I forced 200 Minecraft Players to dig through the world itself

  • Am 19 Jan 2019 veröffentlicht
  • No workers were harmed during the making of this video, except for 200 of them.
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    Music is Stardew Valley - The Valley Comes Alive.
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    Thanks to everyone who voluntarily signed up for manual labour. If you'd like to join the server for sessions like these, we organize them through my Twitch channel. You can find the login information by typing !server in the chat. They're exclusive to Twitch Subscribers, because otherwise there's too many people and we would regret life even more than we already do

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      RTGame legend

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      I wish I have Minecraft 😂😂 (😭😭😭)

    • This Guy
      This Guy Vor 9 Tage

      What about 100 players covering the SKY

    • Gulyás Gellért
      Gulyás Gellért Vor Monat

      Make them build rapture in minecraft

  • Xiao_Super
    Xiao_Super Vor Stunde

    Slave mine 1920 colorized

  • xReAcTioNzx
    xReAcTioNzx Vor Stunde

    This was legit the most boring Minecraft video of all time!

  • Shaelyn The Gamer
    Shaelyn The Gamer Vor 4 Stunden

    I love everything about these videos. You make this fun and your community has a sick, fantastic sense of humor. Thank you RT!

  • your waifu
    your waifu Vor 9 Stunden

    its the Abyss

  • Oscar
    Oscar Vor 10 Stunden

    He showed me his system specs
    A 16 core Ryzen 7
    2080 ti
    And I didn’t see the ram

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    Youre Using Stardew Valley Music?

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith Vor 19 Stunden

    Any good ps4 seeds ?

  • wait what
    wait what Vor Tag

    isn’t this like child labor but in minecraft LMFAO

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    Avrylle Aron Vor Tag

    this is pure cruelty lmao

  • Unknown Fish
    Unknown Fish Vor Tag

    Just use world edit 😂

  • Evolved Turtle Productions

    -red walls
    -no food
    -labor prison

    *_sounds like communism to me_*

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    Would be enslaved again

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    wraith want to know you re location

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    Stardew valley music tho

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    stardew valley music?

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    Minecraft: Did You Dig Your Hole
    RT: Yes
    Minecraft: What Did It Cost
    Rt: Everything

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    3:56 turn on captions

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    *Comunism intensivs*

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    It's 3 am, tomorrow I have a biology test and here I am.. watching what DEclips recommends me

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    8:32-8:33 look at those hieroglyphics... thats deep fr

  • Mooshy
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    "Stripping 200 Minecraft Players of their human rights"

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    I think this is the most viewed Minecraft video since fortnite came out 🤷‍♀️

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    Slavery in minecraft

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    I died, there's a chat that says:
    "So can we eat our tools when we get hungry?"

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    Stardew valley

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    *_F O R C E D_*

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    I'm just appreciating the music form Stardew Valley

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    200 players dug manually.
    TNT : Am I a joke to you?

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    Now this is the stuff i watch

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    Were the guys digging in creative or survival?

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    TrEe oF LiFE?!? diDn’T HAvE a PerMiT

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    Lmfaoooo I'm dead

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    I'm just trying to get likes,Like the other peeps getting like 1k!

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    Trust each *UDDER*

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    Idk why i found this so entertaining

  • JohnnyJohnny Games
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    the guy who got pushed into the hole at 7:24 ( Tide__Pods ) is the same guy who fell into the abyss at 9:23... coincidence? i think not!

  • Josh Maslak
    Josh Maslak Vor 3 Tage

    Why the stardew valley music tho?

  • Questionable Croissant

    *oh yes, the sweet sound of lag*

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  • Ely Hochfelder
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    we didn't he use TNT

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    Let minecraft die ffs

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    "tree of life?" No permit bye

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    You’re secretly Kevin

  • Chrystinamarie Wellington

    All they had to do was place ALL the trap doors then sponges on top of that. Quick & easy

  • NortRom_Kz
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    When your digging a hole with 200 people and you have a window that says a glimpse to freedom..

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    Daamn why am I hearing pewdiepie again?

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    will it kill my computer to participate in this

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    "Trust each udder"
    *Lowkey punches cow*

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    omg stardew valley music. like. YES

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    Plays Minecraft with Stardew Vally ost as the music.

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    Congrats on tHe
    1,*69*4,1*69* subs ;))

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    You sound like my 4th grade teacher

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    I have 1 question

    *how did the game not lag or crash??*

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    thank you youtube for putting this in my recommendations otherwise i would never have seen it

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    Minecraft players = slaves

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    This is what ACTUALLY happened to lot 48

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    This Stardew Valley soundtrack in the background seems so wrong

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    They have rights you know😂

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    So is that how being black feels like

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    Hey... ok!! Welcome back to another episode of "Why's this in my Recommended" 😂

    LEGENDARY GAMER x5 Vor 4 Tage

    Legend has it that they are still digging.

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    Why was this on my recommend

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    Welcome to *our* *Ourcraft* server comrade! All of the people here in gulag are western spies

  • can i change my name youtube??

    legends say they're still digging

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    137 B likes? Wow people must really like slavery

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    that reminded me of made in abyss

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    I feel like this is how the pyramids were built. Pure chaos and drinking.

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    Imagine how bad that must’ve lagged

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    This is how dictatorship/communism works

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    Why u steal Stardew Valley soundtrack ;(

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    "Congratulations for everyone who survived the snap."
    How DARE you-

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    Legend says they're still digging

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    The word forced what u mean is you begged people to dig u a massive hole for a video...

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    i remember digging 4 chunks or 32x32 chunks underground and up to make cactus farms in factions...

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    This is community

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    easy, just get some command blocks XD

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    Is this a gulag?

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    This is worse than Auschwitz

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    I really don't know how I got here but I'm not mad

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    Thanks DEclips, I needed this.

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    this makes me wanna sit on the TV and watch the couch. my favorite channel is recliner and lever

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    You should just drain the water in //drain water@pw1

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  • Yalfi
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    Now that's what I call an _e p i c_ gamer moment.

  • JiMiN yOu gOt nO jAmS

    there’s army’s EVERYWHERE wtf.

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    No workers were harmed during the making of this video, except for 200 of them.

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    I like the idea of starting them on an island void and then getting them to an island but there are 12 other troll islands.

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    I guess y'all hit *rock* bottom >:3

  • Shazayla loo
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    Hey can anyone tell me how to participate in such games? I have minecraft on my phone but also on ps4 (not the full version) what do i need in irder to play with them

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    Slavery Simulator 2019

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    jesus this was Xtreme minecraft slavery