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How To get a PERFECT Seal Log Cabin | 14 | - One Man Traditional Log Cabin series

  • Am 20 Mai 2020 veröffentlicht
  • When I graduated high school I sought a big challenge in life. To alone, with only simple hand tools and raw power, build my own traditional off grid log cabin by hand from the materials of the Swedish forest. I film everything myself and edit these videos so you can follow my journey and hopefully learn as I do. I have no earlier experience in any of this, just a visualization of what I want to achieve and willpower to learn and improve everything necessary. So I enjoy reading good advice in the comments. Enjoy!
    In this episode I show you how to get a perfect seal on your logs for log cabin, using only simple hand tools. This method needs no chinking, it might take longer than chinking but I find this end result much more fitting...
    Next episode will show how I solved the problem of getting the logs up by hand.
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    Most tools come from Gränsfors Bruk.
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  • ken barr
    ken barr Vor 2 years +137

    I worked with a guy that specialized in Scandinavian, full scribe log building. The only difference, really, between what you are doing, and what we did, was equipment. We used chain saws for most of the work, but the final touches on the scribes, were done with axe, adze, gouge, or chisel. Between the logs, we used fiberglass insulation, in the channels, instead of moss. Your work is impressive, simply because you are doing everything manually, without power tools. Great job!

    • Simbamon
      Simbamon Vor 9 Monate +2

      @Thrakun clay

    • Richard Sabean
      Richard Sabean Vor year +1

      YEA me too,, done them both ways,, with & without, power & saws.. Two on Islands!! I try to share short cuts & things to look out for.. Get crap form people wanting a video.. Built 20 cabins,, then went to the # 1 log builder in the world to learn the short cuts!! Love the fact he hasn't said 1 word.. There are other builders stand 20 minutes telling how it done & why,, half the time it's the first job they EVER did!!!

    • Thrakun
      Thrakun Vor year +2

      Doesn't moss decompose and rot? What other stuff could you use naturally as an insulator in this situation?

    • Yo merengues
      Yo merengues Vor 2 years +1

      @aaron cabrera ponce que pinche risa das

  • Greg Bowman
    Greg Bowman Vor 2 years +52

    Erik, you are truly a fine craftsman to get those logs to fit so perfectly. Nice collection of axes, and your skillful control while you're using them to cut and shape the logs is very impressive. You should truly be proud of yourself. Nice leather jacket, love it.

    • william vipond
      william vipond Vor 9 Monate

      @Thomas Johnson just wondering if he is such a wilderness person why a generator and so on. I am of Swiss decent. my grandpartents would find this insulting.

    • Thomas Johnson
      Thomas Johnson Vor year +1


  • Pete Peterson
    Pete Peterson Vor year +8

    There's something I've seen done on log cabins that for some reason never seems to get mentioned for "leveling" the logs. The logs are reversed end-for-end from one to the next one up so that the small end always goes on top of the large end.

  • Santos
    Santos Vor 2 years +7

    great launch! you have a complete kit, I love gransfors bruks, I have a carving axe and It works great in soft and very hard woods like boxwood. Really a perfect seal. I like to see the connection you have with the forest, using it, caring for it and planting trees. I love your videos, thanks

  • Craig Quilter
    Craig Quilter Vor 2 years +7

    I love your Gransfors Bruks, finally watching someone who knows how to use these excellent hand made hand tools, keep up the great work!🌲👍👷‍♂️💪💪

  • Sam Vittoria
    Sam Vittoria Vor 2 years +8

    Beautiful fit on the logs. That is a lot of hard work. You are doing a great job. Great vids

  • G Bruce
    G Bruce Vor 2 years +5

    Erik, thank you for another nicely done video. I am surprised to learn you are self-taught, as your skills are impressive for one so young. I look forward to watching your progress with great interest and a good deal of envy.

  • Thomas Müller
    Thomas Müller Vor 2 years +8

    Great Job Erik 👍...you look like you're in the "zone" .... beautiful craftsmanship, you clearly love what you do......and the way you take care of you tools (awesome axe-collection😁) tells a lot .....i really enjoyed this video, being a Carpenter myself .....so keep 'em coming😊. You definitely got a new subscriber ...All the best✋from🇩🇪

  • Lollo Rosso
    Lollo Rosso Vor 2 years +14

    This “THUNK” as the log snugly settles on the wall is one of the most satisfying sounds I have ever heard. Automotive door sound engineers - bow to this man’s mastery.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +5

      YES. It is the most satisfaction when you have done all the work and then you know it just fits perfectly when you hear that sound.

  • Tynyyn
    Tynyyn Vor 2 years +8

    Erik, how long did it take to cut, trim, notch and set this log? One hour or more? Thanks. Your channel is good and I'm hoping more people will jump on board. Keep up the good work and don't lose sight of your goals.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +7

      Every step shown in this video takes around 8 hours, it really depends on the log and how much energy I have.

  • mira guedes
    mira guedes Vor 3 Monate

    👏👏👏👏tô admirada com esse tipo de construção um abraço 🇧🇷

  • spike nard
    spike nard Vor 2 years +8

    I love the sound your axe makes on the logs. It rings back, resonates really, and sometimes your rhythm enhances the sound. That's when the sum is more than the parts and makes easy work! Good job!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      Nice observation. I have never thought about this.

  • Elia Sigg
    Elia Sigg Vor 2 years +5

    Dude you're such an inspiration... thank you very much for taking the time to make these videos... it's a lot of work

  • Mike Denning
    Mike Denning Vor 2 years +19

    First log takes the longest time, second log is faster, third log even faster, fourth log you are an expert and can teach others. I fix complex radiation therapy machines.....same principle applies. You do excellent work. I'm glad you are teaching us.

    • Chris Griffith
      Chris Griffith Vor 2 years +2

      By the time you finish a log cabin, you'd wished you had bought the lumber pre-cut...

  • Rob Marquis
    Rob Marquis Vor 2 years +5

    Very impressive. I just came across your channel and subscribed. Looking forward to seeing more, and will go back and watch earlier episodes.

  • Suzanne Todaro
    Suzanne Todaro Vor 2 years +5

    Another great video Erik your log cabin is coming along nicely. Good axe throwing very talented. :)

  • Ray J
    Ray J Vor 2 years +8

    It's so impressive what you do, it's not just the skill involved but the patience and attention to detail. I think that you would make a great teacher and I hope that one day you would consider passing on what you have learned to others. Well done and looking forward to the next video.

    • Federico Eco
      Federico Eco Vor 2 years +1

      @Erik Grankvist thanks a lot for your answer. I'll check those materials.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      @Federico Eco it is moss. I only know what the kind of moss I am using is called in Swedish, "husmossa" and "väggmossa". You can also use "lindrev", found that it is called flax in English.
      Then there are manmade materials you can use, but I like the natural ones like they did before.

    • Federico Eco
      Federico Eco Vor 2 years

      @Erik Grankvist could you tell me what is the material you putted inside de logs ? It seems like a kind of a special pine leaves ? Are there other product to put inside ? Thanks

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +9

      I actually wanted to be a teacher when I was young. And I still like to understand things down to the basics. With DEclips I want others to learn as I learn, to pass this knowledge on.

  • Anton Filipov
    Anton Filipov Vor year

    You’ve made a perfect work.
    Can you make a list about your axes and other stuff, the name, size and etc.
    I want to make a similar log cabin

  • kris gr
    kris gr Vor 8 Monate

    Hello! New subscriber here. You are amazing!! The passion for this project and your attention to detail and skill is astounding. Just look at what you have accomplished at such a young age! Whatever else you do in life, you always will have this massive achievement to look back on. Congrats to a beautiful job.
    ps.. I just found the subtitles lol. Helps me to understand. I'm amazed you get such a perfect cut for the joints holding the logs. Thanks. Looking forward to watching the whole series!
    ps. love the axe throwing. You and the axe are one lol

  • William Zimmerman
    William Zimmerman Vor 2 years +9

    He is amazing with his axe skills!

  • Gary Mucher
    Gary Mucher Vor 2 years +5

    Very meticulous work indeed. And I love how you plant future trees as well. Those trees will be ready for others in a generation or three. Thumbs Up!

  • E. R.
    E. R. Vor 2 years +2

    Fantastic work! I can’t do it, but I love cabins and would love to live in one.

  • LK
    LK Vor 2 years +3

    Erik, Congrats on the project, the skills and the progress so far! Amazing! I recommend to countersink the pegs, otherwise when the logs shrink, the pegs might protrude at the top and there's going to be a gap to the next log on top. Unless, you leave room at the bottom, which may be new to me. Here's some info you might find useful. www.logbuilding.org/Underscribing2011sm.pdf However, your logs look pretty dry, no idea how old are they.... Cheers. Oh and it's 'corners' instead of 'knots', knots in English are those round inclusions in wood where branches used to grow.

    • william vipond
      william vipond Vor 9 Monate

      Hello cousin. I lived five years in the bush no tv electricity or eve running water, but you seem to have all this why?????? .pLEASE ANSWER.yOUR COUSIN wILLIAM

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      Thank you so much for the information on the site. Very useful. I leave room at the bottom of the pegs.

  • rat fink
    rat fink Vor 2 years +1

    True craftsmanship. I read in the comments you have only been doing this for a year. Simply amazing!

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Vor 2 years +30

    What is your background and how did you become so skilled with axes and hand tools? Are you descended from a long line of Norse lumberjacks? Seriously, it's really impressive. My wife and I watched 2 of your videos tonight and were mesmerized. Nice work. Is there a place to read more about you?

    • wallacewithoutgromit
      wallacewithoutgromit Vor 2 years

      @Erik Grankvist We don't have many apprentice programs here in the U. S. A.

    • wallacewithoutgromit
      wallacewithoutgromit Vor 2 years

      @Erik Grankvist We don't have many apprenticeship programs here in the U. S. A. We call this the "American pick up method" of learning a craft. Read, ask, watch, do it all the wrong ways first. It works if you're not supporting a family and can live on nothing but beans and rice for a long time supplemented by road kill cuisine. Not as bad as it sounds once you learn how.

    • LitoGeorge
      LitoGeorge Vor 2 years

      @J F I am in your camp JF. And I think you're mostly right. There are some who ask sincere questions to learn. They back that up with ACTION. However, a lot of modern folk like to sit on their comfy chairs/couch/toilet seat at home and fire off a comment asking a question and then never really following through. Thats a fact too. Anyway, I always appreciate someone who thinks for themselves, a rarity. Go encouraged and enjoy your day :)

    • NotaPix
      NotaPix Vor 2 years +2

      @J F omg
      There is a saying: the deaf man cannot hear you, but the man who does not want to hear is even more deaf.
      bye bye :)

    • NotaPix
      NotaPix Vor 2 years

      @J F hi jf
      ''You think the way you do and I think the way I do ... There's two different opinions.''
      That’s true... but it’s not just the two of us in this world. If you keep thinking that way, you’ll have a lot of people to argue with. But maybe that’s how you want to live... and I’m not fighting it.

  • Dave Currier
    Dave Currier Vor year +1

    Thanks for this! Really great information. What are the dimensions or your auger?

  • Fredrik the Swede
    Fredrik the Swede Vor 2 years +3

    Very impressive Erik! On the top of my bucket list is building a log cabin in the woods (I am also from Sweden if the name didn't give it away :)) How did you get a permit to build a cabin in the woods? Was it hard and expensive?

  • Linda Petersen
    Linda Petersen Vor year

    Erik you do amazing wood work I am proud to say I have watched you do this want to see the in side of the cabin when it is done !!!

  • Arthur ivey
    Arthur ivey Vor 2 years +3

    I just started watching your videos and enjoy them very much.You have accomplished a lot in a shot time very nice work.

  • Josh Moeller
    Josh Moeller Vor 2 years +1

    Super video erik! i'm really enjoying these you inspire me to get outdoors and get active!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      Thank you Josh. There are endless of possibilities. :)

  • Khaled Adams
    Khaled Adams Vor 2 years +1

    You're smart to build your skills around a foundation of tool knowledge and proper maintenance. You clearly understand the tools you are using, well done!

  • McRocket
    McRocket Vor 2 years +17

    What impresses me most about you is how steady you work.
    You never seem to get frustrated, go faster or slower.
    You just seem rock steady...at a set pace.
    Like a machine.
    I am the exact opposite - 'fits and starts' is my game, sadly.

    • Martin Byrne
      Martin Byrne Vor 2 years +2

      Mcrocket ‘ don’t be putting yourself down ‘ everybody has a talent of some kind or another

    • Parker
      Parker Vor 2 years +3

      He probably cuts that out😂

  • Loco Vaughan
    Loco Vaughan Vor 2 years

    I've never seen someone work like you on DEclips We have a sheer amount of time it takes you to cut out he's log Is that absolutely crazy Thank you for the videos most impressive

  • Braden Leonard
    Braden Leonard Vor 2 years +5

    16:12 *Thunk* Nailed it. This method is more labor intensive during the building stage but it's so awesome. Looks way better, and beats the huge gaps you have to daub.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      Thank you, yes I think it is going to be worth the extra effort in the end. Looks so nice this way.

  • William Bissell
    William Bissell Vor 2 years +7

    I was afraid the log would split when he drove the peg in. You get great results with basic tools. I love that.

    • Gamer Pixels
      Gamer Pixels Vor year

      @Erik Grankvist thanks for that info! Could you explain more about pegs in a futures video? I need to replace several support beams in My 300 year old torp in Småland and i want to do it the traditional way, with half cut in beams and peg-hole connections.

    • William Bissell
      William Bissell Vor 2 years +2

      @Erik Grankvist Thanks, I love seeing people work with hand tools.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +9

      That is why I give them a oval shape, pressing the length of the log and not "splitting" it.

  • Larry325
    Larry325 Vor 2 years +3

    Erik great video. Great way to set the logs. The joint is so tight, takes time but it’s worth it. Looks awesome! 👍👍

  • EldarKinSlayer
    EldarKinSlayer Vor 2 years +6

    I really like the addition of the subtitles, just enough explanation without it being distracting. Beautiful work.

    • Stian Haugen
      Stian Haugen Vor 2 years

      @J Brcich square box with a line ,next to the fullscreen/cinema

    • J Brcich
      J Brcich Vor 2 years

      How do you turn on the subtitles?

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +5

      Thank you, yes I find it to work perfectly with my style of video.

  • Allen W
    Allen W Vor 2 years +5

    Beautifully done! Pays to keep your tools very sharp. Love how you used your axe as a plane. Great work ethic. What’s up with the fools who gave you a thumbs down! Ignore them, they are just jealous of your skills. ❤️

    • Training Grounds
      Training Grounds Vor 2 years

      Envy. Jealousy is desire for what you do have. Envy is desire for what you don't have.


    You do absolutely beautiful work. My only comment I know from experience the way you're holding your thumb you might end up with carpal tunnel syndrome don't use your thumb as a lever on your handle of your axe or other tools. It really screws up your hands in the long run, like 20 years down the line. Beautiful work.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +2

      Okej thank you. Have heard that before. Will be thinking about it, thanks :)

  • Pete Santana
    Pete Santana Vor year

    Erik you took your sweet time to get this done
    Where did you learn about construction? You way too young to have this perfect skills. I’m amazed waiting all your videos. I’m impressed how much knowledge I’m getting watching you work hard
    Thank you young man
    Pete from BostonMA US

  • James Neumann
    James Neumann Vor 2 years +3

    Your work is amazing, thank you for sharing it!
    Please consider wearing eye protection - you appear to be alone, and chips from axes can fly unexpectedly. I've broken two pairs of safety glasses from flying wood chips.

  • Jappel
    Jappel Vor 2 years +4

    I am not really surprised anymore I know you are a true craftsman :) But it keeps being impressive and always a nice video to watch. Keep it up

  • Filip Mach
    Filip Mach Vor 2 years +2

    Just amazing... Certainty you use the axes and shaping the logs is simply awesome. I work with wood as often as I can but I've never made anything of that size. I also had to play the slow motion of you throwing the axe in the begining :D where did you learn that?

    • Filip Mach
      Filip Mach Vor 2 years +1

      @Erik Grankvist, post more! I believe not to be the only person here who would love to watch that. Thank you for your reply and take care.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +3

      Thank you my friend. Axe throwing is a thing I like to play around with, you can get very creative with some trick shots. I would like to post more of them. 👍

  • Roger Chapanis
    Roger Chapanis Vor 2 years

    Hi Erik.. More questions about the tools you use: Where did you get your one-man crosscut saw? (I have an old one that my grandfather used, but it's seen better days.) Also, when you're preparing a log from one end to the other by chopping away pieces before using an adze, what kind of axe are you using? And, are you using a curved adze or a straight one?

  • TyronBandOfficial
    TyronBandOfficial Vor 2 years +5

    Erik that was really perfect work! Very well done. What kind of axe is that one with the wide blade (you have one small and a larger one)?

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +3

      All my axes are from Gränsfors bruks. The bigger axe is a 1900 model broad axe sharpened on both sides and the smaller is a carving axe one side sharpened.

  • Andreas Otto Winckler
    Andreas Otto Winckler Vor 2 years +1

    Congratulations to the extremely sharp axes!!!! How beautiful to see it!!!

  • chris corrigan
    chris corrigan Vor 2 years +3

    G'day Erik. Mate your pretty good with the tools I must say. Its fantastic to see a young bloke with the skills of the old masters and able to use them well. I would love to be able to build a cabin out of our timber here in Australia but the main problems are that they are really hard to work with and handle. It is far beyond one man without heavy equipment. A cabin in the mountains chasing trout, and deer as a getaway retreat would be great. Good on ya mate.

    • LitoGeorge
      LitoGeorge Vor 2 years +1

      Sounds like you're defeated before you begin. Gather your eggs and go for it man. From a SAffer.

  • kenny edwards
    kenny edwards Vor year +1

    Such superb precise work. Your grandfather must be very proud of you.

  • Tim Nichols
    Tim Nichols Vor year

    OK - I'm lovin this ... Erik, who did your video work and the axe throw at the beginning of (14) - how many takes did it take for you to get that ??? (genuinely lovin this whole series and wish I could get you to build one for me) - AWESOME !!!, going to record this series just to sit down and watch it when on the road driving..

  • Stuart Brown
    Stuart Brown Vor 2 years +4

    that log was a sweet fit Eric.. I really enjoy your videos, much respect from Mallorca.

  • Aleksandra Shevchenko
    Aleksandra Shevchenko Vor 11 Monate

    Very interesting, very useful video! Thanks a lot, Erik!

  • SashaXXY
    SashaXXY Vor 2 years +8

    I thought for sure this was click-bait. Nope. Great work, kid! Keep going! Making me wish I didn't waste my youth. Stay safe out there. Subbed.

  • Ivan Badjorov
    Ivan Badjorov Vor 2 years +3

    Great work Eric! I have a feeling that your channel will grow fast. Can't wait for the next video. Best wishes from Bulgaria!

  • Denys Tanguay
    Denys Tanguay Vor 2 years +1

    Tous mes respect Erik, pour ton talent, ta patience, ton adresse, et ta précision. Je te suis le début de ce projet et à chaque fois, je suis dépasser par ce que tu accomplis....... Félicitations encore..... D'un abonné qui te suis de l'Abitibi au Québec, Canada. Bravo encore ! Merci pour le partage.

  • Pike
    Pike Vor 2 years +5

    Love it. Calm, cool, collected. The best way to think and the best way to act.

  • Steven Noel
    Steven Noel Vor 2 years +5

    Erik a fine video your making very good progress on the cabin keep up the nice work best wishes to you .

  • Anita Dye-Brisebois
    Anita Dye-Brisebois Vor 2 years +3

    Erik pay no attention to the trolls that only live to tear down others that are doing great things in their lives. You chose a good path and seem to be adapting better than most could. Awesome job and look forward to seeing more of your craftsmanship and handy work.
    Great job my friend!

  • Thayne Odell
    Thayne Odell Vor 2 years +3

    If you pin the logs how do you keep them from hanging up when they shrink and settle? The final course should be the only logs you pin. The weight of the logs and your skillful tight notches will hold the logs in place.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +3

      This is how I have learned how to do it. I think this is the standard for log cabins in Sweden.

  • Richard Sobeck
    Richard Sobeck Vor 2 years +6

    Video skills and a good command of a second language on top of impressive manual talent. Well done.

  • Rowan Fernsler
    Rowan Fernsler Vor 2 years +3

    The level of precision you have with those tools, and how sharp they must be to seemingly effortlessly chew through wood like that is extremely impressive. Good job with everything you have done so far. The amount you have seemed to learn from this is impressive in its own right. But, when you finish the cabin you will have a place to stay and a strong shelter from anything that may come. I’m going to go sharpen my knives now because your axes are all sharper than them, and that’s not okay for me. Keep it up! 👍
    Also, when did you get 17.5K subs? I remember when you had like 3 videos and under 1,000 subs.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      Thank you Rowan, nice that you have been here since the beginning. Soon 20k subscribers my goal. 👍

  • Dale Premo
    Dale Premo Vor 2 years +1

    Very nice work. I was a little unsure of what you were doing the moss at the ends of the logs but then I realized you were referring to the end "notch." I really do appreciate your closed captions. Could you tell the name of each tool in the captions in the future?

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      Thank you. Yes I could do a little more filming of all the tools. 👍

  • BigBoss 429
    BigBoss 429 Vor 2 years +1

    Looking good, what do you use as the insulation? I assume it is moss? And, if so, do you dry it before hand?

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      No the moss need to be a little wet. Thank you👍

  • WingedNomad
    WingedNomad Vor 2 years

    Bloody cool mate! About how long would one log take you to fit properly?

  • Marie Sehlin
    Marie Sehlin Vor Monat

    Så häftigt det du gör! Jag är enormt imponerad av ditt tålamod och ditt fokus. Du lever din dröm fullt ut. Så kul att ha hittat hit.

  • Mike Smyth
    Mike Smyth Vor 2 years +1

    16:10 to 16:21 so awesome! 👍🌲 Well done!

  • Matthew Ewing
    Matthew Ewing Vor 2 years

    Beautiful work!

  • Ernie Mays
    Ernie Mays Vor 2 years +4

    Excellent work young man!👍

  • Brandon St-Coeur
    Brandon St-Coeur Vor year

    What is the name of the tool you use for marking your lines before you carve your logs? And FYI the best videos of log cabin buildings I've ever seen!! It helped me a lot to figure what my next steps are before I start building my walls.

  • Touborgen
    Touborgen Vor 2 years +3

    Haha, arriving to the building site like a boss! :D
    Great videos btw, it's a pleasure to follow the process.

  • louis Gilbraith
    louis Gilbraith Vor 2 years +2

    Amazing wood skills!

  • Fan Stanner
    Fan Stanner Vor 2 years +1

    It is very interesting how you are not using a log gouge for the notches, 100% by axes- very cool. Some of the best axes in the world as well I might say. Gransfors Bruks makes the best quality axes around. I have two in my use. Will be building one of these from next week; in Alaska. Good to watch you work to prepare my mind for doing the same thing. Respect!

    • Fan Stanner
      Fan Stanner Vor 2 years +1

      @Erik Grankvist Thanks Man, I also want to say I like your log building philosophy- that a log cabin is a work of art, as well as a functional structure.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      Nice to hear. Good luck with your cabin in Alaska. 👍 ;)

  • Zeljko Serdar
    Zeljko Serdar Vor 2 years +6

    Beautiful trees, beautiful house. All the best from Croatia, EU. Your new 🐾, CCRES team.

  • David Houser
    David Houser Vor 2 years +4

    Beautiful job I would feel safe inside that cabin even during tornado sure nothing going to shoot through it either 😂👍

  • Cândido Melim
    Cândido Melim Vor 2 years +3

    You let the logs dry completely before start building the log cabin?
    Love your videos, keep going!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      I let the logs dry 7-3 months, felled in winter. Thank you

  • vidabluebelford
    vidabluebelford Vor 2 years +2

    Erik, I am impressed by your skill. You must have had a great teacher and are very patient. You look to be too young to have learned all this. May I ask who your teacher is?

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +4

      I have actually learned a lot just by myself. From reading and learning from this little experience that I have gained. I have also talked to some expert log builders. My grandfather is also a huge help, when I need advice and tips for smarter solutions.

    YISUS LIS Vor 2 years

    Hello, oye bro vengo del canal un poco de todo... valla máquina eres que precisión tienes con esa hacha y se ve relajante ala vez vamos que puedes decorar bien tu cabaña :)

  • L M
    L M Vor 2 years +1

    Great skill i'd like to know how you choose the logs and how much do you let it dry

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      The best is to let them dry for a year. I do not have that time and it is easier to work in fresher logs with hand tools. These logs I have cut down in winter, so about 6-4 months of drying.

  • Bruce St.Martin
    Bruce St.Martin Vor 2 years +1

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    • D. P. Wingo
      D. P. Wingo Vor 2 years +2

      @Erik Grankvist Your grandfather must be very proud of you. It's good to see a young man that is interested in his culture and willing to learn and practice it. Keep it alive, each country has a great tradition that is in need of learning and preserving.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      Yes thank you, I have watched both there channels.

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    • Adrianna
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      Erik Grankvist can’t wait! 😄😄😄
      It’s so great to see when one person can literally build a house. Fantastic. I will definitely watch it.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      Thanks for your kind words. More videos coming soon. 👍

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    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +4

      I want to prove that it is possible to do everything with hand tools, like they did before. What I have learned is that this natural insulation is better than manmade.

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    • Jerry Whidby
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      @Erik Grankvist Thank you.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

      ok then I will show and explain that in future episode.

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    Your axe would be sharper if after rubbing it on the grinding stone (wet or dry) you took a burnisher and burnished the edge. It'll flatten out the tiny micro scatches and give a much sharper edge than just a stone.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      @NeonsStyle thank you man.

    • NeonsStyle
      NeonsStyle Vor 2 years +2

      @Erik Grankvist Just run the back of the curve (not the edge) along the edge of the blade (same angle as grinding). If you test your blade before and after you'll see the difference it makes. :) Especially on knives.

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years

      Nice. Thank you, have not heard about this burnisher before.

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    • Pierluigi Putti Diaz
      Pierluigi Putti Diaz Vor 2 years +1

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    • Pierluigi Putti Diaz
      Pierluigi Putti Diaz Vor 2 years +2

      Thank you very much. When I will finish my project I will share it with you. I wish you all the best and success!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +3

      Nice to hear! Yes go ahead use the same ideas/technics I am, that is why I made this video. 👍 Good luck!

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    • Erik Grankvist
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      Det tog mig lite tid innan jag fick in tekniken med passarn. Lycka till. 👍

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      Erik Grankvist  Vor 2 years +1

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