Everything Wrong With Tomb Raider (2018)



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    2:51 Colonel Sanders is talking fried chicken tech

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    Video Starts At 0:00

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    Loooool love that he is insulting the whole movie

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    Damn, no reference to her in Ex machina?

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    *49 on trending*

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    "I'll let Laura sin this one." Creative

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    Do the hangover. Do another James bond. Do X files movie.

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    The worst movie of 2018 so far.

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    What’s next maui is too fat to be in muana

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    Add one sin for being based of video game

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    Convenient island branches are convenient

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    That Jolie isn't the main character 😎

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    You should Do everything wrong with the exorcist

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    you should do everything wrong with sky high

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    Wow, if you made all these videos and got away with not getting banned by the CEO of DEclips, I'm impressed. Fun fact 1: OPINIONS ARE NOT SINS. Fun fact 2: THE WEIRDNESS IN MOVIES ARE NOT SINS TO MOST PEOPLE, EVEN THOUGH YOU IMPLY THEM LIKE THEY ARE. Fun fact 3: STOP WATCHING THE MOVIES IF YOU DON'T LIKE THEM.
    Results are in! Sin counter for CinemaSins: 185,937,046,174,936,024,109. Sentence: BEING FOREVER TRAPPED WITH ELVIS SONGS 24/7/365.

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    10:49 😂😂😂😂😂

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    -10 Sins : Trinity is actually hugely important to the tomb raider story line just not at this point in her life

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    You should do hot fuzz just for s**ts and giggles

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    Do A Quiet Place plzzzzzz

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    Can you do Hannah Montana The Movie?

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    This ones old but EWW Rush Hour pls

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    adding a sin to this video for not sinning her big ass forehead

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    Everything Wrong with "Den of Thieves" please.

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    i honestly think tomb raider is boring

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    🤔 These movies got roasted by cinemasins

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    The games are good af the movie is probably good alsoooooooooo playing the game would probably help you understand who Trinity is and why they are mentioned in the movie so yea GO PLAY THE F**KIN GAME

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    When are you gonna do one with infinity war

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    Do everything wrong with Th3Birdman

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    Would be great to see u do a everything wrong with Deep Rising 1998 version!

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    With both Daniel Wu and Nick Frost in the movie I'm surprised there wasn't at least one "Into the Badlands" reference.

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    Tomb Rider ist ein alte filem und kein 218 das ist eine reine Lüge und die richtige Schauspielerin bin ich Shugli Regen Anja Sterklov. Und das ist die wareit und keine Lüge .

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    Why is Laura so poor and ugly... they made her look like a lesbian hippie in San Fransisco... this is dumb, the appeal of Laura was she was a treasure hunter who had class from being brought up wealthy... this is fucking dumb no wonder this movie shit the money bed so badly...

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    The only reason why I didn't like this movie is because I was comparing it to the video game the moment they used Himiko. I hated what they did to change the story plot. The game's plot was far more interesting and I was excited to see that in a movie. I was of course, expecting a lot of changes cause the game is big, but they literally changed everything except for a few scenes and Himiko.
    If I didn't play the game, I would have probably been okay with the movie. But at least they could've shown more scenes on the island. The island just came and went just like that. Was quite disappointing.

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    I've never been so happy to just watch this rather than the actual movie.

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    do mean girls

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    Can you please do the Package on Netflix

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    Do Ready Player One and all high school musicals

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    Please all 5 of these movies!?!? (Perferably in this order)
    1 a quiet place
    2 ready player one
    3 rampage
    4 truth or dare
    5 breaking in.

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    Please do The Meg

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    I was expecting a sin for stealing the final kill from Nic Cage in The Rock.

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    I know it's trite but @3:35 he says the camcorder would be dead. Sony has fallen off quite a bit since the 80's but their batteries are beyond the pale. I turned on my Sony Ericsson after close to 6 years and it still had 75% charge.

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    When are you doing the movie "Her" with Joaquin Phoenix? "Everything wrong with Her"
    Also, when are we going to see "everything wrong with the pursuit of happyness"?

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    It's on trending kool

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    Sin the whole movie it was shocking

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    do everything wrong with everything, everything 😂😂

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    Not Alicia 😍

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    Do infinity war pls

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    Loved the Major League reference.

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    Why is this guy still uploading?

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    13:32 No.

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    Why haven't you guys done Justice League yet?

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    Please please please do Deadpool 2 PLEASEEEE!!!!

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    I mean you can find something wrong with every movie and show so why nitpick??? Can't we just enjoy some FICTIONAL stuff n shut it.....

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    “The living daylights”, James Bond

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    When u realize u just watched tron

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    You should do the next video on The Game, a 1997 film with michael Douglas.

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    Do Lights Out next

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    Viruses or biological agents that work that fast are ineffective at best. The reason being the disease burns out too quickly before it can spread widely enough. If everyone who contacted the disease literally died seconds later, they would be poor carriers for the biological agent. There would be no ability for the disease to replicate itself easily in a wide enough area.

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    Do everything wrong with avenger infinite war or deadpool 2

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    10:52 lmao wtf

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    I dont think this guy understands how sparring works.


    What ain’t wrong is that ass

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    You should make a video about everything wrong with your DEclips channel

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    Who makes these? They do realize this movie is based on a video game? God this hurts to watch because of the idiocy of it.

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    Please do hardcore Henry

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    You have no idea what you’re talking about. This is a joke right? All your points are retarded.

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    Is cinema wins affiliated with you?

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    August 17 comes a remake of a movie you should sin.

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    Please do infinity war

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    Do 2005 Constantine with Keanu reeves please

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    Will there ever be a “everything wrong with Justice League”, I’m curious to hear his thoughts on the movie

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    Nothing wrong with the movie I loved it

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    A lot of sins missing here

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    Do a video on afro samurai !

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    How about another sin for the fact that if himiko wanted to protect the world from her pathogen, maybe just have her body burned and destroyed like they did at the end?

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    can you do matilda

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    Do infinity war

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    Womb raider

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    150 damage
    you have knocked down streamer187 XD

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    Plz do jurassic world: fallen kingdom

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    ya... ill give you this... its a bad movie. i mean its like you need to play the game to really understand the whole trinity/ana thing cause if i didn't play it i wouldn't know why the fuck i should care besides that they're evil, Croft corp owns them and Ana is part of trinity.. although during that waterfall/plane scene i wanted to control that scene so damn bad like in the game lmfao

    • KillMyVocals
      KillMyVocals Vor 22 Stunden

      also like how they twisted the plot of Himiko ... but ok.

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    I can't remember if I saw the movie or played the game

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    Do Avengers Infinity War.

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    Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft +1 Million Sins.

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    I fell asleep during movie so I cant really comment

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    you should do a video for the outsiders

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    You forgot to sin her for killing people with a target arrow.

  • rikjohnson39
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    the greatest sin of all,
    Lara is flat chested!!!!!

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    I think almost everything was wrong with it. I've never picked the movie a. part so much

  • John Galt
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    I prefer the Studio FOW version ;)

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    You should review ‘ shallow hal’ if he haven’t already (I couldn’t find any video you had of it)

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    I never knew this movie was made thanks now I won't have to watch it ever 🤣

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    She has a cycle ops trainer tire on her bike lol.... Those aren't supposed to be used on pavement.