Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser

  • Am 12 Apr 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
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  • Ricky Setyo
    Ricky Setyo Vor Tag

    real star wars saga:
    the senate menance
    attack on the senate
    revenge of the senate
    a senate hope
    the senate strikes back
    return of the senate
    the senate awaken
    the last senate
    rise of the senate
    what next?

  • Marta Dašić
    Marta Dašić Vor Tag

    i don't understand all the salty comments, i watch this every day. december can't come soon enough. hype hype hype

  • Axel Bagtas
    Axel Bagtas Vor Tag

    Excited for this

  • Pewdipai AZIMI
    Pewdipai AZIMI Vor Tag +2

    Boring movie

  • Alejandro Aranda

    That slickly Pharrell Williams almost put his band name on a Star Wars film, there’s no end to his greed.

  • Walter Jnr
    Walter Jnr Vor Tag

    I'm done with this franchise. Disney has ruined it

  • anarchycharles
    anarchycharles Vor Tag

    Emperor Palpatine shows up in white robe: “Called me Darth Sidious the White”

  • A Common Soldier
    A Common Soldier Vor Tag +1

    Prequel fans: Sequel trilogy sucks.
    Episode 9: (palpatine laugh)
    Prequel fans: *HOLY SHI-*

  • my vid exis
    my vid exis Vor Tag


  • Glenn Hatch
    Glenn Hatch Vor Tag

    I wonder how hishe is going to react to this

  • Gunslinger Girl
    Gunslinger Girl Vor Tag

    Whoever thinks Rey cutting that ship is cool doesn't see how horribly on-cue her acting for that scene is.
    Or they're just brainwashed fanboys.

  • Shyrk
    Shyrk Vor Tag

    If no one is ever really gone, does that mean Porkins is alive

  • The Lonely Gamer

    Ah, nastalga it really isn’t what it used to be.

  • SheldonAdama17
    SheldonAdama17 Vor Tag +1

    Episode IX: Return of the SENATE

  • Stephen Zimmer
    Stephen Zimmer Vor Tag

    Palpatine: laughs
    Luke Skywalker: weird flex, but ok

  • music1981ify
    music1981ify Vor Tag

    yay! lets hope for another meaningless side plot where they go to a casino planet to meet the only person who can crack the code... find the person and get another person who can crack the code... yay!

  • New Lion
    New Lion Vor Tag


  • 10 000 subs With no videos

    U know what to do

  • Dusty Childress
    Dusty Childress Vor Tag +1

    I like how this trailer has more dislikes than The Last Jedi.

  • Autumn Contingency

    my husbands boyfriend enjoyed this!

  • King Luke the 7th

    Had no idea this existed and I've been on a DEclips grind. Terrible marketing.

  • Lily Huynh
    Lily Huynh Vor Tag

    It’s great that they made a parody of what jacks films did, I can say they did a good job, but nothing beats the original.

  • Ross Theboss
    Ross Theboss Vor Tag +3

    The saga comes to an end
    It should have came to an end a long time ago

  • Patrick Tw
    Patrick Tw Vor Tag

    Shiii that’s the last movie

  • Seth V.
    Seth V. Vor Tag

    Half of this won't even be in the movie

  • GameReplixer
    GameReplixer Vor Tag

    Yalls lets try to get this on the Top 10 Trending

  • Jay S
    Jay S Vor Tag

    I can't wait to not see this movie!

  • Kingg Kyan
    Kingg Kyan Vor Tag

    I love Star Wars it's my fray fruit movie😊😌

  • XxNoobPwnrzxX
    XxNoobPwnrzxX Vor Tag


  • Karim El-andari
    Karim El-andari Vor Tag +1

    afraid to be surprised darth Vader Hayden Christensen!!!! 💥💥

  • JaCk CaCk
    JaCk CaCk Vor Tag

    skywalker will be the new term for jedi.

  • Mister GGG
    Mister GGG Vor Tag +1

    Boycott Disney Wars. Total money grab garbage.

  • WhatCulo
    WhatCulo Vor Tag

    Just take my money now...

  • Colorized Colors
    Colorized Colors Vor Tag +1

    I want this to be good. I really do, and t needs to end on a high not so PLEASE don’t mess this up

  • Willy Boi
    Willy Boi Vor Tag +3

    I kind of really want them to bring back the double bladed staff light saber

  • Denis Rosales
    Denis Rosales Vor Tag

    Jeez, it’s about time, it ended nearly 36 years ago

  • Joel N.S
    Joel N.S Vor Tag +2

    one of the few things in life that im genuinely hyped for

  • Iam Impossibru
    Iam Impossibru Vor Tag +1

    Why is this called the rise of Skywalker if Mary Sue- I mean Rei is just a nobody?

  • Abi Carrasco
    Abi Carrasco Vor Tag

    Lando omgoodness

  • Jacob Underwood
    Jacob Underwood Vor Tag +4

    My science teacher stopped me in the hallway just to tell me the Episode IX trailer dropped. I told him I’m gonna ask the history teacher if I can use the bathroom first thing.

  • thomas alejandro ceballos lopez

    Ya quiero que salga a cartelera, para verla en el estreno!!!!!!!!
    Mi película favorita

  • Freakybananayo
    Freakybananayo Vor Tag


  • kennyleon88
    kennyleon88 Vor Tag

    Star Wars: The Rise of Rose Tico - Teaser

  • Isaac Allen
    Isaac Allen Vor Tag

    Palpatine: Roll it again!

  • Robert 0077
    Robert 0077 Vor Tag

    The Resurrection of Anakin Skywalker.

  • Crimson Sword
    Crimson Sword Vor Tag +2

    1:34 Princess Leia 😢

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man Vor Tag

    0:01 when ur breathing XD

  • Kilo 271
    Kilo 271 Vor Tag

    Don worry I am sure rey will get her hand cut off in this one

  • Robert May
    Robert May Vor Tag

    Omg its the pope pius


    Lucasfilm:time to end the series
    Star wars fanbase:yes

  • Zach Brewer
    Zach Brewer Vor Tag +3

    lets hope it's not as bad as the last jedi

  • WalrusMan
    WalrusMan Vor Tag

    "Every generation has a legend"
    Shows Leia is gold bikini

  • Lucky11 1
    Lucky11 1 Vor Tag

    Oh no

  • TheNoirMirror
    TheNoirMirror Vor Tag +2

    Can't really be excited after what they did to Snoke and his naughty sleep wear.

  • Jasper Arce
    Jasper Arce Vor Tag

    blade runner in space

  • Thomas Minikus
    Thomas Minikus Vor Tag +2

    Wow garbage

  • geteriking4
    geteriking4 Vor Tag

    Tekashi has something to do with this...

  • Bento Simas
    Bento Simas Vor Tag +3

    This will be fantastic, I waited so much time for this!

  • Cian harrison
    Cian harrison Vor Tag +1

    Palpatine fled to the unknown regions

  • Lapidot
    Lapidot Vor Tag +1

    ok stay calm everyone they are always wrong about it being "the last movie" so let's just chill out *Starts crying in fear*

  • Foxy UwU
    Foxy UwU Vor Tag

    Make Episode 8 great!

  • MrButtsavage17
    MrButtsavage17 Vor Tag +3

    Boytcott Time! :3

  • Johannes B.
    Johannes B. Vor Tag +1

    00:53 yo Kathleen you even know where you activate this lightsaber ? you actually have ANY interest in star wars ??? xD

    DANRYX Vor Tag

    Does the trailer give fans a new hope? No, The Force Awakens gave us A New Hope.

  • S7R4
    S7R4 Vor Tag +1

    No luke again? lame

  • John Ward
    John Ward Vor Tag +2

    They should bring back vader since he is a good guy again, that would be amazing.

  • Crazy Chris
    Crazy Chris Vor Tag

    Palpatine, Vader and Maul have been trapped in the soul stone this whole time. It all makes sense now.

  • Andrew Onuoha
    Andrew Onuoha Vor Tag

    But how

  • J Ska
    J Ska Vor Tag +2

    How many of you noticed that Luke said that no one is ever really gone

  • BulletKid
    BulletKid Vor Tag +1

    Now we know Rey is a Skywalker

    • Polish Patriot
      Polish Patriot Vor Tag

      Well, for me it was always obvious.

      Literally, when I saw her in the very first teaser I just assumed she was going to be the new protagonist (I was obviously right about that, right?) and that on its own means she is a Skywalker.

  • Joe Kreissl
    Joe Kreissl Vor Tag +4

    The soundtrack is amazing

  • Camera Man Deavon
    Camera Man Deavon Vor Tag +1

    They should’ve had Darth Vader’s breathing instead of the Emperor’s laugh.

    • Polish Patriot
      Polish Patriot Vor Tag

      what would be the point of doing that?

      They already confirmed that it was *not* just a fan service, but Palpatine is actually being brought back into the equation

  • Jirka Zeman
    Jirka Zeman Vor Tag +1

    hate this since first movie because of crybaby ren

  • NoiceMelon
    NoiceMelon Vor Tag +1

    Akbar reacts to no ones ever really gone. Then hears “laugh of Palpatine.” ITS A TRAP

  • Jack Geletka
    Jack Geletka Vor Tag +1


  • Spectre
    Spectre Vor Tag +2

    If i still had my star wars toys, i'd throw them in the bin. What a mess.

  • vidyaWolf
    vidyaWolf Vor Tag +2

    "the saga comes to an end"
    bold of you to assume it wasn't already

  • Shikshan Hindi
    Shikshan Hindi Vor Tag +2

    I never watched a star wars movie. Maybe ill go watch this.

  • Jacob Dominguez
    Jacob Dominguez Vor Tag


  • Alexander Pechlivanidis

    Just let the franchise die already

  • 3
    3 Vor Tag

    Please do not be like the last movie. PLEASE

  • Mark Armstrong
    Mark Armstrong Vor Tag

    Every generation has a legend!!!! Yep that's right, because we have JOHN LEGEND!!!!!!!!

  • Newbish Mouse
    Newbish Mouse Vor Tag

    It really is Dracula

  • Ethan ManiaHD
    Ethan ManiaHD Vor Tag +4

    THE RISE OF THE SENATE! that should be the title

    • Ambrose T
      Ambrose T Vor Tag

      Ethan ManiaHD probably gonna Kill him off right away like what they did with the last guy lmao

  • Sasha Yurchenko
    Sasha Yurchenko Vor Tag +1

    didn't noticed any "saga" part in the previous movies
    sorry, wrong neighbourhood

  • cdizzle99z
    cdizzle99z Vor Tag +1

    So is she a skywalker or not

    • Polish Patriot
      Polish Patriot Vor Tag

      I always knew she is. Both the title and the teaser of episode 9 seem to be additional proof.

  • JoJeff Vlogs
    JoJeff Vlogs Vor Tag


    SSO SERIES Vor Tag

    Me: Omg omg omg omg a new star wars film yes yes!!!!!!
    *looking at the trailer*
    * Coming This Christmas*
    Me: 😒

    • 4 faces
      4 faces Vor Tag

      you arent a real fan. Every real fan knows that it will come always in christmas

  • Raymond Suo
    Raymond Suo Vor Tag +1

    Emperor Palpatine is Rey’s father. Confirmed by waiter who heard from the cast of Star Wars at a convention.

  • Brian Dolan
    Brian Dolan Vor Tag +2

    What garbage.

    • James Davis
      James Davis Vor Tag +2

      +Ryan The prequels are masterpieces compared to Disney's nonsense. Episodes VII and VIII could get retconned and nothing would change. The world building just isn't there.

    • Ryan C
      Ryan C Vor Tag

      Just like 123

  • Erick Gaona
    Erick Gaona Vor Tag

    Anyone else super excited to see Captain Phasma get really hyped for being an elite soldier and then "die" after fighting a branch, all while getting a total of 2-minutes of screen time? Because I am.

  • Mr Harley
    Mr Harley Vor Tag

    We've passed on all we know.........the fosbury flop.

  • Another you
    Another you Vor Tag +1

    Disney single handedly made star wars irrelevant to me

    • Ryan C
      Ryan C Vor Tag

      Lucas did that in the 90s


    Don't Mess up this time. K?

  • CPT. Rex
    CPT. Rex Vor Tag

    The last of the movies. No more original stories Lucas only came up with nine. 😭

  • alex smith
    alex smith Vor Tag +2

    Hey Disney can you sell star wars to any one please.

    • Ryan C
      Ryan C Vor Tag

      They are doing fine with it, better than Fox

  • zeregaa
    zeregaa Vor Tag

    **sigh** ..look another Star wars movie

  • Ricky Leung
    Ricky Leung Vor Tag

    I have a theory: During his falling, Palpatine uses the Force to travel forward in time. Nah better not..

  • JackyBoi321
    JackyBoi321 Vor Tag


  • Boorock70
    Boorock70 Vor Tag

    Harry Potter has left the chat... :)