YouTubers React To Article 13 #SaveYourInternet

  • Am 11 Sep 2018 veröffentlicht
  • Discussion around Article 13 and what it means for DEclips overall.
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    Content featured:
    HORRIFYING! How Article 13 Could Ruin The Internet, Priyanka Chopra
    Backlash, and Andrea Russett
    How Article 13 Could Ruin The Internet And Why You Should Care About The EUCD...
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    DEclipsrs featured:
    Claudia Sulewski
    Garrett Watts
    Veronica & Vanessa Merrell
    Craig Thompson
    Imane Anys
    Rosanna Pansino
    Noah Grossman & Ian Hecox
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    DEclipsrs React #191 - DEclipsrs React To The End Of DEclips?(End Of Memes, Article 13, #SaveYourInternet)
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  • FBE
    FBE  Vor 9 Monate +2003

    Article 13 directly affects every creator on the internet. Spread the word. #SaveYourInternet
    - FBE Team

    • GikkiV
      GikkiV Vor 9 Monate


    • Jacob Black
      Jacob Black Vor 9 Monate

      Go full 1984 EU read the book And like it.

    • Jacob Black
      Jacob Black Vor 9 Monate

      EU Empire Vs meme Robles.

    • katie larson
      katie larson Vor 9 Monate

      FBE react to kian and jc

    • katie larson
      katie larson Vor 9 Monate

      FBE react to emma chamberlain

  • Brendan Hamill
    Brendan Hamill Vor 8 Monate +8

    Could happen

  • Brendan Hamill
    Brendan Hamill Vor 8 Monate +8

    Could happen

  • SuperDCUniverse1
    SuperDCUniverse1 Vor 8 Monate +3710

    Mr. DEclips i don’t feel so good..

  • Matt Hixson
    Matt Hixson Vor 8 Monate +10

    The Drake In My Feelings moment would have never happened with this law - I'm sure Drake really liked the attention.

  • Firez
    Firez Vor 8 Monate +27


  • Firez
    Firez Vor 8 Monate +21

    So what is Freedom of Speech now not a thing?

  • Plamen Ilchev
    Plamen Ilchev Vor 8 Monate +14

    If you look through history the way dictators raise to power is by first getting hold of the media. Hmmm!? What is the EU thinking?

  • jerry smith
    jerry smith Vor 8 Monate +6

    EU is the california of the east😂

  • The Clickbaiter
    The Clickbaiter Vor 8 Monate +5

    I smell mat making theories about that

  • Spyros Hormovitis
    Spyros Hormovitis Vor 8 Monate +6

    This is the end

  • akaiyukihana
    akaiyukihana Vor 8 Monate +8

    This is... Scary???

  • Jordan Young
    Jordan Young Vor 8 Monate +3


  • Finno Gamer
    Finno Gamer Vor 8 Monate +14

    You can't post a meme in EU
    *BUT you can post you'r hand drawed Memes to internet*

  • Charsie
    Charsie Vor 8 Monate +9

    Ha! just use the russian anthem, try to ban that EU

  • Josu
    Josu Vor 8 Monate +21


  • blue rose
    blue rose Vor 8 Monate +9


  • Clonetrooper231 SWBF
    Clonetrooper231 SWBF Vor 8 Monate +23

    If Memes and DEclips end there with be a riots. Like if it's truth

  • Melissa Allen
    Melissa Allen Vor 8 Monate +5

    I don't get it... explain please

  • stila peiceofgarbage
    stila peiceofgarbage Vor 8 Monate +16

    The infinity war of internet

  • Angie _
    Angie _ Vor 8 Monate +4


  • ChriChar99
    ChriChar99 Vor 8 Monate +11

    Nuke EU

  • Andrian Luviano
    Andrian Luviano Vor 8 Monate +10

    I just remember if you banned meme
    Than Russian anthem is a...... yeah

  • MYMINDism
    MYMINDism Vor 8 Monate +4

    I support the article 13

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach Vor 8 Monate +3

      This should be a meme

    • Noorandra Ahimsa
      Noorandra Ahimsa Vor 8 Monate +1


    • Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler Vor 8 Monate +6

      *YOU WHAT?!*

    • Peb and sometimes Dev
      Peb and sometimes Dev Vor 8 Monate +8

      MYMINDism hell yea it is we have the right to the Internet we created it we built it up from the ground up are you saying all those people who use Internet as their job don't have the human right to a job the right to speak openly on the internet

    • MYMINDism
      MYMINDism Vor 8 Monate +1

      The Internet is not a human right

  • Caleb McCarthy
    Caleb McCarthy Vor 8 Monate +21

    We need to have some sort of group of Guardians to protect the internet or something.

  • johnnie boles
    johnnie boles Vor 8 Monate +11

    F$#k that

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera Vor 8 Monate +26

    Now I feel worry and nervous

  • Unoriginal Aquarius
    Unoriginal Aquarius Vor 8 Monate +19

    I don't understand why I am just hearing about this

  • Unoriginal Aquarius
    Unoriginal Aquarius Vor 8 Monate +20

    Rip editor's and people who draw fanart . (i assume fanart will also be affected )

    • betaich
      betaich Vor 8 Monate +1

      You actually currently can, Disney and others do it constantly.

    • Frank Stein
      Frank Stein Vor 8 Monate

      I don't think fanart will be affected since it really is the fan-artist's original work, just drawn to the likeness of another person/company's character. You can't claim someone else's drawing is yours just because they look the same.

  • Queen_Miichu :3
    Queen_Miichu :3 Vor 8 Monate +4221

    _psst.....hey!....hey kid..._

    **opens trench coat**
    *wanna buy some memes?*

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent Nguyen Vor 8 Monate +3

    Yo poki

    BREADSAUCE 10 Vor 8 Monate +11


  • Amy Clifton
    Amy Clifton Vor 8 Monate +19

    This is gonna affect all fan accounts. :-(

  • uoᴉssǝɹdǝs ʎɯ sǝɹnɔ sǝɯǝɯ

    but memes cured my depression :(((

  • The Gold Bond Guy
    The Gold Bond Guy Vor 8 Monate +7

    Rip game and film theory

    • Rafanana007
      Rafanana007 Vor 8 Monate +1

      But hey its a theory a GAME THEORY

  • ohkei
    ohkei Vor 8 Monate +8

    Alright time to move to dailymotion

  • Bscar. YT
    Bscar. YT Vor 8 Monate +15

    The end is coming

  • Giwtakoy
    Giwtakoy Vor 8 Monate +5

    I have goosebumps

  • KiryuKen
    KiryuKen Vor 8 Monate +11

    When u have to open tor with a vpn just to see a png with words

  • Thy Crusader
    Thy Crusader Vor 8 Monate +4

    Lols, to matpat, Trump likes memes

  • Thy Crusader
    Thy Crusader Vor 8 Monate +11


  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Vor 8 Monate +387

    *NEIN* !

  • Rivet Squid
    Rivet Squid Vor 8 Monate +7

    Can you imagine a time when a major box office hit could be lost forever, simply because the studio didn't care enough to reproduce it?
    Memes and subculture aside, when we hamper the ability to reproduce and disseminate information, we lose culture itself.

  • Owen. - ̇uǝʍO
    Owen. - ̇uǝʍO Vor 8 Monate +142

    MatPat seemed near tears in some places

  • Zashera Khan
    Zashera Khan Vor 8 Monate +28

    Was matpat crying

  • I.T. Mathew
    I.T. Mathew Vor 8 Monate +637

    DEclipsrs: MEMES!?
    Me: FANFICTION?!?!

  • Alejandro Avina
    Alejandro Avina Vor 8 Monate +23

    if this happens i will hook u guys with memes

  • Alpaca•
    Alpaca• Vor 8 Monate +13

    This is why there was a shooting at DEclips headquarters

  • Emily Arroyo
    Emily Arroyo Vor 8 Monate +5

    I think it got approved

    • Annie Winchester
      Annie Winchester Vor 8 Monate +3

      It got approved by the EU Parliament, but every single EU State Member have to decide whether to accept this law or not. If every State approves it, the law passes and Internet is doomed. If one single State doesn't agree with it, the law can't be applied.
      Some EU States would like to apply this law, but some others wouldn't, for example Italy, because our Government uses the internet a lot to communicate with the population.
      There's hope.

    • Adele Dinkush
      Adele Dinkush Vor 8 Monate +2

      yeah but maybe its still stoppable?

    • XD Long
      XD Long Vor 8 Monate

      Shut the -fvck- up!

  • Joseph Hunt
    Joseph Hunt Vor 8 Monate +2

    I’m so poised

  • Silly Hisui
    Silly Hisui Vor 8 Monate +11

    I'm pissed.

    PURPLE DAGGER Vor 8 Monate +2

    Kekistan will have their first suicide bomber soon

  • angelica castro
    angelica castro Vor 8 Monate +12

    “Is this a...controversial?!”

  • TheExpert
    TheExpert Vor 8 Monate +5

    Do youtubers react to the sun vanished

  • Nur ein weiterer Mann im Internet.

    the best article.

  • MaddieGT
    MaddieGT Vor 8 Monate +23

    Eu: *Bans Memes*
    Everyone: [Visible Confusion]

  • Envax _LV
    Envax _LV Vor 8 Monate +734

    now people will go to deep web because tthey wanna see memes

    • aye
      aye Vor 8 Monate +52

      LMAOO imagine that

  • Erin Kennedy
    Erin Kennedy Vor 8 Monate +13

    Who came here from Roni and Nessa’s vlog?💓💓💓

  • Nizmi In the house
    Nizmi In the house Vor 8 Monate +15

    Tomorrow, I'm going to start riot

  • Ember D-L
    Ember D-L Vor 8 Monate +764

    Laws that are made about the internet should be made by people who actually use it. Not by a bunch of clueless Boomers.

  • Elizabeth Stephens
    Elizabeth Stephens Vor 8 Monate +17

    So does this just affect Europeans?

    • Rachel
      Rachel Vor 8 Monate +6

      yes, however if it was successful it would be likely other countries would follow

    • Yasmine Steinbauer
      Yasmine Steinbauer Vor 8 Monate +7

      But I wouldn't be surprised if the film and music industry tried the same thing next in the US.

    • Archer parker
      Archer parker Vor 8 Monate +2

      Yeah if ur not from there you are good

    • Adderti
      Adderti Vor 8 Monate +6

      For now *DUN DUN DUN*

  • H Nickel
    H Nickel Vor 8 Monate +7

    Junko Enoshima shows the Despair Video to the Ultimates.

  • Jenish Shah
    Jenish Shah Vor 8 Monate +7

    Don't worry if your country is or India or Japan, you won't be affected much since you probably don't even use the same images or music that is generated in EU.

  • Harry Nickolls
    Harry Nickolls Vor 8 Monate +17

    Will this mean I won’t be able to upload and create fan-art?

    • Harry Nickolls
      Harry Nickolls Vor 8 Monate

      Archer parker oh phew! Thanks for the info!

    • Archer parker
      Archer parker Vor 8 Monate +1

      @Harry Nickollsif you are from EU you can't remember EU passed this law non of this affects other countries

    • Harry Nickolls
      Harry Nickolls Vor 8 Monate +3

      sascha b Well crap, I guess I have a right to be terrified! D’:

    • MrAchsas
      MrAchsas Vor 8 Monate +5


  • lemuhnn
    lemuhnn Vor 8 Monate +34

    the EU is Ajit Pai x50

    • Bryan Salazar
      Bryan Salazar Vor 8 Monate

      How does this not have a lot of likes

    SFRUMS Vor 8 Monate +52

    cast pewdiepie in these kind of topics, your youtuber casts is repetitive, pewdiepie can be a good change in the casting

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin Vor 8 Monate +4

    Is This only in the eu or does this affect the us to

    • General Goldy
      General Goldy Vor 8 Monate

      @FlipperWolf no it is just their servers not Asia Africa and americas are ok

    • General Goldy
      General Goldy Vor 8 Monate +1

      Just the Europeans

      SKM-34THECOOL Vor 8 Monate +1

      it will spread.

    • Cr4bc4kes
      Cr4bc4kes Vor 8 Monate +8

      I guess we're going to war with the EU

    • FlipperWolf
      FlipperWolf Vor 8 Monate +6

      Technically just EU but it's the internet, so it affect the whole world in reality.

  • Vinikis
    Vinikis Vor 8 Monate +29

    Rip memes

    *Press F to pay respects*

  • Xiu Xiu
    Xiu Xiu Vor 8 Monate +17

    Just ban the internet in the EU

  • TheBlackAnimeGirl
    TheBlackAnimeGirl Vor 8 Monate +6


    *completely ignores the rest of the video and pays attention to garret, and Rosanna*

  • Khaltazar
    Khaltazar Vor 8 Monate +11

    Who wants to guess the next EU country to leave due to their ridiculous law and forced immigrant policy?

    • Railsz
      Railsz Vor 8 Monate

      poland. The netherlands ( you may be surprised but it is more true than you think) France, Italy or spain.

    • lifechicken
      lifechicken Vor 8 Monate

      Khaltazar Poland (first country I thought of even though I live in the eu)

    GHAIDA Vor 8 Monate +9

    as a foreigner he talks so fast that i couldn't understand .

  • petezolta the great
    petezolta the great Vor 8 Monate +18

    Well there's going to be more suicides😢😢

  • Nieto Pro
    Nieto Pro Vor 8 Monate +103

    Goobye normal internet, hello deep weeb

  • Ryan Bacarella
    Ryan Bacarella Vor 8 Monate +15

    Its funny how the same people who want more government intervention are now getting it but in a way that it affects them so they don't want it.

  • Corey Christiansen
    Corey Christiansen Vor 8 Monate +14

    If this happens those who criticized brexit will support more countries leaving the EU

    • DarkMega 24
      DarkMega 24 Vor 8 Monate +1

      They want government intervention to help them. This intervention just hinders them so there's where the complaints come from.

  • Shay Usu
    Shay Usu Vor 8 Monate +10

    The fight is not over...

  • BouncyChicken3911
    BouncyChicken3911 Vor 9 Monate +18


  • x1p4
    x1p4 Vor 9 Monate +5

    3:00 ... this is a gold-tier meme now

  • Frankystanbra Gaming
    Frankystanbra Gaming Vor 9 Monate +164

    It’s just like infinity war........ DEclips I don’t feel so good

  • KaitoNeo_
    KaitoNeo_ Vor 9 Monate +17

    lets all move to russia where laws don't exist xD

    • DankSoccerMom
      DankSoccerMom Vor 8 Monate +1

      talk to my friend DankSovietSocialist

  • Percunas
    Percunas Vor 9 Monate +2

    scary stuff

  • thelegend 27
    thelegend 27 Vor 9 Monate +122

    This is so sad, Al*xa play D*sp*c*to

  • Sims Fantasy
    Sims Fantasy Vor 9 Monate +3


  • edgekate
    edgekate Vor 9 Monate +6

    Guys, let's form a group. #savethememes #savetheinternet

  • Juani Acosta
    Juani Acosta Vor 9 Monate +12

    Now we riot

  • Turtle Cool
    Turtle Cool Vor 9 Monate +8


  • Kyle Razalan
    Kyle Razalan Vor 9 Monate +11

    How to stop humans from growing

  • Gacha Films
    Gacha Films Vor 9 Monate +3


  • 1500 subs no vids challenge


  • Dead Ghost
    Dead Ghost Vor 9 Monate +6

    Gggggooooo MatPat

  • Lucarrie
    Lucarrie Vor 9 Monate +8

    B - But my memes are my life

  • Fer González
    Fer González Vor 9 Monate +19

    5% of comments are just weird and random
    5% of comments- DEclipsrs react to blah blah blah
    90% of comments- YES GARRET!!!

  • Jerry Pancakes
    Jerry Pancakes Vor 9 Monate +2


  • Acro
    Acro Vor 9 Monate +1


  • Darkness
    Darkness Vor 9 Monate +13

    Humans will destroy themselves

  • joel martinez
    joel martinez Vor 9 Monate +7


  • thegaming legend
    thegaming legend Vor 9 Monate +9

    Game/film theory in his mind is like “He’s not really using big words” and I’m on the dictionary looking up what each word he’s saying means

  • XoX_Kitty Bon_XoX
    XoX_Kitty Bon_XoX Vor 9 Monate +100

    It was approved, even though it was changed I still believe that Article 11 and 13 are absolutely against the freedom of speech!

  • JoaKimzen
    JoaKimzen Vor 9 Monate +3

    Let’s create riot