lowkey the most USEFUL video you'll ever watch [life hacks]



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    guess where i got these lifehacks from
    your mom

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      What if she is dead-

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      My mom's dead. :) a year in June for the sickos wondering!:)

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      no wonder it’s so useful

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      Motheeerrrrr knowwwsss best

  • andy dai
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    1:30 why do you need a fork to open a banana

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    Excuse me what are you going to be doing with that remote?

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    I DIED

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    I'm sorry but who tf uses a fork to cut their banana?!

  • 장
     Vor 3 Tage

    S O F T Y S O F T

  • 장
     Vor 3 Tage


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    Haha you said "vinigga" haha

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    5 Minute Crafts WHO!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

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    1:52 HE SAID IT

  • Wcarestam
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    Salt on the ice Will just melt the ice faster

  • DoritoPanda1423
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    Okay the hack at 2:38 would be pretty cool if he didn't PUT THE PIZZA ON THE F**KING WAY

    WHAATEVEN Vor 5 Tage

    *hold the fucking phone!*
    Who eats a banana with a fork anyway and why would you bother making a fork out of a paper clip to eat a banana 🍌???

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    The first one was godly

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    🚨 Great life Hack Alert 🚨
    Press the like button and it turns blue!

    I’m sorry...

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    The pancake mix one actually doesn’t work, it’s a pretty common life hack myth though. So I can’t be upset

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    2:14 I've done this my whole entire life and y'all figured it out now?

  • Hi Hello
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    I hope so

  • PotatoJunkee
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    Salt on ice makes it colder, but it melts faster.

  • Nightmare Before Christmas Freak

    The way it says "crumbs and fluff"

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    Or use vapo the normal way and save hours

  • TheSparkyWriter
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    Actually if you cut onions parallel with their lines... layers? Anyway, you won’t tear up. Something about cutting through the layers instead of with them makes the eyes water.

  • TechnoGuz GD
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    Garvage juice

  • Jannip
    Jannip Vor 8 Tage

    i literally do this for like 2 years now 1:00

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    1:52 vin- *WHAT*

  • Whiskey
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    Please don't leave your car keys in the fridge if they are fobs. Moisture can kill the internal components

  • Yuarian Smith
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    Freeze brine instead of regular water. Since it has a much lower freezing point (more cold) it'll stay frozen for long. Might need a deep freezer, though.

  • Brayden Zheng
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    Holy shit the eating chips with chopsticks is exactly what I do.

  • Football
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    5:30 white people problems

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    You Know You Mexican When Your Mom be like
    You have a *Headace* PUT Zepol On It.

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    Yeah never put boiling water into a glass, it could shatter quiet violently. Use something that isn't glass for your butter softening needs

  • Nicole Palmer
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    Problem is here in South Africa our tomato sauce bottles are made of glass (well one particular brand)

  • Thanos
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    1:52 ni🅱🅱a

  • Cheapest meat Hamburger

    6:02 Who ever thought of that is a fucking genius

  • Concord Boi
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    So why do people salt the ground when it snows?
    I’m a Texas boi don’t flame me

  • annabelle whaleborn
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    a strange hack is putting bread in the freezer can extend its shelf life for almost a week

  • Andrew pace
    Andrew pace Vor 11 Tage

    I think salt melts ice?

  • Liana Anzai
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    5:35 Or you can chew gum... It works.

  • SevenFour
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    The first one is diWHY

  • Xyriel Axyl
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    7:32 I'm actually confused how do you *put one in the bottom of your shower* ???

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    Clicked cause the title. Next level clickbait

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    What time are ya going home boi

  • M W
    M W Vor 13 Tage

    Nail polish on buttons is brilliant. 👍

  • Micheal Drake
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    Protip: if you bring alcohol to a place that doesn't allow it, you're an asshole because they probably don't allow it because they don't have an alcohol license and you're risking the jobs of everyone there so you can get toasted. Just stay the fuck home or go to a bar instead of being a selfish cunt.

  • bcdc123c
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    The ice one is wrong because they use salt to melt it on roads. It wouldn't work to keep the ice cold for longer.

  • Michael Au
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    Lit jam at 8:48

  • Jayden Wilton
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    4:03 or you could just stop being a racist fuck

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    Troom Troom is jealous

  • Emily Dudley
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    4:15 I was today old

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    Im wokeded af

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    just eat it cold you coward

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    troom troom could never

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    1:52 woah bro little too much there

  • Idontdoweedkidsstayinschool Snow

    Wait why would the tv remote need a condom

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    Way better than any other troom troom shit

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    Ooh! 666K Vievs!

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    Lmao these things honestly helped me

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    tv remote condom? what the frick

  • ewan sharp
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    1:29 why did you need the firk

  • Roblox Insider
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    3:07 "Use as *condom* for the TV remote" *"condom"*

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    1:52 vi-niIGa

    FITZ WOLF Vor 24 Tage

    3:31 why is the shifter on the floor

  • swahilimaster
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    Damn, now I want Whataburger.

  • Wumbo Boy
    Wumbo Boy Vor 24 Tage

    I'm actually gonna fuckin use chopsticks now

  • Jurgen Ludwig
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    1:52 vuh- nigga

  • Yas
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    What did the librarian say to the child

    Read more

  • Godly Jamal
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    The salt will just melt the ice?

  • Tk the ghost
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  • Gryphon Hanes
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    The way it says vinegar

  • phancy
    phancy Vor 27 Tage

    If your egg "carton" can hold water its not a carton

  • N88
    N88 Vor 29 Tage

    2:44 ice and salt is not a good mix. If you wanna reach your hand on the grab something that’s buried underneath ice you’re fucked

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Vor 29 Tage

    1:52 vi-nigga

  • Baby Bread
    Baby Bread Vor 29 Tage

    this will change my life

  • Alexander 123
    Alexander 123 Vor 29 Tage

    I was today years old when my life changed.

  • Patches McPatch
    Patches McPatch Vor Monat

    Wasn’t sure if these were serious or not...

  • DoomyDoom •
    DoomyDoom • Vor Monat

    5:35 most dangerous criminals alive

  • Luca Fanelli
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    1:31 who eats banana with a paper clip?

  • MyAnimatedLife ,
    MyAnimatedLife , Vor Monat

    Just rename this too college hack for broke people

  • User nonknown
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    2:43 this life hack is a adding salt to ice makes it malt faster

  • ArmyCadetJude
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    Putting salt on ice doesn’t make the ice last longer, infact it actually makes it melt faster but makes it colder. Which is why in the winter you see salt on roads to prevent ice

  • Jumanah Idris
    Jumanah Idris Vor Monat

    Amazing life hacks, but how many car keys do you think I have.
    (None. I'm fifteen. But still.)

  • a_true_memer
    a_true_memer Vor Monat

    1:30 yh u needed a fork to peel a banana

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    Comment Awards logic: writes random comment; pins it for no God Damn reason

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    the voice makes it better

  • Tide Pods
    Tide Pods Vor Monat

    what if we dont have electronics

  • Brian Furber
    Brian Furber Vor Monat

    1:51 viNIGGER*

  • Clash Royale
    Clash Royale Vor Monat

    1:30 you have to be sick if you use a fork to eat a banana

  • happyfishy 12
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    and i thought it was going to be a shitpost

  • tosdude
    tosdude Vor Monat

    The salt doesn't keep it frozen for longer, it actually melts faster, but the drinks are colder.

  • Jason Camenzuli
    Jason Camenzuli Vor Monat

    5:31 yep...... nup

  • Kaylee Barlau
    Kaylee Barlau Vor Monat

    Am i the only one that uses salt to get rid of ice?

  • Kaylee Barlau
    Kaylee Barlau Vor Monat

    i-if you put salt on ice it melts it
    stupid non-midwesterns

  • Lydia Peacock
    Lydia Peacock Vor Monat

    The salt is false. What you can do is line the cooler with aluminum foil and the pour ice and drinks inside. The plastic blocks heat and the foil contains the cold.

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  • cutecutexox
    cutecutexox Vor Monat

    1:25 I've been doing that