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When A Gunner Jumped Without a Parachute

  • Am 9 Jan 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Nicholas Alkemade was a tail gunner in a Lancaster. While on a mission over Germany his plane and parachute caught fire. The lesser of 2 evils was to jump out of the plane without a working parachute. Freefalling for 18,000 feet he incredibly survived


  • Bintang Aslama
    Bintang Aslama Vor 14 Tage +7

    "this certificate is saying that Nick's free fall without a chute is legit"

  • PewPewDragon
    PewPewDragon Vor 14 Tage +4

    That's gotta be the best hand written certificate ever

  • ArxInvicta
    ArxInvicta Vor 14 Tage +4

    Gestapo Soldier: "There is no way anything could convince us his story is true"

  • Chevy Suarez
    Chevy Suarez Vor 14 Tage +3

    Its funny how his story has to be backed up by gestapo of all people

  • Jabol Master
    Jabol Master Vor 14 Tage +1

    I like how the gestapo cared more about whether its fact or cap rather than getting valuable intel from an enemy

  • 1mightydragon
    1mightydragon Vor 14 Tage +1

    Nicholas: "I got two choices 1) Definitely die by fire from this plane by staying. 2) Die instantly by falling. Well, at least the second option is instant."

  • John Foulke
    John Foulke Vor 14 Tage +598

    Imagine, got a certificate for falling without parachute and survive

  • you're a simp
    you're a simp Vor 14 Tage +576

    Nicholas' boots: Feather Falling V, Unbreaking III, Mending

  • Tianming Jiang
    Tianming Jiang Vor 14 Tage +297

    That has got to be the best gunner I've ever seen.

  • What?
    What? Vor 14 Tage +373

    Nicholas was about to commit

  • StrLab
    StrLab Vor 14 Tage +184

    I thought from the title this video was the story of Marinos Mitralexis, Greek pilot in WWII who run out of bullets during the battle, decided to ram the tail of a stronger Italian plane, crashing it, made an emergency landing, and then captured the four surviving crew members of the Italian aircraft using his pistol (after first introducing to them and saluting them militarily).

  • Really Useful Trackmaster Fan

    “Hans, code red, get the “yea he jumped without a chute” certificate

  • Lost Damn
    Lost Damn Vor 14 Tage +197

    In Nicholas mind: "Roast to death by fire or Broken Bones?"

  • Myke Lengieza
    Myke Lengieza Vor Tag +41

    Dude, when the gestapo gives you, an enemy combatant, a certificate for badassery.... you're fucking BADASS

  • yuyuy667
    yuyuy667 Vor Tag +19

    Gestapo1 : "But what about the valuable intel?"

  • Broken Bridge
    Broken Bridge Vor 14 Tage +108

    I've heard of this story. This guy had a badly injured arm when he came down and feared he might lost it. That was until a German doctor saved it. Shame that Nicholas never truly met the man who saved his arm. To him that doctor must've been a hero.

  • Wild Wolf
    Wild Wolf Vor 14 Tage +89

    Hello! Love your work! You actually inspired me to learn blender and other animation tools! Im working on my first piece right now! Keep up the good work!

  • Teka look
    Teka look Vor Tag +18

    At that point gestapo felt like there's no way we intervene with fate from a man that survive a fuckin 18000 ft free fall

  • Panda_ez
    Panda_ez Vor 14 Tage +97

    Another awesome yarnhub video!

  • Max Kronader
    Max Kronader Vor Tag +27

    Whenever anyone says "I had a very difficult choice to make." I'll remember this story and think "No, no you didn't. "