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How To Peel Logs FAST! Debarking Secrets for LOG CABIN

  • Am 19 Apr 2020 veröffentlicht
  • This video demonstrates how I have come to peal logs during the year of building this log cabin. Debarking logs is a great workout and it is always exciting for me to try to beat my record. When watching this video I can see were I have to improve to get a faster time. I could probably do it in 12 min or less.
    What Is the Drawknife that I am using to achieve this result?
    Gränsfors Bruks Drawknife
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  • Cannon Man
    Cannon Man Vor 2 years +29

    Great work young man, it’s good to see a person in this day and age grounded and keeping old skills alive. Best wishes to you from Alaska.

    ALAN STOBO Vor year +28

    IT'S A LIE!

  • MrNaomeentales
    MrNaomeentales Vor year +71

    My kind of videos. No talk, no music, no distractions. Just a a guy doing his craft. Nice job on that log too.

  • Yossi Derecheven
    Yossi Derecheven Vor 2 years +14

    I have a great appreciation for your wood-building skills and I love watching your videos, I learn a lot, Thanks.

  • Steve Dittman
    Steve Dittman Vor year +3

    Erik, what a truly amazing channel. I have yet to see any other cabin-build videos on DEclips that has done what you have done using strictly hand tools. I need to get back to my German roots and head across the pond and get some wilderness property and do what you're doing. Don't EVER lose track or be disconnected with where you've come from. Humility is a very powerful tool for personal progression.

  • Rowan Fernsler
    Rowan Fernsler Vor 2 years +37

    Love seeing this man. Keep it up because I guarantee that you won’t have just 13.7K subs if you keep making these incredible videos week after week.

  • MATPOC 1

    Nobody's gonna beat you, Erik! Your skills are absolutely unique, man! I respect you so much, God bless you...

  • Tate Neve

    I admire how you do everything with such grace and love and patience.

  • Kim Curtis

    VERY well done! It takes me longer to peel 35 foot long Tipi poles but, they have to be even smoother, though they are much smaller in diameter!

  • Cheri Walsh
    Cheri Walsh Vor 2 years

    Outstanding job you did that log in record time!! I love watching your progress. You are such an inspiration I am so impressed!! God Bless my friend. 👍

  • Santos
    Santos Vor 2 years +16

    it's amazing!!!! I want to see how the cabin progresses

  • Vern
    Vern Vor 2 years +6

    Nice job! I'm enjoying this series. Keep it up. In North America, there's a time in late spring where you can just peal the bark off by hand in giant strips. If you get lucky and can cut all your wood then, you get off easy. The Outsider has a video on it:

  • Charles Hanna
    Charles Hanna Vor year

    Great demonstration !

  • Doris
    Doris Vor year

    Es muy arduo ese trabajo porque es todo artesanal, sin maquinaria eléctrica, todo a pulso y a mano, lo que lo hace más valioso. Es muy trabajador a su corta edad. Me impresiona.

  • R M
    R M Vor 2 years +2

    that is insane! I peeled my first log today and it took me 6 hours. I need to learn this guys technique!

  • Richard Lay
    Richard Lay Vor 2 years +4

    What I find amazing is that you did it with simple hand tools without gloves. My hat is off to you young man.

  • Larry325
    Larry325 Vor 2 years +1

    Awesome job Erik! I always give your videos 👍 before I even watch. An tell you spend time maintaining you tools too!

  • Cody
    Cody Vor year +1

    Wouldn't it be easier to strip the bark in the winter when sap is less of an issue? I don't see too much indication that there is a lot of sap, but thought I'd at least ask.

  • Greg Bowman
    Greg Bowman Vor 2 years +3

    Nice job, I would have thought it would have taken longer than 15 min, It would have taken me all day.

  • Kenneth Rosbury
    Kenneth Rosbury Vor 2 years +3

    Great job you're the man fantastic job good work. Ethics awesome skills keep up the great video