may prepper camp

  • a meet up with a few ppl from the prepping group. i few bits of swearing as its a group meet up and social. big thanks for putting it together


  • Roger abbott
    Roger abbott Vor 3 years +2

    great video you guys rock

  • Ken Allen
    Ken Allen Vor 4 years +1

    This came up in recomended watching and glad it did, really gread vid bro looks like a lot of fun was had by all. ATB from NZ

    • Bug out vehicles UK
      Bug out vehicles UK  Vor 4 years

      Thanks mate. And thanks for the reminder it was a good meet up some time ago. I do miss the trailer but the new one behind the camper will be better.

  • Sean Butler
    Sean Butler Vor 4 years

    Johnny is star i would of laughed at that too mate haha, well i did, after you

  • NewMexicoSharpShooter
    NewMexicoSharpShooter Vor 5 years

    TFHs are very important.

  • MartTheMadScientist
    MartTheMadScientist Vor 5 years

    Dude dot was that light U can charge ya phone with I want one

    • Bug out vehicles UK
      Bug out vehicles UK  Vor 5 years +1


    • MartTheMadScientist
      MartTheMadScientist Vor 5 years +1

      @Torn Apart self sufficiency nice one dude i found one on amazon for £35 :) the list of things i want just got bigger lol

    • Bug out vehicles UK
      Bug out vehicles UK  Vor 5 years

      @MartTheMadScientist its just an led work light with usb point. very handy kit.

  • Survival Ridge
    Survival Ridge Vor 5 years

    Well sorted mate. Good little posse going on too. Love the shooting advice!

  • Full Spectrum Survival

    Enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Reached60
    Reached60 Vor 5 years

    Enjoyed watching as per :)

  • darkforestshadows
    darkforestshadows Vor 5 years

    Liked the b/w intro, good job :)

  • kenny9823
    kenny9823 Vor 5 years

    great vid bud , seen the pics on fb looked awesome, if i lived on he main land i would have been there ,, oh like the 81 support t shirt too i got the beanie ,,,,, all the best kenny ps thumbs up

  • The Wee Leggies Camper

    Hi Rich great video and it looked like you had a great set up and a good time there and looks like you all eat well if there is ever a need to bug out i am coming to yours lol.
    I wish i could of been there but as i said before my car needs work and i had so much fun changing the lower suspension arms and drop links on my mams car on saterday to get it to pass its mot but on the good site it passed on tuesday i am hoping to get to the next meet
    Take care

    • Bug out vehicles UK
      Bug out vehicles UK  Vor 5 years

      it all went well so the ppl that set it up said we could do more there and it was a great site too so im hopeing for the end of june but i will let you know.

  • Jonny Bushcraft
    Jonny Bushcraft Vor 5 years

    That looked like great fun mate!
    Atb, Jonny.

    • Bug out vehicles UK
      Bug out vehicles UK  Vor 5 years

      it was a right laugh. we didnt know what to expect when we got there but every one was spot on. thanks pal

  • jediknightofthewoods
    jediknightofthewoods Vor 5 years

    Fantastic! Just loved the use of that entrenching tool to stir the scoff with! Lol!

  • Karl Harrison
    Karl Harrison Vor 5 years

    Good vid mate look forward to the next time

  • stoneman886
    stoneman886 Vor 5 years

    That looked a load of fun... Loads of food.. Shooting...can't fault it mate.

    • Bug out vehicles UK
      Bug out vehicles UK  Vor 5 years

      it was a well over due weekend and nice to meet ppl that iv only talked too online. cant wait till the bushcraft show now.