Edge's RKO Revenge! AJ Styles challenges the Undertaker at Wrestlemania!

  • Edge began his revenge tour by hitting Randy Orton with his own finished on Monday night Raw. AJ Styles hit the mic and calls out the Undertaker to meet him in the ring at Wrestlemania.
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  • Hamzah Iftikhar
    Hamzah Iftikhar Vor 15 Tage

    Omg just cancel this garbage

  • Fish
    Fish Vor 16 Tage

    He Took Heez Jaaab!

  • Mubeen Rahim
    Mubeen Rahim Vor 19 Tage +3

    This is Smackdown 2007 - 2011. MVP, taker, Randy. WWE is like a retirement home

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un Vor 19 Tage

    *At 10 years old: John Cena is ma Idol.*
    *At 20 years old: Fuckshit. This is all scripted acting show.*

  • Who Gamer
    Who Gamer Vor 19 Tage

    Wtf happened to edge I’ve not been watching wwe for like 1-2 years and apparently edge is now a drug addict!? I remember when every girl liked him!😂

  • Mully Benz
    Mully Benz Vor 20 Tage +1

    This is segment school right here rest of the roster should take notes

  • Jamie Webber
    Jamie Webber Vor 20 Tage +2

    Clearly wwe is setting up a casket match with aj and the dead man and as an undertaker fan I hope aj wins and taker never comes back. It hurts me to see taker trying to be as good as he used to be but he cant so why he keeps trying baffles me

  • Joseph Barton
    Joseph Barton Vor 20 Tage

    No one sucker punches Kjetil Flatnose

  • James Magee
    James Magee Vor 20 Tage +1


  • Rhyse
    Rhyse Vor 20 Tage

    The legend is back

  • Fish
    Fish Vor 20 Tage +3

    BT Spo...

    • Rands G
      Rands G Vor 19 Tage


  • Raphael Shotikare
    Raphael Shotikare Vor 20 Tage

    the acting of this scene is amazing

    • Fish
      Fish Vor 20 Tage

      Is it 🤨

  • jed loveday
    jed loveday Vor 20 Tage

    Why not roman rains vs aj style

  • Lisbon 67
    Lisbon 67 Vor 20 Tage +5

    Why is this match taking place it's 10 years too late and it's pretty obvious that Undertaker is going to win 🤷

  • Charles Martel
    Charles Martel Vor 20 Tage

    That was embarrassing

  • Stewart davidson
    Stewart davidson Vor 20 Tage +1

    Looks like he's turned into triple H

  • Jay Bizz
    Jay Bizz Vor 20 Tage

    Do adults still watch this?

  • TheMha123
    TheMha123 Vor 20 Tage +2

    Terrible rko.

  • Glasgow Rangers 1872
    Glasgow Rangers 1872 Vor 20 Tage +1

    Absolute mince. Wwe is utter pish man.

  • robderp
    robderp Vor 20 Tage +1

    “Your mental is off” lol great writing wwe

    • Andrei Barbu
      Andrei Barbu Vor 19 Tage

      Forgot about Edge: "Your mental is off, Edge!"

  • Geralt of fucking Rivia
    Geralt of fucking Rivia Vor 20 Tage +19

    Wwe is so terrible these days it’s actually tragic

  • Terry Crews
    Terry Crews Vor 20 Tage +14

    I stopped watching once undertaker got beat didn’t think he would come back lol

    TREY DARKSIDE Vor 20 Tage +5

    Edge and The Undertaker at Wrestlemania this is 2011 all over again

  • The Badgeman
    The Badgeman Vor 20 Tage +3

    Yea but it's all acting and staged so where is the thrill?

  • H. Van Smeiter
    H. Van Smeiter Vor 20 Tage +9

    "The unimaginable" what a hokey commentary line

  • Usman
    Usman Vor 20 Tage +4

    Losing brain cells listening to aj on the mic

    • ACE
      ACE Vor 19 Tage

      Hes actually decent on the mic. Better than many to say the least.

  • J K
    J K Vor 20 Tage +10

    Is The Undertaker still wrestling?!?! 😎

    • Andrei Barbu
      Andrei Barbu Vor 19 Tage

      He shouldn't have to. Probably they don't pay him enough with the wwe pension scheme.

    • Hammerman tv
      Hammerman tv Vor 19 Tage +1