Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

  • Am 14 Mär 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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KOMMENTARE • 247 081

  • newbeatsold
    newbeatsold Vor Tag

    i hope i won't fall a sleep this time while watching it

  • Vikrimah Maula
    Vikrimah Maula Vor Tag

    i like this one, hmm..

  • newbeatsold
    newbeatsold Vor Tag

    Rocket with Bucky's gun now is a complete Badass 😂

  • Ðominus
    Ðominus Vor Tag

    Every time I hear the Avengers theme song or just the word "Marvel", the song gets stuck in my head for hours. I LOVE MARVEL

  • amith alda
    amith alda Vor Tag


  • Clasher King Ayan

    Finally 😍

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Vor Tag

    This is it guys
    The Endgame

  • George B.
    George B. Vor Tag

    I like this one. Another!

  • JEd Se ja horro
    JEd Se ja horro Vor Tag +1


  • Cici Fahmi
    Cici Fahmi Vor Tag

    pls we can keep this trending? unti 100m?

  • V Manuvel
    V Manuvel Vor Tag +1

    Thank quill for giving us this wonderful movie 🤑🤑🤑

  • Dog Gamer
    Dog Gamer Vor Tag

    The end of the best superhero saga: The Infinity Saga😱

  • Abhi Suriya
    Abhi Suriya Vor Tag +1

    Are u a marvel fan?
    Yes iam .
    What have u done to this time?
    Watched it 100+ times,commented 100 lines and more share this to every posible one that I know or didn't I.
    Now that's what a fan power.✊✊

  • Сергей Афанасьев

    people of extraterrestrial origin

  • EViL'Gs
    EViL'Gs Vor Tag

    Not everything that is in the trailer will make it to the movie said the russo brothers

  • Arnav Choudhary
    Arnav Choudhary Vor Tag +1

    Hope is there's an international holiday on 26 April. 😁

  • Priyanshu Volvotkar

    1:56 stop there. Starks back!

  • Monster Hunter Skyhel

    Stark he’s not on the walking scene, cause he’s dead....
    he will be removed in the final cut.
    Whatever it take...

  • Ajay Dhev
    Ajay Dhev Vor Tag

    finally they made a trailer but not as the marvel one

  • Swaggest Potato
    Swaggest Potato Vor Tag

    All aboard the hype train

  • Quanta_relet um
    Quanta_relet um Vor Tag

    Do you know Black Widow can harm Thanos

    But only once

  • Ashwin Wilson
    Ashwin Wilson Vor Tag

    We should all thank _Starlord_ for giving us another Avengers movie.

  • Arno Buytaert
    Arno Buytaert Vor Tag

    Add deadpool to endgame and i will forgive marvel for captain marvel 😊

  • saltyKiwi
    saltyKiwi Vor Tag

    People who disliked the video are the same people who watch english movies in hindi dub and support tseries.

  • Bush Fish
    Bush Fish Vor Tag

    Prepare for the Thanos Meme: Endgame

  • Ricky Stevenson
    Ricky Stevenson Vor Tag

    I don’t dig the suits

  • Gaming with Badshah salman

    Captain marvel : where is fury??
    Thor : where is Thanos??
    Fury: where is goosse 😂??

  • SoloDragonRider
    SoloDragonRider Vor Tag

    I was excited....then Larson is shown at the end. I was really disappointed. Since "Captain Marvel is stronger than Thanos" according to Feige, why should the other Avengers participate? Amazing there is all these praise comments, but no criticisms? Is negative comments being deleted and the like to dislike ratio being manipulated?
    I got a feeling that's what is happening.

  • e z r a
    e z r a Vor Tag

    We should thanks star lord for giving us another avengers movie.

  • Can
    Can Vor Tag +1

    I think Thanos will not fight alone, Adam Warlock gonna be with Thanos.

  • xristos 023
    xristos 023 Vor Tag

    I think thats Tony will be killed by thanos and then captain america as we see he will be mad and he is going to attempt to kill thanos with thor but he will die but I think he is gonna injure thanos very serious in the process but thor will kill him.

    • xristos 023
      xristos 023 Vor Tag

      ++maybe stormbraker will be destroyed in this movie as so the infinity guantlet and the infinity stones

  • Nihar
    Nihar Vor Tag

    DC fans after watching trailer:-

    We're in The ENDGAME now

  • Games Bond
    Games Bond Vor Tag

    1:50 *GOOSEBUMPS*

  • pranay garoo
    pranay garoo Vor Tag

    Every comment is highlighted .....

  • Md Alvee Hossain

    Background music at 0:29 is mind blowing 😥

  • Esben Ferreira
    Esben Ferreira Vor Tag +1


  • Ameen Khan
    Ameen Khan Vor Tag


  • Yoga Arya
    Yoga Arya Vor Tag


  • Murtuzaali Surti

    Best music ever!

  • Quanta_relet um
    Quanta_relet um Vor Tag

    Do you Thanos can be harmed by black Widow.

    But only once

  • Games Bond
    Games Bond Vor Tag

    1:12 bananas

  • Shefali Nigam
    Shefali Nigam Vor Tag +2

    THOR TO HULK : the red , the white just pick a colour
    Bruce to thor in Endgame :what do you think of the new suits.
    Thor: nice colour😅

  • Muhamad Salim
    Muhamad Salim Vor Tag +1


  • Vectology Games
    Vectology Games Vor Tag

    Plot Twist: The Skrulls replace the snapped peoples of planet earth. This would solve the issue of finding new homes for the skrulls and lead right into the Secret Wars storyline.

  • Molten235
    Molten235 Vor Tag

    What if .... by mistake "Thanos snap" doubled the universe population instead of making it half..........
    Then this trailer would have been about Thanos committing suicide and Avengers turning murderers for the sake of this universe.

  • EriksonvVlog kaya

    All of them is joke to thanos. Because thanos is jake to them . And they also useless joke to thanos. Thanos don't like joke and Captain marvel is joke to us. And we dont like joke

  • John King Obsiana

    Where is HulK..???

  • ScarletNeos
    ScarletNeos Vor Tag +1

    Some people will leave to pee during the movie,

    But not us,
    Not us.

  • bhaskar rohit
    bhaskar rohit Vor Tag

    There was one thing missing in the first trailer...
    The Avengers theme music

  • o0cH13F0o
    o0cH13F0o Vor Tag

    The Part With odin and Thor hit me right in the feels

  • santosh poule
    santosh poule Vor Tag

    6day 72m views

  • LEACH 96
    LEACH 96 Vor Tag

    The 43K who dislike this can all be dusted

  • jackedup92
    jackedup92 Vor Tag

    where's beta ray bill?

  • Nitin Khaire
    Nitin Khaire Vor Tag +1

    Some people will not cry watching endgame.......

    But not us

  • Dachrin420
    Dachrin420 Vor Tag

    If You Read This,
    Have A Lovely Day! ❤️

  • Techinal Gamer1235
    Techinal Gamer1235 Vor Tag +2

    My gwad captin marvel 🤤🤤🤤

  • mohmar2010
    mohmar2010 Vor Tag

    More thanos memes will be made so yay

  • kazuma Jay
    kazuma Jay Vor Tag

    why are the Russo brothers saying that the trailers have exceeded 200 million views but the view count says 73mill ?

  • vinay kumar
    vinay kumar Vor Tag

    "WHAT EVER IT TAKES".....I am gonna watch this movie at any cost

  • Ανδρέας Καρανδρέας

    Thanks Thor for not going for the head! Because of you we have another Avengers movie.

  • Zam Patrice Sioson Santos


  • Shahid Siddiqui
    Shahid Siddiqui Vor Tag

    When u Killed half of the universe by single snap and have six infinity stones and Black widow is planning to kill you by a pistol
    Thanos : Am I joke to you?

  • A Potato
    A Potato Vor Tag

    "Someday, bananas..." -Captain America

  • Chris Dsnp
    Chris Dsnp Vor Tag +1

    This is actually 150 million views.

  • discolight 6
    discolight 6 Vor Tag +1

    Everybody thank thor for not going to the head of thanos

  • Bremen Sims
    Bremen Sims Vor Tag

    I kinda wish they didn't make this, and just ended it with the death of everything lol.

  • jjj barts
    jjj barts Vor Tag

    test comment

  • ExodusTheFestive

    Ant man is gonna beat Thanos calling it now

  • Thaya Letchimanan

    Please we need more !!

  • Thanh Dinh
    Thanh Dinh Vor Tag


  • Md Parvej Hasan
    Md Parvej Hasan Vor Tag

    Big fan

  • pick nine
    pick nine Vor Tag +2

    I love Captain Marvel

  • Rahmat Adrian
    Rahmat Adrian Vor Tag +1

    John Wick's Trailer Chapter 3 Release!!!
    and then Avenger Endgame.....

    D.I.Y LISANDRO Vor Tag +2

    Is this the final avengers movie? Or no

  • M B
    M B Vor Tag +1

    Who still watches it everyday more than once!!!???

  • Number 1
    Number 1 Vor Tag

    1. Why they throwback tony, capt, thor and hawkeye only?
    2. Why only highlight the red color during throwback?
    3. Where capt get his sheild
    4. I think 1 of the main character will be ☠️

  • Lachlan Kell
    Lachlan Kell Vor Tag +1

    I made a mashup of this with animated films like shrek and stuff

  • Margaret Yu
    Margaret Yu Vor Tag +2

    Who else loved the music so much like UGHHHHHHHHH IM DYIN

  • Mario Reyes
    Mario Reyes Vor Tag

    They should have released it on April 27th. That's when Avengers: Infinity War was released. It would have been cool to see that.

  • Alvin Khoo
    Alvin Khoo Vor Tag +1

    Thanks to Thor didn't go for the head so we getting another Avengers movie


    Anyone here before 100m views?

  • Shahid Bhat
    Shahid Bhat Vor Tag

    How can Stormbreaker get the upper hand over Infinity Stones??? and that too when Thanos used all of them combined.

  • Swaengamet
    Swaengamet Vor Tag

    Okay, it is obvious. They are going to travel back in time

  • August LaReyy
    August LaReyy Vor Tag

    1:56 really marvel?! you basically spoiled us big time!

  • Emanoel Solano
    Emanoel Solano Vor Tag

    i think cap. america will die, maybe

  • Kevin Roland
    Kevin Roland Vor Tag

    The end of the world

  • L S
    L S Vor Tag

    Im not into marvel but this one is good. I should start my marathon

  • Leon Brudi
    Leon Brudi Vor Tag

    Plot twist: Thanos died when he snapped

  • Kratos
    Kratos Vor Tag

    sub to Patrik Show Komediantos pls


    Wow right in the end of the trailer Thor summons Mjolnir to him, even Cap has his shield back. Wonder how Mjolnir was reforged, Now just drop Mjolnir on Brie Larson's face so she can't move and let everyone from Infinity war finish up endgame.

  • they did surgery on a despacito chungus

    Just so yall know none of these shots are gonna be in the final movie so get HYPED

  • Aztec Patrick
    Aztec Patrick Vor Tag


  • Vishaal AV
    Vishaal AV Vor Tag +1

    We should all thank Star-Lord for giving us another Avengers movie

  • aap
    aap Vor Tag

    whatever it takes... watch it multiple times... whatever it takes...

  • Aiman
    Aiman Vor Tag

    Even after 6 days, this is still no1 trending in my country👏👏

  • Leanna Matter
    Leanna Matter Vor Tag


  • siddharth vinod
    siddharth vinod Vor Tag


  • GalaxxyWolf !
    GalaxxyWolf ! Vor Tag +1

    Hell yes :D Ant man!!! But wolverine :*( Why peps think hes not a full Avanger ._. Hes my fav Avenger He must be in de fight >:D

  • Chalcko _
    Chalcko _ Vor Tag

    Nebula will try to kill Thanos, then get killed and die. 100 percent.