Latin Fusion Coltrane Changes Jam Track in B / G / Eb major (for bass) - BJT #56

  • This is a play along Latin Fusion Coltrane Changes style jam track (based on the chord changes from Giant Steps by John Coltrane) in B / G / Eb major at 220 BPM for bass players (bass track removed). Great for practising rhythm section accompaniment and improving your time feel.
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    - "For piano" (keyboard track removed) version.
    The basic chord structure is:
    Bmaj7 - D7 - | Gmaj7 - Bb13 - | Ebmaj7 - - - | Am9 - D7 - |
    Gmaj7 - Bb7 - | Ebmaj7 - F#13 - | Bmaj7 - - - | Fm7 - Bb13 - |
    Ebmaj7 - - - | Am7 - D7 - | Gmaj7 - - - | C#m7 - F#7 - |
    Bmaj7 - - - | Fm7 - Bb7 - | Ebmaj7 - - - | C#m7 - F#7 - :||
    Thanks for listening!
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