43 facts that will make you a genius after this video

  • Am 20 Jun 2018 veröffentlicht
  • We’ve finally found the answers for you. How to be an instant genius. All you have to do is watch this through and BAM you’re done. Guaranteed +400 on the SAT.
    Narrated by Graham the Christian
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  • Alana Bahnsen
    Alana Bahnsen Vor 9 Tage

    This started innocent and...

  • Tot tota
    Tot tota Vor 10 Tage

    5:43 Um no. dammit I’m mad backwards is dam m’I timmad.

  • Carolina Nelmida
    Carolina Nelmida Vor 12 Tage

    The nintendo one was one of the best

  • SmashLiXs
    SmashLiXs Vor 14 Tage

    to be fair you must have a high IQ to be a pretentious asshole

  • TheEudaemonicPlague
    TheEudaemonicPlague Vor 24 Tage

    I don't think I ought to watch this one...if watching this makes you a genius, then what happens if you're already one? I'm afraid to find out...it'd probably be something horrible, like becoming average.

  • ¬*·Beep beep·*¬
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    Actually with 7:24 while thats true, in mirrors since you have 2 eyes, (obviously) you see yourself from two slightly different perspectives merged, but cameras only have one lense, which shows your face from a single angle which also makes you appear different in photos
    Thank you this has been my ted talk
    Edit: typo

  • Salty.Bitters.
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    For getting arrested for insulting the Thai King's dog, doesn't even surprise me lmao, in this country, it's *ILLEGAL* to leave your fucking house without underwear on.... And you can get punished by just spitting gum on the pavement

  • • s i c k g i r l •

    Eminem turns out to be a way better dad than anyone ever thought

  • Tex Xtra
    Tex Xtra Vor 29 Tage

    Me iq turn 1 to 1000 after watch video

    Kill this comment


    I am conflicted on how to feel about the second officer of the titanic. On one hand he enforced the women and children first rule that killed many men but after that did some truly heroic actions.

  • Ak1Zcion
    Ak1Zcion Vor Monat

    Wtf is this 🤣💀

  • Otto Von Bismarck - uh oh,

    Tibbles, destroyer of species.

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain Vor Monat

    I came back to life because I had so much iq

  • Tomas Gonzales
    Tomas Gonzales Vor Monat

    Winston Churchill was the first person to read O.M.G. (Except the dude that wrote the letter) what a lad

  • Darth Rockonor
    Darth Rockonor Vor Monat

    5:29 TIL where tentacle Hentai came from.

  • Hassan Mohammad
    Hassan Mohammad Vor Monat

    "Yeah I know you selling drugs!"
    "Ooh but you buying drugs man!"

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  • Josiah Spriggs
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    4:02 I've been fascinated by the Titanic ever since third grade and I just learned this today. Also, Lightoller was the inspiration for the character of Mr. Dawson from Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk".

  • Red Luigi
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    The predecessor of the world of interesting

  • Alex the mouse
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    Eminem cool dude tho

  • MoonPies 24
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    Today I learned that Eminem is a wholesome person

  • Nathan Irizarry
    Nathan Irizarry Vor Monat

    1:33 I’m pretty that the guy’s name was literally Isaac M.F. Wright like not even joking

  • Zeus Olympia
    Zeus Olympia Vor Monat

    2:10 Now I'm curious

  • Agent 714
    Agent 714 Vor Monat

    Was the spider really necessary?

  • MikaPii's Channel
    MikaPii's Channel Vor Monat

    7:13 It's kinda like when you hear yourself in person and you're like "ok" but then you hear your voice in a recording and you're like hnggggg

  • L L
    L L Vor Monat

    I knew that last one lmao

  • adrian Jo
    adrian Jo Vor 2 Monate

    7:00 they could just slash the last tire....

  • Weeaboo Jones
    Weeaboo Jones Vor 2 Monate

    Anthony Bourdain was such a wholesome man. RIP our wonderful food connoisseur

  • Dynamic AO
    Dynamic AO Vor 2 Monate

    soo am i a cheetah, elephant cat? cause i have fucking 5-6 lives left XD

  • 11963
    11963 Vor 2 Monate

    TIL I am a cheetah

  • girl loves cookies
    girl loves cookies Vor 2 Monate

    7:25 ACTUALLy mirrors are the true reflection, u can test this out urself, raise your right hand on your front facing camera, it’ll look like it’s your left but in a mirror it dosent

  • Eric Liang
    Eric Liang Vor 2 Monate

    most people probably know this already, but the only case of terrorism in Australia was in a café.
    A lindt café.
    only a few policemen were sent, considering the situation
    (spreading the wealth just in case)

  • GliturKat
    GliturKat Vor 2 Monate

    7:30 I will buy the newest Nokia phone and fucking throw it at the ground to see if they are still good

  • Kalamitus22
    Kalamitus22 Vor 2 Monate

    cool vid

    however i don’t appreciate for the close-up of a banana spiders face. D,:

  • Lol ur nan fat
    Lol ur nan fat Vor 2 Monate

    Now I'm only at the start of the vid so dunno if it's here but did you know Eminem stands for every mother is nice except mine

  • Joshua Leboeuf
    Joshua Leboeuf Vor 2 Monate

    At around six minutes this went from slightly educational to what the frick am I watching

  • Zmargo702
    Zmargo702 Vor 2 Monate

    1:32 look up gideons trumpet. itll blow your mind

  • Alton Cricket
    Alton Cricket Vor 2 Monate

    They keep on spelling it damm, is that right? I've always spelled it damn.

  • Lord Metri
    Lord Metri Vor 2 Monate

    Support Doggos

  • M F
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  • Dragon Huntress
    Dragon Huntress Vor 2 Monate

    Dammit I’m mad
    Dam mi timmad
    Never odd or even
    Neve ro ddo reven

  • Supreme Mango
    Supreme Mango Vor 2 Monate +1

    3:14 beyond science

  • ChargedNut99
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  • Oragamizombie Ā
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    Uve been conducting bones with ur mouth ayye?(nudge nudge)

  • God Of The Universe
    God Of The Universe Vor 2 Monate

    holy shid am genius now

  • Pancakez Drawz
    Pancakez Drawz Vor 2 Monate

    I'm still a dumbass

  • Zombi3kill3r00
    Zombi3kill3r00 Vor 2 Monate

    Tbh that Beethoven one surprised me, she I'm bored playing one of my guitars I'll put my top teeth on the body because it makes it loud but not loud. Good to know at least one person do something similar

  • Yoovie
    Yoovie Vor 2 Monate

    Do girls really have a higher chance of getting pregnant?

  • NoStoppinMe
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  • racoon crafter
    racoon crafter Vor 2 Monate

    The last one

  • Brett Knapp
    Brett Knapp Vor 2 Monate

    TIL Eminem is a father

  • SamuraiGoldi
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  • Way
    Way Vor 2 Monate

    TIL That Cowbelly TV gets more traffic than a metropolis

  • Ellxsandra Nora Tora
    Ellxsandra Nora Tora Vor 2 Monate +2

    3:18 got me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • KartoffelMann21
    KartoffelMann21 Vor 2 Monate

    6:20 today I learned spray tans look unnatural and ugly af.

  • Michael Noonan
    Michael Noonan Vor 2 Monate

    Tibbles is my kind of cat. A cold blooded murderer of an entire species all on his own. Good job Tibbles

  • jazbane1
    jazbane1 Vor 2 Monate

    Id just slash my fourth tire

  • No Stop
    No Stop Vor 2 Monate

    The opt out thing is horrifying. Considering the studies done on organ donation and the alarming rate of people who were still conscious at the time when their organs were supposed to be harvested, I wouldn't ever recommend someone sign up to donate. You have to be alive for your organs to be harvested. Think about that for a moment.

  • Brodie Read
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    0:41 she used the uno reverse card.

  • DatPurplePanda
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    But imagine what happened when Eminem found out about the award

  • Ford GT
    Ford GT Vor 2 Monate

    5:33 this explains a lot

  • XProject13
    XProject13 Vor 2 Monate

    Let’s talk about the Eminem thing bc I’m sure we all know about his shitty upbringing. So imagine going through the constant abuse. Drug use. Relapses. Etc. And making through all of it to see your child get to live a good life

  • XProject13
    XProject13 Vor 2 Monate

    Ofc the Canadian gives the $100 tip

  • Euclase W
    Euclase W Vor 2 Monate

    Well, my country was mentioned

  • EdgyMemeLord 420
    EdgyMemeLord 420 Vor 2 Monate

    TIL all the facts in this video

  • Tinytinymarsh
    Tinytinymarsh Vor 2 Monate

    Hockey > Basketball

  • expireeggplant
    expireeggplant Vor 2 Monate

    “43 facts that will make you a genius”
    2nd fact: Carrie Fisher threatens assaulter with the severing of his penis

  • Roy Koopa
    Roy Koopa Vor 2 Monate

    43 facts that are probably not facts

  • Annihilasian
    Annihilasian Vor 2 Monate

    Cheetahs with support dogs uwu

  • Wontonio The Ninja
    Wontonio The Ninja Vor 2 Monate

    Today I learned, TIL is an acronym for Today I Learned and not an abbreviated word for until, at least in this vid.

  • yusuf red
    yusuf red Vor 2 Monate

    Today on satan makes a blog post

  • David Goodwin
    David Goodwin Vor 2 Monate

    5:15 thanos cat

  • ColeFace !
    ColeFace ! Vor 2 Monate

    5:56 Wow

  • stellar702
    stellar702 Vor 2 Monate

    Eminem is a chill dude

  • KaЯma The Schemer
    KaЯma The Schemer Vor 2 Monate

    Québec wassa

  • Abdega
    Abdega Vor 2 Monate

    2:00 Oh there’s *TONS* of common stuff you can mix together that makes a powerful explosive

  • Mr Meme
    Mr Meme Vor 2 Monate

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Sage Lionel D'souza
    Sage Lionel D'souza Vor 3 Monate

    Anyone knows the mythbusters combination?

  • TheLaughingManXC
    TheLaughingManXC Vor 3 Monate

    3:37 *3* !

  • Angelic Gacha
    Angelic Gacha Vor 3 Monate

    I am now an intellectual.

  • MegaOwy123
    MegaOwy123 Vor 3 Monate

    TIL what TIL meant.

  • Nisarg Joshi
    Nisarg Joshi Vor 3 Monate

    I want Eminem to adopt me.

  • Jesus with a Side of Fries

    What a legend Sigmeund Freud was.

  • Baylee Is Dead
    Baylee Is Dead Vor 3 Monate

    7:15 *This is what keeps me up at night*

  • ACatStuckInACoatHanger
    ACatStuckInACoatHanger Vor 3 Monate

    5:33 what your here for

  • Cheddar Chemistry
    Cheddar Chemistry Vor 3 Monate

    This video not only made me more smart, but I lost 80 pounds and my teeth are now whiter.

  • saltiest of the salt
    saltiest of the salt Vor 3 Monate

    4:26 so wouldn't that mean helicopter is actually pronounced with a silent p since that's the case for pterodactyls

  • TheSparkyWriter
    TheSparkyWriter Vor 3 Monate

    Carrie Fischer was a jewel, tbh.

  • Antisocial Kid
    Antisocial Kid Vor 3 Monate

    7:00 they can just pop their last one

  • Antisocial Kid
    Antisocial Kid Vor 3 Monate

    5:54 that's not how that works their noses would stop them from kissing if o e didnt tilt their head

  • Cluckery Duckery
    Cluckery Duckery Vor 3 Monate

    So if you look better in pictures than in mirrors... you're winning?

  • Leilio Lis-Amboyan
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  • Lucifer morningstar
    Lucifer morningstar Vor 3 Monate

    3:38 made my day.

    DMIsREAL Vor 3 Monate +1

    Sigmund Freud is literally an incestuous freak who's theories aren't accepted by any real psychologists.

  • gay-tato the potato
    gay-tato the potato Vor 4 Monate

    I came running here after watching a scary video. I’m fucking creeped ou-

  • Ta'Vian Alexander
    Ta'Vian Alexander Vor 4 Monate

    8 sexual partnets....

    Im still a virgin😂

  • Chai Tea
    Chai Tea Vor 4 Monate

    After watching this video I think I can now be considered omnipotent

  • grantdulf The white
    grantdulf The white Vor 4 Monate

    Puts cheetah support dog last so we can all look it up like a boss

  • 1000 subs with lots of videos

    Albert Einstein is shaking