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Rustic Log Cabin Roof Build | family visits Secluded Forest

  • Am 30 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Episode 20 on the traditional log cabin build series!
    When I graduated high school I sought a big challenge in life. To alone, with only simple hand tools and raw power, build my own traditional off grid log cabin by hand from the materials of the Swedish forest. I film everything myself and edit these videos so you can follow my journey and hopefully learn as I do. I have no earlier experience in any of this, just a visualization of what I want to achieve and willpower to learn and improve everything necessary. So I enjoy reading good advice in the comments. Enjoy!
    In this episode I am fitting the ceiling into the log cabin. The boards edges had to be debarked and rounded off to give a good look, this was probably the most time consuming. All the lumber is from own forest and was sawed by a "neighbour", as shown in the end. I was considering hand splitting small logs, but my grandfather highly advised me to this method.
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  • Erik Grankvist
    Erik Grankvist  Vor year +2118

    Fun Story: The night at 15:15 I had been working all day and it was becoming night as usual. But right then a heavy storm broke lose like a whip and threw my tarp off. The rain was poring down on the roof and I had only my headlamp to navigate in the dark. I found my tarp and started climbing up the wet and slippery build though the storm, holding the tarp in one hand. I fought to get the whole tarp over but the storm kept launching it away. On the third attempt I managed to secure the tarp. I was climbing down from the top and the second I came down my flashlights battery died. It was completely pitch dark with the storm covering the night sky. Luckily my backpack wasn't far away and I managed to feel my way towards it and grab a new battery. :)
    It's quite funny now to think if the battery had died minutes earlier. Then I would've been stuck on the very top of the build in the pitch black. No phone in the middle of the forest, having to sitt through the night storm soaking wet. good times
    Now I always carry an extra battery in my pocket.
    My merch: shop.spreadshirt.com/erik-grankvist/
    Fun interview I did: declips.net/video/Z07ckV5wdP4/video.html

    • nwatson888
      nwatson888 Vor 4 Monate

      This is the kind of thing that, in the future, you will say, if I can do that, I can do anything.

    • Doug Henkle
      Doug Henkle Vor 9 Monate

      Watching you work actually makes me tired, you are a machine, very impressed. Sometimes I think "that would be cool to do" then I remember I'm 60 and not you. Besides, wife won't let me use the chainsaw anymore after trying to see what my tendons in my hand look like. ;)

    • Jae Fellows
      Jae Fellows Vor 9 Monate

      Someone watching over you!

  • darkschweppes
    darkschweppes Vor year +493

    my mental health is very bad and these videos really help me. they remind me that the world is big and people are capable of doing anything they set their mind to. the effort used from designing to building to FILMING AND UPLOADING the entire project is just amazing and i cannot even fathom that someone would be so generous to share something like this with the rest of the world. thank you!

    • Mulph 77
      Mulph 77 Vor 5 Monate

      Yeah its amazing. Smart young man.

    • Amber in the box
      Amber in the box Vor 7 Monate

      Me too

    • pamela pruitt
      pamela pruitt Vor 9 Monate

      I don't know your age, or the ages of the others replying. But, I learned early in life that NO situation lasts forever. No misery and no joy. Life is constantly changing. If y'all ever get to the point where you think you can't take it anymore, just wait a short time and your situation will change for the better. Live enough of these times and it will make you a tough old bird. 😉

    • Stewart J
      Stewart J Vor 9 Monate

      @darkschweppes you’ll grow up one day it’ll be ok.

    • darkschweppes
      darkschweppes Vor 9 Monate

      @Stewart J i still do shit for attention because humans are social creatures
      and in actuality whenever a teenager is self harming for attention it’s more likely a call for relationship with for instance neglectful parents or friends
      the need for attention isn’t a negative thing and it’s entirely what builds relationship
      needing deeper relationship is not a bad thing and some teens don’t know how to get it so they resort to things that are harmful
      judging those behaviours won’t help them heal at all it perpetuates them

  • Bruno Helenius
    Bruno Helenius Vor year +694

    I love the quiet solitude. No speaking, no annoying music. Thus I hereby nominate you Erik as an honorary Finn. Best regards, en Finnjävel.

    • Paraskos Leonidou
      Paraskos Leonidou Vor 4 Monate

      Perkele det är en stor ära

    • Tony Petersen
      Tony Petersen Vor 9 Monate

      @carlito matti I wonder how excited Erik is to be followed by a proclaimed dog hater considering that - as seen throughout his videos - his loyal companion Alice is a dog.

    • Pamela remme
      Pamela remme Vor 9 Monate +1

      Have you also seen My Self Reliance channel? Very relaxing and impressive.

    • M Alw
      M Alw Vor 9 Monate +2

      @Gee Adblock is your friend

    • Gee
      Gee Vor 10 Monate

      These videos are very inspirational and relaxing, but you tube ads every 4 minutes really spoils it

  • Winston Brooks
    Winston Brooks Vor year +263

    Erik, I'm a 78-year-old, and I built my 1st house with power tools, mostly by myself, in my early 20's, it was hard work. What you have done, is so kool, you can be proud of yourself. I don,t think I would have tried to build a Log Cabin in those days, many kudo's to you sir. Keep up the good work. "Now get back to work son!"

    • Wild Mountain Gwendy
      Wild Mountain Gwendy Vor year +3

      @Griff Jeske i live in Colorado, and have since 2005...it's a great place, you'll love it, especially if you don't mind snow...which I don't.

    • Bobby
      Bobby Vor year +5

      @Griff Jeske You will have an extraordinary, life changing experience!
      Well, ok, maybe a bit of vocabulary enrichment along the way... but it's all good.
      I wish you and your family well.

    • Griff Jeske
      Griff Jeske Vor year +5

      Yeah we're heading out to Colorado to build something like that glad I have my two younger Sons hopefully the youngest will hurry up

    • Bobby
      Bobby Vor year +8

      Is your house still standing, sir? I'd love to see a picture. My mom built an adobe home with Grandpa, in old Arizona.
      Growing up in a house built by ones mother and grandfather is quite an indescribable feeling. I can only imagine what it's like to live in one built yourself.

  • David Crawford
    David Crawford Vor year +18

    Erik you are an inspiration and your skill in making this house is incredible. Well done!

  • Steven Law - Living Free

    You're not just a craftsman, you're also an artist. Admire your commitment and passion. Bravo!

  • Jesse Nordwall
    Jesse Nordwall Vor year +32

    So ridiculously inspiring watching this build come together. I can't wait to see the next episode!

  • Eero Kosmaa
    Eero Kosmaa Vor year +8

    I must say that after quite a few years on construction sites and being an outdoorsy type, this is really impressive. The amount of patience, mental fortitude, stubbornness (the good kind :) ), humility, and self-esteem to do something like this, especially right after secondary school, is truly amazing. I hope you can take all your skill and strength with you and apply them in your later life. II am not easily impressed, but you, young sir, have indeed impressed me greatly. I wish you all the success in your life. Oh yeah and mad respect to your grandfather!!! He's the man.
    Just a guy from Finland.

  • Cj bax
    Cj bax Vor year +1

    Absolutely love watching this build great skills young man 👍🏽🇦🇺

  • Augustin
    Augustin Vor year +511

    At first i thought "how can a guy in a forest build a house by himself" now i know and im loving it these past few months

    • L N
      L N Vor year

      I got to disbelief when he got to the 6ft mark, I thought he going to have to get help! How wrong was I ! 🥴😂

    • john k mcgregor
      john k mcgregor Vor year +3

      Now you don’t know... that’s only the second time I have seen anyone else apart from Erik since the beginning. You are being very critical. John from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • alan mcclure
      alan mcclure Vor year +5

      first step, is go out in the forest.

  • Kirsten Chavez
    Kirsten Chavez Vor year +15

    After it’s built I want to see how you will build the bed, furniture, and how you make all of the natural decorations!!

  • michael carpenter
    michael carpenter Vor 11 Monate +1

    Eriks work is very inspiring. 2 weeks ago I lost my cabin to a massive fire in the forest. It was a 94 year old board and batten. I always wished to rebuild with logs. Now I am going to do it. I am doing my homework, watching Erik has helped alot. I will not use any power tools to build. It will be off grid. Next spring I will begin with the foundation. Logs will be cedar. Thanks again Erik.

  • Deacon
    Deacon Vor year +7

    I love this guy. Imagine being related to him or even being his friend. The fin times of building great things like this cabin

    DJ DUCKEY Vor year +19

    There’s something so nice about building something out in the forest where the rest of society doesn’t bother you. Not having to worry about anything just being out in the forest and focusing on yourself, I love these videos so much!

  • Yvonne Simmons
    Yvonne Simmons Vor year +17

    You are doing fantastic job, and learning a skill that could become your career, there are very few young people that are learning skills and techniques passed down through generations of home building. Your skills as a cameraman, editor are superb. Super tech to record and witness skills from the past. So great to see a young person so dedicated and determined. My husband and I lived many years in northern British Columbia, and we enjoyed the difficult work of making an old cabin that was going to be just our summer cabin, but became our full time home. I loved to hear the hammer and axe working on the wood. Echoing in the sound of the wind in the trees. It was a lovely life for the strong and young. This was many years ago, and all the hard work was a wealth of experiences. Looking forward to your continued work on your cabin. My congratulations and admiration from British Columbia, Canada.🇨🇦

  • Kurt Jensen
    Kurt Jensen Vor year +9

    I Cannot even imagine how wonderful it must feel to sleep the first night in the house that you built your self!

  • Adam
    Adam Vor year +5

    Thanks for filming the process, really enjoy watching these vids, awesome job with the cabin, can't wait to see the next chapter: "Making furniture" .😍


    Acompanhando diretamente do Brasil, estou gostando muito do trabalho! 🇧🇷


    Phenomenal, Erik!!! The roof is one of the things I've been wanting to see how you constructed. I'm looking forward to the next installment. It has been a pleasure to watch you build the cabin, for sure!!! You and your skills have grown along with the cabin. You have undertaken something very few people would even attempt, and you've done a phenomenal job!!!

  • akmuk87
    akmuk87 Vor 11 Monate +1

    I find this so therapeutic that I put it on before going to bed and it calms me so much. Amazing talent and dedication!

  • Spike 365
    Spike 365 Vor year +5

    Yo the cabin is lookin really good
    It’s crazy how much you’ve accomplished yall have done a great job

  • Ray Eyth
    Ray Eyth Vor year +6

    You have accomplished more than most of us could've in the time that it took you to become a mentor to me. I will go as far to say that your my here. It is unbelievable that you started out with nothing and never gave up. I'm 55 years of age and I'd love to meet you someday, just to shake your hand and meet a man such as you. I wish you and your family many years of love and happiness!

  • Craig Napoli
    Craig Napoli Vor 11 Monate +3

    This is one of the most incredible and inspirational videos I have ever watched, thank you for sharing your journey into craftsmanship.

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson Vor year +1

    A lot of respect for you young man. Enjoy doing this as you seem to be. I once was young like you and would have loved building something much like you are. Now with wife and children, my building is limited to building for others, which is rewarding in its own right but not quite like building a home.

  • Casey Murphree
    Casey Murphree Vor year +89

    KNOW that MANY people who watch you are as PROUD of you as your parents must be.

    • tpodole
      tpodole Vor year +3

      It's such a weird feeling... being proud for someone completely unrelated to you.

  • harley hawk
    harley hawk Vor year +15

    I thought building my cedar deck on the back of the house was tough. you make my project look simple. being 70 and doing it by myself, is difficult for me. congratulations on your accomplishment young man👍🏻🍻🤜🤛

  • danteelite
    danteelite Vor year +84

    Fun Fact: The term 'Dead as a Door Nail' has an interesting origin.
    In the olden days, nails were extremely valuable because each one was hand made. So much so, that when people moved, they would often burn the house down and shift through the ashes to recover the nails and take them to be used again. (Hence barn burning parties. Typically farmers would celebrate success by burning the old barn to build a new bigger one.)
    Door nails had to be extra secure and withstand a ton of abuse, so when you installed a door, you would hammer a nail through to the other side, bend it over onto itself and smash it down. This mangled the nail and any attempt to straighten it would work harden and break it. Hence, you could only use them once. It was a dead nail. Not worth retrieving, cant be fixed or remade. It has to be completely melted and reforged.
    Fun, huh? Life sure was shitty and difficult and horrible before you could just order a pneumatic airgun off Amazon and a bulk pack of a thousand nails...

    • Amber in the box
      Amber in the box Vor 7 Monate

      Oh my dad told me that when I was a kid. I completely forgot about that. He had turned an old mill into a house and had an antique shop and a wood shop where Hu beuit old styled furniture by hand. He was a brick Mason for work but those were what he had on the first floor.....well that was my step dad anyways. He just recently passed. I feel awful for my mom.

    • Roger Fleischer
      Roger Fleischer Vor 7 Monate

      @MACDADDY760 Not in the original colonies where mass manufacturing was pioneered by a program of the federal government initiated by the Madison administration in 1812, A huge mistake, which has yet to be remedied, was to overlook the need to incorporate a sub-program to assist every state to develop appropriate industries. In the South, such a program would provided freed slaves and many others with employment and a basis for sustainable regional and national economic development. Most of the United States need such a program today.

    • MACDADDY760
      MACDADDY760 Vor 9 Monate

      They made the slaves make nails

    • Sean O'Neal
      Sean O'Neal Vor year +4

      I would argue it was more difficult but shitty? Not so much. At least you had small government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

  • rmona brown
    rmona brown Vor year +3

    Well done Erik! Really admire the way u build your cabin. U have shown much resilience and patience. Your parents and grandparents must be v proud. Please keep posting your videos. Wishing u well.

  • Daniel R
    Daniel R Vor year +1

    Much respect Erik. Hard work pays off in so many ways. I look forward to your next video!

  • Jenny Hardy
    Jenny Hardy Vor year +1

    Lookng forward to seeing the log cabin completed. Lovely films and no fussy narration or music to spoil it.

  • Señor Sombrero
    Señor Sombrero Vor year +527

    As a general rule, the larger the feather in a man’s hat, the more respect he deserves.

    • Ute Rauch
      Ute Rauch Vor 9 Monate

      @Mike Evans These are.feathers.of.a.pheasant

    • Levienna
      Levienna Vor year

      @The New Seorarek 😆🤣🤣i feel a little bad for laughing but again i dont. That comment🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Michael Bastin
      Michael Bastin Vor year

      @The New Seorarek me trust

    • Horn Dog
      Horn Dog Vor year +1

      Whole peacock.everyone just say sir

    • Mike Evans
      Mike Evans Vor year +3

      Starts hunting peacocks..😂

  • BJ Schutts
    BJ Schutts Vor year +1

    I love watching your posts. Your dedication to this project is inspiring. Your patience in the amount of time to precision fit the pieces together would test the majority of us. But look at the accomplishment .... I can not wait to see the further progress. Thank you for sharing challenge and adventure!😎

  • Gerdine
    Gerdine Vor year +2

    You get me as excited as for the end of a good book. I wanted to skip to the end to see how far you've got this time, but I watched it all. Absolutely amazing to see how you calmly and surely get it done, step by step. Much respect!

  • TypicalSwede
    TypicalSwede Vor year +13

    Väldigt häftigt bygge Erik, Väldigt kul att följa 👌😀
    Really Awesome build Erik, A lot of fun to follow.

  • Mr. Stampfer
    Mr. Stampfer Vor year

    An absolutely brilliant project that I've been watching for a long time. I'm always looking forward to new episodes 🤗 Keep it up. 🤘

  • Toni Irving
    Toni Irving Vor year +44

    There's something very zen about watching you work on the cabin. I really admire the dedication and effort you've put into it over the last year and change. I can't wait to see the final result. Thank you so much for allowing us to follow you on this journey.

  • Vania Garcev
    Vania Garcev Vor year +1

    Oi sou do Brasil filha de estrangeiro vc é demais menino boa sorte muito esforçado e inteligente 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Christopher Nieto
    Christopher Nieto Vor year +1

    This is the best log cabin construction I've ever seen. It's even better then townsend on DEclips ❤

  • stray arrows
    stray arrows Vor year +8

    Hey there, good day.
    Just wanted to send you good vibes and positive energy, as well as congratulate you on your build.
    The cabin is coming together so nice. I've been here viewing since day one, I admire your attention to detail and determination. You're a big inspiration. I wish you all the best with this new and exciting adventure. -Peace

  • /-
    /- Vor year +1

    You are going to be one happy man when this is complete! Keep going, excited to see the finish:)!

  • R Robi
    R Robi Vor year +1

    I love watching your videos! You give me hope for humanity, the next generation needs to take notes from you.❤️

  • JC weather dot net
    JC weather dot net Vor year +6

    You are an amazing young man. You’re patient articulate and smart. I can’t stop watching your videos. I joined your Patreon because I wanted to help a little bit. Thank you for the awesome content !

  • David Judson
    David Judson Vor year +5

    This is absolutely amazing man! I'm planning on doing something very similar in a few years here, moving to alaska and building my own log cabin by myself. Should be one hell of a journey, and your videos are inspirational to me!

    • Erik Grankvist
      Erik Grankvist  Vor year +5

      Thank you David. I wish you the best of luck! ;) Anything is possible!

  • Kevin Cerce
    Kevin Cerce Vor year

    You came a long way Erik, everything is looking great, enjoy the fruits of your labor

  • DDan61
    DDan61 Vor year +56

    Nice story and glad you're ok! An old man once told me "if you make a mistake and you learn from it, then it was NEVER a mistake to begin with, it was a LESSON!".

  • Carley van Tatenhove
    Carley van Tatenhove Vor year +17

    Thanks for posting Erik, I enjoyed your video very much.
    Love the fact that you listen to your grand parents to
    learn from them. Your parents may be proud of you,
    but your grandparents are sure to be bursting with pride
    and will cherish you in their hearts.
    You are also a setting example for your generation,
    most of which have no patience or interest in the knowledge
    of the older generations. Thank you for that, God Bless you
    and your family.

  • Magical tinki
    Magical tinki Vor year

    Omggg finally the roof 😍 I’m so excited for you, I hope you keep making content even after you finish building the house the nature around you is spectacular. I wouldn’t mind daily vlogs.

  • Rachel Loren
    Rachel Loren Vor year +1

    This is just so incredible. I wonder about the wood rotting? Is this a certain tree that doesn't rot quickly? Since it's not stained or treated or anything?

  • Stephany Gates
    Stephany Gates Vor year

    Your editing makes your process evident. As questions occur to me, I see the answers demonstrated. Beautifully done!

  • Noe Chavez
    Noe Chavez Vor year +55

    Setting up the camera, although simple in this context, is time consuming and surely a relative nascence to juggle amongst the endless problem solving during construction. Thank you for sharing xoxo

  • Par 3 fois N
    Par 3 fois N Vor year +1

    J'adore. C'est vraiment du beau travail. VERY GOOD JOB !!!!!! :)))

  • Maju Piju
    Maju Piju Vor year

    Sweet, the first night in the cabin ;D
    Must be feeling great! Cant wait to see the progression in the next video!

  • Cahyono Teguh
    Cahyono Teguh Vor year +2

    I from russia and I very very like u're videos, 'cause when i watching it i feel like my soul become filled how u make the house in the forest! Good job, my friend!

  • layan
    layan Vor year +2

    What is this creativity and professionalism!
    I loved it so much 🤩!!!!!
    I hope you get more achievements!

  • Lochlann Turner
    Lochlann Turner Vor year +22

    Another incredibly impressive thing is how good this looks/is edited

  • thraciangrapes
    thraciangrapes Vor 6 Monate

    Your parents did a phenomenal job raising you, training you for adulthood, and teaching you important life skills. Bravo! 👏 Wonderful family!
    P.s. It looks so cozy with the cot set up and reading before sleeping inside your new cabin. It must have smelled wonderful with all the wood, smoke, and fresh forest air.

  • Gil Montaner
    Gil Montaner Vor 10 Monate +1

    Erik is such an amazing and matured kid. Good job Erick.

  • Miranda Carter
    Miranda Carter Vor year +6

    These shots are absolutely amazing. Every angle is so well thought out and controlled! Don't even get me started on the drone shots!!!

  • Katja
    Katja Vor year

    I’ve watched the 2-hour video and I enjoyed it very much. So relaxing. The sounds of nature, the tools etc. And of course curious how it will turn out. Love it so far!

  • Trevor Tong
    Trevor Tong Vor year +7

    It’s beginning to look more like a cabin , it’s looking fantastic! How you handle that hand axe amazes me , your strokes are so precise.
    I have followed you from the start, wishing you all the best, from Canterbury Kent UK

  • Bana Arasanz
    Bana Arasanz Vor year

    Love your videos! been watching the progress for some time now, I always look forward to seeing each stage completed.
    It's impressive, congratulations!

  • Brad Westbrook
    Brad Westbrook Vor year

    Thanks Erik for posting this wonderful series of your build! Can't wait to see it finished!

  • damnRico
    damnRico Vor 10 Monate

    My deepest respect! From a 39 years old man to you, a 20 years old man.
    Erik shows us what a strong mind and character can create.
    Keep on and share your visions.

  • Юра Фатеев
    Юра Фатеев Vor year +1

    Крыша должна быть с напуском если не хочешь ,чтобы вода от дождя стекала по брёвнам и дом был мокрым постоянно . И желательна так же толщина утепления крыши , а то при морозе будет здорово промерзать и придется сидеть возле печурочки постоянно подкидывая дрова.

  • Jim Sechrengost
    Jim Sechrengost Vor year +21

    Glad to see the cabin finally being closed in. You can really get a feel for its final shape. I have really enjoyed you sharing your journey with all us lowly mortals.

  • Mick Gatz
    Mick Gatz Vor year +1

    This is some VERY skilled craftsmanship being done here!. :)
    Well done guys!
    (also,....awesome editing of video footage/s too!)....
    Greetz from Australia....

  • Holly P
    Holly P Vor 8 Monate

    Im so impressed by your accuracy when you put the first roof panel on and matched it to the logs on the wall!

  • Lorenzo Ferrajoli
    Lorenzo Ferrajoli Vor year +2

    I've been watching your videos (and progress) for a while... I admire your tenacity and expertise in working with wood.
    But the thing I like most about what you are doing is the message behind it: the magic of making!
    I'm happy for you that you were able to sleep inside your house for the first time... it must have been a huge satisfaction.

  • B C
    B C Vor year

    Dear Eric, thank you so much for posting these videos and sharing your project! I've been watching all of them with much interest, and can't wait for the next one. Your dedication is admirable.
    Watching this reminded me of my travels in Sweden when I was about your age.... That was 35 years ago :)
    I loved the forests and the lakes, and the kind people.
    With much respect, and regards from Texas.

  • Stefan L.
    Stefan L. Vor year +7

    If DEclipsrs would always be so inspiring. Without advertising and product placement. Proof of real ability and skill. Thank you very much! Greetings from Germany 🙂

  • WayWard Whippets
    WayWard Whippets Vor year

    Thank you for including me on this journey! It's WONDERFUL!!!!!!
    BRAVO 👏👏👏

  • Grey Beard
    Grey Beard Vor year +7

    Well in those videos there is much more than just discovering and learning woodworking skills .. this is a story about how a young man dares to dream and make his dreams come true without much fuss .. step by step .. regardless of the weather and the season .. here is to learn how to be tough and achieve your goals no matter what .. my respect!

  • Tez Medvecká
    Tez Medvecká Vor year

    You are a champ! So much time, willpower, love, and effort went into this cabin! This is a lifetime kind of achievement. Congratulations and good luck in the future!

  • Thomas Curry
    Thomas Curry Vor year +6

    I must say I've been a carpenter for 15 years. You do nice work man. I love the dedication you have doing it the old school traditional way. Keep the videos coming i love seeing the progress.

  • Larry325
    Larry325 Vor year

    Great progress Erik! You should feel real proud of what you have accomplished! Love your dog! 👍👍

  • Mill H
    Mill H Vor year +3

    I’m so at peace watching these videos 😌

  • Geri Pizzuti
    Geri Pizzuti Vor year

    I love watching the step by step process. You are doing a great job.

  • Calvin Andres
    Calvin Andres Vor year

    Erik, a question for you. Will the notches along the logs for your roofing planks be a common place for water build-up? If so, what's the plan for keeping the logs from rotting?

  • Frank Seed
    Frank Seed Vor year

    This has made me appreciate architecture in a new way. Your whole build is amazing! I want to build my own cabin now. I hope the first night in the cabin was triumphant

  • Ford Boss
    Ford Boss Vor year

    This is really coming together nicely, beautiful cabin, you’ve done a great job so far!

  • mikkel andersen
    mikkel andersen Vor year

    wonderful journey to follow along with, keep up the good work and hope you and your family is doing great

  • Dave Matthews
    Dave Matthews Vor year +1

    Very interested in how you will finish inside and the porch. I initially expected you to build a stone fireplace.

  • Asquith Mainlines
    Asquith Mainlines Vor year +16

    Thanks and welcome back, that ceiling looks fantastic. I am always amazed at your techniques and knowledge of what you are doing. You are definitely a master craftsman. Something that is extremely rare in people of your age today. 🇨🇦🇨🇦

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