• Sabina Hertzum
    Sabina Hertzum Vor 2 Tage

    Red cabbage is Amazing... as a side to some specific foods... here in Denmark we usually eat it with pork roast ( flæskesteg) or even fried mestballs ( frikadeller) - it is NOT supposed to be eaten in its own... - I usually make it in a pot with ‘Ribs’ jelly, or a black currant ‘saft’
    The hazelnut cream is to me a variant on Nutella - I feel Nutella is waaay to sweet, so I prefer the nutcream...
    Swartzbrot is to me kinda boring - Im more in to rye bread with waaaay more seeds in it...
    but with the nut cream on top- yuuuuum...
    The last two - I’m totally with you on those...
    I’m kinda sad that you chose to eat some of the things on their own - the ones mentions above are all meant to be eaten with something else...
    there are a LOT of foods that are kinda bland or unappetizing on their own, but are amazing combined with the right things..

  • Sabrina Clark
    Sabrina Clark Vor 3 Tage

    I love all of those things except the black licorice.

  • Julsy Jules
    Julsy Jules Vor 6 Tage

    Your face at the end of the slow motion!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 just great!!! I had to laugh so much 😂😂😂

  • my busy life
    my busy life Vor 9 Tage

    I just had three large Nutella sandwiches for breakfast. How can you not like Nutella?

  • Michela Sgarbi
    Michela Sgarbi Vor 9 Tage

    Nutella is overrated. I like it, but it's not so healthy to eat and other sweet spreads are tastier. So, ok, but there's much better.

  • Bill Rosli
    Bill Rosli Vor 14 Tage

    nutella is international it’s not just a german thing. it’s weird it’s included and it’s weird you don’t like it

  • VampireKonekoChan
    VampireKonekoChan Vor 14 Tage

    1. Warm red cabbage - I dislike it, I prefer eating it cold 2. Hazelnutspread/Nutella - I don't like every hazelnut spread but I ❤ Nutella 3. Schwarzbrot - can't remember having eaten one 4. Lakritze - ew ew just gross, disgusting 5. Radish - yeah I like eating just the radish 6. Currywurst - can't really tell, I don't remember the flavor

  • Sue Lily
    Sue Lily Vor 14 Tage +1

    OMG, Dana, you have some incredible reflexes.

  • Terpsi Twinkle
    Terpsi Twinkle Vor 14 Tage

    I also do not like Nutella and liquorice.

  • Rebekka Ferris
    Rebekka Ferris Vor 16 Tage

    I love all these foods. I like Nutella on bread with a piece of Gouda on top.

  • Tobias Kluke
    Tobias Kluke Vor 17 Tage

    I am not a big fan of pears or asparagus, and I totally HATE brussel sprouts, marzipan and coffee!
    Cooked red cabbage is one of my favorites, especially with knödel.
    And I am a big fan of (salty) licorice, but I come from northern Germany where it's supposed to be more popular. :)

  • Peter
    Peter Vor 18 Tage

    Red cabbage is not for salads (just like kale you crazy Americans).
    Put some apples into the cabbage!
    Too bad you don’t love Nutella... but have to agree on the rye bread.
    Give salty licorice a go again 😊

  • 邓龙豪
    邓龙豪 Vor 19 Tage

    I would eat red cabbage just like how I would eat stinky tofu

  • KiraNear
    KiraNear Vor 19 Tage

    I dislike Schwarzbrot and Nutella too XD
    And Licorice ... well, I hate it X_X

  • bts Kookie
    bts Kookie Vor 20 Tage

    Im german and I hate everything you ate in this vid😂💜

  • AlfredIceman
    AlfredIceman Vor 20 Tage

    I love Radish diced up and served with Tomato Juice as a garnish to a curry, it's both Hot and cold at the same time...

  • James Harrison
    James Harrison Vor 21 Tag +1

    Not sure how someone does not like hazelnut spread, my wife can spoon that stuff. I like it on English Muffins or toast for breakfast. Just had Rotkohl for dinner today with BBQ spareribs, and homemade Klöße. The black bread or Pumpernickel I don’t eat alone, but with some nice Schinken, and German Pickels or Onion it is great. As for Lakritz, Harribo Schnecken is my favorite, did not get any this time as my wife ate both bags we took home from Munich. Radish are ok, I guess, really wanted some white radish dishes while visiting just did not see any on the menus. Did get to try Bretzel und Obatzda, while there, the wife said it was nasty, but I liked it. If near Frankfurt you need to try handkäse mit music.

  • TheRainbowLP
    TheRainbowLP Vor 21 Tag

    Ich hasse deine videos zu tode!Mal ganz ehrlich ich hasse deine Videos!Das beleidigt mich voll was du abundzu für Lügen erzählst über deutschen!

  • Feiner Fug
    Feiner Fug Vor 22 Tage

    No wonder you didn´t get hazelnut paste in the US. All US hazelnuts are shipped to Europe, no kidding.
    French and Italian cuisine made it a thing.
    Schwarzbrot kannst du toasten UND Haselnußcreme drauftun. Yum. Try Pumpernickel toasted and with peanut butter AND Hazelnut smudge.

  • Katastroofi Eelne
    Katastroofi Eelne Vor 23 Tage

    I don't like peanut butter.

  • Lioba Brückner
    Lioba Brückner Vor 25 Tage

    I LOOOOVE Rotkohl, currywurst, Nutella and Lakritz XD

  • Zeitungsgift
    Zeitungsgift Vor 25 Tage

    Science has discovered that you have to have new food seven times before one begins to like it.

  • Guitarplayer 007
    Guitarplayer 007 Vor 25 Tage

    The Currywurst looks absolutely fantastic! How did Mr. German Man do this?

  • MCcala LP
    MCcala LP Vor 25 Tage


  • Lulu Manu
    Lulu Manu Vor 25 Tage

    Listen. You're just not credible: you don't like Nutella. Which has been scientifically proven to be impossible.

  • Binidj
    Binidj Vor 25 Tage

    Hot red cabbage is a staple of Christmas lunch for me ... tasty!
    How could anyone not like Nutella? I think your tastebuds are dead.
    Schwarzbrot is delicious with some fresh, savoury quark ... mmmmm!
    Radishes are wonderful! Seriously, you need help.
    Like you I used to dislike liquorice; unlike you, I now really like it.
    Being vegetarian I have never had currywurst but if it's sausage with curry sauce then it sounds like something you'd get at a fish and chip shop here.

  • Scha Le
    Scha Le Vor 26 Tage

    Does that mean there is no Nutella in the US? How?
    That Schwarzbrot, isn't that Pumpernickel?

  • Neurofunke
    Neurofunke Vor 27 Tage

    One flavor I can’t stand is „cake flavor“ here in the US. Just the thought of it nauseates me. Real Cake is Great; The „Cake Flavor“ they put in ice cream or other candy is horrific.

  • Hans-Georg Lundahl
    Hans-Georg Lundahl Vor 27 Tage

    Do I like these foods?
    Yes, except salt licorice.

  • Bücherwurm
    Bücherwurm Vor 27 Tage

    This is one of my favourite Videos! It's so funny 😂😁

  • It's Lea
    It's Lea Vor 27 Tage

    I looooooveeee "rotkohl" 😍

  • Wilhelm Denninghaus
    Wilhelm Denninghaus Vor 27 Tage

    Hi Dana, you have to prepare the ROTKOHL with raisins and apple pieces. hmmm!

  • Minotarus
    Minotarus Vor 28 Tage

    First I thought: Omg how could anyone ever possibly dislike Nutella but then the shock was over and I could watch your Video.

  • Aifa J.
    Aifa J. Vor 28 Tage

    As an american abroad as well, I am convinced this is a thing.We change our food habits in Europe and learn to like liquorice. I even like the super strong salt one now too.

  • Eisblatt Tonks
    Eisblatt Tonks Vor 28 Tage

    I don't really like Rotkohl either🤔

  • Jellyfish Swag
    Jellyfish Swag Vor 28 Tage

    Oh come on! Why would you dislike one of the best chocolate flavours on earth?! I love chocolate with hazelnut filling and hazelnut spread!

  • Riomy13
    Riomy13 Vor 29 Tage

    xDD Except for the Rotkohl I like everything you've tasted in this video.
    And I actually considered myself to be a rather picky eater...seems like I was wrong. I just mostly disliked almost every sort of cabbage when its boiled. Kale, brussel sprouts... uaaaargh...and savoy especially. Also I like spinach raw as a salad but the moment its boiled it gets bad again...

  • Gabriel Maurer
    Gabriel Maurer Vor 29 Tage

    I hope you get deported

  • sew biz
    sew biz Vor Monat

    How do you not know what Nutella is? I love that stuff and its Highly popular in California

  • Raya Al Hajri
    Raya Al Hajri Vor Monat

    Now I am craving all sorts of foods found in Germany 💔
    I do hate Arcola and horseradish but maybe horseradish with salt and lemon might taste good actually.

  • Southafrican German

    I love Philadelphia with Milka! It's so good.

  • Jule
    Jule Vor Monat

    well curry wurst needs to be red.... so big mistake -.- white is for noob, sorry guys, Red is the onliest true saussage for it

  • rednight
    rednight Vor Monat

    I love Danish red cabbage, and dark rye bread and they are pretty similar to the German versions
    I love liquorice, always have
    Hazelnuts are amazing, I don't really like peanuts and I hate peanut butter
    I like radishes
    Never tried currywurst

  • Xu Zu
    Xu Zu Vor Monat

    I still dislike most German foods. Rotkohl is okay. The chocolate is overrated. Most of it is waxy. Milka is good. You can keep any of the ground pig products which are innumerable. Teewurst for example is spleen, hoof and snout.
    Schnitzel is overrated. It's always dry and overcooked. It's actually an import from Italy and they do it so much better. I make a great version from chicken with a little lemon and not so overcooked...a little lemon, yum. But German schnitzel is so overcooked that it's just dry and stringy.
    The pastries are dry and flavorless. And every bakery in the country is identical. I have a theory that all German pastries are made in a giant factory in Hamburg. It's all dry, flavorless and boring.
    I compare this to my town which had many craft bakeries which made, for example, carefully crafted little pastry cups filled with starfruit, blueberries and other fruit artfully arranged.
    My in laws come over sometimes with the mandatory coffee and bring the trocken (dry) flavorless German pastries and I choke down one just to be polite. The coffee helps make it moist enough to actually swallow. Horrible, just horrible. And I've tried pastries all over Germany. They're the exact same swill everywhere. Horrible just horrible.
    German bread tastes like wet concrete. It's truly terrible. I'm a baker. I love a good whole wheat bread or other hardy breads. But no, German bread is God awful. You may as well eat saw dust.
    They have great produce and meats but German cooking sucks.
    German pumpernickel is realky bad. My German wife came to America and her reaction to the food was..,wow, this is way better.
    Licorice is terrible.
    Gummy bears, especially Haribo are just hard and flavorless. And thry don't chew, they just break up into smaller hard chunks.
    I love radishes. I never thought of them as a German thing, I ate them whole in America too. Ive seen radishes served whole in America a zillion times.
    Oh, I forgot beer. This is one of the great myths of Germany. German bear is bland and lacks any creativity or flavor. The majority is Pils that's no better than Budweiser. Really lacklustre. It's not horrible...just boring and very, very average.
    And it's not just me. Look up any world beer competition and Germany is barely a footnote. The beer lovers of the world know America, Belgium, the UK, Australia and many other countries produce far superior beer.
    One of the great surprises is coming across a good beer in Germany. It's rare. I've actually gone off beer here as it's just not good. After trying a zillion beers that were all the same crap I got sick of trying. You can go in any store and choose virtually any beer and it's going to be intrinsically the same as the one next to it.
    Whereas, in America, the craft beer industry has flourished and pushed our beer choice and quality far beyond anything in Germany. Germany's beer reputation is not deserved and is a mystique left over from the 70s when America didn't produce good beer either.

    • Xu Zu
      Xu Zu Vor 24 Tage

      +HU Zeitler agreed.

    • HU Zeitler
      HU Zeitler Vor 29 Tage

      I recommend: ye local Asia Shoppe!

  • Aleks Mauz
    Aleks Mauz Vor Monat

    mein Freund mag auch keinen Rotkohl, außer wenn meine Oma den zubereitet... jeder hat da ja ein eigenes Rezept.... evt. magst du Rotkohl doch, nur eben anders gewürzt. Bei der Currywurst ist es genauso... manche Currygewürze schmecken andere nicht

  • Wiki Pedia
    Wiki Pedia Vor Monat

    Ist das nicht Nousett...ist nicht Nuss
    Schneckt cremiger als Nougat,aber nicht so fest wie Haselnuss 🌰

  • Wiki Pedia
    Wiki Pedia Vor Monat

    Haribo Lakritze schmeckt nicht..das ist keine richtige Lakritze😲

  • Wiki Pedia
    Wiki Pedia Vor Monat

    Das ist KEIN SchwarzBrot sondern Pupernickel...
    Etwas Butter und Tomaten drauf..dann schmeckts

  • Julia Vielleicht
    Julia Vielleicht Vor Monat

    Rotkohl schmeckt echt am besten von Iglo 👍🏼😂
    -> (Apfel-Rotkohl)

  • Michelle DA
    Michelle DA Vor Monat

    Oh haha I really love "Schwarzbrot" I was in London last week and I hadn't miss something as much as my "Schwarzbrot" 😂😂

  • Mina _
    Mina _ Vor Monat

    Herr deutscher herr.....woaw was fürn name

  • Mina _
    Mina _ Vor Monat

    Raddish is good

  • Mina _
    Mina _ Vor Monat

    Keina mag lakritze...

  • Madita Meier
    Madita Meier Vor Monat

    Oh maybe try Nutella with peanut butter on toast, tastes like snickers

  • Madita Meier
    Madita Meier Vor Monat

    Even when I lived in the US, everyone had Nutella 🤔😂

  • Küpper- Catzchen
    Küpper- Catzchen Vor Monat

    You have to eat rotkohl with sauerbraten.
    And don't you have nougat chocolate and nutella ?

    • Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem Vor 20 Tage

      In the U.S. Nutella became widely sold only in the past decade. American kids were used to peanut butter and jelly - or peanut butter and marshmallow fluff - on their white bread sandwiches. And adults were happy with butter and jelly as toppings for breakfast toast. Nougat chocolates are still not popular here.

  • Florian Trück
    Florian Trück Vor Monat

    For the radish one tip: slice it like a tomato and add it to an italian salad. :-)

  • Florian Trück
    Florian Trück Vor Monat

    Red cabbage is some kind of special. The correct treatment is important. Also the correct combination with other foods. Go and look for Apfelrotkohl (red cabbage with apple) this is much more soft in its taste and is more eatable. Also don't forget the laurel leaves (2 per cooking pot) and the cloves (2-3 per cooking pot). Both are important. Eat in combination with mashed potatoes (Kartoffelbrei) and some deer-meat with red wine sauce.

  • Cheryl Bailey
    Cheryl Bailey Vor Monat

    Licorice is very common in the US.

  • Maja Rogowski
    Maja Rogowski Vor Monat

    I love all this 6 things... like wtf you dislike them

  • RobWhittlestone
    RobWhittlestone Vor Monat +1

    Rotkohl is often part of autumn dishes "nach Jägerart" - hunter style. In Switzerland it's usually Spätzle with red cabbage and apple sauce and some cut of deer meat ("Reh") -schnitzel and sauce. I'm not a huge fan but I eat it. I like Spätzle less.
    Liquorice is called "Bärendreck" - bear droppings in Switzerland. Currywurst - also not my thing.
    What about Kalbshaxen? Sweet mustard? Spätzle?
    Greetings from Switzerland, Rob

  • Yule Forrest
    Yule Forrest Vor Monat

    Schwarzbrot is not meant to be eaten alone :D

  • Yule Forrest
    Yule Forrest Vor Monat

    Is the Rotkohl homemade? If not I would not like it either

  • review on everything

    Ok, guys we got a problem here. She dislikes Nutella.... Calm down, calm down. Everything will be alright. I know some pretty good conversion camps for Nutella-dislikers here in Germany. Just contact me and we can figure this problem out together. #prayfordana

  • Catie
    Catie Vor Monat

    Bei Rotkohl kommts drauf an dass der richtig geschmort und mit den richtigen Gewürzen gemacht is...^^ Aus dem Glas ist er meist richtig widerlich, selbstgemacht super.^^

  • MsBlulucky
    MsBlulucky Vor Monat

    When it comes to Rotkohl and Sauerkraut, I think the way it's seasoned is crucial! I love it when my mom makes it, but don't ever come near me with the microwaveable (is that a word) crap from the supermarket!

  • Lars Nikolasch
    Lars Nikolasch Vor Monat

    Try the radish in slices on a piece Black Bread (Schwarzbrot!) with Butter and Salt! Yummy 😋🤤!

  • Katrin Ev
    Katrin Ev Vor Monat +1

    you have to eat Schwarzbrot with lots of cheese and butter. that’s an amazing mixture.

  • Victoria x
    Victoria x Vor Monat

    Alter Rotkohl ist so geil

  • Sebastian Glanzer
    Sebastian Glanzer Vor Monat

    I'm from Austria, and that Schwarzbrot you have shown in your video is called "Pumpernickel". My usual "Schwarzbrot" is called "Bauernbrot" (farmers bread) and it is less dense, you can eat it with cheese, butter or with honey (basically with whatever you like) . We usually have it for breakfast.

  • Sebastian Glanzer
    Sebastian Glanzer Vor Monat

    I like the hazlenutt cream, dislike the rest.

  • Black TV
    Black TV Vor Monat

    I am from germany and on christmas my grandma make Rotkohl. Haselnusscreme is the favorite of my Brother. Schwarzbrot is every Good Witz budder an cheese. Lakritz is olny Good Witz salt. Radieschen are in the Garden of my mom.

  • Kristina Kaulfuß
    Kristina Kaulfuß Vor Monat

    I hate mushrooms. I almost threw up once, after eating a soup made out of mushrooms... 🤮

  • Kristina Kaulfuß
    Kristina Kaulfuß Vor Monat

    Try to mix some small pieces of apple or pineapple into the red cabbage. It tastes a lot better, more fruity 😉

  • Janina
    Janina Vor Monat

    Do you like Sauerkraut?

  • Dennis Schmitt
    Dennis Schmitt Vor Monat

    ;) Erdnussbutter mit Nutella drauf :P

  • Steven Banks
    Steven Banks Vor Monat

    Warm red cabbage. I’m SURE I’d hate it if I had not been raised on it. Tastes like home, which is San Francisco.

  • Mathilda K.
    Mathilda K. Vor Monat

    Do they not have nutella in America??

  • Ifera
    Ifera Vor Monat

    1. Red cabbage is one of the best dishes combined with roasts, dumplings and gravy.
    2. Nutella is just delicious. :))
    3. Black bread can be very tasty combined with eg the right spreads. although what you eat in the video is not even black bread but a whole grain bread.
    4. Liquorice is not the tastiest in fact.
    5. Okay I like Radicals and I like to eat them on the piece
    6. Currywurst is 😍😍

  • Maxi Orlovius
    Maxi Orlovius Vor Monat

    Oh my. You re so funny! :D
    I love love Rotkohl. ^^
    I like hazelnut creme but I dislike Nutella, mostly because to me it tastes only like sugar and cheap oil.
    I love "Lakritze".
    I like Schwarzbrot very much especially with Quark with herbs in it (what's that in english? :P )
    And I like reddish or Radieschen, which literally means tiny reddish.
    Oh and I love currywurst. :D
    So basically you pointed out a quite good collection of foods. Now I'm hungry.
    Until I was 16 I really disliked aspargues or even the taste of it like in sauce. But then I started to like it and now I love it.
    When I first tryed soyasauce I thought who on earth would eat that. But then I started to love it very much. And I really dislike those Nori leaves around Maki Sushi in the beginning which I also love now.

    • Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem Vor 20 Tage

      A quark is a particle of matter (physics). I've never seen quark sold at the supermarket. Maybe try the hardware store.

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller Vor Monat

    I like these videos but lord they are SO SLOW. Speed it up!

    • Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem Vor 20 Tage

      Change your playback settings to a faster speed.

  • Kentucky 1950
    Kentucky 1950 Vor Monat

    I love cooked red cabbage

  • Saskia
    Saskia Vor Monat

    Also erstmal ... Welcher deutscher isst kein Rotkraut ? Und Nutella isst man mit Brot hätte man ja kombinieren können mit dem Schwarzbrot manche essen es auch mit Butter drunter geht auch aber nicht einfach so !

  • Edgar Renje
    Edgar Renje Vor Monat

    If you don't like radishes and red cabbage, you'll probably hate radishes (the white, big version) and beetroot.
    I can understand that you don't like the taste of hazelnut - the other way around it's the same for us Europeans and peanut butter cream, but we do like pure roasted peanuts with salt as snack.
    In fact, less and less hazelnut is contained in e.g. Nutella and more chocolate. Personally, I would consider it more like a chocolate cream, but yes, it has an additional taste besides chocolate. Most also buy pure chocolate bars rather than those with hazelnuts.
    Liquorice is also a dispute - some love it, others - like me - hate it.
    In general, it's not bad if you don't want to eat something - for whatever reason. I think it's great that you tried the different things again. I've tried pure tomatoes myself, like in salads, several times and I just don't like them. It's not primarily the taste but much more the Consistency. Funny enough: I have absolutely no problem with Ketchup. There a few other vegetables, seafood, fish and meat I don't like. Here, too, it's mostly the consistency. I usually have no problem with "processed" meat. I know, that sounds very Special, but...yeah...that's me.

  • MyrthexLatoya
    MyrthexLatoya Vor Monat

    Ohhh Red Cabbage

  • Carol Gage
    Carol Gage Vor Monat

    Schwartzbrod: Try it toasted, with salted butter!

  • Killer or Traitor
    Killer or Traitor Vor Monat

    5:54 is this "Pumpernikel"? It Look like Pumpernikel and is not really "Schwarzbrot" (blackbred). Pumpernikel is a little bit sweet.

  • Killer or Traitor
    Killer or Traitor Vor Monat

    Please, don't eat hazelnut cream (Nutella, lecker!) without bred!

  • dustyfun
    dustyfun Vor Monat

    Blaukraut bleibt Blaukraut!

  • Victoria Weyandt
    Victoria Weyandt Vor Monat

    I LOOOVE all of these foods 😍

  • Mindy Cope
    Mindy Cope Vor Monat

    Lol my grandpa always are his radishes like that.

  • Mindy Cope
    Mindy Cope Vor Monat

    Is licorice considered German?

  • Jorn H
    Jorn H Vor Monat

    Dana is such an angel. She is truly too good for this world.

  • MUVApanama1
    MUVApanama1 Vor Monat +1

    Currywurst... what?? It´s so good! I think that in all my trips to Germany I haven´t really found something I haven´t liked... my favorite is the Bismarck Herring (which is a sandwich)

  • MUVApanama1
    MUVApanama1 Vor Monat


  • MUVApanama1
    MUVApanama1 Vor Monat


  • TheTuubster
    TheTuubster Vor Monat

    "I am not much of a fan of the currw..." *UNSUBSCRIBE*

  • Meriam T
    Meriam T Vor Monat

    I really dislike most German bread! It all tastes vaguely like Schartzbrod (rye bread/ roggebrood in Dutch) to me

  • Michael N
    Michael N Vor Monat

    Jawohl, Dana, are you starting to look like a Deutsche Hausfrau? I mean that in the most kindest way.
    RotKohl Gut, Nutella sieht aus wie es schmeckt. Salino Lakritz, Mause Speck ; geil Madel and anything from Haribo.
    Currie Worst is the BEST! The absolute wurst is LeberKase, YUK... my Opa made me eat that when I visited him as a kid.
    Weisswurst is rather greasy and sweet mustard is kotzable. Just have to wash it all down with a good HefeWeizen Bier.
    Westphalia schinken on fresh rye is to die for as is Rolladen und Sauerbraten mit BlauKraut :) Dont forget the Kloese oder Spaetzele dazu.

  • baomickuso
    baomickuso Vor Monat

    Even tho I live in Munich for 12yrs now, I still don't like Semmelknödel, Schwarzbrot und any kinda Bauernbrot.
    speak to Nutella... if you don't like it, try VITAM -R Hefeextrakt, you gonna die LOL.