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The Starter Base! | 100 Hours of Hardcore Minecraft

  • Am 11 Jan 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Today I start a brand new series where we're try to survive 100 hours in hardcore minecraft but with a slight twist...

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  • Animagician
    Animagician Vor Tag +5

    A new SMP??? with all of my favourite creators??? AND it's on hardcore?? this is incredible news thank you joel

  • Starlight Destinot
    Starlight Destinot Vor 16 Stunden +652

    "I've lied. This isn't singleplayer."

  • NaterTot
    NaterTot Vor Tag +794

    Grian: This is my world just for me, maybe I'll invite my friends over

  • Euro
    Euro Vor Tag +297

    What an incredible crossover that I didn’t expect!

  • Rai
    Rai Vor Tag +359

    Scar, Grian, and Joel all in one hardcore series. I'm sensing that this may become a very chaotic series

  • Michael John Ben Bataliran

    While mining,

  • Cooper 29
    Cooper 29 Vor Tag +4

    I really like the hours thing because I’m always curious to see how many hours are put into projects by youtubers. I genuinely don’t have the time to play Minecraft at this level and this shows why.

  • Sam Randoms
    Sam Randoms Vor Tag +256

    I like how its more of a deliberate decision by Joel to create his own series on top of Grian's, while with Scar it seems like just a misunderstanding. Very on brand for everyone

  • chitus minecraft adventure $
    chitus minecraft adventure $ Vor 21 Stunde +179

    I feel like Joel is going to be in Hermitcraft S9. He's been slowly more & more intertwined with the HC crew, and i feel S9 will finally make the leap.

  • Kacper Włoch
    Kacper Włoch Vor Tag +21

    Joel: logs out

  • Jelly Kk
    Jelly Kk Vor 21 Stunde +57

    Joel: “And do a circle house,Which I’ve never really done”

  • NightmareLmao
    NightmareLmao Vor 21 Stunde +46

    Joel , Grian , and Scar in an SMP together...the chaotic trio!?!..this is gonna be fun

  • Cairo Raiser
    Cairo Raiser Vor Tag +3

    Joel: I’m making a series

  • anushka
    anushka Vor Tag +38

    I love how he named his shield Lizzie, cuz she protects him. That’s so sweet and wholesome ❤️

  • Priti Chauhan
    Priti Chauhan Vor Tag +28

    I love how all 3 of them are the main character of their series. And they come along each other in the between lol

  • Faerie Hearthwitch
    Faerie Hearthwitch Vor Tag +15

    "Oooh, a large fern!" Hardcore, but the Creator comes out immediately!! This is going to be such a fun series!! Can't wait for more!!

  • Abdurehman Malik
    Abdurehman Malik Vor 9 Stunden +5

    Grian: "Time for my new Hardcore Series."

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace Vor Tag +11

    I’m here after watching Grian’s video and I’m honestly looking forward to this series so much. Makes me wonder who else is gonna decide to try for 100 hours lol

  • Kat :D
    Kat :D Vor Tag +1

    The fact that just at

  • Firti 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞

    "I'm gonna name the shield Lizzie, because she protects me."