The Making of Paralyzed Episode 3: International

  • Am 9 Apr 2011 veröffentlicht
  • The Making of Agnes Monica's new music video "Paralyzed" Episode 3: International.
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  • Agnation Semarang
    Agnation Semarang Vor year +1

    Lanjutkan Mo kmu pasti bisa

  • Eva Angel
    Eva Angel Vor 4 years +1

    She perfect hard working not just like your are waiting money form your parents hahaha fuck maker your has maju terus moooo love you....jgn Denver orang gila yg comment dia to sirik km can't I pintar pretty awesome best mooooo!!!!!!

  • suane
    suane Vor 8 years +1

    wow :O

  • Rein Chris
    Rein Chris Vor 8 years +1

    spread her wings..internationel, here she is :)