Giant Stress Ball vs. Construction Equipment | Will It Stretch?



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    Omg its a rainbow at 4:29 like if you see it

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    Tbh that looks fun even though I’m young xD

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    Rainbow 4:09

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    Am i the only one that thinks that when Jamie says yeah baby I think of Austin Powers 🙈🙈

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    2:51 lol

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    Hire me

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    Waste of water

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    Minnesota, a magical place where you can rent a tank and play with heavy machinery.

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    Why didn’t you stretch gumby

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    4:29 u madded a rainbow 😊

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    4:29 Rainbow 4:11 Too

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    2:20 This video is sponsored by PETA

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    I can probably buy all of this at Poundland or other cheap shops..instead of wasting my money online

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    Replace all these bulldozers and excavators with tanks and you have my personal paradise.

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    so who won?

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    Rocket league with diggers

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    I can't stop laughing when Jamie falls

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    I live in mn

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    2019 where you at

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    A stretch ball that doesn't stretch boi if dont

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    Can a kid play at extreme sandbox?

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    I wish I worked there that looks so fun !!!

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    Yeah! Go Minnesota!

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    Try stretching The Human Slingshot!

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    I meant a sub

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    I love you vat 19 can I come to the sand box i sus and I gave you a like

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    I live in Minnesota

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    Are kids allowed at the extreme sandbox

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    Lol what if she broke the thing holding the nome

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    One question


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    Ja ik wil👌🏿🍩🍌🍩🍌🍩

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    Did u know that the like button is green and the other One is red it’s so cool it’s a new update

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    Has anyone seen this on shark tank

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    At 2:06 it doesn't look like a "giant" wine glass to me ... XD

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    3:47 it did not hit look closely

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    Hi vat19

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    Like and comment my message if u saw a rainbow 🌈🤩

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    Vat19: 4:09

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    4:08 mom I saw a rainbow

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    Is this even legal

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    Try this with two phone books together.

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    Jamie’s face at 2:49

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    Oh long would it take key to mennosato

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    How do you think your DEclips channel is really awesome

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    Quick question how old do you need to be for the sand pit

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    Poor jamie

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    Zombie gnome more like zombie gnomemore

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    3:51 RIP go pro

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    You guys should do a will it melt challenge I think that'll be cool and very satisfying

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    What city? Idk y I'm wondering

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    This looks fun wtf

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    Hey look up look down you have sand! Only one like. Oh it’s me

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    2:44 are you a gamer because you just killed a furry! Nice one comrade

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    Why didn't you tear Gumby apart

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    You guys are the best

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    Is it bad I felt bad for the Feisty Pet?

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    2:45 secs is so sad.😿

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    Omg did you guys see that rainbow? (If you see it)

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    Peep the rainbow 4:30

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    1:07 Wack!!! Ohhhh, that was a GOOD ONE!!!!!

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    i wached this VID 4 times

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    I love these types of Vat19 vids

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    That looks so much fun

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    Your shop is so ooooooooooòo expensive!!!!!!!!!!!

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    4:07 Song?

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    U just kill that cat😢😢

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    1.6001th comment

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    Dude me and my friends would kill each other with the fire trucks and tractor

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    wth Jamie Eric looks like Hunter Zolomon, look him up if you dont know what im saying.

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    This is the most dangerous thing i have ever seen

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    I never knew crushslash uploaded again

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    xtreame sandbox
    yes please

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    4:26 isn't the ball Jesus? It walks on water.

  • Diogo the Object Thingy

    eric: hey I never eaten this before... AFTER... eric: NO THIS IS DA AFTER TASTE OMG! imma puke....

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    I thought he was gonna give away a tractor

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    They are torturing toys!!!

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    Top 10 crimes still unsolved

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    Braxton cool 903761138

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    I need a rainbow in your videos

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    4:09 did any body see da rainbow?! 🍎🍊🍋🍏👖🍇🥔

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    Cheerleading 2018: 2:27

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    *_W H E E Z E_*

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    No gnomes were harmed during the making of this vid

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    My dad works at Komatsu

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    It's expensive xD

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    What a waster of water :/

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    Eric was funny at the beginning

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    4:08 Oh!.. Colors! (The rainbow)

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    What is at the end of a rainbow


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    4:10 rainbow 🌈