Eurovision Song Contest 2019 - First Semi-Final - Live Stream

  • Am 14 Mai 2019 veröffentlicht
  • After Netta's grand victory in Lisbon last year, the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest will travel to Tel Aviv, Israel!
    The 64th Eurovision Song Contest will take place at the Expo Tel Aviv (International Convention Center). The first Semi-Final will be held on Tuesday, 14th of May, the second Semi-Final on Thursday, 16th of May and the Grand Final will take place on Saturday, 18th of May.
    The shows will be hosted by Bar Refaeli, Erez Tal, Assi Azar and Lucy Ayoub.
    Ten countries will qualify from each Semi-Final.
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  • ייע יננ
    ייע יננ Vor 8 Stunden

    Hungary pity not quality to final very good song

  • kdi channel
    kdi channel Vor Tag

    0:13 what is her name ?

  • Shazam Media Networks

    Cyprus ??? 2:05:21

  • JESCAlexa
    JESCAlexa Vor 4 Tage

    My qualifers:

  • Lunaros
    Lunaros Vor 9 Tage +1

    Congratulations for 3 million subscribers!!

  • Aleksander Pagels
    Aleksander Pagels Vor 10 Tage

    9:02 I SWEAR I'M NOT OKAY 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • cat noir
    cat noir Vor 10 Tage +1

    Netta is so cute

  • Petra Vaskovic
    Petra Vaskovic Vor 12 Tage

    I love serbia

  • kate kate
    kate kate Vor 13 Tage

    gosh, why is this year cyprus so last year cyprus?

  • Ross Airley
    Ross Airley Vor 13 Tage

    When young Netta was at the start it was so cute

  • Eddie Mitza
    Eddie Mitza Vor 13 Tage

    France' performance just screams SJW...ugh

  • Ángel Villaseca
    Ángel Villaseca Vor 14 Tage +1

    People dancing la venda: everyone
    People voting for la venda: wtf nobody why Europe bullies Spain ?

    • Capserino
      Capserino Vor 13 Tage

      There is a reason why that song arrived 22nd

  • Madalena Rosado
    Madalena Rosado Vor 15 Tage

    2:07:36 2:08:44 Zala and Gašper are so adorable 😍

  • United Slavia
    United Slavia Vor 15 Tage +3

    I literally got scared when Iceland started to sing😂😂😂

  • Крис Бивер
    Крис Бивер Vor 20 Tage

    Почему от Финляндии не poets of the fall!?:(

  • Lent B
    Lent B Vor 20 Tage +3

    Belgium should‘ve qualified instead of San Marino, and Poland instead of Belarus 😔

    • Yup Dup
      Yup Dup Vor Tag

      Georgia needed also to qualify

  • Xaris P21
    Xaris P21 Vor 21 Tag +1


  • Alice the wolf x ash the Wolf Love

    I love zena

  • Petra Vaskovic
    Petra Vaskovic Vor 22 Tage

    This girl in the white is funny

  • Petra Vaskovic
    Petra Vaskovic Vor 22 Tage

    I love a Cyprus

  • Petra Vaskovic
    Petra Vaskovic Vor 22 Tage +1

    Czech Republic is funny

  • Petra Vaskovic
    Petra Vaskovic Vor 22 Tage +1


  • Ertuğrul Bereket Yılmaz

    Gıdıkladı gıdıkladı ve birinci oldu vay amk dedemin tavukları hem yumurta veriyor hem etinden faydalanıyoruz bu ne yapıyor peki

  • Ben Phillip
    Ben Phillip Vor 23 Tage +2

    12 points to that azmzing opening

  • MARIA Fragkakis
    MARIA Fragkakis Vor 23 Tage

    Only country's from Europe play wat does Australia doe hire

    • Kasper Verstegen
      Kasper Verstegen Vor 23 Tage

      MARIA Fragkakis because of some anniversary they competed as a guest, and from that year they kept competing

  • Lara Laus
    Lara Laus Vor 23 Tage

    Finland and Montenegro should've went to final

  • Marcin Boniecki
    Marcin Boniecki Vor 24 Tage

    illuminati tfu

  • Salbelm
    Salbelm Vor 25 Tage

    Worst crimes in this Eurovision:
    SF 1: Poland
    SF 2: Moldova / Armenia
    Final: Spain / Greece

  • Gamer Boy Savasan
    Gamer Boy Savasan Vor 25 Tage


  • Gamer Boy Savasan
    Gamer Boy Savasan Vor 25 Tage +1

    2:11:41 Yugoslavia Flag is in the Eurovision. (Look carefully in the lower right corner.)

  • CoLois01
    CoLois01 Vor 26 Tage

    What ever happened with victors guitar?

  • Даник Чижевский

    يتطعستسزطتسرطنذعثععقاسطنو ظنوني ينظر سنورظرس

  • Luis Fernandez
    Luis Fernandez Vor 27 Tage +1

    35:07 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Joe Harper
    Joe Harper Vor 27 Tage +1

    I love it when Erez says the words at 2:09:22 😂

  • Adi Kd
    Adi Kd Vor 29 Tage

    לא אהבתי בכלל את הרגע שאסי אמר להגיד "לחיים"

  • He lå e loi la
    He lå e loi la Vor Monat +2

    But in the end...... they didn’t 😂

  • WhitetigerNL
    WhitetigerNL Vor Monat +1

    I HATED THAT AUSTRALIA joined the eurovision and they are not Europe
    AUSTRALIA and New-Sealand are Oceania

    • MMM 01
      MMM 01 Vor 28 Tage

      It's your problem



    BLACK 1PINK Vor Monat


  • scottie :9
    scottie :9 Vor Monat +1

    *_THEY DIDNT_*

  • ALBUMOF2008
    ALBUMOF2008 Vor Monat

    Iceland are the best

  • Agnieszka :3
    Agnieszka :3 Vor Monat

    My top 5 ( after show ) :
    1. Cyprus
    2. Iceland
    3. Czech Republic
    4. Slovenia
    5. Belarus
    I'm from Poland 😊

  • Pelmen B.P.
    Pelmen B.P. Vor Monat +2


  • Ludmila Ferro
    Ludmila Ferro Vor Monat

    I like Belarus, Slovenia, Hungary and Cypres

  • pablette
    pablette Vor Monat

    Name of song of 2:11:19

  • Roze Apostolovska
    Roze Apostolovska Vor Monat

    Peder e toj Co se pret cesnso

  • Наталья Соловьева

    Нэта просто СУПЕР

  • Maarit Reinikainen
    Maarit Reinikainen Vor Monat

    Hatari is the best!

  • firecharge 1000
    firecharge 1000 Vor Monat +1

    35:20 yes we are yes we are yes we are

  • Лесёк
    Лесёк Vor Monat

    1:34:36 - 1:35:36 только меня смутили целующиеся мужики? ну ладно 1,2 пары, но они же повсюду !

  • Aquiles Cyprus
    Aquiles Cyprus Vor Monat

    Crap show ever

  • Göktuğ Aydın
    Göktuğ Aydın Vor Monat

    Montenegro whyyy

  • Matie К
    Matie К Vor Monat

    I wish all estonians wil like this! Good luck from Russia! love you

  • tati4ka93 Титова

    Serbia 😍 😍 😍

    • Matie К
      Matie К Vor Monat

      Oh Serbia! Your singer was the one! Великолепная, единственная, обожаемая нами Невена Божович!

  • Giselle V
    Giselle V Vor Monat +9

    Portugal not qualified, it's a robbery!

  • Thunfisch
    Thunfisch Vor Monat +1

    0:15 cute

  • Tim
    Tim Vor Monat

    The highlight was gus g and we all know it

  • Alexandra Tkacheva
    Alexandra Tkacheva Vor Monat

    die aus Australien sieht aus wie Katja Krasavice

  • Ariëlle Van Wellen
    Ariëlle Van Wellen Vor Monat +2

    Netta or cute

  • Ilham Moujahid
    Ilham Moujahid Vor Monat

    No belgium null a Chier no fun no funly funny nulle LOL Ces merde les music ok 👎😴💿💽🎧🎤🎵🎶🎸🎹😛😜😝👅👎😴👎💿.

  • Ilham Moujahid
    Ilham Moujahid Vor Monat

    Nulle To moch a chier Ces la merde naze les music no cool no fun no funny 💿💽🎧🎤🎵🎶🎶🎶🎹🎸😴👅👎😜😛😜😝👎👅😴🎶🎶🎶🎵🎤🎧💽💿😴👎ok .

  • Goncalo Sousa
    Goncalo Sousa Vor Monat +2

    Georgia's postcard😂

  • TotatoChip
    TotatoChip Vor Monat +1

    Serbia has such a magical voice

  • TotatoChip
    TotatoChip Vor Monat

    If Netta is singing a chicken, why is she coming ut of a cat?

  • Lidia Ivars
    Lidia Ivars Vor Monat

    Gesto muy feo del presentador cuando pregunta a Miki que significado tiene su canción, La venda.... en fin.... en Eurovisión ni nos quieren, mejor desaparecer....

  • Nordin Thorsten
    Nordin Thorsten Vor Monat +1

    One big happy satanic ritual

    • גל עמי
      גל עמי Vor 29 Tage

      Nordin Thorsten stop being here. And do something useful with your life

    • גל עמי
      גל עמי Vor 29 Tage

      Nordin Thorsten again. You have a problem in your brain .

    • Nordin Thorsten
      Nordin Thorsten Vor Monat

      @גל עמי who can "all" see it? Do you know the whole world😂? it was just a joke to trigger some snowflake people (and break through that oppressive madness that's been pushed upon society in order to disrupt it.. and a discussion is always healthy and welcome as those are needed in these ridiculous times😂) and saying that I can only be negative, purely based on my comments regarding this insanely bad and disturbing "music/ritual" is like me saying you are negative if you dislike child abuse..

    • גל עמי
      גל עמי Vor Monat +1

      Nordin Thorsten you have a problem in your brain... we all can see it. All you know to do is cursing people and being so negative.


    Bu ne aq

  • Aquiles Cyprus
    Aquiles Cyprus Vor Monat +1

    Portugal has the best postcard and best music

  • Oleg Ganchar
    Oleg Ganchar Vor Monat +1

    Чехия лучшие)

  • 1158supersiri
    1158supersiri Vor Monat +3

    Am I the only one who thinks San Marino actually deserved to be on the finals?
    Good performer and a catachy song. I just love it.

  • Carlos Peña Fuenzalida

    Netta Barzilai's performance 2:18
    01 - Cyprus 11:06 / 11:51
    02 - Montenegro 14:57 / 15:41
    03 - Finland 18:49 / 19:35
    04 - Poland 22:45 / 23:26
    05 - Slovenia 26:20 / 26:59
    06 - Czech Republic 30:12 / 30:56
    07 - Hungary 37:09 / 37:53
    08 - Belarus 41:03 / 41:48
    09 - Serbia 45:05 / 45:51
    10 - Belgium 49:07 / 49:52
    11 - Georgia 53:05 / 53:48
    12 - Australia 57:00 / 57:42
    13 - Iceland 1:03:50 / 1:04:34
    14 - Estonia 1:07:38 / 1:08:20
    15 - Portugal 1:11:35 / 1:12:21
    16 - Greece 1:15:35 / 1:16:21
    17 - San Marino 1:19:30 / 1:20:18
    RECAP's 1:25:28 / 1:42:10 /
    Dana International's Performance 1:32:45
    Eurovision Heritage video 1:50:40
    Big 5 Interview 1:56:03
    Finalists announcement 2:04:17

    • R S
      R S Vor 5 Tage +1

      You put 1.16:20 for the start of Greece's song, now it sends me to 16 minutes instead of 1 hour and 16 minutes. I don't want to sound annoying, but I suggest putting a : there :)

  • rommel navilla
    rommel navilla Vor Monat +12

    love you Netta from philippines

  • Эльдар Абдуллаев

    эстония 2019 очень похоже на швецию 2012

  • Ertan Elmas
    Ertan Elmas Vor Monat +1

    Turkey ❤

  • United Europe 2015
    United Europe 2015 Vor Monat +1

    Seeing San Marino and Serbia qualifying reminds us why Eurovision sucks :)

    • ESC Teetach
      ESC Teetach Vor Monat +1

      @United Europe 2015 I couldn't agree more. How Estonia, S. Marino and Belarus qualified over Poland, Portugal and Hungary?

    • United Europe 2015
      United Europe 2015 Vor Monat +1

      @ESC Teetach Eurovision sucks. Serbia was ok but other NQ songs were much better.

    • ESC Teetach
      ESC Teetach Vor Monat +1

      Serbia not sucked, Nevena shows all the amazing vocal.

  • Smaczny klaun
    Smaczny klaun Vor Monat

    Mówiłem od początku ze to polskie stare gowno się nie dostanie.Zamiast pokazac Polskę nowoczesna to pokazują cztery wiesniary drące jape w strojach z przed 400 lat dramat

  • Herut Fanta
    Herut Fanta Vor Monat +10

    the singer of Iceland look like Hitler..🤢. how people liked this song????????

  • Norma Labelle
    Norma Labelle Vor Monat +7

    Dissapointed! most of selected ones sang in English.
    Poland, Portugal and Hungary should be selected they sang in their language and show us their culture though music, not like the other ones that perform like American Pop stars.
    Iceland performance was awesome they didn't sing in English 👍 just a little bit agressive image kind of sado masochist but my point is why most of participants sing in English? Damn!

    • Norma Labelle
      Norma Labelle Vor 27 Tage +1

      @don't mind me person I said most of participants, not all of them.
      Sorry i i didn't mention Serbia i was talking in general i hope you understand my point.

    • don't mind me person
      don't mind me person Vor 27 Tage

      the serbian one wasn't in english

  • francisco flores
    francisco flores Vor Monat +1

    I really like Belgium song

  • Nordin Thorsten
    Nordin Thorsten Vor Monat

    The parents of the fat mongoloid girl should be in prison for child abuse

  • Nordin Thorsten
    Nordin Thorsten Vor Monat

    Is this transgender mental disorder fest?

  • DansWeb
    DansWeb Vor Monat +46

    Best opening in eurovision history!

  • Emily Sound
    Emily Sound Vor Monat

    лайкнете , чтоб американцы прдумали , что я что то умное сказала

  • Şeyma Ulusoy
    Şeyma Ulusoy Vor Monat


  • Forceliner
    Forceliner Vor Monat

    Nie oglądałem eurowizji. Z ciekawości wszedłem sprawdzić czy się jakoś utwory zmieniły na lepsze od paru lat, gdy widziałem ostatnią. Pierwszy utwór wpadł mi nawet w ucho więc sobie myślę że może jednak nie jest to takie złe. Przewijam do występu polski... ja pierdzielę. Naprawdę nasz kraj musi wysyłać takie tanie badziewie w śmiesznych strojach? Przecież to nie jest nawet ten sam poziom co reszta ; /

  • Jenny Pedersen
    Jenny Pedersen Vor Monat


  • milotan tv
    milotan tv Vor Monat

    Cyprus, Slovenia, and San Marino's is the best for me :)

  • Teoman Abi
    Teoman Abi Vor Monat


  • BallonyGhost
    BallonyGhost Vor Monat +1

    1:12:20 🇵🇹

  • Csoklattes
    Csoklattes Vor Monat

    Kérdem én milyen disznót nem vágnak le egy év után?

  • Scumi
    Scumi Vor Monat

    Hello everybody, can i have the titel of the mix of "abanibi" from 1:39:00. Thank you so much

  • RawrKannibal
    RawrKannibal Vor Monat +1

    Hatari 🔥

  • Vivian Jordi
    Vivian Jordi Vor Monat +70

    Tel Aviv super Eurovision

  • Aquiles Cyprus
    Aquiles Cyprus Vor Monat

    KAN is crap

    • Dan Ami
      Dan Ami Vor Monat +1

      Aquiles Cyprus keep jealous that Israel won And did a great job. While Cyprus lost

    • HanikSheli
      HanikSheli Vor Monat +1

      Don't make me laugh Cypriot crybaby

  • הגר צבר
    הגר צבר Vor Monat +3

    Proud to be Israely

  • Michal Lucki
    Michal Lucki Vor Monat

    Podczas półfinałów jurorki ze Szwecji i Czech podały swoje punkty w odwrotnej kolejności, nagradzając najwyższą notą (12 punktów) piosenki, które uplasowały na 10. miejscu. Pomyłka czeskiej jurorki jest o tyle brzemienna w skutkach, ponieważ w przypadku prawidłowo podanej punktacji Polska awansowałaby do finału Eurowizji 2019.

  • Ângelo Magalhães
    Ângelo Magalhães Vor Monat +8

    Na, na, na...
    Can't even sing wtf, what a shame
    Justice for Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹

  • aboytes javier
    aboytes javier Vor Monat

    Neta era muy tierna de chiquita

  • Gulleböj Kingen
    Gulleböj Kingen Vor Monat +24

    Haha Young Netta! So cute