Disney Caught Stealing



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    Lego Star wars?

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    Savantics got copyright struck to death. RIP

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    *_Looks like Disney did a oopsie!!_*

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    I'm going to copystrike you for playing a game similar to another game I've played.

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    Watch Palace get removed. F

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    Did you get copyright striked or did you get demonetized

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    I didn’t know anyone still liked Star Wars after Disney Has taken multiple shits on it

  • Collin Sorgenfrei
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    Never underestimate the nostalgia of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga! It's been so long. You have gained a subscriber!

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    papa pewdiepie said that girls are not video games, but im hopeful that he was wrong here. please dont be a tranny

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    I think I like this DEclipsr. *subscribes*

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    Your voice sounds like you haven’t taken a dump in 72 hours.
    Naw I’m just joking.
    I may subscribe......... I’ll let you know.


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    Ah yes, Jewtube is definitively at it's best.

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    Yo on god I respect that no cap😍😤🥶💩🌊😍🌊😜🔌😍😤😤🌲🌊❤️☺️😤😤💤💩🔥😜🌎🌊💧💩😤

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    Walt Disney would be sad with what his company has become

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    I’m going to copyright strike you for playing LEGO Star Wars I did it first!

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    Ah, lego star wars. Awesome.

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    hey do you have a discord serve? (im new to the chanel)

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    Top tier gameplay of a top tier game.

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    Which time (Disney stealing)

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    disney, look at this, ta ta ta taa, ta na ta taa, ta ta na ta na.

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    Did you know that mickey mouse and steamboat willie will enter the public domain soon?

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    I knew Disney was evil

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    It is not Disney; it is Warner Chapel

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    ooo he stealin, he stealin

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    What's up dude

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    Off topic - Lego Pirate's Of The Caribbean is my favourite

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    I mean they do own it soo

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    Would Walt Disney want this?

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    boop beep boop beep boop

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    Could you imagine a world without lawyers?
    *Happy music plays*

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    disney is like a nintendo movie version

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    Honestly, I am happy to have been watching this channel before 100,000 subs, because I can totally see Savantics growing huge.

  • Precious Hentai-Chan
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    I think you meant to say
    *S P A C E R A N G E R*

  • Kinna Sayiori
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    You do realize that it was Warner Music that made the claim, NOT Disney... right? Next time, FACT CHECK

  • Dylan [Smith]
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    Disney: Gimme dat money.

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    next time a disney film comes out ill just pirate it

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    Yeah disney doesnt play that game, they did the same to the videos i made during BF2s beta and im a nobody on youtube so touch star wars and mickey gets you

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    If you were a guy, you'd have 50k less subscribers.

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    *Disney has joined the chat*

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    I’m sorry Savantics but I’m going to have to copystrike you for copying being a female from me.

  • Funky the Trash Can
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    5:37 how dare you claim those monuments for your own. *copystriken*

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    Well the lion king is a complete rip off...

  • Jellythe lioness
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    *cough CoUgH* Veronica Wang...

  • Jina & Squid Family Dantie Dragon

    This happened to Just Destiney where a company compystriked all of his videos just for a song at the end which was made for him.

  • Jina & Squid Family Dantie Dragon

    3:57 You should like Brock Obama I’m going to copy Strike you! DEclips is stupid.

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    i fking luv this girl

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    one of the most underrated channels on the platform. Keep up the good work!

  • PinguDaCutie [Lizzykat0229]

    That's the only fun game I have on my ps3

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    Top 10 minecraft songs of all time

  • T O'
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    It was fixed

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    are you going to continue your "Dear Tumblr" videos? btw i love your channel!!

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    episode IX can go fuck itself

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    I just came to see the gameplay

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    hola no entendí una verga

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    Disney sucks when it comes to that.

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    Vid will probably be copyright striked by disney for using its name and the names of some of its properties. Probably even for a few words that I wasn't paying attention for that start with a D sound.

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    They should be able to sue them over this, but what the fuck can they do? Disney is just fucking terrible

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    i love this exe dee

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    Im Glad Someone Is Covering This.

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    Why do you remind me of a female chills

  • Names Are Irrelevent
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    Love you for the gameplay

  • ByeBitch 《
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    I can tell by your first few comments you're going to become another money hungry youtuber.
    You dont want to make a video you WANT to make because you just got money and dont want your little money taken away. Embarrising.

  • SuperPolyCarp CARP
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    Do you do all your own gameplay or do you get it from others? Please respond.

  • The Doc
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    Seeing your comment on that gillette ad is refreshing ty 😄

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    *S P A C E T H I N G E Y*

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    You are quite wrong One person does make a difference we are all just one person but when enough of us decide to boycott The Disney corporate machine it become thousands or even millions of people. Now just because Disney backed down, Mainly due to Lucas arts stepping in I believe, that doesn't mean I forgive them I don't and I never will. They ruined Star wars with their intersectional Marxist BS and when someone lese produced a brilliant non leftist star wars fan film they try to steal his hard work. So I say screw Disney today tomorrow and forever. How would they like it if instead of buying their rubbish we decided to hit the torrent sites and steal it, I'm sure they wouldn't but we would be just as justified in pirating their rubbish as they are in stealing one mans hard work.

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    I like dogs. But...

    Guacamole Nigga Penis

  • Jordan Kuhn
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    This gameplay is bae

    Lego star wars is nice

  • A J
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    Hey! I’m new to your channel and this is my first video of yours that I’ve watched,your rlly good! I hope you do well in DEclips and I hope you get at least 1M subs,have a good day!!!

  • Spoicy Boi
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    hell yeah lego star wars

  • WonderWyatt Animations / short videos

    That’s it !anyone have a x-wing I can borrow? I have some rebelling to do

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  • Kacj Aioig
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    Corruption in its impurest form

  • cmndrkool321
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    Disney did all that for $80,000? They could get that much as 70 adults spending the weekend at Disney World for that.

  • Big belly Jonathan
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    You can go deeper then rock bottom
    *six feet under*

  • Theshadowfox 1000
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    "Copyright can't get worse" BOI, ARTICLE 13.

  • David Bucur
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    there is one freaking reason for this dumb copyright strike problem....

    A R T I C L E 1 3 .

  • Pixels
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    I came for the Disney abuse but stayed for the Lego Star Wars gameplay

  • Origami Tesseract
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    Already copystriked. XD

  • theepicb
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    this reminds me of the story with thefatrat, He got one of his videos copyright striked by a random person who claimed a video that he made. thankfully he did get ownership back on the video but this just shows how flawed the youtube copyright system is.

  • 606hunter1
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    Just found this channel. Already subscribed and I'm very grossed out by what Disney did. I hadn't even heard about it but I'm not surprised at all.

  • Humour Central
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    I hope you steal my virginity

  • notOrange1
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    Disney just wants the money to make movies that is a cash grab

  • Insorea
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    Like just because of lego starwars

  • Amazinggamer 220
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    C O P Y S T R I K E F O R B R E A T H I N G

  • MeleeMeta
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    And? Did it get copy striked?

  • Tuna Kangaroo
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    Wont change with Article 13 now

  • someone on the internet because i don't know

    I used all of bohemian rhapsody

  • Vapor HTrail
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    When arnt they?

  • Rares Sava
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    I'm glad LucasFilm did helped Star Wars Theory with this.

  • E. Rudsar
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    Fantastic gameplay