THIS is How to Lose Fat (WORKS EVERY TIME!)

  • If you are wondering how to lose fat then you are going to want to watch this video. It doesn’t matter which diet plan you are following right now to lose weight, the key to your long term permanent success lies much deeper. Even science based diet plans that claim to prove the fastest way to lose body fat won’t stand the test of time if you are unable to do the most important thing when it comes to nutrition, and that is stay consistent with your approach.
    In this video, I show you the number one truth about nutrition and losing weight. Without consistency, your chance of keeping off the weight you lost is almost zero. The most important thing you can do is not turn to the latest pubmed studies to supposedly prove how you should be eating but rather determine if the way you decide to eat is going to be something you can do forever.
    I’m actually not one to demonize one way of eating over another. Instead, I encourage everyone to adopt the nutrition plan that is most conducive to their lifestyle and is going to be something that they can do for the foreseeable future. This often revolves around a much deeper ideology and one important unavoidable truth.
    And that is, getting ripped and losing fat is going to take commitment. Period. It is going to take a long term permanent commitment to either spending a bit more time than you are right now or money to get where you want to be. This can be boiled down to a simple three words and how they interplay together to formulate these requirements. These are fast, cheap and good.
    When it comes to nutrition and eating you can get fast, cheap and good but you can’t get all three. In fact, you can only choose two of these three options. In only one world is it possible to get fast, cheap and good nutrition and that is if you are living at home with your parents and they are spending the time, money and effort to prepare your foods for you but even in this example, someone is still sacrificing something - it’s just not you.
    More realistically, you are going to have to choose from these other options. In fact, there are only two viable options to diet success since the fast and cheap option is usually one that isn’t conducive to what you’re trying to achieve with your body goals. When you go this route you are left with foods that are likely not healthy or good. This is a quick road to disaster and not one that is recommended.
    This leaves the other two options. If you go the fast and good route then you are likely going to have to take advantage of pre-cooked foods in your local Whole Foods or even start using a meal prep company to provide your meals for you. Both of these are going to require a financial commitment that you may or may not be able or ready to make.
    On the other hand, if you would prefer to save a good bit of money you can purchase these foods yourself in their raw, natural states and then cook them yourself. This of course if going to take much more time and is going to require that you are willing to make the time commitment to getting this done consistently. Even if you do a full day meal prep or choose to prepare your meals daily.
    The fact is, you can’t escape nutrition commitment when you want to get your diet right and lose weight. Losing body fat is one of the hardest things you can do because it takes a 24/7 commitment that many people can’t make. Anyone can get themselves to go to the gym for an hour a few times a week but it takes a lot more effort to be conscientious of what you’re eating for the remaining 23 hours. Don’t get fooled by quick fixes. There is no such thing when it comes to getting ripped.
    If you’re looking for daily guidance on how to make this process much more automatic for you, then I think I can really help you out. My step by step meal plans are available in all of our programs available at the link below, depending on your exact training goals right now. Learn how to make eating almost automatic and take the stress out of nutrition once and for all with the X Factor Meal Plan at
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      Jeff can you please make a wrist and hand video. I have problems anytime I have do pull anything with a pronated grip (deadlift, bb rows,etc,)

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      Do you have any suggestions for vegetarians? Thank you for any input.

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      Hey man I ordered a program and a protein with the inferno program. But I do not know when should I take the protein. Is it before or after workout?? Pls lemme know thank you.

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith Vor 13 Stunden

    Depends on your metabolic health starting point. If you're insulin resistant (overweight and have belly fat) fasting and/or keto is the best way to restore insulin sensitivity so your body can process carbs more effectively. Then you can eat like him and have great results.

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    Potty mouth

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    Time commitment god damn it

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    Costco bulk Frozen veggies and frozen meat/fish+ crockpot + shit load of spices = everything

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    Guys. lost tons of weight doesn't need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Get a popular diet plan program called Custokebon Secrets (google search it). Thanks to it I've lost a lot of weight. I shouldn't even be speaking about it cause I don't really want lots of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I'm just simply in a excellent mood right now and so I'll share the wealth lol.

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    watching this while eating a pizza.

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    Lost 5KG on keto but gained it back again... cause what he keeps saying.. you can’t sustain it. Unless you can for years.. good for ya

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    Hello captain, how are you? I am Ahmed from Iraq. I ask you to have an Arabic translation of what you say so that the benefit will spread to us ... and how do I start with you from any episode I start with you in order to benefit from you Thank you for your efforts

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    Good + Fast -> made for top 10%
    Cheap+Good-> doesn't exist
    Fast and cheap is the only option

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    Fast, Cheap, Good, sold Plumbing / HVAC services for years that way, most successful sales programs have a version of this, I really like your twist though.

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    I'm going to lose my belly fat and look like great thanks Jeff Cavaliereathleanxdotcom !

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    A lot of people who claim that eating healthy is too expensive need to watch this. Yes, eating healthy can cost a lot if you're looking for something pre-made or catered. This is usually because of time constraints, or it's just plain laziness. if you actually go out and buy the raw ingredients yourself and spend some time in the kitchen making your food from scratch, eating healthy can be super affordable.

    • Rew Rose
      Rew Rose Vor 12 Tage

      Because everyone lives in an area where buying ingredients for cheap is possible?

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    Boy do I wish I could move back in with mommy she cooked good food. I hated it when I was a kid but she cooked lots of stuff in Jeff’s nutrition menu on the AX1 program. I try to do it myself & it’s tough lol. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻like he said fuck keto way to complicated main thing cut out most to all sugar it helps

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    I'm lazy and I'm broke, damn.

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    It does work. I committed to eating "whole foods" using the cheap and good method. I've lost 15 lbs in 2 months. I can feel my abs again. I've still a long way to go but it is working.

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    Hey Jeff, did Science DO something to you.....? I only ask because....., well, you seem very angry at Science for some reason. 🤨
    Edit: Also, I'm pretty sure scientific studies specify that you do actually have to COMMIT TO and stick to a nutritional plan in order for it to work.

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    Learned the Iron Triangle concept (good cheap fast) years ago in a project management course. Pretty cool how you apply it to fitness.

  • Hakkı Kaan Yüzbaşıoğlu

    Tbh, while I am not a bad cook myself, preparing these kinds of shit every day takes serious time and I don't deny that I am too lazy for it. So, here is my formula:
    3in1: Cheap + fast + good
    Mini Packaged salad (50 gr) + Canned Tuna (170gr) + Jasmine Rice Bag(ready in 10 mins)
    Put the rice to boil first and in meanwhile you will have enough time to prepare the rest. It is even faster than any food delivery out there.
    If you have mercuryphobia, then you can replace it with eggs, cottage cheese, or Harzer cheese with low sodium and you can just adjust the fat intake by yourself.

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    Good/Clean meals + supplimentation, 60:40 works for me.

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    I don't have time, and I'm broke. That's why I'm forever staying fat. Thank you.

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    Fast is not possible when you got to load a mini van or cook for 7 total people.
    Plus who has the money to feed more than that on one income if it's not cheap.

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    The only shortcut to this: Aldi allows me to buy fruit like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, kiwifruit for literally $1-2 for a pint/pound depending on the fruit, which I think is fast, cheap, and good. Also Greek yogurt 100 kcal & 18 g protein. $1 dozen eggs. I'm not sponsored by Aldi

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    Pls dekhe or subscribe kare mera channel snatch-x
    Apki choti si help mujhe support karne me boht himmat degi .
    Watch n subscribe
    Thank u.

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    Small problem with your equation Jeff. You should be multiplying by 2/3, not dividing. Dividing by 2/3 is a 50% increase. Multiplying by 2/3 leads to a 33% decrease, i.e. reducing 3 components to 2.

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    Am i the only one who enjoy cooking?

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