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Djokovic pays tribute to Federer in heart-warming interview | Laver Cup 2022 Moments

  • Am 23 Sep 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Speaking after his Men's Singles win over Frances Tiafoe in the Laver Cup, Novak Djokovic took the opportunity to hail one of his greatest rivals in Roger Federer.
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  • Berthold Knecht

    He really does not deserve the hate he receives. The big three are all GOATs and beautiful human beings ❤️

  • Jean DiStefano

    I'm afraid i must have undervalued Novak Djokovic's sportmanship in the past, but from a Federer's fan point of view, i have to admit this speech is incredibly profound and heartwarming. Credit to him.

  • Flanker
    Flanker  +247

    This interview alone could change the way people feel about Novak forever. Amazing genuine speech!

  • Martin Skoda

    Some people dont like him because of his appearance on the court, but he is just fighting every time because he wants to win. On the end of the match, and you can see that with every loss, he sincerely smiles and congratulates to his opponent. From the heart. Like this speech. To be a great sportsman you must be a great man, and I strongly believe he is. Good luck Nole

  • Allopecia
    Allopecia  +636

    The fact that he’s THIS good of a public speaker in multiple languages is crazy

  • Altruism First

    Nole has had the hardest time of any player to stay on top, he always chose the road less traveled and yet always gave credit and admired his rivals no matter what. We are lucky to witness such a warrior that is so compassionate towards future generations and those less fortunate.

  • Mikhail Fong

    well spoken. articulate. eloquent..what a champ!

  • Nasr Allah Aldubai

    The fact that Djokovic has acknowledged the contribution made by Roger’s family tells us the extent to which Djokovic himself is grateful to his own too.

  • Raied AlJaafary

    What an incredible champion Novak Djokovic. An amazing athlete astonishing sportsman and magnificent spokesman. Novak always appreciated his opponents so highly. God bless you and protect you

  • Nancy Quon

    Thank you, Novak, for such a moving and loving tribute to a good friend and rival. Your respect has always been the highest. We love you.

  • Eddie Diesel

    Djokovic is such a nice guy. Brought tears to my eyes. True friendships I believe.

  • MrSuperOurs

    It's really sad to see media or people treating this champion the way they do. He may have his flaws on a court (but who doesn't? Anyone who played competitive sports knows that you're a different animal when thrown into the ring), but he's always been a model. Novak is great champion with a big heart, he brought his style and paved the way for the new champions (pretty much everyone is modelling Novak's style now). A generational talent and one of the greatest athletes I've seen all sports combined. His stamina, consistency, mental strength and agility is unmatched.

  • Minn Chi
    Minn Chi  +31

    You could tell that Novak has a lot of respect and admiration for Roger. It's very heartwarming. 💙🥲🐐🏆👏

  • Wilson Mok

    I'm never a fan of Djoker but have been witnessing the growth of him becoming a true champion is a blessing. 🙂

  • Muhammad Faisal Faheen

    What a beautiful soul. I wonder why he has got so much of hostility from the crowd

  • The Godfather

    There could be no one like Novak ever on the history of tennis. Such legends are born once in a life time.

  • The Dude
    The Dude  +117

    I have to admit, really changed my mind about Novak. Very sorry that wasn't able to see his greatness. All those 5-hour matches rooting against him kinda does that to a person. This year, from begginig, how much heat he had to take banning him to play in Australia and USA, and remained his spirit like this, without looking back, giving his best to say goodbye in this event to Roger, on court and out is really mind-blowing. He even got out injured, risking bigger injuries. Undeniably unbelievable

  • Thunderbolt

    I`m 100% Roger fan, but this guy(Novack) is a gentleman (and a hell of a player too).

  • Regin's Travels

    What an eloquent, articulate speaker Djokovic is. You can see why he won so many matches. He is a genius.

  • Louie Cruz
    Louie Cruz  +156

    Pure class from Novak.