Warriors | Season 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI and Edda Hayes)

  • Warriors: We are warriors. Season 2020 has begun.
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    Original song by: Imagine Dragons
    Featured artists: 2WEI and Edda Hayes
    Produced by: 2WEI
    Vocals performed by: Edda Hayes
    Video created in partnership with Blur Studio
    As a child you would wait
    And watch from far away
    But you always knew that you'd be the one
    That work while they all play
    In youth you'd lay
    Awake at night and scheme
    Of all the things that you would change
    But it was just a dream!
    Here we are, don't turn away now,
    We are the warriors that built this town
    Here we are, don't turn away now
    We are the warriors that built this town
    From dust.
    Here we are, don't turn away now,
    We are the warriors that built this town
    We are the warriors that built this town
    From dust.
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  • Tuğra Tastan
    Tuğra Tastan Vor 10 Stunden +1

    Garen Can Kill A Sylas On Next Anime

  • 더냉
    더냉 Vor 12 Stunden

    이즈궁은 노쿨이냐?

  • Loony Toon
    Loony Toon Vor 12 Stunden

    Please Riot, give us an anime series on Netflix, just 10 Minutes for each champ.
    No related story between the episodes, just telling it episodical like "Love, Death & Robots"

  • Süleyman Çakır
    Süleyman Çakır Vor 13 Stunden

    Türk yokmu la

  • Eva heijnen
    Eva heijnen Vor 13 Stunden +1

    I 💖 this

  • son4606
    son4606 Vor 14 Stunden

    Hymn for the warriors.

  • A Great LeBlanc
    A Great LeBlanc Vor 14 Stunden

    A cinematic with Leblanc please

  • Zenitsyu
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  • jessie galuno
    jessie galuno Vor 15 Stunden

    Make movie for all champs

  • Prince Okoi
    Prince Okoi Vor 15 Stunden +1

    Mobile Legends be like
    lets see who is better?

  • 아수라영
    아수라영 Vor 16 Stunden

    시네마틱을 어벤져스로 만들어났네 ㅋㅋ

  • Camilo Moya
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  • Kevjm17
    Kevjm17 Vor 19 Stunden +1

    This song is in the trailer of the movie : Clash of the Titans on MBC 2, When I heard it, I coulnd belive it !

  • BlueGhost Gaming
    BlueGhost Gaming Vor 20 Stunden +1

    No No No !!!!!!

  • PUBG Moments
    PUBG Moments Vor 20 Stunden

    I close my eyes and listen to that beautiful singing.

  • Soul Lemon
    Soul Lemon Vor 20 Stunden

    this was chills and tingles inducing

  • Sh1n1
    Sh1n1 Vor 20 Stunden

    caitlyn and kai'sa, my mains :3 I'm more than happy YAY

  • Shon Nonya
    Shon Nonya Vor 20 Stunden

    Why tf isn't this a series yet

  • Ahmad Bakri
    Ahmad Bakri Vor 22 Stunden

    This feels like a national anthem for LOL

  • Tony Borean
    Tony Borean Vor 22 Stunden

    c'est vraiment trop beau , rien d'autre a dire !! :o

  • Shouko Nishimiya
    Shouko Nishimiya Vor 22 Stunden

    llore ptm

  • Ruan Zeferino
    Ruan Zeferino Vor 22 Stunden

    Nome da música?

  • AshtienX
    AshtienX Vor 22 Stunden +1

    Oh gosh i need to start playing this game😂

  • Mr. Pacman :v
    Mr. Pacman :v Vor 23 Stunden

    Like si lo estas viendo en 4k B)

  • Alexa
    Alexa Vor Tag +1

    Kaisa so hot

    CROIIX Vor Tag

    OwO xd

  • Tutoriales Sombra

    Mldita sea, las mejores animaciones que he visto en mi vida xd

  • Unicorn Sinner
    Unicorn Sinner Vor Tag

    If Lux and Sylas don’t have cute father/daughter interaction when the Netflix series starts, I’ll be very disappointed in humanity.

  • Sartori
    Sartori Vor Tag

    Galio has been tanking steroids.

  • Meryem Akbaş
    Meryem Akbaş Vor Tag

    Muhteşem bir tanıtım videosu defalarca izledim ama hiç sıkılmadım . Bu arada benim favori ikilim o sarışın oğlan ile yüzünde mavi çizgi olan kız . Gerçekten onlar süper ikili . Böyle bir video koyduğunuz için çok teşekkür ederim. Eğer böyle video koymaya devam ederseniz kesinlikle her zaman beğenir ve yorum yaparım

  • Татарина Елизавета

    every time I cry when I watch it

  • Isabella Martinez


  • Joseph Vivar
    Joseph Vivar Vor Tag

    Que nostalgia, por este video con musica me hizo revivir el lol desde el 2014, volvi a jugar que desde el 2017 que no jugaba.

  • drage5rod_YT .-
    drage5rod_YT .- Vor Tag

    F for imagine dragons

  • TR_Ccombs364
    TR_Ccombs364 Vor Tag

    Pls league make a cinematic with Kayn :C

  • Nitooo Escobar
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  • Demon Lusy
    Demon Lusy Vor Tag +1

    Сказать что я офигела ничего не сказать.

  • Jean-Pascal Barth

    All you guys check out Voiceplay. They did a Acapella cover of this song and its just AMAZING !!!!!!

  • jean lefonca
    jean lefonca Vor Tag

    imagine LoL doing an original serie on netflix, it would be just amazing no one can say that it wouldn't

  • NWD
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  • Argentina CountryBall

    Nunca paran de sorprenderme

  • Yuri Bakhtin
    Yuri Bakhtin Vor Tag

    nice nice nice

  • tamay kahraman
    tamay kahraman Vor Tag

    Türk varmı?

    Bu arada çok güzelll

  • andebq
    andebq Vor Tag

    She ulted the sky?

  • Belen Güven
    Belen Güven Vor Tag

    izlemekten aklımı kaçırıcam

  • KJ L
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    자막이 한국어만 없냐 왜 시__발

  • Jayita Krishna
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    Every time I watch this video I get goosebumps...
    This vid is AMAZING!!!

  • 뷁뷇
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    와 시바 갈리오 등장할때 소름이 쫙돋네

  • Riiick Gamer
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    Arrepio toda vez

  • yasin mert toktaş

    2020 de izleyen türkler seri bi likelesin bakalım kaç kişi varmış bi görelim yaw :)

  • Anh Thu Nguyên
    Anh Thu Nguyên Vor Tag

    LOL lux was ulti to the sky

  • Roddy Pantheon
    Roddy Pantheon Vor Tag

    Ok, Kaisa x Ez😍

  • Frost Burn
    Frost Burn Vor Tag

    It's been 6 years, I guess you can reuse the song lol

  • Zaxara
    Zaxara Vor Tag

    we want sett cinematic

  • Mario Huguet
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    Report Lux afk

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    LE GENO Vor Tag

    갈리오 간지ㄷㄷ

  • TheZeug
    TheZeug Vor Tag

    Now with that level of animation, Riot is really the new Blizzard.

  • EpicSkinnyboy
    EpicSkinnyboy Vor Tag


    Ezreal: Using his ult against minions

  • Thiago Santos
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  • Timtor
    Timtor Vor Tag

    Now if you think about it, Ezreal is a SIMP

  • pimhopstaken
    pimhopstaken Vor Tag

    hey pssst, you. You wanna know the best part of this video? 1:10

  • Iara Kvinge
    Iara Kvinge Vor Tag

    Someone please tell me, because I'm really getting intrigued now: Should I play League of Legends even tho I have no idea how to play and I don't know any of the lore?

  • Lejla Pepaj
    Lejla Pepaj Vor Tag

    Sto vedendo questo filmato solo pk l'aveva messo stre

  • Neo Reiss
    Neo Reiss Vor Tag

    When all the hopes lose but they rise and fight back....

    - 2020 League Legends

  • Fiznaru
    Fiznaru Vor Tag

    ah the nostalgia
    been here since the first Warriors

  • Black Butterfly
    Black Butterfly Vor Tag +1

    I don't play LOL but they looks like support right?

  • Zzz Maesie
    Zzz Maesie Vor Tag

    the video perfectly resembles the pain you feel when your teammate afk in teamfight, except the last part

  • Alex Zhe
    Alex Zhe Vor Tag

    Ya me entarob ganas de volver a jugar

  • cristian llera
    cristian llera Vor Tag

    juego ql malo jksjksl menos mal nunca lo he jugado

  • baris guven
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    kai'sa ezreal duo bot

  • Samahir Khan
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    love it

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    카이사 예쁘네

  • Marco Antônio Bottene Chemin


  • Savka Medel
    Savka Medel Vor Tag

    Dante axe Warriors Parody, nothing more to say.

  • NRY J
    NRY J Vor Tag

    the kaisa and ez part would've been much more awesome if malzahar was there

  • Flor Pereyra
    Flor Pereyra Vor Tag

    we want a movie.. take my money... WE WANT A MOVIE!!!!

  • chuuwy chuurro
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    i would die if they make a leona and diana cinematic

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