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It’ll Be Okay (Livestream)

  • Am 12 Jan 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Shawn will be joining live at 11:55am ET ahead of the premiere of the It’ll Be Okay Official Music Video! Send in your questions now.

    Listen to “It’ll Be Okay” Now: itllbeokay.lnk.to/outnow

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  • Bribe
    Bribe Vor Tag +86

    Te amooo, o Brazil te ama Shawn 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • justczennie🥺💚
    justczennie🥺💚 Vor Tag +365

    Shawn, you did amazing job. Your voice, your song's lyrics, everything.. You are really talented. We are always here💚we are proud of you and we love you so much💚Take care yourself please🥺(Thanks for liking guys, love you<3)

  • Risha Bhinnam
    Risha Bhinnam Vor Tag +583

    OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM WATCHING YOUR LIVE. During all these years of fangirling this is the first time I'm able to catch you live.

  • Katie Newcomb
    Katie Newcomb Vor Tag +219

    My boyfriend left for the marines a few days ago. Shawn was ALWAYS my comfort artist. This was gods gift frfr thank you!!

  • Mendes_Maniac83
    Mendes_Maniac83 Vor Tag +297

    Hi Shawn, we are so excited to see your new masterpiece

  • Julia Wandelt
    Julia Wandelt Vor Tag +54

    I'm in hospital. I spent my last money for ticket for your concert..

  • reeses puffs n pieces
    reeses puffs n pieces Vor Tag +273

    best song he's ever written in my opinion

  • lovi ♡
    lovi ♡ Vor Tag +94

    such a deep song and shawn has expressed himself so beautifully 🥺

  • laura domenica
    laura domenica Vor Tag +18

    shawn is literally an angel!! he has the most calming and beautiful voice <3

  • skittle-chan
    skittle-chan Vor Tag +31


  • Lebby Rose
    Lebby Rose Vor 21 Stunde +15

    Omg so happy to see his smile back, Shawn you’re really one of my fav people in this earth, you make us so happy and you’re so inspiring, I’m so proud of you ! Your new clip and the song are so good wow and I grew up with your others songs ( stitches, in my blood, treat your better…) so grateful for all you did

  • Do Pascual
    Do Pascual Vor Tag +12

    The song has a bittersweet feeling, same as the lyrics.. It's like grieving and feeling relief at the same time..

  • Girl Flowers blend
    Girl Flowers blend Vor Tag +151

    Te amooo, o Brazil te ama Shawn 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Say
    Say Vor Tag +63

    Nadie va a hacer por ti lo que tú no hagas por ti mismo. Me prometí éxito, y éxito tendré, seguiré trabajando duro para algún día colaborar contigo A todo el que lea este comentario que Dios lo bendiga 🙏🏿

  • Ash Is Emo Goth Queen Transgender woman

    OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM WATCHING YOUR LIVE. During all these years this is the first time I'm able to catch you live

  • moonlight
    moonlight Vor Tag +42

    I loved this song especially the instrumental part! ily shawn!🖤 AND EVERYTHING IT'LL BE OKAY

  • Michelle Banegas
    Michelle Banegas Vor Tag +43

    shawn u have saved me in ways u wont ever imagine❤️❤️

  • anlli gisel alvarez cruz

    Gracias por podernos contar estas cosas de ti, es muy especial poder saber lo que piensas sobre tus canciones. Es importante saber el fondo de tus pensamientos

  • João Jeferson Jesus do Rosário

    Esse clipe vai ser tão incrível ✨

  • Denisse Juarez
    Denisse Juarez Vor Tag +7

    Te amo Shawn, eres mi oxígeno😭💖💖💖