I forced 200 Minecraft Players to dig through the world itself



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    Thanks to everyone who voluntarily signed up for manual labour. If you'd like to join the server for sessions like these, we organize them through my Twitch channel. You can find the login information by typing !server in the chat. They're exclusive to Twitch Subscribers, because otherwise there's too many people and we would regret life even more than we already do

    • Jade Nanarjain
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      I was playing stardew valley right before starting this video and I thought I had gone crazy and heard the theme song in my head

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      What is this, a gulag?

    • Harry BlueJay
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      What about steam?

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    Somebody: **builds**
    RT: Wait, that's illegal.

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    *a glimpse to freedom*

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    The category should be educational

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    Elon did his part

  • rey DeJesus
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    And See what happends

  • rey DeJesus
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    39:60 Just trying to like um test this out Click it

  • Shadowjc32
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    I've done that by myself in Survival before. In exactly a one chunk square. I was very very bored that day.

  • CJ Munoz
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    That Stardew valley music in the background tho

  • Incognito Guy
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    skycast_sky done something we all would of done if presented with that

  • Joseph L
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    I love the Stardew valley music in the background

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    Stardew valley in the background

  • Giancarlo Papaleo
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    Apple forcing Chinese children to mine minerals for the new iPhones

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    Lol my pc cant run 2 players 😓

  • mysticx amari
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    Rt: We only have 38 to go *says happily*
    Me: yeah 38 is not that much at all...

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    Just use TNT.

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  • Tricus
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    8:13 Civilian worker trapping group of Jews in the void, 1938 colorized.

  • ItsRoling [Moving channel soon]


  • Tricus
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    Water cave miners trapped inside cave, 1938 colorized.

  • Kim Beverly Villalobos
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    This is probably the minecraft video with the most views I've watched in awhile. I'm glad it isn't dead.

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    “Video games appeal to the male fantasy”

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    Wanna collaborate ?

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    That was legitimately fun to watch

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    It's like watching an ant hill..

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  • yoyoyoxx x
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  • Edith Star Pointer

    It's Orth!!

  • AriThej
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    Só queria entender o que está acontecendo.

  • Lando soccer player

    2:46 someone made a upside down cross

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    'Russia Today Game'

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    #im still waiting for my minecraft refund

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    I’m calling the Minecraft player protective services

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    im bopping to the stardew valley music

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    Lovin the stardew music

  • RadRaandyy
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    Who needs quarry mods when you have *two hundred slaves*

  • One Shot
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    Pretty sure this is slavery to it's fullest

  • James Haven
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    Now force them to fill it in

  • Your Mom La
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    Who plays this shit

  • TheBeastly Gamerz

    Minecraft dictatorship

  • Glen Coco
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    two hours well spent

  • Derek Roberts
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    Why are you playing music from Stardew Valley?

  • Stanley88845
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    Not even that big of a hole

  • Farris TheLaggy
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    Next video: Filling the hole back up.

  • Potato Girl
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    Yeah, slavery.

  • I’m not You tuber

    Modern slavery I like it total voluntary suffering. I’m so proud of this community

  • [紫色]ヴィンセント

    2:43 That creeper one... lol

  • cb
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    0:17 HEY THERES ME!(charliejboulger)

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    About half way through I realised they will just hit bedrock

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    Is Minecraft rising again?

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    Slave labour in the digital realm... Wow

  • Bren Jordan
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    Has anyone tried to drain the ocean down that hole?

  • StruGGle
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    the one guy that complained that his 2080 was dying. Probably not bro. Minecraft doesn't really use the gpu, java is programmed to use the cpu.

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    Sounds like the Stardew Valley soundtrack

  • aaron mckenzie
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    wow so entertaining

  • ALEX skadoddle
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    best slavery tutorial

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    It's like a mini construction site 0:48😂

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    Journey to the Center of The Earth (2008) (1080p).mp4

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    It's the abyss

  • RaidiarS015
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    RT you should check out the series that a guy did for like 6 years where he try’s to dig the whole entire world

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  • Blood Lily
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    Watch Minecraft Storymode make an episode where Jessie and friends find a world that's built on a tower from the void and ruled over by an evil emperor with an Irish accent.

  • Hazzer
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    Top 10 most horrifying slavery stories

  • Conrrado Torres
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    Imagine someone hitting a lava pit🤣

  • Fire Drogon
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    Stardewvalley background music btw.

  • Randall Perez channlez2

    *The tittle made me thibk it wad mr.beast video*

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  • Marco S
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    Love this documentary about communism

  • KepleroGT
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    Video of the gulags in Siberia, 1936, HD colorized

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    who the fuck is still watching minecraft

  • Reece
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    Nicest, Slave Owner Ever ☺️

  • 1000 Subscribers With no videos

    The Stardew valley music is so refreshing!

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    Gulag in Minecraft

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    Fuckin gulag

  • p0lish
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    Great work m9

  • ChaotiX
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    It took 200 of you? I do shit bigger than this just to relax...

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    What is with the stardew valley theme in the back ground

  • chinqalicious
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    Minecraft 2019

  • Girly Seattle Hipster~! 〈3

    good work, this is the first step to rebuilding the Soviet Union

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    Stardew valley music

  • Parzival
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    You keep distriying peoples shit you're a good person but that is just a bit mean

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    “I am a dwarf and I’m digging a hole,”

  • UNO
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    Could have turned it into an under water base for your subscribers would’ve been dope seeing everyone build it and have different floors with a unique design from each person

  • Joshua Rodrigues
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    And after they all reach the bottom

    *He Drowns Them All*

  • Amir Gabitov
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    Why you using stardew valley soundtrack lol

  • supersport16
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    can't belive i just watched this video.... but also why is everyone else falling but this annoying dude talking?

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    Lol stardew valley music

  • Stuit3rb4l
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    Thanks for uploading another vid that will not only make us look bad in 25 years, but will probably be the reason aliens won't ever visit us...

  • Brett Carlow
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    I cannot tell you the last time I watched Minecraft and Jesus never knew this many people still played this game

  • Dragon Touched
    Dragon Touched Vor 3 Tage

    the "haste 2 " upgrade

  • Dragon Touched
    Dragon Touched Vor 3 Tage

    next time , if you want to dig a hole , place a beacon and give it the best upgrade for mining with a pickaxe . instabreak for stone? no problem with that

  • Zech Of The West
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    Times like this, i imagine the /fill command may have been useful.

  • Smebuloch Rodriguezgaumule

    stardew valley music cool

  • Nickiamx
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    Went from a cool idea to a lonely man using admin to bully 9 year olds around.

  • mamali the freeman
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    its just like iran

  • Mustache o' Man
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    Welcome to my new episode of
    *_WhAt ThE fUcK iS ThIs?¿?_*

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    I love how they seemingly immediately made that "help us" sign