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    #LaurDIYSchoolSquad is bAAACCKKKK!!!! PS omg I almost forgot that I announced possibly the BIGGEST announcement I've ever had in this video!!! THOUGHTS? FEELINGS? !!?!??! I can't believe this is something that I've been working on for almost TWO years now that I can FINALLY TALK ABOUT AND USE!!!!!! Stay tuned for launch dates and retailers hehe. See u Wednesday!!
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    LAST WEEK'S DIY - DIY CHALLENGE 11: LaurDIY vs. Josh Peck
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    O M G LAURDIY CRAFT SUPPLIES!!!!! 🌈✂️🎨🖌💕 I’m SO excited for you to see the full line & be able to shop all the pieces in literally every major craft store!!!!!

  • Skylar Cartee
    Skylar Cartee Vor 3 Stunden

    I go back to school the 19 of August and in 4th grade

  • Skylar Cartee
    Skylar Cartee Vor 3 Stunden

    Who loves diys and wants to do them but doesn't like if this is u i won't judge u😝😍😉

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    I trid to buy but its out of stalk😭😭😭😭

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    Am i the only one that likes the first day of school and orientation but in the middle of school your like “😠”

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    1:38 the video begins :)

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    Anybody here in 2019

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    #sosmart you are so creative

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    When are you doing more back to school videos this year

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    I go back to school on 19 of August and going to grade 6. I love you

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    Sorry girl I love ya but I am a holosexual so I must do my duties... that unicorn horn AINT HOLO

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    Where did you get the paints can you please tell me

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    I’m going back to school august 2nd!

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    You should do diy dash

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    I go back to school in 6 weeks

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    I love it!!!!!!

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    Back to school aug 15 7th grade

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    Her modeling is realy corny

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    rσѕєѕ αrє rєd chєrríєѕ αrє tσ íf чσu lσvє lαurdíч mαkє thíѕ вluє

  • Addie R
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    rσѕєѕ αrє rєd chєrríєѕ αrє tσ íf чσu lσvє lαurdíч mαkє thíѕ вluє

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    I start school August 26 so yay 🤦‍♀️😭

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    Supreme Lunar Cookie Vor 17 Tage

    Never seen someone so happy about pens
    reads blank page ;-;
    writes nothing, tries to do aesthetic and fails mildy.

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    She should come out with her own washie tape 👍

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    Why do female DEclipsrs intros last over a minutes

    ABIGAIL SIKORA Vor 22 Tage

    Love e m

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    I am gonna be the coolest 4th grader

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    The pouch is so cute but I would leave the eyes off but cute

    VALENTINA :/ Vor 28 Tage +1

    I usEd to watch u all the time in 3rd grade

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    I want one of your murch of the jakets if you have a purple jakets

  • Guadalupe Avelino
    Guadalupe Avelino Vor 28 Tage

    I want a unicorn pencilpuch and notebook and a purs that has your name on it and one of your phone thing

    • Guadalupe Avelino
      Guadalupe Avelino Vor 28 Tage

      And one of your clip bordes that you did in the other vid

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    You look like lexi sun the volleyball player

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    I'm 8

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    Omigod the paper towel turned into markers

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    I go to school july

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    who else can’t do any of this :/

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    Over two years
    Like a year an a half now

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    I can't do anything you do 😭😭

  • los pasatiempos de kumari


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    She decapitated the unicorns


    Cool ☺☺☺☺☺

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    I love these diffinetly gonna use them for nest year for 6th grade

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    Love your belly button piercing

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    V. .,,


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    Who is in 2019?

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    You know what sucks, going to a private school that makes their own notebooks so you can't have a cute, diy, colorful notebook ☹️

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    BTW my school starts in August

  • Mia Reguero
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    I loooooove PRETTY LITTEL LIARS!!!!

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    Subscribed,liked,notifications on,follow on everything

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    At 3:38 Lauren calls the unicorn skin holo!!! Also where my holosexuals at

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  • ItsDon Jesser :*: :

    Lauren Can you plss make another diy school supplies because in philippines were having our school in june and cute school supplies is needed because this diy you did in 2018 is now okay ive used it plss make one

  • Sienna the super Gymnast

    Where can I get your products

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    Me: I cant focus because of the lights in the back ;-;

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    2 months later....MOm CaN yOu BuY mE nEw STuFf?

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      Punzalan Food adventures omg me 😂😭

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    She is literally to exited in the beginning it feels like she is screaming

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  • Ducky Troller
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    Homework stands for
    H : half
    O : of
    M : my
    E : energy
    W : wasted
    O : on
    R : random
    K : knowledge

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    Can you do some School DIYs in January because that’s when Aussies start

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    Real video at 1:40 .
    Thx me later:)

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    The next two days in school:I HATE SCHOOL

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