Disney Caught Stealing

  • Am 18 Jan 2019 veröffentlicht
  • This is a very different video and a last minute one in comparison to the ones I normally make. Disney had put a copyright claim on a fan film and started monetizing it. The claim was over an inspired piece of music and not a track composed by Disney. I know that the situation has been resolved but the fact that Disney still did this in the first place and made a profit of 80 000 dollars still can't be pushed aside. I just really wanted to talk about the issue because unfair content ID claims really get on my nerves.declips.net/video/Ey68aMOV9gc/video.html
    Vader fan film:
    Noah Wilkerson
    Kenny Hotz
    Bryce Houston
    Zac Impaired
    Josh Cui
    Mary Tired Walker
    George Napper
    Donovan Stringer
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  • Moke Wed
    Moke Wed Vor 7 Stunden

    When copyrighting a video for things like music, the claimer should show what part of the video is copyrighted to then

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    did you get a strike

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    Lmao the gameplay

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    Someone: *Breathes*
    Major corporation: I'm about to end this mans whole career.

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    Oh shit lego starwars complete saga gameplay

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    someone: fucking breathes


  • New Mayor Luigi
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    Were you copyright striked for Mr. Adolf Disney?

  • MeltHead519
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    I think the only way you can avoid a copyright strike for music is if you make a lyric video.

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    another channel dead

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    I subscribed am I a MAD LAD?

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    That game was my childhood.

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    Soo, Savantics is really the female leafy. She uploaded once but now she’s gone forever.

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    What is that game? I used to playing it a lot when i was a kid.

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    I stopped supporting Disney a long time ago.

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    what happen to your uploads

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      Feel better, Savannah

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      Okie can't wait see your new vids thx for letting me know

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      I had an oral surgery so I couldn't speak for a while but I'm uploading 4 videos as soon as I get back (which is very soon)

  • Phoenix Wright
    Phoenix Wright Vor 29 Tage

    "Let's get right into the noose".

  • Eravii
    Eravii Vor Monat

    Ironic given Disney stole an entire movie concept and claimed it as their own "original idea"

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    Binga Boonga

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    bingudi bongudi binga bonga, it's been fucking 2 months

  • Everblue 22
    Everblue 22 Vor Monat

    I think it should be harder to copy strike a video and DEclips should have a large team of humans who review claims and appeals. Additionally, unless you spam appeal videos or are blatantly stealing, you shouldn’t get strikes on your channel if it’s unsuccessful.

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    binga booga

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    Ur an amazing DEclipsr and u make my day when u upload, have a good day

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    Do a face reveal

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    B I N G A. B O O N G A.

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    They should have system where it sends it to a person and that person has to decide about the video yes DEclips hire people

  • Hurricanian
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    Walt would never do this..

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    'Jojo Siwa here' lol

  • Siren Nexus
    Siren Nexus Vor Monat

    I got a copyright strike from Russia because I showed my husky in one of my videos.

  • Extoller of Trolls
    Extoller of Trolls Vor Monat

    Maybe having an unbiased third party be the deciding judge if content is copyrighted or not? Like, youtube could set up a test to see how well they understand the copyright system and then if everything checked out, they could have them verify or put down copyright claims for a small salary from youtube? I realize that there are some things wrong with this system, but anything would be better than what they have now.

  • Decent Decay
    Decent Decay Vor Monat

    *D i s n e y I s G a y*

  • WilltheLemon
    WilltheLemon Vor Monat +1

    Hmmm maybe explain the difference between a CLAIM vs a STRIKE there is a clear difference Linus Tech Tips did research in it after another DEclipsr claimed that Linus was trying to take down his channel. A claim can be easily disputed what happened to Star Wars Theory was a STRIKE and that sucked big F for that lad. I'm just glad it got resolved DEclips has things to look over. Side note: Linus did not actually make the claim its all automated now through networks and their network which they haven't talked to in over 2 years auto claimed it and he didn't even know about it. It was for someone using the Heaven Benchmark to test PC hardware. That CLAIM could be easily disputed because the Heaven Benchmark is an open source tool. The network automatically saw a slight similarity in that the same benchmark was used. This is part of the issue is CLAIMS are a dime a dozen and dont effect DEclips standing. Networks and DEclips themselves probably need to tune rhe automated system or actually get real people to look over it. Its a big fuckfest if you ask me.

    • WilltheLemon
      WilltheLemon Vor Monat

      Sorry I got a bit triggered when claim is thrown around like its the same,as a strike...its not. A claim is nothing to sniff at not at all what I'm saying but there is a CLEAR difference. I would like to work maybe with Savantics to maybe explain to the community more. Not condoning what happened or the auto claim and strike culture we are in but being better educated on the differences cannot hurt. Again would love to help others understand and maybe Savantics can follow it up. Either way love this channel keep it up.

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    I love this game

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    Omg amazing gameplay I loved this game 😂

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    “A couple monuments of me, love it.” MEEE

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    When's the next Tumblr video?

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    I watched that Vader video and it was really good and by the way LEGO Star Wars og I played it on ds

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    i subscribes because it is a bad decision

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    What a madlad

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    Play For Honor? Or deab by Daylight

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    Top 5 fortnite youtubers who have gotten sued by disney when?

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    Hey so I forgot what to say when you don’t post in a while (the word you said on insta) but please post more

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    Hey just want some advice about losing weight

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      From my experience personally, run. Eating right and cutting fat is good and all but unless your doing something to get rid of what you already have its pointless. Running is the best way to do it. Try to run a little when you can or walk if it's to hard, though try to dubble the distance if possible. Eventually you'll start to buolild up your stamina and be able to run longer and faster. Try not to starve yourself though. Go on a diet but instead of cutting food off, change it to different food to eat. Eat fruit like apples and bannas and protein like chicken breast and eggs.

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    I discovered this channel 1 hour ago and im already suscribed keep doing this great videos.
    The greedy of megacompanies increase every second and the world goes towards more monopolization, so sad.
    The only goal is purchase the most money they can until their body collapse.
    Sorry if my english is bad i'm spanish speaker.
    Saludos desde Argentina.

  • Ty Hand
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    Fuck disney, they're a multiBILLION dollar company, they don't need the money they steal from content creators!! #boycottdisney

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    *seriously you just said that,im gonna copy strike this girl*

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    Binga Boonga(day 2)

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    Well she died

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    Noobs: “I play fortnite”
    Gamers: “I play Minecraft hungergames”
    Pros: “I play ROBLOX hide and seek”
    Legends: *“I play LEGO Star Wars”*

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    Binga boonga(day 1)

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    From now on I'll make videos only up to 9 minutes and 59 seconds so they can't profit from claiming it.

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    “Space thingy” is what we call astronauts from now on

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    Lego star wars es lít

  • Ramos Profaci
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    Disney and major companies have been doing this for years. I worked at Walmart under the PR department for a while after I became available to. We had an issue with a sub company not naming the company for obvious reasons. Well a DEclipsr with a decent amount of subs started making videos talking trash about the sub company. So they had us as PR reach out to DEclips and had him at first demonetized then removed a few months later it did cause an uproar but DEclips quickly shutdown protest. DEclips is a dictatorship, if it makes them money DEclips will censor and demonetize anyone.

  • Commissar Purity
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    Lego Star wars?

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    Savantics got copyright struck to death. RIP

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    *_Looks like Disney did a oopsie!!_*

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    I'm going to copystrike you for playing a game similar to another game I've played.

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    Watch Palace get removed. F

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    Did you get copyright striked or did you get demonetized

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    I didn’t know anyone still liked Star Wars after Disney Has taken multiple shits on it

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    Never underestimate the nostalgia of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga! It's been so long. You have gained a subscriber!

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    papa pewdiepie said that girls are not video games, but im hopeful that he was wrong here. please dont be a tranny

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    Naw I’m just joking.
    I may subscribe......... I’ll let you know.


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    Walt Disney would be sad with what his company has become

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    I’m going to copyright strike you for playing LEGO Star Wars I did it first!

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    Did you know that mickey mouse and steamboat willie will enter the public domain soon?

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    I knew Disney was evil

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    It is not Disney; it is Warner Chapel

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    Off topic - Lego Pirate's Of The Caribbean is my favourite

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    Could you imagine a world without lawyers?
    *Happy music plays*

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    disney is like a nintendo movie version

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    Honestly, I am happy to have been watching this channel before 100,000 subs, because I can totally see Savantics growing huge.

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    *S P A C E R A N G E R*

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    You do realize that it was Warner Music that made the claim, NOT Disney... right? Next time, FACT CHECK

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    Disney: Gimme dat money.

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    next time a disney film comes out ill just pirate it

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    Yeah disney doesnt play that game, they did the same to the videos i made during BF2s beta and im a nobody on youtube so touch star wars and mickey gets you

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