Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Sith Fighter Now Available

  • Am 26 Jul 2018 veröffentlicht
  • Your Sith Assassin has a sweet, new ride in #StarWarsGalaxyofHeroes! Unlock the Sith Fighter today, in a limited-time Marquee Event, going on now.
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  • officialexarkun
    officialexarkun Vor year +85

    This will make a fine addition to my collection...

    • officialexarkun
      officialexarkun Vor year +6

      EA Star Wars You have done well my young apprentice.

    • SlavSkeleton [SC] [BC] [TL]
      SlavSkeleton [SC] [BC] [TL] Vor year +1

      Hey EA I know this doesn’t have anything to do with Star Wars but how is BATTLEFIELD V coming up

    • EA Star Wars
      EA Star Wars  Vor year +14

      We're glad this pleases you, Lord Nihilus

  • TheReal704Champ
    TheReal704Champ Vor 10 Monate

    Nobody uses this ship, right?

  • CherubiKnighT
    CherubiKnighT Vor year

    I actually love streaming/playing this game. Community is incredibly supportive and deserves more!

  • Rensc 42
    Rensc 42 Vor year

    EA broke Star Wars...sad

  • Guilherme Festa
    Guilherme Festa Vor year

    rip bf2

  • Tomato
    Tomato Vor year

    Can you make a good Star Wars game for once that isn’t pay to win?

  • Stenli
    Stenli Vor year

    R.I.P star wars battlefront 2 EA

  • T Dobby
    T Dobby Vor year

    Do more with battlefront 2, you're missing a huge opportunity!

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex Vor year

    More and more evidence for the old republic to become canon :D :3

  • Nuclear Bullet
    Nuclear Bullet Vor year

    This game is so boring, it was cool for the first hour watching SS chars animated, but like Pokemon, it's just an animated number bashing. Pointless and complete waste of time and resource (screen battery), kinda like this post

  • Boombang Duales
    Boombang Duales Vor year

    Joke no

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon Vor year

    you don't care about battlefront 2

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon Vor year


  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon Vor year


  • random dude
    random dude Vor year

    is kotor canon?

  • star wars gameplay video


  • NodGuy
    NodGuy Vor year

    I don't like this game, but this was the perfect opportunity to use that awesome Sith music from KOTOR.

  • Cole Viloria
    Cole Viloria Vor year

    Now just have Kotor become Cannon and make a trilogy about Revan.

  • 세일러94
    세일러94 Vor year +2

    Ummmmm...ok, Clone Wars season for Battlefront 2 please.

  • Communism Has Prevailed

    Thank you EA, very cool!

  • Mr. High Ground
    Mr. High Ground Vor year


  • Cryptotic
    Cryptotic Vor year +6

    To all the people talking about Battlefront 2, give this game a shot. It isn’t like most f2p games because it’s not really pay to win it’s more like Warframe in the sense that it’s pay to skip the grind but not as repetitive as Warframe can get. You have to REALLY love Star Wars to enjoy Battlefront 2, as it is a below average shooter at best, so why not play a game that gets monthly content updates and where the devs actively engage with the community?

  • Victor G
    Victor G Vor year

    There totally testing the water with all this KOTOR throw back stuff. I'm glad Lucas Film are finally starting to listen to the fans. Next is a movie. Please without Rian Johnson.

  • mimisole
    mimisole Vor year +2

    That actually looks pretty good :)

  • General kenobi
    General kenobi Vor year

    hello there

  • Henry Edge
    Henry Edge Vor year

    Kotor 3 anyone?

  • SwanyPlaysGames
    SwanyPlaysGames Vor year +48

    You do realize that you own Battlefront 2 right?

  • tupe 12
    tupe 12 Vor year

    rip no sound

  • FMF Productions
    FMF Productions Vor year

    If only you would give battlefront 2 as much content as you give this game.

  • Tronpool
    Tronpool Vor year

    Bf 2 is dead? Ok

  • Charzard king01
    Charzard king01 Vor year

    Sorry but not even Kotor will get me to go back to that pay to win mobile game

  • 92Nikel
    92Nikel Vor year

    Came here to put a dislike

  • Mr Remnant
    Mr Remnant Vor year


  • Nicholas Abbott
    Nicholas Abbott Vor year


  • TrickyPanda 65
    TrickyPanda 65 Vor year

    What about a single player game?

  • Zen Goheen
    Zen Goheen Vor year +4

    Boooooooohhh, get off the stage!

  • Teo Bazan
    Teo Bazan Vor year

    lol I almost thought you meant a Sith FIGHTER as in Wrestle Fighter.
    Nice to see some Kotor Content!

  • charronfilms
    charronfilms Vor year

    I would love to see these in GoH:
    Iden Versio and her ship
    Admiral Raddus and his ship
    Gungan warriors
    Captain Tarpals
    Padme Amidala
    Aurra Sing
    Latts Razzi
    Hondo Ohnaka
    Jango Fett and the blue Slave 1
    Maz Kanata
    Pre Vizsla
    B1 and BX battle droids
    Delta Squad from Repub Com
    Galen Marek and his ship
    Mara Jade
    Kal Kataarn and his ship
    Dash Rendar and his ship
    Darth Bane
    Tognath fighters
    Dryden Vos
    Wookie Warrior
    Commander Wolf and ship
    Commando Gregor
    General Husk and ship
    Jocasta Nu
    Naboo starfighter
    Yodas starfighter
    Jar Jar Binks (make him OP!)

  • Brandon C
    Brandon C Vor year


  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips Vor year +12

    Please guys fix Battlefront 2!!

  • El calvo de la Formula 1


  • Epic Music Star Wars

    That an amazing starfigther I love it

  • Mulan
    Mulan Vor year +4

    For a second I though it was for battlefront 2 😩

  • Il PasticchiereTM
    Il PasticchiereTM Vor year +26

    This is embarrassing. Ea got the license to publish star wars games for ten years, five years have already passed and all we got are two battlefront games. TWO. In five years. We haven't seen nothing of the upcoming games nor received updates since e3 for the only star wars game that is being played on console, and that promised a live service. I paid for that. Everyone did. And I assure you everyone here is willing to pay real money to unlock new hero or clone skins.
    All we are receiving are these useless videos about updates for a mobile game. Because we got a ton of them.
    Just get battlefront the developers it needs. Do it already.

    • Bobafett1189
      Bobafett1189 Vor year +3

      Cryptotic Because people have paid a lot of money for the game that should be getting more content whereas this mobile game is free and gets the ‘live service' that us battlefront players were promised. At least transfer some of the devs in this game over to bf2

    • Cryptotic
      Cryptotic Vor year +2

      They need to produce more games for sure, but if you are annoyed that the same mobile game keeps getting updates and the game you play doesnt, why not try the game that gets the content fans actually ask for with an active community that developers actually engage with?

    • Mulan
      Mulan Vor year +1

      Il PasticchiereTM that’s so true I would be happy to buy some more skins the Han Solo season skins were amazing

    • Trevor Philips
      Trevor Philips Vor year

      You are right

  • Zyder
    Zyder Vor year +6

    Let this game die is soooo boring I played until level 64 and it was the same all over again. Now I have BFII and please focus on the MAIN GAME, we need hotfix and new content or this game won't survive more than 1 year.

    • Zyder
      Zyder Vor year

      its the same as any other FPS, but with less content. Star Wars is the most huge universe ever created and their lack of interest in that game, which has so many potential, is embarrasing

    • TehPeukkaloUP
      TehPeukkaloUP Vor year

      Zyder lol I never compared these 2 games, just wondered if you think that bf2 isn't repetitive

    • Zyder
      Zyder Vor year

      TehPeukkaloUP at least BF2 has its gamemodes. Also, how can you compare this mobile phone game with BF2?

    • TehPeukkaloUP
      TehPeukkaloUP Vor year

      Zyder so you're saying that bf2 isn't same all over again?

  • Saul Martinez
    Saul Martinez Vor year +8


  • Imperial Sentinel

    So is it canon now? Or not? Unless Galaxy of Heroes doesn't connect to canon?

    • Fandom God
      Fandom God Vor year +1

      Kir Kanos Sadly no but they Also added T3-M4, Mission, and Zaalbar to the game!

  • GNLegend
    GNLegend Vor year +62

    Come on, focus on Battlefront 2. No one cares about this mobile game

    • Kibbles
      Kibbles Vor year

      I am - Groot lmao there are a lot more people playing this. It’s more fun that bf2

    • Alejandro Venegas
      Alejandro Venegas Vor year

      so uncivilized

    • GrantKP
      GrantKP Vor year

      it makes more money for them because of the micro purchases

    • Sunrise Alex
      Sunrise Alex Vor year

      dude, this mobile game have massive players comunity even on facebook

  • Chris Atherton
    Chris Atherton Vor year +1


  • Jukez 4 Jesus
    Jukez 4 Jesus Vor year +17

    Now you guys should work on star wars battlefront 2 I did pay $80 and I am willing to pay more money for skins.

  • Sachapal
    Sachapal Vor year

    Very cool design

  • Fandom God
    Fandom God Vor year +33

    Glad to see some kotor content!

  • KrypticElement
    KrypticElement Vor year +19


    • Bossk Cruz
      Bossk Cruz Vor year

      Thomas im not mad

    • Thomas Prent
      Thomas Prent Vor year

      Bossk Cruz Lol are you mad kiddo?

      SNOKE DIES Vor year

      Nobody cares about bf2 anymore

    • Bossk Cruz
      Bossk Cruz Vor year

      Thomas never heard of it also stfu because u dont know nothing about this game this has nothing to do with battlefront 2.

    • Thomas Prent
      Thomas Prent Vor year

      Bossk Cruz 'no u' is the dead meme you imbecile

  • ArachnidoComics
    ArachnidoComics Vor year +15

    Stfu about Battlefront 2.

    • Da Tick
      Da Tick Vor year +1

      ProbablyFear Hate on EA as much as you want. That wont change the fact that Galaxy of Heroes and Battlefront have their own separate groups of developers. A video on Galaxy of Heroes isnt a place to complain about Battlefront 2.

    • ProbablyFear
      ProbablyFear Vor year +1

      ArachnidoComics no u

    • ArachnidoComics
      ArachnidoComics Vor year +6

      ProbablyFear Oh no, I hurt your feelings. When you stop getting worked up, you can quit embarrassing yourself by crying out "no you".

  • LibertyDrummer
    LibertyDrummer Vor year +22

    Loving the KOTOR-era representation!

  • ProbablyFear
    ProbablyFear Vor year +5

    You're sitting on a goldmine and you don't even seem to know it. Put more devs into BF2!!

  • Durth Vider
    Durth Vider Vor year +50

    Bring back our missing developers!!!!!! #SaveBattlefrontII

    • Durth Vider
      Durth Vider Vor year

      I am - Groot Exacty!

    • Mulan
      Mulan Vor year +13

      The game still can be saved look a no mans sky that made a huge comeback who is to say battlefront can’t do the same

  • OPG 609
    OPG 609 Vor year +5

    This is not how you bring people to your game...

  • Cameron Woryn
    Cameron Woryn Vor year +6

    Is anyone’s servers down in bf2 I’m on ps4

    • Arod Skywalker
      Arod Skywalker Vor year

      I am - Groot my WiFi is good. And Idk about Palpatine

    • Mulan
      Mulan Vor year

      No mine is fine it’s probably your WiFi or something. Plus do you know when palp is coming back

    • Arod Skywalker
      Arod Skywalker Vor year +1

      Camro The Pro yup, servers are down

    • HorizonRogue
      HorizonRogue Vor year +3

      Camro The Pro yep servers are down on mine to

  • CrispyMuffin
    CrispyMuffin Vor year +11

    why are you supporting a generic mobile game more than one of gaming's biggest titles?

    • Nicholas Abbott
      Nicholas Abbott Vor year

      Cause they get money from it so they care about it

    • list meister
      list meister Vor year +6

      EA is the publisher, not developer. EA pays Capitol Games to develop Galaxy of Heroes, DICE for BF. CG decides who or how many developers they will hire, EA has nothing to do with that.

    • Sachapal
      Sachapal Vor year +2

      They don’t have more people. Mobile games are far easier to make than a game with the best graphics to date

    • CrispyMuffin
      CrispyMuffin Vor year +1

      i don't think a mobile dev team needs more people than Battlefront 2's team. they should prioritize the battlefront series