BTS Jin - 'Intro: Epiphany' Lyrics (Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

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    • Artist: Jin (BTS)
    • Song: Intro: Epiphany
    • Album: LOVE YOURSELF 結 'Answer'
    Kor & Eng: doolsetbangtan
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  • Tram Pham
    Tram Pham Vor 5 Tage +5995

    watch the official MV here please

    • BTS & ARMY albania
      BTS & ARMY albania Vor 2 Stunden

      Tram Pham please watch my coment because in it has lyrics in albanian

    • kyuleu
      kyuleu Vor 4 Stunden

      Because they might want to learn the romanization aswell ?

    • ʏᴏᴜʀ sᴡᴇᴇᴛɪᴇ
      ʏᴏᴜʀ sᴡᴇᴇᴛɪᴇ Vor 7 Stunden

      Haaru Haaru people make lyric vids because its easier to read the lyrics instead of looking down on those captions wasting ur time.

    MIN YOONGI Vor 35 Minuten

    Precious soul, not previous soul, right?

  • Liz Yes
    Liz Yes Vor 48 Minuten

    I can’t understand the BTS hype this is terrible

    • Liz Yes
      Liz Yes Vor 24 Minuten

      Popcore Music wow that’s intense -.-

    • Popcore Music
      Popcore Music Vor 30 Minuten +1

      Liz Yes
      They're extraordinary, such touching lyrics. I cry every time. I hate myself so much less after listening to this song.

  • Selin Manson
    Selin Manson Vor Stunde

    Still dying

  • Analia Majao
    Analia Majao Vor Stunde

    BTS is unexplainable they really do work hard I rarely say this but they're unique no one can match them in what they do trust me it's different and heartwarming knowing we support them so dearly

  • Leann Rafanan
    Leann Rafanan Vor Stunde

    My heartueeee jinn😭 your voice is soo Angelic!!!😍😍😭❤️❤️

  • Starstablegirl92
    Starstablegirl92 Vor Stunde

    He’s the best!

  • Dafy Dee
    Dafy Dee Vor Stunde

    This song makes my heart hurt I don't know why ...It's so sweet i listened like a million times now can't get enough😍😍😭😭😭

  • Sara_ xx
    Sara_ xx Vor 2 Stunden +1

    My *heart* :')

  • Liz
    Liz Vor 2 Stunden +1

    Because of them I honestly learned to hate myself less

  • park hadjer
    park hadjer Vor 2 Stunden

    araab army where are you

  • Bangtan Lover
    Bangtan Lover Vor 2 Stunden

    Slay those vocals Jin O(≧▽≦)O

  • Angie Jimso
    Angie Jimso Vor 2 Stunden +1

    Let's all have a beautyfull dream listening to this😊 Love Jin💗💗

  • Chrystèl Min
    Chrystèl Min Vor 2 Stunden

    "I'm the one I should love💟"

  • Silver Playz
    Silver Playz Vor 2 Stunden

    Shit I’m not crying don’t look 💜😭💜😭😭😭⭐️ I LOVE YOU JIN

  • tonguetechnolojin
    tonguetechnolojin Vor 2 Stunden

    Yeeeeeees my babes!!!

  • Savionne Terry
    Savionne Terry Vor 2 Stunden

    i just want to thank bighit or whoever wrote this song for jin to sing because i dont get much love from my friends because they always get caught in the moment of things and so this makes me feel better and helps me with my self confidence and to love myself when others dont love me.

  • xXKitten RoseXx
    xXKitten RoseXx Vor 3 Stunden


  • Z Zz
    Z Zz Vor 3 Stunden

    Those 1k who disliked, fuck u

  • Jheymi Meruvia Chavez
    Jheymi Meruvia Chavez Vor 3 Stunden


  • Z G
    Z G Vor 3 Stunden

    I can’t believe how good this song describes the mental breakdown i had today😭😢😢

  • U got no jams :3
    U got no jams :3 Vor 3 Stunden

    This is the only song that can make me cry 💜💜

  • annabelle margaroli
    annabelle margaroli Vor 4 Stunden

    Omg this song is so beautiful and i know that jin oppa will be next after V oppa wow jin’s voice is so. Beautiful like a angel

  • strong power thank you
    strong power thank you Vor 4 Stunden

    lejindary jintro, amajin

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black Vor 4 Stunden +2

    this seems odd, but i have a habit of doing duck lips and using filters in almost all my selfies, because i've always thought i was a very ugly person who was undeserving of affection from a girl. i craved the feeling of her arms around me, the sound of her fragile voice assuring me that i am loved, and the chills she would give me from staring into her eyes and smiling at her. my patience had worn very thin, and i was beyond tired of being alone.
    and then i found this.
    this song reminds me that i'm the one i should love. this whole series has one message: "love yourself." love yourself before anyone else. if you do, the rest will fall into place.
    what a powerful message that is. jin reminds us all to love ourselves through this masterpiece. i love it. i love this band so much.
    it's moments like these where i'm proud to call myself an army.

  • Janoo 75
    Janoo 75 Vor 4 Stunden +1


    OMG ITS HINATA Vor 4 Stunden +1

    Why doesn't Jin get so much attention!?
    He has great vocals!!!
    Fighting Jin!!!!!!! :D
    This song made me cry. TvT

  • Enid Martin
    Enid Martin Vor 4 Stunden


  • MaumdoNamjoon
    MaumdoNamjoon Vor 5 Stunden

    Sério, a melhor intro. Jin veio para nos deixar emocionadas 💜

  • Linn SB
    Linn SB Vor 5 Stunden

    I will never get over this song

  • Sunshine Jhope
    Sunshine Jhope Vor 5 Stunden

    Anyone else crying?😭

  • Yoonie_MSP
    Yoonie_MSP Vor 5 Stunden


  • Little Amigo
    Little Amigo Vor 5 Stunden

    I wanna send this to my ex so badly😂😂 It would be messed up tho since I was the one to break up with him

  • Yağmur Yılmaz
    Yağmur Yılmaz Vor 5 Stunden


  • ʚ채앗ɞ
    ʚ채앗ɞ Vor 6 Stunden +1

    어머어머어머 오빠악ㄱ!!!!! 날 가져요!!!! 오빠 진짜악ㄱ!!!!사람인가욕ㄱ!!!!!!!?!!?!

  • 이쁜이지아
    이쁜이지아 Vor 6 Stunden

    우리 진이 너무 사랑해 에피파니 나오자 마자 봤지만 해석하느라 가사 나온 영상 못봤네,, 가사도 이뻐 이쁜이 진이 너무 좋다

  • Coral Sutton
    Coral Sutton Vor 6 Stunden

    I love the meaning behind this song

  • 박 승민
    박 승민 Vor 6 Stunden


  • 연주
    연주 Vor 6 Stunden

    진오빠한테 음악스타일으로나 가사로나 딱 맞는 곡 같아요! 사랑노래가 많은데 저를 사랑하라고 말해주는 노래는 오빠들 노래밖에 없는 거 같아서 너무 좋아요..❤ 좋은 노래 계속 만들어주세요 응원할게요 사랑해요♥♥

  • 귀엽다샴페인
    귀엽다샴페인 Vor 6 Stunden

    BTS had helped me in soo many so grateful......❤They've come so far ever since I've stanned them, all the effort has really payed off through the years! ;-;

  • faihanatul husna
    faihanatul husna Vor 6 Stunden

    Is this full song or just trailer?

  • Kenneth  Coronado
    Kenneth Coronado Vor 7 Stunden

    "Esta madre empezó" xD

  • BlackTanNightcore
    BlackTanNightcore Vor 7 Stunden +1

    epiphany has already English sub and if you are Korean you could understand it so watch the mv please not this one.

  • ALice Cong
    ALice Cong Vor 7 Stunden

    I love you 💕💕

  • Ana Laura
    Ana Laura Vor 7 Stunden

    Meu marido e tao maravilhoso.. tantas palavras pra falar.....

  • farbrunei11
    farbrunei11 Vor 8 Stunden +1

    Your perfect peeson in this world..all ARMY love you

  • tae tae
    tae tae Vor 8 Stunden

    Kocham to💗💗💗💗💗 Kto z Polski?

  • 지형한
    지형한 Vor 8 Stunden

    this song teaches how to love ourselves. BYE

  • Amna Araf
    Amna Araf Vor 8 Stunden +1


  • Amna Araf
    Amna Araf Vor 8 Stunden +1


  • 張憶文
    張憶文 Vor 9 Stunden


  • deep radise
    deep radise Vor 9 Stunden

    999 dislike????
    who???? :((((

  • Kamila kostuch
    Kamila kostuch Vor 9 Stunden

    i love you BTS!!

  • 이혜진
    이혜진 Vor 9 Stunden +2

    와 무슨 방탄 노래 낼때마다 무슨 다좋음.... 진짜 짱이다 김석진ㅠㅜㅠㅜ 다 레전드야

  • Super Aestaetic
    Super Aestaetic Vor 9 Stunden


    Keep in mind(or don't), if you love other people more than yourself, YOU should realise that YOU, and your shining self is one of the important things in this whole world too.

  • Le Hong Phong
    Le Hong Phong Vor 9 Stunden

    Team việt nam đâu rồi 🤗

  • gab_drappa_7 gg
    gab_drappa_7 gg Vor 9 Stunden

    ARMYs siete consapevolimche questo album sarà spettacolare?

  • Charlene Chin
    Charlene Chin Vor 10 Stunden

    Bner kt lagu ini, kita harus mencintai diri kita dulu sebelum mencintai seseorang, jika kau mencintai seseorang sebelum kau mencintai dirimu sendiri kamu akan terjebak, walaupun kita tak sempurna tetapi kita haris bangga apa adanya pada diri kita sendiri apa pun itu, LOVE YOURSELF

  • Jouri
    Jouri Vor 10 Stunden +1

    A fan from lebanon bts please come to lebanon and make a consert 😍😍😍❤️❤️

  • Bella Fiery
    Bella Fiery Vor 10 Stunden

    When jin finally gets a intro IM SHOOK

    KAK NANG Vor 10 Stunden

    I like it how their songs each tells us a different story and it all connects to one story. In this particular song, it tells me acceptance, realization and finally loving ourselves

  • Rimjhim Mitra
    Rimjhim Mitra Vor 10 Stunden

    The lyrics suit Jin so well.
    “I’m the one I should love.”

  • kiwifamily_
    kiwifamily_ Vor 10 Stunden

    its sad that the maknae line gets more views and then jin dosent bcs of solo stan armys :(

  • ACE 6210
    ACE 6210 Vor 10 Stunden


  • Jk Golden Maknae
    Jk Golden Maknae Vor 10 Stunden


  • Jae
    Jae Vor 10 Stunden

    I hate my voice, because I'm a girl, but I have a boy's voice, it's deep and husky like Tae's, but he's voice is deeper, and when I talk with new people they would always judge me because my face and my voice doesn't match and all :(

  • baepsae_army 2001
    baepsae_army 2001 Vor 10 Stunden

    The lyrics, the voice, they're just killing me

  • Wolf_ Proxy
    Wolf_ Proxy Vor 11 Stunden

    thiS is wHy iM aliVe

  • Sleepless Dreams
    Sleepless Dreams Vor 11 Stunden

    dAMn VoCALs

  • кαѕѕιє ѕтυƒƒ
    кαѕѕιє ѕтυƒƒ Vor 11 Stunden

    It's like being narcissistic in a sad way what is this.

  • 새싹
    새싹 Vor 11 Stunden

    아존나ㅏㅏㅏ 노래 개죠아....

  • Lisa Is Life
    Lisa Is Life Vor 11 Stunden

    Its so hard at times to live yourself. Which is why I broke down when I heard this.
    Its really hard especially when youre dealing with bulimia.

  • Monsta Girl
    Monsta Girl Vor 11 Stunden

    It’s so beautiful... god bless Seokjin’s voice! 🙏🏼🤧

  • Khanh Ly Kheo
    Khanh Ly Kheo Vor 11 Stunden

    Jin oppaaaaaaaa😘😘

  • Gacha Army
    Gacha Army Vor 11 Stunden

    Só o Jin mesmo💖
    Música linda DEMAIS ❤

  • Abdurub Abdurub
    Abdurub Abdurub Vor 11 Stunden

    i like jin😍

    BEAST LOVER Vor 11 Stunden

    Is there any chance that BTS comes to Belgium???Pls... i can't go out of Belgium so come here dream will come true ❤

  • Irene's Serendipity
    Irene's Serendipity Vor 11 Stunden

    Those 2 million views could of gone towards the MV

  • CG Shad0w
    CG Shad0w Vor 11 Stunden

    ok the ear bothers me so much WHAT HAPPENED TO JIN'S EAR

  • Hidayah Azirah
    Hidayah Azirah Vor 12 Stunden

    can't stop from listening to this beautiful song 💕

  • Fatimah Jannah
    Fatimah Jannah Vor 12 Stunden

    Guys I Seriously Almost Died By Choking (No Kidding) I Was Watching This Then Suddenly When I Heard His Voice I CHOKED. Good Thing Me And My Brother Share A Bedroom So He Could Save Me.

    I Can't Belive That Happend.

  • Redrubysapphire12
    Redrubysapphire12 Vor 12 Stunden

    I cry everytime he hits that high note

  • trouxa forever
    trouxa forever Vor 12 Stunden

    Ninguém br aqui não?

  • itsmeja hey
    itsmeja hey Vor 12 Stunden

    Goosebumps I tell you 😭💕

  • Athaliah123 Quebral
    Athaliah123 Quebral Vor 13 Stunden

    "I'm the one I should love in this world"💜💜💜💜💜

  • JM Agravante
    JM Agravante Vor 13 Stunden

    I should love myself this time..😢

  • aRMy Bts
    aRMy Bts Vor 13 Stunden

    I cried at the lyrics " im the one i should love 💔" 😭😭😭😭 cant stop it! 😭😭
    Why are u like that jin 😭😭 i love u and of course your brothers 😍😘😘😭

  • jesslynjoyaa
    jesslynjoyaa Vor 14 Stunden

    thankyou for making me, alive.

  • Claire Sardia
    Claire Sardia Vor 14 Stunden

    This song is so beautiful it makes me cry 😢

  • นู๋ มะเหมียว


  • Fancy Kpop
    Fancy Kpop Vor 14 Stunden

    Pada baper😭😭

  • Hhsingha Singha
    Hhsingha Singha Vor 14 Stunden

    jin you are so cute

  • _DeanBoo
    _DeanBoo Vor 15 Stunden

    we're all jinsexual

  • Ryn Tmy
    Ryn Tmy Vor 15 Stunden

    Jin finally blurted his real voice~

  • A Yea
    A Yea Vor 15 Stunden

    *bitch this has 2m+ views, wHY DON'T YOU JUST STREAM EPIPHANY*

  • Luci
    Luci Vor 15 Stunden

    iTunes Music needs to update their shit, man

  • FoFiTheGamer
    FoFiTheGamer Vor 15 Stunden

    진안... 사랑해요. 감사합니다.

  • Destiny Kpop
    Destiny Kpop Vor 16 Stunden

    This gives me The Truth Untold vibes. But the song is BOOTYFUL.............

  • Akasha Kirby
    Akasha Kirby Vor 16 Stunden

    New favorite song. This one just really gets me...I love it so much

  • freely chanu
    freely chanu Vor 16 Stunden +1

    Owwww my god JIN i love you soooooo much and your voice darling good luck for your future my god good job.saranghe