Picking Up Girls With A Pink Toy Phone!!

  • Am 7 Sep 2019 veröffentlicht
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    So, these videos are fun and all but I'm really not sure how much longer I'll do them for. Maybe a couple of months, maybe a couple of years, I really don't know.
    You see, I'm currently studying a lot of physchology, physics and business and the more I learn, the more I realise that these *particular* videos will eventually have to come to an end..
    Maybe I'll turn into a Vlogger (more likely) or maybe I'll completely disappear from DEclips (highly unlikely, at least in the next 2-5 years).. Who knows?
    BUT hey.. They'll still fun to make so let's just enjoy the ride and see what happens.
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    My name is Adrian and I go by as Adrian Gee here on DEclips. I'm a life coach helping guys to become the best version of themselves possible. That's the reason I wake up every morning. I also film videos for fun because life's too serious to be taken seriously.
    On this channel you will find: Social Experiments, Dating Advice, Street Interviews, Attraction, Business Advice & Epic Crazy Videos.
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  • Adrian Gee
    Adrian Gee  Vor Monat +14

    $100 Cash Giveaway ⬇
    Step 1: Follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/adriangruszka
    Step 2: Tag 3 friends in my latest post.
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  • Mihreteab Gebreyohannes
    Mihreteab Gebreyohannes Vor 7 Stunden

    Lovely man

  • Mihreteab Gebreyohannes

    amazing 😁😁😁

  • Prime Anuvav
    Prime Anuvav Vor 7 Tage

    Ask their number directly in next video

  • Brett J
    Brett J Vor 15 Tage

    I have a pink Hello Kitty mobile phone myself. It gets the girls wet, lemme tell ya.

  • junior junior
    junior junior Vor 20 Tage

    I just wana see that girl

  • Praveen kumar
    Praveen kumar Vor 21 Tag

    Hey Adrian , praveen this side . I am from India .I love your videos . Come to India man and contact me when u come here .my Insta imparable_praveen

  • Ido Lev
    Ido Lev Vor 23 Tage

    Go up to a random cop, and punch him

  • Mario1611
    Mario1611 Vor 24 Tage +4

    Missing Person: Girl 👧 from last video.
    If found please report to the nearest police station.

  • Kevin Andales
    Kevin Andales Vor 24 Tage

    Man where is the gurl from the last vid

  • Mesak Lalruatmawia
    Mesak Lalruatmawia Vor 26 Tage

    want to see the previous girl

  • Maahd Shahzad
    Maahd Shahzad Vor 27 Tage +1

    What the fudge you stole Chris Heria’s music!

  • Boo Bie
    Boo Bie Vor 29 Tage


    • Boo Bie
      Boo Bie Vor 29 Tage

      Hey my mom is Erica.

    • Boo Bie
      Boo Bie Vor 29 Tage

      Hello my name is Adrian

  • Michelle Tabanao
    Michelle Tabanao Vor 29 Tage

    Man, im from philippines..where is the girl in ur last video?

    SOCCER HUB Vor Monat

    hey knob-rocket, where's she?

  • Matthew Binnie
    Matthew Binnie Vor Monat

    Do more Videos in Adelaide one day? Do more Funny videos

  • FatSquid Jeoff
    FatSquid Jeoff Vor Monat

    Where’s the girl from the last vid?

  • Sabir Bara
    Sabir Bara Vor Monat

    Does anyone know the girl in Orange T-shirt Instagram?

  • Ratchamoon Manirat
    Ratchamoon Manirat Vor Monat

    Adrian pls read comments and upload next vdo with her.. whats her name again?

  • Yossef Khamis
    Yossef Khamis Vor Monat

    Where is the girl?!

  • Chochon Hangsing
    Chochon Hangsing Vor Monat

    Send me 100dollars

  • rmreagle
    rmreagle Vor Monat

    Literally just been waiting for his next video to see if there was an update on the last girl. But honestly even if they were together he probably needs to keep it DL for his brand...

  • Marks man
    Marks man Vor Monat

    Where is the girlfriend?

  • DK
    DK Vor Monat +4

    I’m only going to ask once. Where is she??!

  • Dynamic Lynx
    Dynamic Lynx Vor Monat

    We’re the girl

  • Barwry Offical
    Barwry Offical Vor Monat

    Gorgeous oh goodness luckily lovely 😊

  • Bernard De Guzman
    Bernard De Guzman Vor Monat

    what happened to your SOULMATE, we've waited too long for that !!!!!

  • Indominus YT
    Indominus YT Vor Monat +4


  • Ricky Recaido
    Ricky Recaido Vor Monat +1

    I been waiting for another video with that girl on your last video lol

  • Ali Nortrom
    Ali Nortrom Vor Monat

    ?you are back to give up girls movies instead of teaching people how to live
    i remember you started this kinda teaching videos but i don't know if you kept it or not

  • Mashal Waqar
    Mashal Waqar Vor Monat

    I knew someone else was ringing the number

  • Abdul Razak
    Abdul Razak Vor Monat

    Hi Brother. How do you feel if you can help a villagers complete to pick them up to average life just with $10,000, they are in Philippines. if you are interested, just send me message on my Instagram: thepeace4you

  • deadpool shitbiscuits

    Not in china?

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza Vor Monat

    Chutiyaapaay toooor raha hai ye

  • Saviour Prince
    Saviour Prince Vor Monat

    Lol epic fail for the girl why hahahaa i feel bad for here.

  • Wesley Snipes
    Wesley Snipes Vor Monat +2

    Looks like you’ve picked up a few new habits

  • RobertGucciTv
    RobertGucciTv Vor Monat

    Wassgucci Adrian🤟🏼🤟🏼

  • The scary wabbit
    The scary wabbit Vor Monat

    1,000th like! Lmao

  • Frank L.
    Frank L. Vor Monat

    that was boring af

  • Arsalan Ali
    Arsalan Ali Vor Monat +12

    Where your girlfriend Adrien you said that she would be on next video 😕

  • Mood Mechanic
    Mood Mechanic Vor Monat +1

    Girl in last vdeo=more views.
    Hot thumbnails have influence.
    U know

  • mr. negative
    mr. negative Vor Monat

    I really enjoyed this video brother... i want to know your height..... love you bro..

  • Mood Mechanic
    Mood Mechanic Vor Monat +2

    Girl in last vdeo was

    • Mood Mechanic
      Mood Mechanic Vor Monat +1

      @Savage Warrior
      U know
      Someone should never study in boys college
      Specially who r cool like me.

    • Savage Warrior
      Savage Warrior Vor Monat

      Brother i know really she was hot as hell. The thing is that, you seem like a cool guy and i am sure hot girls like her would love to date someone like you. The trick is to know how to talk to girls a smooth way. I actually made a video on the 3 most effective ways of approaching girls and i am sure it will help you talk to any hot girl you want.

  • Mood Mechanic
    Mood Mechanic Vor Monat +4

    Go to a girl and say
    I earn 1Million dollars a month and i am Single.

  • Mood Mechanic
    Mood Mechanic Vor Monat

    Go to a girl and say I typed beautiful on google maps and it took me straight to u.

  • Maria Torrealba
    Maria Torrealba Vor Monat

    Give it to me

  • Riadh Hm
    Riadh Hm Vor Monat +5

    where's the girl from disneyland video she is gorgeous and funny

  • Adam Ross
    Adam Ross Vor Monat +1

    Cringiest person there ever was...

  • sinha ayush
    sinha ayush Vor Monat +2

    where is yellow dress girl from last video

  • Mario POMBO
    Mario POMBO Vor Monat +2

    if you wonder why he can get very attractive girls , thats because hes a very attractive boy, he's at least a 8/10, it represents like 5% of guys, the majority of guys are 4-5/10 out of 10.

    • Ryshlova Noodo
      Ryshlova Noodo Vor Monat

      lol I just noticed your DEclips name is Maria are you a man?

    • Mario POMBO
      Mario POMBO Vor Monat

      @Ryshlova Noodo not ugly is not enough, like you can see it in dating apps

    • Ryshlova Noodo
      Ryshlova Noodo Vor Monat

      There's a lot of average looking faces that aren't ugly.

    • Mario POMBO
      Mario POMBO Vor Monat

      ​@Ryshlova Noodo when i say attractive i say the face, and most man are ugly to woman

  • Kim Ivan Bucane
    Kim Ivan Bucane Vor Monat +11

    Man where's the girl from your last vid.?

  • Gojira Salad
    Gojira Salad Vor Monat

    The girl in the thumbnail looks like Cara Delevingne

  • Abhijeet Singh
    Abhijeet Singh Vor Monat +1

    0:02 Snapchat lol 😂

  • MEME review
    MEME review Vor Monat +1

    which place is this ??? la?

  • Steve Lee
    Steve Lee Vor Monat

    Last guy is from British Columbia Canada 😂

  • takanoritoriyama
    takanoritoriyama Vor Monat +1

    dat asian guy soo typical he would be from vancouver 778... btw your call prob didnt go through cause his number is international

    • takanoritoriyama
      takanoritoriyama Vor Monat

      @kendrick5796 u know how people call vancouver, hongcouver, im sure you know

    • kendrick5796
      kendrick5796 Vor Monat

      takanoritoriyama I ain’t from Hong Kong bro

    • takanoritoriyama
      takanoritoriyama Vor Monat

      @kendrick5796 a hongcouverite vacationing in los angeles very common huh

    • kendrick5796
      kendrick5796 Vor Monat

      takanoritoriyama that’s me lol

  • Vaditto Luthfan
    Vaditto Luthfan Vor Monat

    Their phone numbers are short

  • brinz earl carmwlo
    brinz earl carmwlo Vor Monat +30

    OK out of topic.. where is the girl in the last vid?