for other people to think its cringe.

    • The Lemon
      The Lemon Vor Monat

      @Marné not Marnie false

    • 👀 TRUTH
      👀 TRUTH Vor Monat


  • dork_mork
    dork_mork Vor Monat +21

    I'm always so impressed by how kind you are to those who don't get that kindness and understanding nearly as often as they should. 10/10 good bean energy

  • Creamcake Coffee
    Creamcake Coffee Vor Monat +57

    As a furry, I love how respectful you are to the community and letting you know, your videos are really great keep it going man ❤️

  • puppygxtz
    puppygxtz Vor Monat +3

    honestly going to a store in fursuit/cosplay? Totally fine. Going solely to annoy the employees and get in their faces isn’t really “cringe” it’s just- disrespectful, and annoying; However most furries that go out in public are very respectful, just ofc the annoying ones go viral.

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      A big congratulations to you fan... you're selected among my channel prize winner 🔛🔝 Thanks for watching and commenting 🎁🎉.

  • draco hates u
    draco hates u Vor 8 Tage +1

    im autistic+adhd and i have tourettes. i was waiting until you bring up how a lot of furries are autistic, and how the furry community is full of autistic folk who don't relate to humans and relate to animals instead. being able to make an anthro animal character we can insert ourselves into, it helps us cope with the fact we feel different than other humans. we tend to relate to other animals or fictional species, like vampires or werewolves. for a lot of autistic furries, it is our special interest, and it brings us together, a group of people who feel completely cut off from other (neurotypical) people. by the way, cringe culture as a whole is basically just people severely bullying autistic kids, and cringe culture has traumatized me and changed how I thought as a CHILD. people hated me for existing. just because we are different doesn't mean that we try to do the things everyone else thinks are disrespectful, mean or weird.

  • Rin
    Rin Vor Monat +3740

    A friend of mine passed away in February and she was a hardcore furry. She got bullied for it a lot and when I first met her I thought it was weird but I’m glad I met her. It made me realize that i literally can just mind my own business and not judge others. She definitely made me a less judgy person and I thank her for that. I bet she would have loved this video and the open mindedness you had towards it. This video reminded me of her and made me very happy, cool video Kurtis

    • Uncreative Username
      Uncreative Username Vor Monat +1

      That's terrible. Sorry for your loss...

    • Vuokko T
      Vuokko T Vor Monat +2

      I'm sorry :(

    • anabel
      anabel Vor Monat

      a lot of animal fuckers turn out to be furries.

    • Stella 146
      Stella 146 Vor Monat +12

      @Rin Yes! I can listen for hours about a topic I'm not completely interested in, when someone is so passionate about it. It in turn inspires me to go after my own hobby's more.

    • hikikayana
      hikikayana Vor Monat +10

      I’m so sorry.

  • Geo Tzk
    Geo Tzk Vor 5 Tage

    I love how his facial appearance slowly transforms him into a real life furry

  • C. C. I.
    C. C. I. Vor Monat +18

    I met the first furry in my life (that I am aware of) recently. I work in a hospital in which he was a patient. In human form. He had a fanny pack with a cartoon furry on it and gave out stickers with cartoon images of his fursona. It was obvious due to the design and art style. When he gave me one I asked him whether he is a furry, which made him quite happy and prompted him to give me his furry „business card“: „you just met a proud member of the furry fandom. You might take this opportunity to question whether you are taking life too seriously“. Rather nice and kinda wholesome

  • Internetuser0000
    Internetuser0000 Vor Monat +19

    I’m apart of the furry fandom and I greatly appreciate this video. Thank you for spreading the positive word about us 👍

  • Jonathan Cunjak
    Jonathan Cunjak Vor 18 Tage +1

    As someones whos autistic, I get the part about wanting a buffer. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed I what (and i know it sounds really weird) to be encased in a cushioned metal boxed in where all of reality and time have paused around me.

  • Frankie Inu
    Frankie Inu Vor Monat +3550

    All of us kurtistownians are so grateful for the safe environment you are curating. It's so sick seeing a creator value their fan base first. All the people that say they are unsubscribing: good honestly, I don't need them in my neighborhood.

    • Piet Tinash
      Piet Tinash Vor Monat

      Here is the final video declips.net/video/f_TJ9KMAGQg/video.html

    • Rave Roulette
      Rave Roulette Vor Monat

      @call me qt my dyslexia cannot comprehend either of those 😭

    • Le var
      Le var Vor Monat +1

      I like how google translates "sick" here not as "awesome", but as "disgusting"

    • N G
      N G Vor Monat

      i agree this is truly SICK behavior, it's not a "favor" to put other's needs above your own. this man is suffering. his tour bus caught fire for god's sake.

    • N G
      N G Vor Monat +3

      @hikikayana trying to think of something funny to say about your profile picture but no dice, i love fanged blushing anime girls.

  • Emma Kasparek
    Emma Kasparek Vor Monat +4

    i never understood why people hated on furries so much. im not one personally and dont really know much abt it but it just seems like a cosplay type of thing which is a very common thing. i think ppl associate it with sex for some reason which sucks

    • En Joshi-Godrez
      En Joshi-Godrez Vor Monat +1

      The s3xual nature has always been an integral part of it since the 70's, but the biggest problem is when people append a personality to it. If being a furry is all you are, then yea, you are going to be pretty insufferable.

  • John Martin
    John Martin Vor 2 Tage

    I love what you have to say about furries because I did not expect the opinion you stated in this video and it's awesome and also I love the humor man! Keep up the good work and positive vibes

  • dude wut
    dude wut Vor 5 Tage +3

    I'm of Icelandic descent and out of the three of us, both of my sisters are furries...so your whole "Vikings were the first furries" theory checks out in my family tree apparently

  • imapython
    imapython Vor 11 Tage +1

    there's a fascinating phenomenon of incredibly niche jobs with extremely high paychecks almost always being inhabited by furries. that's why they can afford to commission fursuits and fanart; because they fill these really important roles that nobody would even think about

  • LyrilaFox
    LyrilaFox Vor Monat +1720

    reject cringe culture, embrace doing things because theyre fun

    • Glow in the dark spider web hat
      Glow in the dark spider web hat Vor Monat

      @ABC 123 you sound unlikable

    • Ivan
      Ivan Vor Monat

      ​@ABC 123 ah, so you're non white then

    • Meta fox
      Meta fox Vor Monat +2

      @ABC 123 it sucks to be normal anyway

    • Rave Roulette
      Rave Roulette Vor Monat

      what is normal?
      this is a genuine question. define normality. what is normal is subjective to everyone, and really doesnt exist. what is normal now, wont be in a few years. it used to be normal to torture people. i mean, the bible literally says you can stone people if they do anything remotely bad! so, what is normal?
      it most defintely is not hating and harassing people over simply enjoying themselves.

    • Rave Roulette
      Rave Roulette Vor Monat +1

      @derek diana johnson you do you man!!

  • Kyle Karnitz
    Kyle Karnitz Vor Monat +10

    I can’t tell you enough how much this video meant to me. I laughed and nearly cried multiple times.
    Furries being seen more by society as an acceptable people and fandom is really moving to me, and I really appreciate the good word you put out for us.
    I completely agree that there are cringe byproducts of the fandom, and I’m not proud of those parts. But as a whole, Furries don’t mean harm and are generally a part of society outside of the fandom.
    Thank you so much!

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  • Syamimi Adi
    Syamimi Adi Vor Monat +38


  • Going Anonymous 💙💛

    This video was f***ing hilarious!
    It always makes me smile when a person online openly supports furries, and takes time to learn about and understand them. Especially when they have a considerable following.
    I am somewhat shamed to admit that I found furries as cringe when I first hear about them in late very early 2020. But that's because it was in an r/entitledparents video where there was a story about a mother who went with their kid to a convention threw a fit because their kid was denied to an event happening in a hotel room. And that event was an orgy. (That mother's an idiot.) The people involved told them that there were plenty of family-friendly event at the main venue, and that _that_ one was 18+. So yeah, I found out through the sexual side too. But I started looking into it more roughly a year and a half later in summer, 2021, and I've been an ally ever since, until summer 2022 where I'm basically an honorable member. Yeah, it can be a slippery slope. I might come out to myself any day now. XD I'd be the uncommon asexual furry if that happens. But, too be fair, straight furries are pretty uncommon too. I hear roughly 40% alone are bisexual, with homosexual making a huge 2nd place demographic.
    And I'll just clear something up that wasn't in the video. NOT ALL FURRIES ARE Z**PHILES! Only a small minority are proven to be. I've heard one furry say it's like 30%. I'm pressing "X" to doubt a thousand times. The absolute highest I'm willing to go, and this is suspending my disbelief all the way into the Ionosphere, 10%. On any given day, I'm not willing to go over 4%. That 30% is very likely someone who was and anti-furry undercover to make the fandom look bad, or they just found themselves in the wrong side of the community. I say the latter because z**philes are almost always shunned by the fandom if word gets out, so they tend to stick together. If you find one, you'll easily find more. The actual numbers are impossible to get, because if you're interviewing furries to get said numbers, you'll almost always encounter obstacles. Poll in person, and people who are actually into that sh*t are likely to say "no" because of social stigma. They don't want to be outcasted. Poll anonymously online, and you'll face trolls and haters trying to make the numbers appear higher than they actually are.
    If I do turn out to be a furry, no big surprise. I can really appreciate the art, and some of it is f***ing amazing with how good and high-quality it is. But I also meet a lot of trends that tend to be common in the community. I'm on the spectrum, very likely neurodivergent to a degree, introverted, and physically sensitive to thing like touch. (I think that last one is common in the community, don't quote me on that specific point though.) I tend to like soft, warm, and fuzzy surfaces on my skin. I can't wear jeans, because I hate the feeling of denim. It looks good, but it's too rough for me.
    I just hope I get my answer soon. I hate being trapped in neutral zones with things like this. Quizzes were barely any help because out of 5 of them, 3 gave me "maybes" and "possiblies." And I also got 1 no, and 1 yes. Lastly, I know the definition varies from person to person, that's what irritates me. You can identify as not being a furry, even if all other signs point to yes, and you're not one. But I would like a set definition otherwise. Everyone seems to have there own definition. So, here I go!
    My definition of being a furry: "Having an increased interest in anthropomorphic animals, often but not always to the point of creating a fursona to help the individual in question to express themself."
    By that definition, I guess I would fall into it. Although I have no fursona, I have occasionally tossed ideas for one around in my head.
    Sorry for the novel I wrote. I'm just passionate about making sure innocent people aren't misunderstood. Z**philes can either choose to seek mental help, or go jump of a bridge though.

    • Lardbeane
      Lardbeane Vor Monat

      If you do turn out as a furry, I'm an ace furry as well!

    • stegosauruss
      stegosauruss  Vor Monat

      that was a cool fucking novel

  • RupaAnim
    RupaAnim Vor Monat +15

    Kurtis did you come across the article about the refugees staying in the same hotel as a furcon and how happy those kids were? Ive also seen furs invited to disadvantaged children events and just giving them all hugs if they want and the smiles melt you. Furs and mascots can do so much good, it can be very wholesome!

  • Devan H
    Devan H Vor Monat +2035

    As a non-furry autistic, I really really appreciated the edit he added in when he mentioned neurodivergent people. Props for really doing some research

    • Lydia
      Lydia Vor Monat


    • Piet Tinash
      Piet Tinash Vor Monat

      Here is the final video declips.net/video/f_TJ9KMAGQg/video.html

    • Rave Roulette
      Rave Roulette Vor Monat +11

      @Kieran just because you dont want to label yourself doesnt mean others shouldnt or that its weird or "fancy" neurodivergent is a descriptor term. its scientific aswell and encapsulates every time of neurodivergency. (autism, adhd, personality disorders, tic disorders, possibly more im blanking on)
      autisitic isnt the only way to be neurodivergent. and not everyone who is ND knows what makes them ND or dont want to constantly share their diagnostic term such as autistic. especially for people such as myself who are neurodivergent in several ways. (adhd, autism, avoidant personality disorder, and dependant personality disorder traits.)
      theres nothing wrong with flashing your neurodivergency. nor is there anything wrong with it potentionally making someone feel special.
      labels make people feel happy, comfortable, and its an easy way to explain your situation and normalize talk of neurodivergencies.
      just because you dont want to use the term does not and should never mean other people cant or shouldnt. and especially does not mean it should be left to psychology. this is how ableism and misinformation spread. it is good to talk about these things, good to be open, and good to advocate for yourself.

    • greg
      greg Vor Monat +6

      @Kieran its just to include everyone like people who have adhd also and other stuff like that /nm

    • marissa
      marissa Vor Monat +6

      @Kieran there are plenty of terms like that used to label people all the time. just because this one is new doesn’t make it less valid than the other random words lol

  • Sochi
    Sochi Vor Monat +15

    Love this video! I've been a furry since 2009 and have been suiting since 2015, and I love seeing videos like this which aren't just bashing on people. You made great points and I will say, some stuff we do is cringe, but overall we just like to have fun. Running around in my multiple thousand dollar carpet is one of the most fun things I do anymore and really helps me escape how bad things can get sometimes. Also I'm glad Kurtistown is furry friendly now so I can sub! :D

    • Geka
      Geka Vor 21 Tag

      Soooo... how you get that cash? Asking for a friend

    • inferior
      inferior Vor 28 Tage

      ur fursuit in ur pfp looks so cool, love the green details

    • My telegräm username at👉ChrisRayGun
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      ⤴️Congratulations 👏 you have been selected as a random winner of a giveaway, send me a message to the above username 👆👆 to claim your package 📦 📦📦

  • M O N K E
    M O N K E Vor 3 Tage +1

    I remember 1000 Ways To Die! I got traumatized at 8 when I saw how a guy hid in a garbage can and got crushed inside a garbage truck, I had a fear if garbage trucks for a long time

  • dragonslayro
    dragonslayro Vor 10 Stunden

    I know so many furries that are doctors or have high paying jobs and are loaded , like one guy hes a car collector so he flips antique cars and makes profit off that like my friend her fur suit costed her 10k because it has a bunch of custom gimmicks in it

  • TheGreenGuy
    TheGreenGuy Vor 8 Tage

    I am currently enjoying my stay in the furry fandom. Therefore it is nice to see somone cover the topic in a way that isn´t negative. With the gasattack on a furryconvention in 2014 and Mainstreamnewsanchors over at MSNBC News loughing despite the fact that people had to evacuate and there was 19 hospitalised, these kinds of videos weren´t something i was expecting. Thanks for making a difference by doing your own research even though you didn´t have to! ^^

  • carly barker
    carly barker Vor Monat +23616

    i’m not a furry, but i am autistic, and i really appreciate kurtis mentioning autistic people and how they tie in to discussions of “cringe culture” lots of the behaviors people consider ‘cringe’ can be traced back to normal autistic behavior, and it can be really upsetting to watch. this is just my opinion and if any autistic people disagree that’s totally fine and valid but i just wanted to say thank you, kurtis :)

    • Sally H
      Sally H Vor 3 Stunden

      Yep! I’m autistic and ADHD, and super super into anime and manga. When I was a teenager I was bullied heavily for being weird (this was loooong before cringe culture and social media outside early Facebook and MySpace…god that makes me feel old). In normal life I felt like an alien. I couldn’t express my special interests without being shut down and hurt. But, my god, when I went to MCM in London and wore cosplay I felt so accepted and happy. The day wore me out but I didn’t want to leave.
      Unfortunately, shortly after my 19th birthday I overheard my parents laughing at what I enjoyed and I basically shelved it, trying hard to suppress everything and stopped indulging in what I enjoyed. My mental health spiralled and I had breakdowns basically every week. Until I hit this year. I’m now 27, and just this year I’ve watched maybe 30? Anime series this year. I’ve got back into drawing in more ‘anime’ styles and even found a love of learning Japanese (now working towards my N5 JLPT).
      Seeing how furries are treated reminds me of how miserably I was treated by people who didn’t understand at all, and I only have love for the people who let themselves indulge in what they love -as long as they’re not hurting anyone-.

    • mega rat
      mega rat Vor 3 Tage +1

      Does this thread know that its inherently traumatizing to mask 😬😬😬

    • Petit Sam
      Petit Sam Vor Monat

      as an autistic person I strongly agree

    • Anjo West
      Anjo West Vor Monat

      @TwiggyToby we see xx gm l mhm.

    • Irongirltoni
      Irongirltoni Vor Monat

      Yeah a few months ago an autistic creator said this. I thought about it for a minute and realized she was RIGHT
      I feel so bad for contributing to cringe culture in the past. I can't believe I never saw that link before

  • Epic Vaderguy710
    Epic Vaderguy710 Vor Monat +10

    As a furry your greatly represented what the fandom is and stated facts instead of being immature and just making fun us without the knowledge of what we really are .

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  • katiee
    katiee Vor 17 Tage +2

    probably the best take on furries ive ever heard

  • Marchingmeme
    Marchingmeme Vor 7 Tage

    I like this kind of format. You should definitely do more like this :)

  • Rachel
    Rachel Vor 5 Tage +1

    anthropomorphic animals have always been ballin. I collect antique postcards and a single postcard with an anthropomorphic animal on it (especially if it has clothes) is worth up to like $500 sometimes even more. crazy

  • SketchScramblr
    SketchScramblr Vor Monat +2614

    One time my sibling and I went to a convention and someone thought it'd be funny to pull the fire alarm. The whole building had to evacuate and it was mid November Cold. The cosplayers in revealing costumes started huddling, my sibby and I, along with other fully clothed cosplayers huddled around them. And then the outer ring of the huddle was a wall of furries forming a barrier around us. It was awesome, and they kept us all warm until we could go inside again.

    • RandomProtogenDude
      RandomProtogenDude Vor Monat

      @D.R.M. Mefreji so your saying I don’t shower? Proof? My friend is a furry and is like the cleanest person i have met, holy lord you guys need serious brain surgery if this video didn’t change your perspective at all.

    • D.R.M. Mefreji
      D.R.M. Mefreji Vor Monat

      Must've smelled like crusty-ness and lack of showers.
      Good for you... I guess.

    • Fudge Gaming
      Fudge Gaming Vor Monat +2

      that's so wholesome omg

    • ur_momz_lice
      ur_momz_lice Vor Monat +4

      That's actually so cute how the furries protected/kept everyone warm (I'm not sure if you ment that the furries we're keeping everyone warm or just keeping them from being embarrassed)

    • Caleb day
      Caleb day Vor Monat

      this is the cringiest shit bro what

  • Beatrix🏳️‍⚧️

    I clicked on this video, scared that a youtuber I liked was just gonna shit on furries. Thankfully you proved me wrong so let's fucking go.

    • Text me on Telegram👉@KurtisConner_YT
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  • Lexie Newell
    Lexie Newell Vor Monat +27

    the costume designer on the masked singer s 1-6 is such a sweet wonderful creative lady btw and her and her team make all of those costumes by hand !

  • downrighthorizontal
    downrighthorizontal Vor Monat +7

    honestly super cool video kurtis. i grew up 'on the internet' as an only child & did a lot of digital art and was on a lot of forum & art websites, which had a ton of furries on them- i now realize this was not the norm for like everywhere on the internet lol- but they were all super sweet people!! I NEVER remember seeing anything sexual, much less being persuaded/bullied/etc - they were all super nice & helpful and i liked animals a lot as a kid (not in a furry way lol i just liked drawing them & knowing facts about them and such) and so they basically taught me how to draw/practice drawing all sorts of animals. i remember you could ask someone to "redline" a sketch - where you would draw something, and then someone would suggest edits in red to help you improve, and then you could take that & work with it to improve your drawing, proportions, etc. we would do that all the time & idk they were just super chill people and also probably a lot of other funky queer neurodivergent kids just having fun drawing colorful foxes that realized there's a whole community out there that's way nicer than most people

  • Heckle Yeah
    Heckle Yeah Vor Monat +1

    There's a difference between laughing/cringing versus hating someone. It's ok to dislike the concept of furries, but it's not ok to harass or hate others just because they're furries. I mean they aren't hurtinganyone. I will also say that I too was influenced as a kid into believing that furries were a sex thing--definitely didn't help that I was on Deviantart a lot.

  • Miles Solomon
    Miles Solomon Vor Monat +940

    Could you imagine being a sick-ass baller furry walking down the street then some guy in a flaming tour bus sticks his head out the window and gawks at you?

    • voxalice [vox-ull]
      voxalice [vox-ull] Vor Monat

      @yes Isn't It Ironic

    • Goofy ahh
      Goofy ahh Vor Monat +2

      @yes thx

    • yes
      yes Vor Monat +3

      Here is the full clip : use antibot software

    • nuulcoolpro
      nuulcoolpro Vor Monat +18

      @Secret consider getting your account back

    • Secret
      Secret Vor Monat +4

      Here is the full clip : when i met kurtis

  • olleH
    olleH Vor 18 Tage +10

    I also watched 1000 ways to die when I was a kid and 100% thought they were reenactments of real deaths. I was so afraid that I would die in some random way (and they would reenact my death) and didn't realize until last year majority were made up.. I'm 24

  • Amanda
    Amanda Vor 8 Tage

    My cats name is Kovu! 🤣
    Another good video! I also thought furries were predominantly a sex thing from 1000 ways to die lol. Thank you for looking this up!

  • Noodle Poodle
    Noodle Poodle Vor 9 Tage +1

    It's kind of ironic that a lot of the internet hates furries considering the internet itself would fall apart without them. Litterally. It is actually insane how many people in tech are furries.

  • My neck my back My crippling anxiety Attack 🎗

    I’m autistic, I’m not a furry but I love furries. Usually they’re just people like me who have a special interest in cosplaying and anthro animals. Furries, especially autistic furries are the coolest people and I usually get along with them.

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz Vor Monat +5549

    The fact that most cringe compilations are people that sit on reddit 16 hours a day, making fun of people just trying to enjoy themselves is pretty telling

    • frameturtle
      frameturtle Vor Monat

      people forget reddit is a majority liberal platform too-

    • Ok, but Why?
      Ok, but Why? Vor Monat


    • T
      T Vor Monat

      @-- this is just another self righteous outcry they need to do to feel good about themselves. Shaming people is not always unnecessary. Youd shame a weeb, a bts stan, etc but furries is the one youre gonna root for?...sure..

    • T
      T Vor Monat

      @-- ppl on Twitter do anything but mind thier business

    • --
      -- Vor Monat +4

      @T "The opposing side" you mean the people minding their own business trying to live their lives? The fact that you see the people being attacked for their hobbies as the opposition only further proves how stupid cringe culture is.

  • Madison R
    Madison R Vor 4 Tage

    Okay but 1000 ways to die constantly TERRIFIED me. I always thought I’d somehow end up dying in the most absurd ways. I remember the Typhoid Mary episode and refusing to eat Portuguese food my mom got because I thought I would get typhoid and die from it? Typhoid Mary was Irish!

  • Merisa Antoszewski
    Merisa Antoszewski Vor 19 Tage +1

    the furries feeling loved in these comments is everything for me you guys are adorable and if my kids saw you out on the street they would likely have a million questions and think you’re the coolest ever :)

  • your father figure
    your father figure Vor 9 Tage +1

    it’s an established rule of thumb that 90% of furries out there are scientists and engineers and doctors and shit like that for some reason

  • get in the EVA right now

    Finally. I'm so tired of the whole cringe culture thing, and how it constantly picks on A LOT of neurodivergent people. Fandons are normally a safe place for us and as someone on the spectrum who takes part on the anime fandom, people also tear us apart every single time. It has come to the point i feel ashamed af for just liking things (and for having some weird hyperfixations).
    Anyways: i'm cringe but at least i'm free 🌠

  • Amelia
    Amelia Vor Monat +2707

    Kurtis is finally going to confess he’s a Brony. I’m here for it.

    • Dark Rain
      Dark Rain Vor Monat

      @carclain "Speaking of cringe," speaking of cringe indeed

    • Dark Rain
      Dark Rain Vor Monat

      @mcdongle I don't see a problem with people enjoying a harmless show

    • ZackLeShark
      ZackLeShark Vor Monat +1

      - 🤖

    • carclain
      carclain Vor Monat

      >I'm here for it
      Speaking of cringe...

    • Kyupoki
      Kyupoki Vor Monat +1

      @WhileMyGuineaPigGentlyWheeks frl💀

  • Luis Erazo
    Luis Erazo Vor Monat +6

    Congratulations on your marriage Kurtis!! We’re so happy for you and wish you both the best💙💙

  • madison
    madison Vor 15 Tage +3

    congrats on getting married kurtis so happy for u!!!!! wish y’all the absolute best 🎉🎉🎉❤
    also loved this video gave me a new way of thinking bout things.

  • Theodore Beasley
    Theodore Beasley Vor Monat +1

    There’s an episode of CSI where the case is set in a furry convention and it’s like 2009 so they explain furries and everything but bc furry culture wasn’t as widespread as it is now, everyone was in like low budget mascot costumes instead of like the fur suits people have now and for some reason that small difference made it SO MUCH SCARIER. I can’t explain it but I see a fur suit and I’m like oh yeah that’s just a furry but I see the soulless expression of a mascot costume and I’m like oh that’s a murderer.